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Daughters of the American Revolution
D.A.R. in 1911

Source: Supplement to the Directory of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, complied by order of the 20th Continental Congress, Memorial Continental Hall, Washington, D.C. 1911 -transcribed by J.S.

This supplement contains the names of the 1262 new members admitted and 10 members reinstated at the meeting of the National Board, Oct. 4, 1911. The last National Number is 88744. (The list below is the portion for only Colorado.)

Natl. #NameAddressCity
87531Amstrong, Harriet Richardson (Mrs. J. Allen)La Junta
87520Baker, Alice E. (Miss)Fort Morgan
87521Baker, Frances S. (Miss)Fort Morgan
87516Bradford, Emeline C. (Mrs. Allen A.)927 E. 1st St.Pueblo
87527Brown, Sarah J. (Mrs. Edward)1901 Elizabeth St. Pueblo
87515Campbell, Ida May Perry (Mrs. Scott Carmino)522 Pine St. Boulder
87522Clatworthy, Leah Alice (Miss)Fort Morgan
87530Coleman, Elizabeth Lunceford (Mrs. H.L.)Fowler
87533Cook, Alcesta S. (Mrs. Oscar)Mesita
87755Dennison, Helen S. (Mrs. Charles M., Jr.)2284 Fairfax St.Denver
87528Doherty, M. Florence (Mrs. William M.)174 N. Union Ave.Pueblo
87518Finucane, Maude Montague (Mrs. J.B.)542 High St.Denver
87523Flanigan, Zada Fugard (Mrs. Alfred W.)Goldfield
87526Fowler, Emma M.K. (Mrs. Edwin Hunt)1625 Logan St. Denver
88550Garlington, Bessie H. Irwin (Miss)La Junta
88549Garlington, Elizabeth Houghton (Mrs. T.C.)La Junta
87799Gaylord, Kate Seymour (Mrs. Paul Bullene)1225 Ogden St.Denver
87519Gibb, Jane M. Estabrook (Mrs. George Ernest)1475 Humboldt St.Denver
87878Harper, Mary Ingersoll (Mrs. William Wallace)Box 1090 Colorado Springs
88228Hart, Mary Jenkins (Mrs. W.A.)La Junta
87529Hubbard, Ada Reilly (Mrs. William Henry)231 E. St.Salida
87517Jacobs, Alice Nixon (Mrs. John T.)1329 8th Ave.Greeley
88225King, Daisy Clark (Mrs.)1112 11th St.Greeley
87524Lyons, Emma Jane Batchelder (Mrs. Harry Henry)430 Chipeta Ave.Grand Junction
88229Miller, Kathleen May Allen (Mrs. M.F.)La Junta
88226Phillips, Carrie Richards (Mrs. James B.)1109 7th St.Greeley
87532Ragsdale, Hattie Brown (Mrs. Edward W.)La Junta
88227Saxton, Kittie V.K. (Mrs. Charles E.)123 Michigan St.Pueblo
88230Winchell, Rosabel Carter (Mrs. George H.)602 San Juan Ave.La Junta





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