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Miscellaneous News Stories

Mrs. Rita Smart, cashier have been found, been arrested charged wtih theft of $2,000.
Source: "Akron Pioneer Press" (Akron, CO) Mar 3, 1911-transcribed by Mary Kifer

Colorado turkeys and bronzed curlews are found in great numbers along the Colorado and Gila rivers.
Source: The Arizona Sentinel, Sep 5, 1885 

During the coming winter it is thought that the Colorado Desert and Lower California will be full of prospectors.
Source: The Arizona Sentinel, Sep 5, 1885

Source: The Kinsley Graphic, Jul 15, 1904
R.W. Hennigh was in town last week and stated that on account of the continued ill health of his wife he expected to start with his family the middle of the week on a wagon trip to Colorado. He will find some pleasant placeto locate them and after about six weeks will return to look after his feed crops. If his wife is benefited by the Colorado climate their stay will be prolonged indefinitely. His father will remain here in charge of the ranch during his absence.




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