Cards Records of Headstones
Provided for
Union Civil War Veterans
1879 - 1903


Dolph, Simson U. - Dore, Edwinn L.

Stone Suppliers

1 - D. W. Whitney
2 - Gross Brothers, Lee, MA
3 - Lee Marble Works, Lee, MA
4 - S. G. Bridges
5 - Sheldon & Sons, West Rutland, VT
6 - Stockbridge Marble Co., MA
7 - Vermont Marble Company, Proctor, VT
8 - W. H. Gross, Lee, MA
9 - W. H. & F. S. Gross, Lee, MA
10 - William Manson

Name Rank Co Regt Cemetery City County State Grave Death
Contract Date Transcriber's Notes
Dolph, Simson U. Mus S 24th Iowa Inf     Jackson IA   7/21/1889 5 8/25/1883  
Dolph, William Corp'l D 53rd Pa Inf. Village Philipsburgh Center PA   6/25/1865 1 11/29/1879  
Dolph, William H. Pvt. H 52nd Pa Inf. Protestant Dunmore Backawanna PA   11/5/1874 1 11/29/1879  
Dolphin, homer C. Corpl G 5th Mass Cavy     Berkshire MA   7/7/1884 2 6/9/1888  
Dolphin, John A. Pvt. H 4th Minn Infy Mound Ortoville   MN   6/15/1882 7 11/29/1894  
Dolphin, Martin Corpl J 33rd N.J. Inf Holy Sepulchre Newark Essex NJ   10/22/1878 1 11/29/1879  
Dolphin, William B. Pvt. G 30th Wis Inf   Onalaska   WI   1/6/1889 2 7/11/1883 2 cards
Dolson, Ebenezer B. M Sgt. H 1 Ohio Art Prairie Lawn Wellington   KS          
Domnille, Henry H. Pvt. G 5th Ohio Infy Nat'l Home DVS Dayton   OH   10/14/1902 7 8/26/1902  
Doman, Frances Pvt. K 77th Pa Infy   Lancaster   PA   3/20/1891 8    
Doman, John W.   B 108th Ills Inf S&S Home Quincy   IL   7/29/1888 5 8/21/1888  
Doman , Lamar A. Pvt. G 72nd Pa Infy American Mashmiss Phil    PA   10/25/1878      
Dominic, William Pvt. M 5th US Cav Louk Hosp for Lusana? Wash   DC   11/16/1889 2 9/5/1891  
Domeck, Benj. Pvt. B 2nd Us Cav Natl Mil Home     KS   3/20/1904      
Domer, Jacob Pvt. B 1st US Cav New Philadelphia New Philadelphia   OH   4/2/1882 9 9/5/1891  
Dominick, Wm. H. Sgt C 12th NY Inf Natl S Home Togus   ME   4/11/1904      
Dominiqque, George W. Pvt. H 106th Ill Inf Natl Home Leavenworth Leavenworth KS 1559 6/11/1899      
Doming, John Pvt. I 23rd Ill Inf   near Plano Kendall IL   3/30/1865 5 8/21/1888  
Doming, Levi S. N. Cl.   118th NY Inf   Moreno or Moon Forks Clinton NY   7/20/1883 2 6/9/1888  
Domler, Peter Pvt. H 12th knas Inf Catholic Pierz   MN          
Donachy, Alex Pvt. D 202nd Pa Inf. Village Watsontown Northumbland PA   7/25/1871 1 11/29//1879  
Donaggho, M.C. Seaman   US Navy Streator La Salle   IL   10/25/1882 10 1/21/1883 Gunboat B. Dekalb
Donagher, Patrick Pvt. D 147th NY Inf Soldiers Home Near Dayton   OH   4/22/1894 2 7/11/1888 2 cards
Donaghis, Isaac Pvt. G 1st NH Inf  Park Tilton   NH   8/17/1900 7 8/25/1903 Sp Am War
Donaghue, J.T. Pvt. D 16th Mich Inf City Laramie City Albany WY   9/8/1879 9 11/25/1884  
Donaker, James Pvt. B 9th Conn Inf Catholic New Britain Hartford CT   11/15/1879 1 11/29/1879  
Donaker, Peter Pvt. E 2nd Wis Cav Gordon Gordon   NE   3/24/1894 8 2/24/1896  
Donaho, Thomas Pvt. G 51st Ohio Inf Spring Grove Cincinnati Hamilton OH 904   4 11/27/1879  
Donahoe, Florance Pvt. G 5th Oh inf Nat'l Mil Home DVS Dayton   OH Sec F 7/15/1887 2 6/1/1899  
Donahoe, James W. Pvt. C 10th  Mo Cavy   Richland   IN   6/3/1889 2 6/5/1891  
Donahoe, Michaels Pvt. K 1st US Navy Mich Sol home Near Grand Rapids   MI     7 11/30/1894  
Donahoe, Pat'k Pvt. H 2nd Mass Cav St. Patrick Brookton   MA          
Donahoe, Peter Pvt. C 51st Mass Inf St. Patrick Brookton   MA   10/20/1884      
Donahoe, Thomas Sgt K 25th NY Cav St. Mary's Troy Genesselair NY   6/15/1876 1 11/29/1879  
