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May Not be a complete list.
The majority of these cemeteries come from the Charles R. Hale Index of 1934.
Groton Cemeteries updated with data from  "Cemetery Survey" completed for the Groton Planning Department, by Kristin Havrilla in Summer 1996





Ames Cemetery Lisbon Rte 169 376-3400
Ancient Cemetery New London    
Antioch Cemetery Colchester, CT    
Avery Cemetery Preston, CT off Lynn Dr.  
Babcock Cemetery Salem, CT    
Babcock Farm Colchester, CT    
Bailey/Wrightman Bozrah, CT    
Banty Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Baptist Cemetery Salem, CT    
Barthrick or Champion # 3 Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Beckitt Hill Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Beebe Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Beebe Cemetery Norwich CT    
Benet Stonington, CT    
Bennet Stonington, CT    
Bentley Stonington, CT    
Bill Hill Cemetery Lyme, CT   The 1934 Hale Index lists the location as Capt. James A. Bill's farm: "Many stones...are broken. Inscriptions unreadable."
Billings Cemetery Griswold Glasgo Rd at the south end of town
Bingham Cemetery Norwich CT    
Bingham Family Cemetery Salem   (one grave)
Bitgood Cemetery Voluntown, CT    
Black Hall Schoolhouse Cemetery Old Lyme, CT    
Bliss Lebanon, CT    
Bly Cemetery Voluntown, CT    
Brainard Cemetery Montville, CT    
Brockway Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Brown Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Brown Cemetery Voluntown, CT    
Brumbley Cemetery Norwich CT    
Bulkley Cemetery Colchester, CT   (Bodies have been removed)
Bull Hill Cemetery Colchester    
Cavarly Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Cedar Grove Cemetery New London, CT    
Center Cemetery Lebanon Rte 207N, set back from the road  
Center or Riverhead cemetery East lyme, CT    
Chadwick Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Champion Cemetery Old Lyme, CT    
Champlin Cemetery Montville, CT    
Chapman Cemetery Montville, CT    
Chester Cemetery Montville, CT    
Chesterfield Baptist Church Burial Ground Montville    
Chestnut Hill Cemetery Colchester, CT  

3 miles S.E. of Center on farm, 1st Selectman Kramer

Christ Church Cemetery Norwich, CT   (stones moved to City Cemetery)
Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery Norwich, CT    
Church Burying Ground Bozrah, CT    
City Cemetery Norwich, CT    
Cockle (or Cuckle) Hill Cemetery Salem, CT   11 graves, stones with no inscriptions
Colonel Ledyard Cemetery Groton   big cemetery
Colonial Cemetery     aka Old Norwichtown
Colt Lyme, CT    
Comstock Cemetery Montville 232 Norwich-New London Tpk 848-9375
Congregational Church Of Salem Cemetery Salem    
Converse Cemetery Franklin   642-7887
Cook Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Cook Hill Cemetery Lebanon Cook Hill Rd contact town clerk for records
Cove Cemetery Lyme, CT E Haddam RFD 2 526-5401
Cranston Stonington, CT    
Crary Burying Ground Groton, CT

Packer Road, near route 184


Crocker Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Daniels Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Daniel Burrows Cemetery Mystic, CT Edgecombe St  
Davis Cemetery Griswold Hollow Hill Rd near intersection of Tatro Rd, back from the road
Dawley Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Day Cemetery Colchester, CT  

