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Great-great-grandson of Chaplain Manasseh Cutter, of Massachusetts, (1741-1823).  Chaplain of Colonel Francis' Regiment, raised for defense of
Boston.  Commissioned August 16, 1776.  Chaplain same Regiment September and November, 1776.
Great-great-grandson of Israel Gillett of Vermont, (1738-1829).  Private under Captain Joshua Hazen as Scout, August, 1778.  Three days service. Private under same Captain, Colonel Eben Woods' Regiment, "that marched to Brookfield on alarm, October 1780".  Services, 3 days.  Private in same command, which marched to Piermont, March 9, 1781, on alarm, at Peacham.  One of Committee of Safety, 1777.
Fresnal, New Mexico
Great-grandson of Sergeant Noah Belote, of Virginia (1754-1820). In Company of Nathaniel G. Morris in 9th Virginia Regiment of foot, commanded by Colonel George Matthews. Appointed Corporal February 16, 1776, and promoted to Sergeant September 9, 1776. Was on rolls from November 1776, to September 1777. Virginia Council, in 1831, allowed land bounty for three years' services as Sergeant in Continental line.
BRADY, CYRUS TOWNSENT (Transferred to PA. Society)
Philadelphia, PA (Insignia #979)
Great-great-grandson of Captain John Brady (1733-1779), of 12th Pennsylvania Continentals, October 14, 1776. Captain in Colonel Hartley's Rangers. Was killed in battle against Indians.
Great-grandson of John Brady, Jr., un-enlisted, who at the Battle of Brandywine, fell lighting at his father's side, he being also wounded.
Great-grandson of Sergeant Thomas Hibbard of Vermont (1750-1800). Served as Clerk in Company of Minute Men in 1775, Captain Thomas Johnson, for 20 days. Same company, under same captain, Colonel Peter Olcott, in 1776, 6 days. Sergeant in Captain John G. Bayley's Company, in 1777, for 1 month. In Captain Simms Stevens' Company, under Colonel Olcott in Newburg, guarding and scouting, from May 1779 to 1781, 19 days' actual service. In Company of Captain Bayley, Colonel Olcott, in May 1781, services 6 days. In Captain Nehemiah Lovewell's Company to June 1781; and same Company, Colonel Benjamin Waits' Battalion, from July 1 to November 24, 1781.

Great-great-grandson of Ensign James Blodgett of Massachusetts (1723-1790). Sergeant, on Lexington Alarm, roll of Captain Freeborn Moulton's Company, Colonel Danielson's Regiment, which marched to Cambridge April 19, 1775. Service, 21 days. Ensign in Captain Ames Walbridge's Company, Colonel David Brewer's Regiment. Commissioned June 17, 1775. Ensign same Company and Regiment August 1, 1775. Enlisted April 24, 1775. Service 3 mouths and 14 days.
Great-grandson of Dudley Chase of New Hampshire, Private in Moses Chase's Company, Jonathan Chase's Regiment, New Hampshire troops. Marched to relief of Ticonderoga in June and July 1777.
Great-great-grandson of Thomas Dickinson of Connecticut (1737-1811). Private in 17th Connecticut Regiment under Colonel Sheldon, (6th Brigade Militia, 1780).
Great-great-grandson of Walter Booth of Connecticut, (1761-1825). Private in Hart's Company, Colonel S. B. Webb's Regiment; term expired December 25, 1775. Enlisted April 10, 1777, for the war. Corporal, March 1780; Sergeant, May 1, 1781. Sergeant to December 31, 1781, in Williams' Company, Colonel Webb's Regiment, 3rd Connecticut line. Private in Peck's Company. Colonel William Douglass, 5th Battalion, Wadsworth's Brigade, raised June 1776, to reinforce Washington's army at New York. Regiment at battle of Long Island, August 27; stationed at Kip's Bay at time of attack on New York, September 15, and forced to retreat at battle of White Plains, October 28.

