Muster roll of the 3rd Regiment, Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, for Spanish-American war service

Mustered into the United States Service at Niantic, July 2-6, 1898.
Mustered out at Savannah, Georgia, March 20, 1899.

Col. Augustus C. Tyler (resigned; discharged Jan. 31, 1899), New London.
Lieut.-Col. Alexander Rodgers (promoted to colonel Jan. 31, 1899), Washington, D. C.
Maj. Henry J. Thayer (resigned; mustered out Sept. 9), Putnam.
Maj. Gilbert L. Fitch (resigned Sept. 19), Stamford.
First Lieut, and Adjutant Roswell D. Trimble (promoted to major Oct. 31), New London.
First Lieut, and Quartermaster Percy H. Morgan, Poquonnock.
Maj. and Surgeon Julian La Pierre (resigned; mustered out Sept. 21), Norwich.
First Lieut, and Assistant Surgeon Hiram B. Thomson (promoted to major and surgeon Sept. 23), New London.
First Lieut. and Assistant Surgeon Harry M. Lee, New London.
Assistant Surgeon John S. Blackmar (appointed Oct. 3), Norwich.
Chaplain J. Spencer Voorhees, Hartford.


Sergt.-Maj. Richard P. Freeman, Jr., New London. Discharged Sept. 8.
Q. M.-Sergt. James D. Copp, New London. Discharged Sept. 8.
Chief Musician Chas. H. Phillips, New Lon-don. Reduced to ranks.
Prin. Musician Aubrey J. Newburg, New London.
Hosp. Steward Clarence D. Sevin, Norwich.
Hosp. Steward Harry F. Thompson, New London.
Hosp. Steward Hubert F. Pierce, East Nor-walk.
Corp. Sidney E. Morton. Reduced to ranks.
Corp. Edward Pendleton. Reduced to ranks. Promoted to corporal.

Capt. Henry S. Dorsey.
First Lieut. Edward T. Drea; resigned Nov. 28.
Second Lieut. Edward H. Corcoran.
First Sergt. Frank A. McDonald.
Q. M.-Sergt. John A. Malona, Waterford.
Sergt. Hubert W. Ryan; reduced to ranks.
Sergt. John J. Lawless, Waterford; promoted to first sergeant, to second lieutenant, Co. D.
Sergt Walter W. Philbrick.
Sergt. Edward A. Lawless, Waterford.
Corp. Daniel A. Rankin.
Corp. John T. Sweeney; reduced to ranks.
Corp. Joseph D. Phillips, Waterford; reduced to ranks.
Corp. Edward C. Smith; reduced to ranks.
Corp. Jeremiah T. Moriarty; reduced to ranks; promoted to corporal.
Musician Frank Joseph.

Breen, Michael E.
Berardinelli, Peter S., Waterford; discharged Jan. 24.
Brunell, Herbert, Noank.
Caracausa, Joseph.
Chapman, Edward K., Groton.
Carney, Thomas.
Carey, Patrick J., Stonington; promoted to corporal.
Chapman, Andrew G., Norwich.
Cleveland, Robert I.
Cotter, John F., New Britain.
Drudy, John D.; promoted to corporal.
Dunn, Daniel F.
Delap, George T.
Deffley, James E.
Doyle, Joseph M.
Foley, Michael.
Greer, Benjamin
Hynds, John J.
Howard, Joseph
Jaeger, Robert H.; promoted to corporal.
Kay, Benjamin F., Groton; promoted to corporal.
Kopp, George
McCarthy, Robert J.; dishonorably discharged.
Mead, Harry A., Portchester, N. Y.; transferred to regimental band.
Mealady, Daniel J.
Morgan, Charles L., Montville.
McLaughlin, James H.; deserted Sept. 1.
McMoran, Eugene.
O'Rourke, Edward J.
O'Rourke, Thomas; dishonorably discharged.
Petty, George
Perrin, Frederick A.; promoted to corporal.
Powers, Wm. P., Hartford; dishonorably discharged.
Ryan, John F.
Rogers, Edward H., East Lyme.
Sullivan, Dennis D.
Sullivan, James; dishonorably discharged.
Sheridan, John J.
Sheridan, Wm. J.
Storey, Wm. J.; deserted Nov. 11.
Saunders, Lyman R., Mystic.
Shea, Daniel F.
Skinner, John O.
Sauter, John F., Norwich.
Turk, Harry
Tumelty, Thomas
Tracey, Wm. D.; promoted to corporal.
Wilson, John
Wilson, Wm.; dishonorably discharged.
Williard, Arthur L.; appointed musician.
Weinstein, Joseph
Wright, Fred C, Pomfret; discharged Feb. 6, 1899.
Watson, Wm. L., Hartford; dishonorably discharged.
Woods, John E., New Britain.
Waldron, James E., Wallingford; dishonorably discharged.