3  miles south of center, on New London Pike, East side

Dean Cemetery East Lyme Boston Post Rd 526-4547
DeWolf Farm #1 Cemetery Salem, CT    
DeWolf Farm #2 Cemetery Salem, CT    
Divine Providence Cemetery Norwich CT    
Dolbear Cemetery Montville, CT    
Dolbeare Cemetery Salem, CT    
Dolebear Cemetery Salem, CT   aka Fox Cemetery
Duck River Cemetery Norwich    
Durr Cemetery Norwich CT    
East Lyme Cemetery East Lyme Boston Post Rd 739-8337
Eight Mile River Cemetery Lyme Mt Archer Rd 434-2305
Elm Grove Cemetery Stonington Mystic  
Ely Cemetery Lyme Ely's Ferry Rd  
Evergreen Cemetery Stonington    
Exeter Cemetery
A-H Surnames | I-Z Surnames
Lebanon Rte 287, near Rte 16 intersection contact town clerk for records
Fish Cemetery Mystic, CT Pequot Rd From Route 1, turn onto Allyn Street. Turn right onto Sandy Hollow Road and then left onto Pequot Avenue. Cemetery is on left.
Fish Cemetery #2 Groton, CT Poquonock Lake Rd.  
Fish Cemetery Salem, CT   In the front yard of a private home about 300 feet off Buckley Road.
Flanders Church Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Foot Cemetery Colchester, CT    
Fort Shantok Burial Grounds Montville Uncasville  
Fosdick Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Fowler Lebanon, CT    
Fox Cemetery Montville, CT    
Fox Cemetery Salem, CT    
Gager Cemetery (aka Gagertown) Franklin   642-7887
Gallop Cemetery Voluntown, CT    
Gardner Cemetery New London   443-2169
Gardner/Buckeley Cemetery Bozrah, CT    
Gay Cemetery Montville, CT    
Geer Cemetery Lebanon, CT    
Geer Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Gifford Cemetery Norwich, CT    
Gilbert Cemetery Salem, CT    
Gillett Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Goshen Cemetery Lebanon Goshen Hill Rd contact town clerk for records
Grassy Hill Cemetery Lyme Grassy Hill Rd  
Great Pine Swamp Cemetery Franklin, CT    
Great Plain Cemetery North Stonington    
Green Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Greenman Lebanon, CT    
Greenville Cemetery Norwich, CT    
Griffin Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Griswold Cemetery Old Lyme, CT Rte 156  
Hall Cemetery Lyme, CT   (moved to Grassy Hill Cemetery)
Hallan Cemetery Stonington, CT    
Hamilton Avenue Cemetery Norwich, CT    
Harris Cemetery Salem, CT    
Hartshorn Cemetery Griswold, CT   [location unknown]
Hatch Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Head of River Cemetery East Lyme Old Post Rd 526-4547
Helme Cemetery Stonington, CT    
Hempsted Cemetery Stonington, CT    
High Banks Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Hillard Cemetery Stonington, CT    
Hillard Cemetery Salem, CT    
Holmes Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Hopeville Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Hough/Harris Cemetery Bozrah, CT    
Huntley Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Indian Cemetery Griswold, CT   (No headstones)
Indian Cemetery/East Lyme Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Indian Grave Lyme, CT    
Jewett City (Lower) Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Jewett City Baptist Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Jewish Cemetery Norwich CT    
John Wheeler Cemetery Stonington, CT    
Johnson Cemetery Bozrah, CT    
Johnson Cemetery Montville, CT    
Jonathan Wheeler Stonington, CT    
Jordan Cemetery Waterford    
Joshuatown Cemetery Lyme Joshuatown Rd  
Keeney Cemetery Colchester, CT  

2 miles south of center on New London Pike in rear of Collins Keeney Place

Kennedy Cemetery Voluntown, CT    
Kinne Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Kinne Cemetery Voluntown, CT    
Kinsman Lisbon, CT    
Lathrop Cemetery Salem, CT    
Layville Cemetery Old Lyme, CT    
Lebanon Center Lebanon, CT    
Leech Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Leonard Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Lewis Cemetery Montville, CT    
Lewis Cemetery Voluntown, CT    
Liberty Hill Cemetery Lebanon, CT    
Linwood Cemetery Colchester, CT  

