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Weld County Colorado
Crime News



They Want Him
The Photograph of the Negro at Greeley Recognized in Sedalia

Sedalia, Mo., The photograph of the negro arrested last week at Greeley, Colo., has been identified by Mrs. Mary Moore, and an effort will be made in secure the man's return here. Mrs. Taylor, who was assualted by the negro, has not fully identified him. [Denver Rocky Mountain News [Denver, CO], March 22, 1893, Submitted by FoFG]

Says He is The Man
Davis, the Alleged Ravisher, Identified at Greeley

Greeley, Colo., March 21 - No doubt now remains as to the idenity of the negro held here under suspicion of being Davis, the ravisher of Mrs. Taylor at Sedalia. Mr. Gus Shepard, formerly of Missouri, has positively identified the man, even locating scars which Davis received in a fight with another negro. Sheriff Arthur is now absolutely certain that he has the badly wanted man. Davis is growing very nervous and is rapidly breaking down. The slightest sound startles him and he evidently dreads the arrival of the officers from the East. [Denver Rocky Mountain News [Denver, CO], March 22, 1893, Submitted by FoFG

Denver, Col., Aug. 20 - The body of Paul Rose, a Weld county cattleman who was murdered recently by a cattle rustler, has been buried in the sand near the Colorado-Nebraska line. His herd was found in possession of Al Cochran, king of the cattle rustlers of Colorado and Nebraska. Cochran is in jail at Greeley. Threats to lynch him are being made.
[ August 20, 1896, Evening Bulletin, Decatur Illinois - Sub. by Frances Cooley]

Thirty Years for Cattle Stealing.
Greeley, Col., Dec. 31 - Al Cochran, the cattle rustler who is well known throughout the Northwest, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for cattle stealing. It is said that Cochran is under indictment in Kimball county, Neb., for the murder of Paul Rose, the stockman whose cattle were found in his possession when he was arrested, and for the theft of which he was found guilty in this state.
[Kansas City daily journal.(Kansas City, Mo.), January 01, 1897 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

After keeping out of sight for three years, John Cummings, an escaped prisoner from Greeley, Col., has been captured in Denver, and identified as Jack Havlin, wanted in St. Paul on the charge of having murdered Policeman Charles Mayer, on the night of Feb. 1, 1902.
Mayer discovered his man in the act of burglary in a saloon and started in pursuit. The man returned Mayer's fire, killing him instantly. He disappeared, in spite of the united efforts of the police of the two cities, and had never been heard from. A reward is still out for him. The identification is said to be complete. It is also charged that he escaped from jail at Greeley, Col., a week ago.
[Source: "The Minneapolis Journal", November 4 1905 - Submitted by a Friend of Free Genealogy]

Man Says wife Kidnaped Children
Eaton – That his wife, Mrs. J. H. Rogers, formerly of this city, came here in a  motor car from Cheyenne, called their two young sons, Herbert and Gordon from the school house, placed them in the car and carried them off, is the allegation of John Rogers. (Wray Rattler, October 5, 1916)

Held for Bean Theft
John Laws, 20; of 515 Eighth Street, Greeley, was arrested at his home by police about 10:45 A. M. Friday and held as a suspect in the theft of a sack of beans owned by the Columbine Bean company of 601 Ninth Street, from railroad car sided near the company warehouse Thursday afternoon. Laws denied the theft and the officers did not immediately locate the beans. Transcribed and
[February 5, 1937, The Greeley Republican, Greeley, Colorado - Sub. by: Frances Cooley]

To Go After 2 Juveniles
Sheriff Gus G. Anderson announced Friday that he expects to send a deputy to Albuquerque, New Mexico, within a day or two to return to the county jail here two 17 years old boys who are alleged to have robbed the Ben Florance home last week. The evidence is strong that they also stole the car of Hal Weiss and drove it to a point south of Pueblo where it was wrecked.  In the wrecked car was found a bag containing .44 caliber shells.  Florance said he had such a bog and also had shells for a .44 caliber revolver in his home when it was burglarized. 
[February 5, 1937, The Greeley Republican, Greeley, Colorado - Sub. by: Frances Cooley]

Woolridges to Reformatory
Harry and Herbert Woolridge, brothers living in the Platteville-Gilcrest area and who pleaded guilty to robbery at the Glover Farm southeast of Platteville were sentenced to terms in the state reformatory by District Judge Frederic W. Clark Thursday.
The 17 year old Johnstown boy, who pleaded guilty with them, had his sentence postponed until Saturday to investigate the possibility of probation.
[February 5, 1937, The Greeley Republican, Greeley, Colorado - Sub. by: Frances Cooley]

The Greeley Daily Tribune (Greeley, CO) – Friday, October 17, 1930
Sister of Windsorite Lost All When Bank Cashier Absconded
Windsor, Oct. 10 – The capture of Ernest J. Wagner, cashier of a bank at Adrian, Mo., in Denver on Monday, was of interest to Mrs. Millie Blevins of Windsor as her sister, Mrs. Susie Cowley of Adrian was one of the depositors of the bank who lost heavily.  Mrs. Cowley, who is almost a total cripple from rheumatism sold her farm after the death of her husband about a year ago [?] all she possessed in the world [?] bank.

The Greeley Daily Tribune (Greeley, CO) – Friday, October 17, 1930
The cashier is alleged to have embezzled several thousand dollars from the bank before it closed its doors.

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