Donahos, William H. Pvt. H 5th Ohio Cavy Woodland Bronton Lawerence OH   8/24/1895 7 3/8/1891  
Donahos, Andrew J. Pvt. L 15th kans Cav Fairview Joplin Jasper MO   10/16/1892 2 7/11/1896 2 cards
Donahoo, Daniel J. Pvt. H RES Md Inf Angle Hill Haven de Grace   MD   6/1/1892      
Donahoo, James Pvt. T 75th Ohio Inf Ganyer Near School House   WV   7/15/1896 8 10/30/1896  
Donahue, Alfred Pvt. B 15th  KY Cavy     Pike OH     7 3/8/1901  
Donahue, Bartley Pvt. F 51st Ohio Inf   Covington   KY     2 9/5/1891  
Donahue, Calvin Corpl F 9th Wva Infy Near Jackson Chapel   Jackson WV   3/26/1879 9 9/25/1896  
Donahue, Cornelius Pvt. F 73rd Ohio  Inf Nat'l Mil Home DVS Dayton   OH   1/1/1892 2 9/5/1891  
Donahue, Daniels Pvt. G 2nd Mich Inf Nat'l Home DVS Soldiers Home Cal       12/24/1903      
Donahue, Daniel F AS Mate   US Navy Holy Cross San Francisco   CA   7/10/1890 7 11/30/1894 USS Niagra - Alias: Daniel Fielding
Donahue, David Corpl A 125th NY Inf Catholic Hoosick falls Hesseclair NY   9/17/1870 1 11/29/1879  
Donahue, Dennis Pvt. C 9th Mich Inf Concord     MI   11/00/1865 5 8/21/1888  
Donahue, Dennis Pvt. S 21st US Inf Forest Mound Wanpum   WI          
Donahue, Edward Pvt. D 25th Mass Inf Catholic Hanshill Essex MA     9 11/25/1884  
Donahue, Francis Pvt. B 85th Pa Inf Old Cathedral Philadelphia Philadelphia   PA No 34 Sec I Range 6 4/15/1868 1 11/29/1879  
Donahue, Francis E. Pvt. C 11th Mass Inf Forestdale Malden    MA     2 7/11/1896  
Donahue, Francisco Pvt. C 11th Mass Inf Forestdale Malden    MA   11/1/1888 2 7/11/1893 2 cards
Donahue, George W.   F 24th Pa Infy Mechanisa Philadelphia   PA   7/19/1863 9 9/25/1886  
Donahue, Green Musc D 14th US Inf Forest Hill Evansville   IN   3/12/1894 2 7/11/1888 2 cards
Donahue, Hugh Pvt. G 61st Pa Inf Natl Mil House Dayton   OH   6/6/1903      
Donahue, J.C. Pvt. L 25th Pa Cav Mount Vernon Philadelphia Philadelphia PA Sec B 485 12/5/1878 1 11/29/1879  
Donahue, James     US Navy Village Holyoke Hampton MA   6/25/1884 9 11/25/1884  
Donahue, James Corpl B 1st Conn H. Art. Catholic Birmingham New Haven CT     1 11/29/1879  
Donahue, James Pvt. H 4th Mo Inf Central Branch Nat K. Dayton Montgomery OH   6/14/1900 7 3/9/1901  
Donahue, James Pvt. L 4th Mass Cav St. Patrick Brockton   MA   2/14/1875      
Donahue, James Pvt. K 25th Mass Inf St. Mary's Milpond   MA   9/19/1902 3 8/25/1902  
Donahue, James Pvt. G 31st USF Inf                  
Donahue, John Pvt. D 107th Oa St. Jerome Holyoke Hampton MA   2/11/1872      
Donahue, John H. Pvt. D 1st Mich B Art Village Centerville St. Joseph MI   7/00/1865 10 1/25/1883  
Donahue, Jos Sgt F 68th Pa Inf Montross Phil   PA   05/12/02      
Donaline, Martin Pvt. B 12th Mich Inf Oak Hill Evansville Vanderburgh IN     1 11/29/1879  
Donahue, Matthew Pvt. G RJB Art St. Francis Catholic Providence Providence RI     1 11/29/1879  
Donahue, Michael Pvt. F Hatch's Minn Cavy Catholic Hastings   MN   1/15/1894 8 2/24/1902  
Donahue, Michael Pvt. M 2nd Mass H.A. Catholic Thorndike   MA   8/30/1901 3 8/25/1900  
Donahue, Michael Pvt. D 26th NY Inf Village Sherburu Chenago NY     1 11/29/1879  
Donahue, Michael Pvt. K 52nd Pa Inf.   Ashland   PA   5/18/1887 5 8/21/1888  
Donahue, michael Pvt. H 85th Ohio Inf Natl Soldiers House Dayton   OH   4/5/1894 7 11/12/1874  
Donahue, Patrick Pvt. H 25th Conn Inf St. Joseph Waterbury New Haven CT     1 11/29/1879  
Donahue, Patrick Pvt. B 21st NJ Inf Holy Sepulchre Newark Essex NJ   8/6/1875 1 11/29/1879  
Donahue, Patrick Pvt. H 30th Ills Inf Soldiers Home Leavenworth Leavenworth KS 904 8/20/1894 7 6/29/1897  