Great-grandson of John Plum of New Jersey (__-1850). Private, Minute Man in Middlesex County, New Jersey during war.

Great-grandson of Captain Jacobus Edsall of New Jersey (1725-1800). 2nd Regiment Sussex Co., New Jersey Militia, Colonel Ephraim Martin, Colonel Nathaniel Heard's Brigade. Served September 1776, in and near New York City, and in later years in co-operation with and in support of the Continental Army.
Great-grandson of Sergeant Thomas Jones of Massachusetts (1756-1841). Captain Jonathan Barnes' Company, Colonel Jonathan Warner's Regiment, Brookfield, Mass., Minute Men. "Lexington Alarm." Sergeant, Captain, Peter Harwood's Company, Colonel Ebenezer Larned's Regiment Mass. Militia, April 27, 1775. Served at Bunker Hill and Dorchester. Sergeant same Company, Colonel Shepherd's Regiment Mass. Continental Infantry, September 1775 to September 1777. Fought in battles of White Plains, Trenton and Princeton.
Great-great-grandson of Sergeant James Burt of New York (1760-1852). Private Orange Co., New York Militia, 1776. Sergeant Captain John Minthorn's Company, Orange Co., New York Militia, Colonel John Hathorn. Served at Minisink. By tradition Lieutenant of Company stationed at Fishkill at end of war.
Great-great-grandson of Lieutenant John Dunning of New York, 2nd Lieutenant Captain Isaiah Veals' Company, 2nd Regiment, Ulster Co., New York Militia, Colonel James Clinton, Brigadier General George Clinton, October 25, 1775. Promoted 1st Lieutenant of same March 23, 1778.
Great-great-grandson of Captain Benjamin Coe of New York (1741-1821). 1st Lieutenant Captain Abner Remsen's Company, Queens Co., New York Militia, March 1776. Promoted Captain June 17, 1776. Captain Colonel Josiah Smith's Regiment, Woodhill's Brigade, July 1776. Taken prisoner at Long Island August 27, 1776, exchanged December 1776. Member New York Assembly 1777 to 1783.
Great-great-grandson of Daniel Burt of Connecticut (1716-1805). Minute man under Major Henry Wisner of Orange Co., New York. On scouting expeditions which captured 13 Tories April 5 and 6, 1877.
Great-great-grandson of Reuben Rockwood of Massachusetts (1730-1808). Private in Captain Noah Lankton's Company, Colonel Mark Hopkins' 1st Berkshire Co. Regiment. Marched to Highlands, New York, by order of Brigadier-General Fellows. Also served in Berkshire Co. Regiment under Colonel Brown, July 1777.
Great-great-great-grandson of Rev. Simon Horton, of New York (1711-1786). Yale College 1731. Residing at Newton, in 1775, he was an elector of Colonel James Blackwell as Deputy to the provincial convention to appoint delegates to the second Continental Congress. Driven from his home by the British in 1776, he was an exile throughout the War of Independence, "an earnest and active patriot."
(Dead, Insignia #1599)
Grandson of Lemuel Shearman of Dartmouth (New Bedford), Massachusetts (1755-1842). Private in Captain Thomas Kempton's Company, Colonel Timothy Danielson's Massachusetts Regiment. Eight months service in 1775.

U.S. Army
Great-grandson of Adjutant-General John Keys of Ashford, Connecticut (1744-1824). May 1, 1775, commissioned 1st Lieutenant, 5th Company, 3rd Regiment Connecticut Continentals. Served under Captain Thomas Knowlton, Colonel Isaac Putnam, at battle of Bunker Hill. Regiment discharged December 10, 1775. Captain 2nd Connecticut Continentals, Colonel Dailser, marched from Boston to New York April 1776. At Bergen Heights and Paulus Hook until September 15; later at Fort Lee. Accompanied Washington on retreat through New Jersey; engaged at battles of Trenton and Princeton; Captain in Colonel John Ely's Regiment, June 6, 1777. Brigade-Major, 5th Brigade, 1780; Adjutant-General, 1782. Pensioned October 9, 1818.