1/2 mile west of Center

Lone Soldier Grave Lebanon, CT    
Loomis Lebanon, CT    
Loomis Cemetery Salem, CT    
Lord Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Lovett Cemetery Sprague, CT    
Lower Mystic Cemetery Stonington West Mystic AKA Fishtown Cemetery
North side of route 1, a bit west of Allyn St.
Luther Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Mackall Lebanon, CT    
Maples Cemetery Norwich CT    
Maplewood Cemetery Norwich    
Martin Burke Private cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Marvin Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Mason Cemetery Norwich, CT    
Meech Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Miantonomo Cemetery Norwich, CT   (Nat. Am. Cem)
Miner Cemetery Montville, CT    
Minor Cemetery Salem, CT    
Mooswood Glen Cemetery Salem, CT    
Morgan Cemetery Salem    
Mynard Cemetery Montville, CT    
New Franklin Plains Cemetery Franklin, CT    
New Hanover Cemetery Sprague, CT    
New Jewish Cemetery Colchester, CT  

1/4 mile west of Polish on same road

New Lebanon Cemetery Lebanon Hoxie Rd contact town clerk for records
New South Lebanon, CT    
Newton/Ranson Cemetery Colchester, CT  

On West road, near Salem Town line
(spelling was double-checked, it says Ranson, *not* Ransom)

Niles Cemetery Groton, CT    
North Lyme Baptist Cemetery Lyme, CT   Moved to Pleasant View Cemetery
North Burrows Cemetery Groton, CT

Route 1, Fort Hill

Norwich City Cemetery Norwich    
Old Cemetery Colchester, CT  

aka Ancient Burial Grounds
In rear of Bacon Academy

"The grounds occupied the entire corner formed by Linwood Ave. and New London Road (Routes 16 and 85) and extended as far down this road as the south side of the bounds of the old cemetery." [src: "300 Years of Colchester, A Commemorative Album"]

Old Cemetery Lebanon, CT   aka Trumbull Cemetery
Old Fox farm Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Old Franklin Plains Cemetery Franklin, CT    
Old Hanover Cemetery Sprague, CT    
Old Jewish Cemetery Colchester, CT  

1  mile south of Center on New London Pike

Old Leffingwell Bozrah, CT    
Old Lovett/Perkins Cemetery Sprague, CT    
Old Lyme Norwich    
Old Meeting House Hill Old Lyme, CT   (Johnny Cake Hill)
Old Norwichtown Cemetery Norwich    
Old Rathbone Cemetery Salem, CT    
Old St. Michael's Stonington, CT    
Old Stone Church Burial Ground East Lyme Society Rd  
Pachaug Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Packer Cemetery #1 West Mystic, CT

Rte #1/ New London Rd.

aka Packer-Burrows Cemetery
Capt. Daniel Packer buried here
From Allyn Street turn onto Route 1 south. Cemetery is just before Mystic Ice House. Park at Ice House

Packer Cemetery #2 Groton, CT Oceanview Rd.  
Palmer Cemetery Colchester, CT  

4 miles southeast of Center on Chestnut Hill road

Palmer Cemetery Voluntown, CT    
Palmer Cemetery Salem, CT   (one stone)
Palmer/Newton Cemetery Voluntown, CT    
Parker Cemetery Bozrah    
Paul Wheeler Cemetery Stonington, CT    
Pautipaug Cemetery Franklin North Franklin  
Peck Cemetery Old Lyme, CT    
Pest Yard Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Phillips Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Phillips Cemetery Voluntown, CT    
Pleasant View Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Polish Cemetery Colchester, CT  