Donahue, Patrick H. Pvt. M 14th Ills Cavy Dayton     OH   4/26/1900 7 3/8/1891  
Donahue, Patrick j. N App   US MC Holy Cross Malden    MA   10/9/1890 2 9/5/1891  
Donahue, Peter Pvt. G 5th NY H. Arty   Pittston   PA     5 8/21/1876  
Doanhue, Peter Pvt. E 25th NJ Inf Holy Sepulchre Newark Essex NJ   12/4/1875 1 11/29/1879  
Donahue, Philip Corpl k 1st USC H Art Cleveland Cleveland   TN   4/19/1901 3 8/25/1902  
Donahue, Thomas Pvt. D 5th Mass Inf Catholic Hanshill Essex MA     9 11/25/1884  
Donahue, Thomas Pvt. B 14th Mich Inf Brady Hill East Saginaw   MI   8/1/1880 5 8/21/1863  
Donahue, Thomas Pvt. D 105th NY Inf Bath     NY   9/7/1886 5 8/21/1888  
Donahue, Timothy Pvt. F 55th Ills Inf St. Columbia Ottawa   IL   4/2/1891 2 9/5/1891  
Doanhue, Wm Pvt. C 12th Ohio Inf   Madison   IN   7/2/1897 8 10/30/1896  
Donahue, William Pvt. G 67th Ohio Infy Natl M Home for DVS near Dayton   OH Sec A 4/9/1874 2 7/11/1902  
Donahue, William   A 72nd Pa Infy Mount Moriah Philadelphia   PA     2 6/9/188  
Donahugh, Frank Sgt A 61st Pa Inf Oakland Indiana   PA   5/7/1899 3 6/10/1903  
Donald,Hosea Pvt A McLaughlins Ohio Cavy Londonville Londonville   OH   4/27/1865 7 8/25/1903  
Donald, James F. Pvt E 101st Pa Infy Murraysville Murraysville Westmoreland PA   12/24/1864 9 9/25/1886  
Donald, Robt M. Pvt C 165th NY Inf Evergreen, Oakwood or Cath Muskegan Muskegan MI   12/20/1888 9 11/25//1884  
Donald, Thomas Pvt D 2nd Wis Cavy Onalaka La Crosse   WI     9 10/30/1896  
Donald, Walter O. Pvt A 85th Pa Inf Union GAR Steubenville   OH     2 9/5/1891  
Donald, William Corpl K 77nd Pa Inf Murraysville Murraysville Westmoreland PA   3/6/1864 9 9/25/1886  
Donaldson, Addison Pvt M 1st Ohio Cav Spring Bank   Ross OH     2 7/11/1893 2 cards
Donaldson, Alexander O. Pvt D 146th Ills Infy New Hartford Dakota   MN     7    
Donaldson,Alfred Pvt C 2nd DC Infy Glenwood Washington   DC   10/24/1891 9 10/20/1896  
Donaldson, Benj. Pvt E 2nd Tenn Infy Spring Grove Cincinnati Hamilton OH 674   4 11/29/1879  
Donaldson, D.M. Lt A 37th Mass Evergreen  Santa Halley Hampshire MA   12/25/1899 7 3/8/1901  
Donaldson, David Pvt E 51st Ind Inf Risley Oaktown   IN   5/16/1896      
Donaldson, David Pvt A 65th Ind Inf Beach near Mt. Vernon   IN          
Donaldson, David B. Pvt K 45th Ind Inf Village Montezuma Parke IN   1/21/1865 1 11/29/1879  
Donaldson, Edward Pvt F 40th US C Inf Morristown Morristown   TN   3/7/1884 2 7/11/1893 2 cards
Donaldson, Fielding Pvt H 75th Ohio Onf Village South Perry Hocking OH   8/6/1863 4 11/29/1879  
Donaldson, Henry Pvt E 69th Pa Infy Natl Mil Home for DVS near Dayton   OH Sec A. 4/20/1879 2 00/00/1890  
Donaldson, Hugh Pvt C 102nd Pa Inf South Side Pittsburg   PA   1/15/1900 3 6/10/1903  
Donaldson, Isaac M. Sgt D 44th Pa Infy Monument Phil   PA     5 8/21/1896  
Donaldson,James Pvt K 5th NJ Inf Bethesda Turkey Mammoth PA   9/24/1874 1 11/29/1879  
Donaldson, James 2 M Sgt E 14th Pa Inf Sp Am Uniondale Allegheny   PA   8/22/1899      
Donaldson, James Pvt D 65th Ohio Infy New Holland New Holland   OH     7 11/30/1894  
Donaldson, Jesse 2nd Lt D 11th Pa Res Evans City   Butler PA   5/16/1862 5 7/8/1887  
Donaldson, John Pvt E 7th Calif Infy Upper Lake Upper Lake   CA   4/12/1902 3 8/25/1902  
Donaldson, John Pvt K 134th Pa Infy Soldiers Home Marshalltown   IA   4/8/1891 8 10/20/1896 2 cards
Donaldson, Jno H. Pvt F 2nd NY Cav Old Covington Fountain IN   2/17/1865 10 1/21/1883  
Donaldson, Joseph R. Pvt I 5th Iowa Cav Riverside Morristown   MN   8/26/1863 5 8/21/1888  