First Lieut. John F. Murphy, Pawcatuck; promoted to captain Co. L, Nov. 22.
Second Lieut. Isaac F. Gavitt.
First Sergt. James F. Spellman.
Q. M.-Sergt. Esbon H. Gavitt.
Sergt. James J. Murphy; promoted to second lieutenant Co. H, Jan. 22.
Sergt. John J. Bentley.
Sergt Patrick W. Shea.
Sergt. Michael F. O'Connell.
Corp. Thomas F. Lenihan; discharged Feb. 13, 1899.
Corp. John T. Fitzgerald.
Corp. John H. Shea.
Corp Cornelius L. Shea.
Corp. James P. McMahon.
Corp. James D. Neville.
Corp. Dennis F. Connell.
Corp. John J. Donahue.
Corp. James M. Lindsay.
Musician John J. Cunningham.
Artificer Dennis C. Brown
Wagoner James J. McCort, Stonington; reduced to ranks.

Alves, Charles, Stonington.
Ahern, Henry P., Norwich.
Buck, Henry H.; deserted.
Brightman, Frank, Stonington.
Barry, Joseph, Norwich.
Boles, John, Jr.
Church, Walter, Stafford.
Carson, Edward R., Stonington.
Carey, John E.
Casey, Daniel J., appointed wagoner.
Casey, John F.
Casey, John.
Connor, James J., Norwich.
Donahue, James F.
Donahue, Michael E.
Donahue, John F.
Doran, Andrew E., Manchester.
Eaton, Ervin J.
Ennis, John, Stonington.
Farrell, John E.
Fenton, Edwin H.
Fallon, John, Stonington.
Fairfield, David M.; transferred to band.
Fogarty, William L., Norwich; dishonorably discharged.
Griffin, John, Boston, Mass.; dishonorably discharged.
Gilmore, Dennis, Stonington.
Gould, Ezra, Monson, Mass.; promoted to corporal.
Holland, Bert E., transferred to band.
Knight, Wm. B.
Keegan, John H.
Knowles, George E., North Stonington.
Luck, Gussie A.
Maxson, John W., Stonington; discharged Nov. 18, disability.
McDonald, John J.
McDonald, Thomas J.
McGrath, John D.
McKay, Robert; transferred to Company I; promoted to corporal; transferred to N. N. C. S., Dec. 14, as sergeant-major.
McQuard, James.
O'Gara, James P.
Palmer, Henry E.; discharged Jan. 16, 1899.
Preston, Roger A.
Rushlow, Joseph T.
Robinson, Henry, Stonington.
Roche, Patrick D.; promoted to corporal.
Shea, Daniel C.
Shea, Daniel, Stonington.
Sutton, James, Stonington.
Sullivan, Edward J.
Smith, Joseph.
Tedford, Robert, Stonington.
Whalen, John J.
Wilcox, Jerome A., Stonington; deserted.
Wright, Robert W., Derby.
Witenheimer, Albert H., Derby; promoted to sergeant-major., promoted to second lieutenant, Dec. 8.

Capt. Charles A. Hagberg.
First Lieut. Harry E. Comstock.
Second Lieut. Frank Q. Smith.
First Sergt. Milo R. Waters.
Q. M.-Sergt. John Gembel.
Sergt. John A. Hagberg; promoted to first lieutenant Co. B, Nov. 22.
Sergt. Charles A. Polsten; reduced to ranks.
Sergt. Edward T. Waterman.
Sergt. Charles E. Ramage, Montville; discharged Feb. 2, 1899.
Corp. Charles K. Thorpe, Uncasville; promoted to sergeant.
Corp. Wm. C. Zelze; discharged Feb. 2, 1899.
Corp. Alfred A. S. L'Heureux, Taftville; reduced to ranks.
Corp. James N. Clark, Jr.; reduced to ranks.
Corp. John Hubbard; discharged Oct. 10.
Corp. Frederick W. Burton.
Corp. George W. Rathbun; discharged Feb. 2, 1899.
Corp. Henry H. Morrill; promoted to sergeant.
Corp. Charles Sabrowski.
Musician Leopold A. Grzywacz, transferred to band.