1/2 mile west of Center, near Linwood

Ponemab Colchester, CT    
Potter Cemetery Voluntown, CT    
Powers Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Private Cemetery Stonington, CT    
Rathbone Cemetery Salem, CT    
Ray/Yerrington Cemetery Norwich, CT    
Raymond Cemetery Montville, CT    
Raymond Cemetery Salem, CT    
Raymond Hill Cemetery Montville Oakdale  
Read/Haskell Lisbon, CT    
Reeve Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Reynolds Cemetery Griswold, CT *    
Richards Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Riverside Cemetery Norwich, CT   (aka Town Poor)
Rixtown Cemetery Griswold, CT Redbarn Rd near intersection of Rixtown Rd
Robbins Cemetery Voluntown, CT    
Rogers Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Rogers Cemetery Montville, CT    
Rogers Cemetery Salem, CT    
Sacred Heart Cemetery Norwich, CT    
Salem Green Cemetery Salem    
Saunders Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Scot Hill Cemetery Bozrah    
Scott Hill Cemetery Colchester, CT    
Scovell Cemetery Colchester, CT    
Scoville-Buckingham Cemetery Lebanon, CT    
Seabury Cemetery New London, CT    
Segar Lebanon, CT    
Seldon Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Shantup Cemetery Montville, CT    
Silas Burrows Cemetery Mystic, CT   off High Street
Sisson Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Small Pox Cemetery Franklin, CT    
Smith Cemetery Montville, CT    
Smith Cemetery Montville, CT    
South Burrows Cemetery     AKA South Burrows Cemetery
AKA Burrows Cemetery #3
Spencer Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Spy Rock Cemetery Griswold, CT    
St Andrew Cemetery Colchester  

North and next to Linwood

St Joseph Cemetery Colchester    
St Mary's Cemetery New London    
St Mary's Cemetery, Baltic Sprague Rte 207S, across from Lacroix Rd  
St Michael's New Cemetery Stonington Pawcatuck  
St Patrick Cemetery Ledyard River Rd on the river side, just before Pequot Trl (Rte 234)
St Thomas Cemetery Griswold Shore Rd across from Old Kinne cemetery
St. Joseph's Cemetery Norwich, CT    
St. Mary's Lisbon, CT    
St. Mary's Cemetery Norwich, CT    
St. Nicholas Cemetery Norwich, CT    
St. Patrick's Cemetery Montville, CT    
Stanton/Hull Cemetery Stonington, CT    
Stark Cemetery Bozrah, CT    
Starr Cemetery Groton    
Sterling Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Sterling Cemetery Lyme, CT    
Street, Congdon Cemetery Montville, CT    
Tadpole Cemetery Griswold, CT *    
Thompson Cemetery Montville, CT   (field stones - no inscriptions)
Tiffany Cemetery Griswold, CT *    
Tilleson Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Tinker cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Trumbull Cemetery
(aka Old Cemetery)
Lebanon Exeter Rd just past the Elementary School on opposite side contact town clerk for records
Uncas Cemetery Norwich, CT    
Union Cemetery East Lyme, CT    
Wait Cemetery Old Lyme, CT   (Eastern part of town)
Wait Cemetery Old Lyme, CT   (in South Lyme)
Walton Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Waterhole Cemetery Colchester, CT    
Way Cemetery Salem, CT    
Webster Lebanon, CT    
Wells Cemetery Colchester, CT  

3  miles south of center, on Param Road

Wells Cemetery Groton, CT   Off of Wells RD
Wesley Brown Cemetery Salem, CT    
West Neck Cemetery Waterford    
West Plain Cemetery Norwich, CT    
Westchester Cemetery Colchester, CT    
Wheeler/Bentley Cemetery      
Whittlesey Cemetery Stonington, CT    
Whittlesey Cemetery Salem, CT   (aka Mooswood Glen Cemetery)
Wightman Cemetery Bozrah, CT    
Wightman Cemetery Groton    
Wilcox Cemetery Griswold, CT    
Woodbridge Cemetery Salem, CT    
Worthington Cemetery Colchester, CT  

3  miles south of center, on School St

Yantic Cemetery Norwich, CT    
Ye Towns Antienest Burial Place New London, CT    
Young Lebanon, CT    



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