Donaldson, Morris Pvt G 24th Iowa Inf Linn Wood Cedar Rapids Linn IA   3/5/1864 10 1/21/1883  
Donaldson, Orlando Pvt C 2nd Iowa Infy Hampton Hampton   IL   2/11/1895 8 2/24/1896  
Donaldson, Robert Pvt H 1st Wis H. Art at or near Richland Center Richland Center   WI     5 8/21/1888  
Donaldson, Robt Pvt B 100th USC Inf Oak Hill Atchison   KS   7/28/1880 2 7/11/1893  
Donaldson, Robert Pvt B USCT 109th   near Atchison   KS   7/28/1886 2 7/11/1893  
Donaldson, Saml. M. Pvt K 11th Wis Inf   Mancelona   MI     2 6/1/1890  
Donaldson, Sylvanns Pvt C 9th NJ Inf Bethesda Turkey Mammoth NJ   7/3/1872 1 11/29/1879  
Donaldson, Walter K. Pvt G 133rd Ind Inf Village Montegnona Parke IN   9/25/1869 1 11/29/1879  
Donaldson, William Pvt S 2nd NJ Vols Cedar Lawn Paterson   NJ   7/11/1888 7 3/8/1901  
Donaldson, Wm Pvt E 55th Ohio Inf Conotton Conotton   OH   7/20/1897      
Donaldson, Wm. B. Pvt K 31st Ind Inf Village Montezuma Parke IN   8/4/1870 1 11/29/1879  
Donaldson, William H. Pvt K 1st Cal Cav Soldiers   Council Bluffs   IA   11/19/1899 6 7/29/1900  
Donaldson, Wm J. Pvt D 10th Ky Cav Fairview near Sparta Randolph IL   3/20/1897 7 00/00/1901  
Donaldson, Wm. J. Corpl D 119th Pa Inf Mount Moriah Philadelphia Philadelphia PA Sec 204 Lot 746 8/28/1878 1 11/29/1879 2 cards
Donally, James Pvt A 7th  Mich Inf Elmwood Detroit   MI   2/24/1864 2 6/1/1890  
Donalson, Oliver Ensign    US Navy Public Sullivan Jefferson WI   12/15/1879 2 7/11/1892 2 cards
Donant, Solomon Pvt A 132nd Ohio Inf Village Anterp Panlarny OH   8/7/1883 10 1/21/1883  
Donanwerth, Jacob Pvt G 108th Ohio Inf Natl Mil Home for DVS near Dayton   OH Sec H 8/6/1890 2 6/1/1890  
Donarth,Joshua Pvt F 99th Ohio Inf Green Park   Jay IN   1/9/1902 7 8/25/1903  
Donarth, August Pvt K 20th Wis Inf Kiel     WI   1/29/1903      
Donalt, Rynear T. Pvt C 198th Pa Inf Village Doylestown Bucks PA   11/16/1872 1 11/29/1879  
Donavan, Daniel Corpl B 28th Mass Infy St. Marys New Bedford   MA   12/25/1891 8 2/24/1896  
Donovan, Florence Pvt I 17th Mass Inf St. Marys Lawrence Essex MA   12/25/1867 1 11/29/1879  
Donavan, Michael Pvt G 74th Ohio Inf Natl Mil Home for DVS near Dayton   OH sec G 3/16/1888 2 6/1/1890  
Donavan,William Pvt D 17th Wis Infy St. Bernande Watertown Jefferson WI   1/5/1886 5 7/5/1887  
Donette, Joel N. Pvt L 5th Mass Inf St. James Haverhill   MA   5/19/1902      
Dondell, Benj F. Pvt A 79th Ohio Inf   Lebanon   OH   10/15/1889 5 8/21/1888  
Dondlinger, Jacob Pvt F 7th Minn Infy St. Marys New Trier   MN   7/9/1896 7 6/28/1897  
Donarea, Benj       Mount Moriah Soldiers Home  Philadelphia Philadelphia PA no 41 11/12/1871 1 11/29/1879  
Dona, James Pvt A 13th Ky Cavy Sharp Yosemite   KY   3/20/1864 7 11/30/1894  
Donegan, Michael Pvt B 12th NJ Inf Old Methodist Burlington Burlington NJ   10/5/1874 1 11/29/1879  
Doneshower, Henry Pvt I 195th Pa Inf   Near gap Lancaster PA     2 6/9/1883  
Donehue, George A. Pvt K 11th Me Inf Hollis Street Washua   NH   8/5/1888 2 7/11/1893  
Donehue, John Pvt A 12th Conn Inf Catholic Hartford Hartford CT   1/11/1870 1 11/29/1879  
Donehue, John Pvt A 25th Iowa Inf Roseville Roseville Warren IL   3/20/1881 9 9/28/1886  
Donely, Hugh Sgt A 175th NY Inf St. Agnes West troy Albany NY   5/5/1870 1 11/29/1879  
Donelson, Joshua Pvt H 78th Ohio Inf Oak Hill Evansville Vandenburgh IN     1 11/29/1879  
Doner, Abram Pvt H 179th Ohio Inf Green Lawn Elvida Allen OH   9/3/1878 10 1/21/1883  