Great-grandson of Lieutenant Elisha Brewster of Connecticut. Private in 6th Company, 8th Regiment, July 11, 1775. Discharged December 10, 1775. Appointed Ensign in Colonel Huntington's Regiment, 17th Continental, in 1776. 2nd Lieutenant in 1st Regiment, Continental line. Commissioned June 1; resigned August 1, 1777. In Colonel Sheldon's Light Dragoons. Enlisted December 27, 1776. Corporal January 8, 1777.
Great-grandson of Sergeant William McCoy of Pennsylvania. In Captain William Hendricks' Company of Colonel William Thompson's Battalion of Riflemen, which served under General David Morgan in the Canadian Campaign of 1777. Enlisted in Cumberland Valley December 31, 1775. Captured at siege of Quebec.
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Great-grandson of Major William Bradford of Rhode Island (1729 - 1808). Second Lieutenant and Adjutant 11th Continental Infantry, R. I., January 1, 1776. Major and Aide-de-Camp to General Lee, October 29, 1776.  Major of Tallman's Regiment R. I. Militia, December 12, 1776. Major of Sheburn's Continental Additional Regiment, January 12, 1777. Retired January 1, 1781. Deputy Governor of R. I. October 31, 1775. Re-elected May 1778, but declined. Elected to Continental congress, but did not serve. Member of Council of War and speaker of House of Representatives, R. I., October 1782.
Great-grandson of Samuel Gore of Boston, Massachusetts (1750-1831). Private in an Independent Company formed at Boston December 7, 1776. In Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Jackson's Company, General John Hancock's Boston Independent Company, and took part in expedition to Rhode Island. Enlisted April 17, discharged May 5, 1777. Seaman in Schooner "Diligent." Enlisted March 18, discharged May 25, 1776. Also member of "Boston Tea Party," and helped to capture from General Gage two cannon in 1775, now in Bunker Hill Monument.
Great-grandson of Moses Grant of Boston, Massachusetts (1745-1817). Matross in Captain William Treadwell's Company, Colonel John Crane's Regiment of Artillery (3rd), February, March, April, August and September 1781. Seaman in list of prisoners sent from Newport, Rhode Island, by the "Lord Sandwich" prison ship, landed in Bristol March 7, 1778. Also member of "Boston Tea Party," and helped to capture from General Gage two cannon in 1775, now in Bunker Hill Monument.
Great-grandson of David Shepard of Massachusetts (1744-1819). Captain of Minute Men. Colonel Seth Pomroy's Regiment. Lexington Alarm; service 6 days. Appointed Surgeon of Regiment April 28. Surgeon in Colonel Timothy Danielson's Regiment. Engaged April 28,1 775; services 3 months, 18 days. Total service, 1775, 8 months. In same Regiment, October 9, 1775, and recommended by Council to Washington for a commission. Surgeon 3rd Massachusetts Regiment, Colonel Timothy Robinson, services in Northern Department, 20 days, and marched up to Ticonderoga by order of General Schuyler on October 21, 1776. Services 28 days. Private in  Captain Enoch Shephard's Company, Colonel John Mosely's Regiment in Northern Department in 1777, from September 21st to October 5.
Great-grandson of Cephas Mills of Massachusetts (1759-1848). Pension allowed for 10 months' and 24 days' actual service as a Private in the Massachusetts Troop. Part of time under Captain Ferguson and Colonel Brewer.
SPENCER, FERMOR JARVIS                    
Great-great-grandson of Thomas Taylor of Massachusetts, (1751-1776).  Corporal in Captain Micah Hamblen's company of Massachusetts Troops.  Enlisted July 13: discharged November 1, 1775.  Same company November 1 to December 31, 1775.
STARK, SANFORD            
Great-grandson of John Packer of Connecticut, (1753-1835).  Private in Connecticut Troops.  Pensioned in 1832.