Audette, Elmer, Taftville.
Audette, Alfred, Taftville.
Aspinall, Henry.
Ahern, Wm. H.
Bauman, John.
Benjamin, James H.
Bliven, George L., Lebanon; discharged Sept. 6.
Barnes, Philo H., Preston.
Brock, Eugene S.
Chase, Walter M.; transferred to Co. D; appointed musician.
Coffee, Walter C.; promoted to corporal; promoted to sergeant.
Casey, Daniel C.
Corcoran, Murty, Taftville.
Cox, Thomas J.
Caruthers, Wm.
Connell, Patrick F.
Cahoon, David A.
Carter, John.
Callahan, Dennis.
Callahan, John F.; discharged Feb. 3, 1899.
Carroll, Wm. F., Preston.
Comstock, James H.; transferred to band.
Dyrdal, Giordi.
Duff, Daniel; promoted to corporal.
Durfey, Frank, Greenville.
Donahue, Patrick H.; appointed artificer.
Fletcher, Wm. C.; discharged Jan. 24, 1899.
Fletcher, George H.; promoted to corporal.
Foren, John M., Jewett City.
Fitzgerald, Frederick.
Gambel, John, Taftville; died Sept. 19.
Gay, James M.
Gadle, George H.; appointed wagoner.
Gibson, Herbert A.; promoted to corporal.
Grover, Anson E., Preston.
Geary, Morris F., Montville.
Haselden, John W.; promoted to corporal.
Hughes, Joseph.
Hiscox, Judson L., Preston.
Jack, James, Jr., Greeneville; promoted to corporal.
Jeffers, Walter B. S., Jewett City; promoted to corporal.
Kellog, Walter J.
King, Joseph W.
L'Heureux, Nelson S., Taftville.
Loffler, John T.
Lynch, George H., Preston; discharged Nov. 27, 1898.
Lumsden, George R.
Letendre, George, Taftville.
Maguire, Wm. F.
Malone, Wm. J., Taftville.
McClure, Wm., Preston.
McVey, Peter.
Merrill, Orville W., Springfield, Mass.
Miner, Huburt, Greeneville.
Moore, Michael M.; promoted to corporal; reduced to ranks.
Morgan, James, Jr.
McGill, John H., Stamford; discharged Jan.3> i899-
McCormick, James, Maysville, Ky.
Mausmann, Andrew H., Franklin.
Olsson, Ivar, Greeneville.
Osborne, John C.; appointed musician.
Oliver, Charles B.
Perkins, Charles T.; promoted to corporal.
Peckham, Wm. W.; transferred to band.
Pierce, Arthur W., Jewett City.
Pickorski, Mike.
Reeves, George P., Taftville.
Robinson, Walter C.; appointed musician.
Rushlow, Peter.
Rathbun, Charles I.; transferred to band.
Raphael, Robert, Montville.
Sabrowski, August; discharged Jan. 24, 1899.
Sellick, Frederick W.
Sikorski, Albert.
Sikorski, John, Greeneville.
Simpson, Louis F, Franklin.
Skinner, Benjamin F.
Sterry, Frank E.; promoted to corporal.
Sullivan, Patrick, Taftville.
Thoip, Albert; promoted to corporal.
Thorpe, William H., Montville; promoted to corporal.
Tooker, Frederick B.; transferred to band.
Turner, George A.
Tylendar, Antoni.
Woodworth, Harvey L.
Welden, Albert C.

Capt. David Conner, New London.
First Lieut. Wm. H. Ryley, New London; discharged Jan. 24, 1899.
Second Lieut. Charles P. Kirkland; promoted to captain Co. M, Sept. 11.
First Sergt. George Hennes.
Q M.-Sergt. Emmett L. Crowell.
Sergt. Frank L. Beckwith; reduced to ranks.
Sergt. Carlos G. Champlin; transferred to Co. H, 2d U. S. Vols., Engrs., Dec. 6.
Sergt. Wm. R Chipman; promoted to first sergeant.
Corp. Joseph J. Carr; reduced to ranks;dishonorably discharged Feb. 18, 1899.
Corp. Daniel B. Scoville; reduced to ranks.
Corp. Harry B. Prince; reduced to ranks.
Corp. John J. Butler.
Corp. Frank J. Martin.
Corp. Michael F. Hogan, North Plains; deserted Oct. 13.
Corp. Michael C. Carey.
Corp. John F. Conway.
Corp. Byron W. Bemis,-Shelton; promoted to sergeant.
Musician George E. Ryley; reduced to ranks; promoted to corporal.
Musician Charles Ormsby.
Wagoner Cassius A. Harding.