Doner, James Corpl C 14th Mich Inf   near St. Clair   MI   12/31/1868 5 8/21/1888  
Donn, Joseph S. Pvt A 118th Ohio Inf   Lima Allen OH   4/17/1881 2 6/9/1889 2 cards
Doner, Thomas Pvt G 141st Ill Inf Onida Onida   SD   11/28/1893 2 7/11/1888 2 cards
Donevan, Michl Pvt E 176th NY Inf Bardman Whitehall Washington NJ     1 11/29/1879  
Doney, David S. Pvt D 3rd NH C   Tacoma   WA     2 6/5/1891  
Doney, George F. Pvt K 52nd Ill Inf Gilbrith Farm Cem Bachey Newton MO   8/15/1875 4 11/29/1879  
Doney, Henry Pvt E 19th Wis Infy Alma Center Alma Center   WI   2/12/1874 5 8/21/1896  
Doney, Henry Pvt B 30th Wis Infy St. Paul Mineral Point   WI     7 6/29/1897  
Doney, Washington Pvt G 10th NY H. Art'y Oak Grove Hillsdale Hillsdale MI     1 11/29/1879  
Donges, Killian Pvt 21st Ills Inf Oakridge Springfield   IL   4/11/1863 5 8/21/1888  
Donica, Caswell M. Pvt E 57th Ill Inf Pierce City Pierce City   MD   12/2/1888 3 6/29/1902  
Donica, James Pvt E 57th Ill Inf Soldiers Lot Quincy Adams IL 96 6/28/1862 1 11/29/1879 2 cards
Donica, Joseph Pvt A 54th Ind inf   St. Paul Decatur IN     2 6/9/1888  
Donigan, Chas J. Pvt A 23rd US Inf St. Anns Phil   PA          
Donihue, Geo L. Pvt G 11th Ma Inf Hollie St Washua   NH   8/5/1888 2 7/11/1893  
Donihue, Henry H. Pvt K 152nd Ind Infy North Adams North Adams   MI   11/28/1897 6 5/29/1900  
Donivan, Thomas Pvt B 13th US Inf Catholic Holland Brown WI   11/5/1894 7 6/9/1901  
Donk, Charles Pvt E 1st Neb Inf Village Cameron Clinton MO   12/22/1880 10 1/23/1883  
Donkle, Edward Pvt K 42nd Wis inf Forrest Hill Madison   WI   5/5/1902      
Donlan, James Pvt K 43rd NY Inf Natl Mil Home DVS near Dayton   OH Sec E 7/00/1884 2 6/1/1900  
Donlan, Martin Pvt K 24th Ky Infy Natl Mil Home DVS near Dayton   OH   7/5/1890 8 10/20/1896  
Donley, Adolphus Mason Master F 7th Iowa Cav Oakhill or Calvary San Jose   CA   9/30/1899 7 3/8/1901  
Donley, Barney Pvt G 69th Ohio Inf Green Lawn Nelsonville   OH   11/22/1901      
Donley, James S. Corpl G 12th Ohio Cavy Riverside Defiance   OH   10/00/1900 7 8/25/1903  
Donley, James S. Pvt G 45th Pa Infy Woodland Reed City   MI   8/27/1892 3 3/29/1902  
Donley, John B. Pvt F 7th Mo Cavry Carthage Carthage Hancock IL   9/4/1883 5 7/8/1887  
Donley, Marion Pvt K 5th Ohio Cavy Weeks Bridgeport   OH     7 11/30/1894  
Donley, Samuel Pvt H 19th Ind Infy Natl Mil Home DVS near Dayton   OH   11/3/1896 2 10/20/1896  
Donley, Samuel Corpl I 173rd Pa Inf Village Cornwall Lebanon PA     1 11/29/1879  
Donley, Sylvester Pvt K 21st Ohio Inf Farmer Farmer Defiance OH   3/19/1897 7 3/9/1901 Also Co D 124 OH Inf
Donley, Thomas   G 4th Calif Inf Ills S&S Home Quincy   IL     2 9/5/1891  
Donley, Thos Pvt K 102nd Ohio Inf Orange Orange   OH   2/5/1871      
Donley William Pvt D 31st Ohio Inf   Indiana Indiana PA   12/17/1886 2 6/9/1893  
Donley, Wm. Pvt K 183rd Ohio Inf I.O.O.F. Felicity   OH   11/30/1864 6 9/29/1900  
Donnall, David Pvt S 2nd Ohio H Art Hanger West Liberty Logan OH   9/17/1899 7 3/9/1901  
Donnally, Charles W. Pvt D 179th Ohio inf Cherrington Westerman   OH   00/00/1864 8 2/24/1896  
Donnally Patrick Pvt B 3rd RI L Art New Cathedral Philadelphia   PA   5/22/1889 2 6/1/1890  
Donnall, isaac N. Pvt F 7th Kans Cav Grace Lawn Edmund   OK   5/5/1893      
Donnall, James M Capt G 4th Mo SM Cavry Natl Mil Home DVS Los Angeles Los Angeles CA   1/4/1900 3 8/25/1903  
Donnall, Jno O. Corpl D 70th Pa Inf Im Conception March Chunk   PA   10/25/1893      
Donnell, Joseph S. Pvt E 13th Mass Inf Natl Mil Home DVS near Dayton   OH   4/25/1901 3 3/29/1903  
