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These are in alpha order based on the surname of the first criminal mentioned in the story

Mrs. Louie Fong, American wife of a wealthy Chinese restaurateur at Pueblo, took a large sum of money from the restaurant and fled, according to the story told the police by her husband, Louie Fong.  [Akron Weekly Pioneer Press (Akron, Washington County) Friday, February 08, 1918]

Sam. McBride, Clerk and Recorder of Pueblo County, Colorado, and a delegate to the St. Louis Convention, has absconded with $15,000.
 [August 16, 1876, Oakland Daily Evening Tribune, Oakland CA - Submitted by a Friend of Free Genealogy]

There has been an epidemic of Mexican shootings at Pueblo recently, as a result of which two men are dead and another dangerously wounded.  The alleged assailants of one of the dead men are in custody, as is the man suspected of assaulting another.  One of the murderers is at large.  During a quarrel over a woman, Carlos Pallejo shot and killed Antonio Armez, and succeeded in making his escape, and is still at liberty.  Alexander Blastete, who shot and dangerously (wounded) Mike Lopez, and who was later arrested, claims he shot in self-defense.  Another Mexican, Amelia Ortez, was killed, and Anton Rodriguez and Herman Licona were arrested. [Akron Weekly Pioneer Press (Akron, Washington County) Friday, February 08, 1918]
Two thoroughbred Llewellyn setters, valued at $4,000 and belonging to Chas. Woodford of Pueblo, have been stolen. [Akron Pioneer Press, Akron, CO - 3 Mar 1911 - tr. by Vicki Bryan]

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