Great-grandson of Daniel Stark, 3rd of Connecticut, (….-1800).  Private in Captain Williams' Company, Lieutenant- Colonel Nathan Gallup's Regiment.  Stationed at Fort Griswold, January 11, 1779.
Great-grandson of Paul Burrows, of Connecticut, (1753-1834.  Private in Captain Mott's Company raised for defense  of New London in 1776.  Pensioned 1832.
Dead (Insignia No. 2620)                     
Grandson of Quartermaster-Sergeant William Tupper of Salisbury, Conn., (1750-1827).  Enlisted July 10, 1775, 2nd Company Captain Wallingford's 7th Regiment, Colonel Chas. Webb.  Discharged December 21, 1775.  In Captain Martin Kirtland's Company of the 6th Regiment, Colonel R. J. Meig's "Conn. Line".  May 28, 1777 for war.  Was Corporal.  Appointed Sergeant May 27, 1778; Quartermaster-Sergeant April 1780.  In second formation of Conn. Line, January 1, 1781, he served as Quartermaster until 1782. Pensioned in 1818.  At Battle of white Plains.
TUPPER, FRANK WILLIAM                    
Great-grandson of Quartermaster-sergeant William Tupper of Salisbury, Co., (1750-1827).  Enlisted July 10, 1775, 2nd Company. Captain Wallingford, 7th Regiment. Colonel Charles Webb.  Discharged December 21, 1775.  In Captain Martin Kirtland's Company of the 6th Regiment, Colonel R. J. Meig's "Conn. Line".  May 28, 1777, for the war.  Was Corporal.  Appointed Sergeant May 27, 1778: Quartermaster-Sergeant April 1780.  In second formation of Conn. Line, January 1, 1781, he served as Quartermaster until 1782.
Pensioned in 1818.  At Battle of White plains.
Great-grandson of Garret Voorhees of New Jersey, (1750-1823).  Private in Captain Philip Fulkerson's Company, 1776. Sergeant in Captain John Baird's Company; Sergeant in Captain Quirk's Company, and Sergeant in Captain Cornelius Lott's Company in 1777.  All in 2nd Battalion, Somerset Co., N. J. Militia. Sergeant in Captain Philip Fulkerson's Company N. J. State Troops, September 1777; also Sergeant in Captain Fulkerson's Company, 2nd Battalion, Somerset, N. J., Militia, until close of the war.  Took part in Battle of Germantown, October 4, 1777.
Great-great-grandson of Samuel Norris of New York.  Private in 4th New York Regiment.  Dutchess County Militia.
Great-grandson of Thomas Bedell of New York.  Private in Albany County, New York.  Militia.  13th Regiment.
WADLEY, WILLIAM HENRY                    
Great-great-grandson of Francis Lovejoy of New Hampshire, (1734-1818).  Private in Captain Philip Putnam's Co., Colonel Baldwin's Regiment N. H. soldiers.  In battle of White Plains.  Re-enlisted March 15, 1781, for 'during the war'.  Was in 2nd Regiment, 8th Company.
Great-grandson of Sergeant Theodore Bellows, N. H., (1760-1840).
Great-grandson of Sergeant Theodore bellow, N. H., (1760-1840).
Great-great-grandson of Malachi Maynard of Massachusetts (1745-1824). Private, Lexington Alarm, in Captain Robert Oliver's Company, Colonel Samuel Williams' Regiment, from Conroy. Service, 13 ˝ days.
Great-great-grandson of Josiah Moseley of Massachusetts. Private in Captain Noble's Company, Colonel James Easton's Regiment. Marched from Pittsfield, Massachusetts to Canada, May 10, 1775, and served to December 30, 1775. Private in Company which marched to Quebec from Pittsfield, January 23, 1776, and dismissed June 20, 1776. Private in Mounted Company under Captain John Strong. Marched from Pittsfield to Skenesboro. Discharged October 1, 1777.
Source: Complete Roster of the Members of the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Colorado and Wyoming; transcribed by Vicki Bryan and Camellia C.





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