Donnall, Thos Pvt B 26th Ill Inf Evergreen Colo Springs   CO   10/5/1889      
Donnallan, David C. Pvt E 22nd Ohio Inf Natl Mil Home DVS     OH   1/22/1904      
Donnelly, Andrew J. Pvt E 9th Conn Inf St. Bernard New Haven New Haven  CT   6/29/1876 1 11/29/1879  
Donnelly, Arthur Pvt K 4th NY H Art Oak Wood Joliet Will IL   6/21/1874 1 11/29/1879  
Donnelly Arthur B. Pvt C 45th NJ Infy Holy Sepulchre Paterson   NJ   10/20/1896 8 10/20/1896  
Donnelly, Bernard Pvt D 26th Pa Inf Soldiers Home   Leavenworth KS 1276 7/18/1897 7 6/29/1897  
Donnelly, Bernard Pvt D 26th NJ Inf Holy Sepulchre Newark   NJ   3/29/1893 2 7/11/1893 2 cards
Donnally, Bernard Pvt S 26th NJ Inf Holy Sepulchre Newark   NJ   3/20/1893 2 7/11/1893  
Donnelly, Charles Pvt G 12th Mich Inf Village Donogine   MI     3 8/25/1902  
Donnally, Cornelius Pvt K 82nd Pa Inf Natl Mil Home DVS near Dayton   OH Sec E 6/8/1884 2 6/1/1890  
Donnelly, Daniel Pvt K 35th NJ Inf Natl Mil Home DVS near Dayton   OH   11/11/1891 2 9/5/1891  
Donnelly, David H. Seaman   US Navy Catholic Waukegan   IL   1/10/1888 7   USS Blackhawk
Donnelly, Edw'd Sea.   US Navy Mount Moriah Nay Yd Plot Philadelphia Phila PA 13 Bar 2 6/7/1865 1 11/29/1879  
Donnally , Edward Pvt F 1st US Inf Natl Mil Home DVS near Dayton   OH Sec A 3/15/1872 2 6/1/1890  
Donnelly, Edward Pvt H 1st NJ Inf Mechanics Private Lot Philadelphia Phila PA No 1 Dis B Sec 31 Lot 20 5/12/1868 1 11/29/1879  
Donnelly, Edward Pvt H 16th US Inf   Independence Buchanan IA   10/1/1885 5 7/8/1887  
Donnelly, Edward   D 29th Mass Inf   Sandwish   MA     5 8/21/1888  
Donnelly, Felix Pvt B 153rd NY Inf Village Canton Fulton IL   2/11/1873 1 11/29/1879  
Donnelly, Francis Pvt K 11th RI Inf Near Catholic Providence Providence RI   2/7/1875 1 11/29/1879  
Donnally, Frank Pvt A 5th Mass Inf St.Patricks Lowell   MA   7/27/1888 7    
Donnelly, G.A. Srg   US Navy Masonic Vallejo Solano CA   1/5/1896 3 8/25/1902  
Donnelly, George J. Pvt I 155th NY Inf Village Petrolia Butler PA   8/1/1880 1 11/29/1879  
Donnelly, J.H. Sea.   US Navy City Key West Monroe FL   00/00/1862 4 11/29/1879 Ship: Luanana
Donnelly, James Pvt C 3rd NC Inf Natl Home    Leavenworth KS 444 9/25/1898 6 5/29/1900  
Donnally, Jas E. [ F 3rd Mass Inf Calvary Chicago   IL     2    
Donnelly, James C. Pvt F 8th Mass Inf Calvary Chicago   IL     2 7/11/1893  
Donnelly, James F. Capt D 1st Wva Inf Mt. Calvary Wheeling   WV   1/00/1862 2 00/00/1891  
Donnelly, John     US Navy Natl Home  Togus   ME   12/28/1898 6 5/29/1900  
Donnelly, John Pvt E 1st Minn Cavy Oak knoll Princeton Mills Lace MN   3/9/1895 5 7/8/1887  
Donnally, John Pvt G 8th NJ Inf Holy Sepulchre Newark   NJ   5/20/1902 7 8/25/1903  
Donnelly, John Pvt H 48th Pa Inf Village Shamokin Northumberland PA   4/21/1868 10 1/21/1883  
Donnally, John Pvt F 56th NY Inf NY State S&S Home Bath   NY   12/21/1900 3 3/29/1902  
Donnally, John Pvt D 57th NY Inf State S&S Home Bath   NY   8/9/1893 2 7/11/1893 2 cards
Donnally, John Pvt E 153rd NY Infy Natl Home E Branch Togus   MA   8/11/1891 2    
Donnelly, John J. Corpl B 165th Ohio Inf Oakfield Oakfield Perry OH   1/27/1884 5 7/8/1887  
Donnelly, Jno T. J. Seaman   US Navy Mt. Olivet Chicago   IL         USS Minnesota
Donnelly, Luke Pvt C 1st Del Inf St. Peters Wilmington New Castle DE   1/15/1863 1 11/29/1879  
Donnelly, Matthew Pvt D 55th Ohio Infy Catholic Norwalk   OH   3/27/1902 7 8/25/1903  
Donnelly, Michael Fireman   US Navy St. Joseph's Cincinnati   OH   3/29/1893 2 7/11/1893 2 cards
