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Montezuma County Colorado
History and Genealogy

County Officials





Wesson, Perley May 1889 Appointed by Gov. Job H. Cooper
Lewey, Adam November 1891  
Thomas, S. P. November 1893  
Duncan, John November 1895  
Kermode, R. C. November 1901  
Clark, James M. November 1906  
Gawith, James November 1908  
Todd, G. Sam November 1912  
Crawford, Henry L. November 1914  
Philley, Frank November 1917  
Wheatland, Frank A. November 1920  
Philley, Frank November 1922  
Cowling, Arthur November 1924  
Dunlap, W. W. November 1926 Killed in the line of duty in 1935
Robinson, Jesse H. July 1, 1935 Appointed, then elected
Smith, Ray November 1940  
Baker, Jim November 1942  
Weaver, Frank November 1946  
Anderson, A. W. November 1950  
Hammond, Frank T. November 1958  
Watson, Thomas E. November 1966  
Williams, Clarence C. August 1972 Appointed
Hampton, Bobby W. December 1973 Appointed, then elected
Glazner, John H. September 1979 Appointed, then elected
Shetler, Michael November 1987  
Wood, Tim February 1988 Appointed, then elected
Kennell, Sherman November 1994  
Chavez, Joey November 1998  
Wallace, Gerald March 2005 Appointed, then elected
Spruell, Dennis November 2010 Sworn into office January, 2011

Source: Sheriff's Office in Montezuma County, Colorado

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