Albecker, Edward, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Allen, Henry, Norwich.
Lee, James T., Norwich.
Polskey, Joseph, Montville.
Willey, Frank, Norwich.

Contained one man from New London county- Jolly, James K., Norwich.

Capt. Hadlai A. Hull; promoted to major Sept. 23rd; resigned Oct. 17th.
First Lieut. Herbert D. Utley, New London; resigned Oct. 11th.
Second Lieut. Walter F. Fish, Mystic; resigned Jan. 1st.
Corp. Oscar W. Palmer, Norwich; promoted to first sergeant.
Corp. Myron A. Maynard, Jewett City.
Corp. Wilfred Prevost, Jewett City.
Wagoner George Conrad, Norwich.

Abby, George, North Stonington.
Bassett, Edwin B., Norwich.
Brennan, Humphrey, Norwich.
Carroll, John T., Norwich.
Cavanaugh, Patrick, Stonington.
Conrad, John, Preston.
Coughlin, David, Norwich.
Carrigg, Thomas, New London.
Callahan, Christopher, New London.
Carter, John R, Norwich; discharged Aug. 22nd.
Daniels, Richard, Stonington.
Devine, Michael, Jr., Norwich.
Dupois, Joseph O., Occum.
Galbraith, Arthur, Norwich; appointed artificer.
Gay, Frederick A., Norwich.
Gay, William T., Norwich.
Hallesey, Wm., Norwich.
Hewlett, Charles, Lebanon.
Healy, Daniel, New London.
Kehr, Wm., Norwich.
Kelly, John N., Norwich.
Lamb, Walter H., Norwich; promoted to corporal.
Lukoski, Joseph, Norwich.
Mell, Charles B. Norwich.
Mullaney, John H., Groton.
Pariseau, Nelson, Glasgow.
Powers, Ralph F., Norwich; discharged Aug. 22nd.
Rourke, John, Preston.
Sullivan, Patrick, Norwich.
Shannon, Jeremiah, Jewett City.
Sparks, Ernest, Norwich.
Sheehan, Daniel, Jewett City.
Wallace, Wm. E., Griswold.
Whipple, Frederick E., Jewett City.
Winans, Frank J., Norwich.

Capt. Eugene T. Kirkland; promoted to major Sept. 11th; to lieutenant-colonel Feb. 27, 1899.
First Lieut. Albert P. Ware; promoted to captain Sept. 11th.
Second Lieut. Carey Congdon; promoted to first lieutenant Sept. 15th; resigned Dec.4th.
Second Lieut. Daniel Tyler Moore.
First Sergt. Harris Pendleton, Jr.; promoted to Second Lieut. Co. M, July 23rd; to first lieutenant Co. E, Oct. 15th. Quartermaster Sergt. John T. Sherwin.
Sergt. Richard B. Smith; promoted to first sergeant.
Sergt. Louis H. Goddard.
Corp. Thomas H. Jennings, promoted to sergeant; to second lieutenant.
Corp. Clark S. Bishop; promoted to sergeant.
Corp. Jeremiah J. Murphy; promoted to sergeant.
Corp. John H. Broadwell.
Corp. John I. Stubbert; promoted to ser-geant.
Corp. John E. Angus, Groton.
Musician Harry A. Wiley.
Musician Wm. M. Dunn.

Allen, Wm. H.
Allen, Lucian O., Mystic.
Blake, Frederick C.
Blanchard, Frederick C, Norwich.
Brobeck, Albert.
Butterly, Peter.
Callahan, Wm. F.; promoted to corporal.
Crump, Richard L.; promoted to corporal.
Farrell, Frank F., Norwich.
Gernhard, Adam J., Norwich; promoted to corporal.
Gleason, Wm. J.
Hunter, John A., Jr., Norwich.
Hanrahan, John, Norwich.
James, Frederick H.
Kelly, James F.
Latham, Albert, Groton.
McCarron, John.
McGregor, James J., Mystic; promoted to corporal.
Malona, Charles; appointed artificer.
Mills, John, Waterford.
Mulligan, Frank.
Newburg, Harry N., Groton.
Noland, Wm. H.; promoted to corporal.
O'Neil, Owen, Norwich.
Peppin, Frederick, Taftville.
Rehly, Charles, Norwich.
Smith, Jesse, Groton.
Williams, Frank E., Groton.
Willows, Henry L.; promoted to corporal.
Wolfe, David, Mystic.

Private Turner, Theodore, Norwich.

 Source: "A Modern history of New London County, Connecticut", Edward Taylor, Lewis Historical Pub. Co., 1922
Transcribed by aFoFG (kt) 


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