Donnelly, Michael Pvt K 3rd Mass H Arty   Southbridge   MA   1/25/1878 5 8/21/1893  
Donnelly, Olson Pvt F 2nd US Arty Natl Mil Home DVS Los Angeles Los Angeles CA   9/21/1894 7 11/30/1894  
Donnelly, Pat'k Pvt D 1 Mass Frontier Cav   Haverhill   MA     2 7/11/1893  
Donnelly, Patrick Pvt L Ill LA Natl Home DVS Danville   IL   11/14/1907 7 8/25/1893 Alias Patrick Harvey
Donnelly, Patrick Pvt E 35th NY Inf Natl Mil Home DVS near Dayton   OH Sec F 6/20/1887 2 6/1/1890  
Donnelly, Pat'k Pvt F 47th Ill Inf Natl Home     WI   11/23/1902      
Donnelly, Patrick J. Pvt   1st Batty Wis LA Natl Home   Leavenworth KS 1554 6/1/1899 6 5/29/1890  
Donnelly, Peter Pvt C 1 Mass Frontier Cav Catholic Haverhill   MA   10/30/1888 2 7/11/1893 2 cards
Donnelly, Peter H. Pvt K 9th Ill Cav Rose Hill Chicago Cook IL 7 1/7/1862 1 11/29/1879  
Donnally, Robt Pvt B 12th Ill Inf Soldiers Home Soldiers Home   MI          
Donnelly, Thomas Lands   US Navy Natl Mil Home DVS Marion   IN 266 5/14/1896 8 10/20/1896  
Donnelly, T.C. Sgt E 84th Pa Infy GAR Trinidad Los Animos CO   7/25/1885 5 7/8/1887  
Donnelly, Thomas Pvt B 4th US Cav German Lutheran Cumberland Allegheny MD     1 11/29/1879  
Donnelly, Thomas Pvt K 35th NY Inf Restoale Sewen Falls Sewen NY   5/15/1873 8 9/28/1896  
Donnelly, Wm Pvt K 77th Ill Infy Ills S&S Home Quincy   IL     7 11/30/1894  
Donnelly, William C. Band F 31st NY Inf Sandyvale Johnstown Cambria PA     1 11/29/1879  
Donner, George Corpl G 90th Ills Infy Calvary Calvary St Cook IL     2    
Donner, Jas D. Lieut G US Inf Prospect Hill York   PA          
Donner,Solomon Pvt B 126th Ohio Inf Richland Richland   MO   2/23/1896 6 5/22/1900  
Donney, Christopher Pvt K 31st Ohio Inf Clifton Clifton   OH     2   2 cards
Donnigan, James Pvt G 129th NY Inf   Munsell Fowlersville MI          
Donnohue, D.W. Pvt C 5th Ind Cav Village Green Castle Putnam IN     10 1/21/1883  
Donnoly, Thomas Pvt E 172 NY Inf Birney Bay City Bay MI   about 1890 6 5/29/1900  
Donnaught, Thomas Pvt E 5th RI H Art GAR PLOT San Francisco   CA   12/3/1891 2 7/11/1894 2 cards
Donnovan, John L. Pvt H 1st Wash Ter Inf Nat Mil Home   Los Angeles CA   7/5/1901 3 8/25/1902  
Donoghue, Jno. Pvt E 100th NY Inf Village Batavia Genessee NY   6/10/1866 10 1/21/1883  
Donoghue, Pat'k Pvt C 151st NY Inf Village Batavia Genessee NY   9/21/1881 10 1/21/1883  
Donohew, Jas A. Pvt E 145th Ohio Inf. Coshocton Coshocton   OH   5/20/1876 10 1/21/1883  
Donoho, John H. Corpl E 9th KY Inf   Willette Macon TN   9/12/1891 2 7/11/1893 2 cards
Donohoe, Alvin Pvt H 56th Ohio Inf Woodland Scranton Lawrence OH   7/25/1900 7 3/8/1891  
Donohoe, David Pvt A 168th Ohio Infy Mowrystown Mowrystown   OH   6/7/1871 7 11/22/1894  
Donohoe, John Pvt G 59th NY Inf Roman Catholic Flatbush Long Island NY     1 11/29/1879  
Donohoe, Wm Pvt F 4th W. Va Cavy Jackson Chapel Williow Tree   WV   12/29/1897 7 6/20/1897  
Donohoe, William Pvt B 7th Mass Infy E. Branch N H D V S Togue   MA 876 4/6/1891 2 4/5/1891  
Donohue, Daniel Pvt I 99th NY Inf St. Peter's West new Brighton Richmond NY     1 11/29/1879  
Donohue, Daniel F. Pvt D 1st NY Inf Sp War Holy Sepulchre Newark   NY   2/6/1902 7 8/25/1902  
Donohue, Dennis Pvt G 20th US Infy Govt Hosp for Insane Wash   DC   12/20/1881 2    
Donohue, Frank Pvt D 58th Ind Infy Nat. Mil. Home DVS Dayton   OH Sec F 6/28/1886 2 12/2/1890  
Donohue, Herbert Pvt F 69th NY Inf Govt Hosp for Insane Wash   DC   8/17/1880 2 9/5/1891  
Donohue, James Pvt A 21st Pa Infy St. Joshua Phila   PA     5 8/21/1888  
Donohue, James Pvt 59th Ind Iny Natl. Mil Home DVS Dayton   OH Sec H 12/31/1889 2 12/1/1890  
Donohue, John Pvt C 30th Mo Inf St. Marys Hannibal   MO          
Donohue, John Pvt G 74th Ohio Infy Natl Mil Home DVS Dayton   OH Sec A 2/3/1879 2 1896  
Donohue, John Corpl G 161th NY Infy   Watkins   NY     5 8/21/1888  
Donohue, Maurice Pvt A 175th NY Infy Soldiers Home Bath   NY   3/20/1897 8 10/30/1898  
Donohue, Robert E. Pvt B 5th Del Infy Riverview Wilmington   DE   Apr 1883 7 6/30/1897  
Donohue, Simon     US Navy Veterans Home Napa Napa CA   12/24/1900 3 8/25/1902  
Donohue, Stuart Pvt K 9th Wva Infy Jackson Chapel Jackson   WV   10/8/1863 8 9/25/1886  
Donohue, Timothy Pvt B 185th Pa Infy Natl Mil Home DVS Dayton   OH Sec G 11/12/1883 2 11/1/1890  
Donoley, Wm J. Pvt M 2nd Colo Cavy Riverside Denver   CO   4/27/1894 7 11/30/1894  
Donovan, Alfred Pvt I 34th Ohio Inf Village Gallifrolic Gallia OH     4 11/29/1879  
Donovan, Alonzo Corpl L 15th Kan Cavy Riverside Denver   CO   9/1/1895 8 10/30/1896  
Donovan, Barthio Pvt D 51st Mass Infy   Springfield   MA   1886 8 10/20/1890  
Donovan, Charles Sgt B 28th Mass Infy   Boston   MA   9/15/1883 5 8/21/1883  
Donovan, Colon       Allegheny Pittsburgh Allegheny PA 79   1 11/29/1879  
Donovan, Daniel C. Pvt B 1 Mass Cav Holy Cross Malden   MA   7/4/1895      
Donovan, Daniel J. Pvt C 9th Mass Inf Soldiers Home Leavenworth   KS   5/7/1888 2 6/1/1890  
Donovan, David Pvt H 3rd Ohio Inf   Van Atten Licking OH     5 8/21/1888  
Donovan, Donnie Pvt     Soldiers Plot Harts Island New York NY   11/18/1877 1 11/29/1879  
Donovan, Dennis Pvt G 57th Mass Infy St. Bernard Fitchburg Worcester MA   5/13/1894 7 3/8/1901  
Donovan, Edward Corpl F 1st Neb Cavy Oak Hill Plattsmouth   NE   3/5/1892 2 9/5/1891  
Donovan, Edward Pvt B 128th Ohio Inf New Lysne New Lysne Ashtalula OH   11/7/1899 7 3/9/1901  
Donovan, Florance Pvt G 90th Ills Infy Natl Mil Home DVS Dayton   OH Sec F 12/24/1886 2 6/1/1890  
Donovan, Francus M. Major A 77th Pa Inf   Chambersburg Franklin PA     2    
Donovan, Harvey Pvt G 3rd Ind Cavy   Indianaplois   IN   9/16/1896 8 10/20/186  
Donovan, J.E. Pvt B 2nd Wis Inf Fern Cliff Springfield Clark OH   10/6/1884 7 3/8/1901  
Donovan, James Corpl   US M C US Naval Sta San Francisco   CA   3/15/1904      
Donovan, James Pvt G 48 Mass Inf Holy Cross Malden   MA   6/3/1897 3 8/25/1903 Also Sgt Co D 56 MA Inf
Donovan, James W. Pvt I 13th Mass Inf Bunkerhill Biston Suffolk MA     8 11/25/1884  
Donovan, Jeremiah Pvt A 25th Mo Infy St. Marys Biddsford   MA   12/3/1885 5 8/27/1908  
Donovan, Jeremiah Pvt H 115 Ill Inf Catholic Marlboro Middlesep MA   8/31/1877 10 1/21/1883  
Donovan, John Pvt G 5th Mich Inf Natl Home     WI   10/2/1902      
Donovan, John Pvt C 19th Mass Infy Forest Dale Malden   MA Sol. Home Lot No. 205 3/26/1899 6 11/29/1900  
Donovan, John Pvt B 33rd US Inf Village Norwich Chenago NY   2/13/1876   11/29/1879  
Donovan, John Pvt G 74th Ohio Infy City Cheyenne   WY          
Donovan, John Corpl A 86th NY Inf Pine Grove Ansonia New haven CT   5/17/1878 1 11/29/1879  
Donovan, John F. Pvt H 29th MS Infy   Lewiston   MS   5/14/1877 2 6/9/1888  
Donovan, John H. Pvt T 39th Wis Infy   Fond Du Lac   WI   7/10/1891 2 1891  
Donovan, John W, Pvt F 11th Ills Cavy   Lincoln   IL     2 9/5/1891  
Donovan, Joseph Pvt K 1st W Va Cavy Washington Washington   IN   1/8/1901 3 3/29/1902  
Donovan, Michael Pvt M 2nd US Infy Cent Bre Nat'l Home for DVS Natl Mil Home   OH   3/28/1896 8 2/24/1899  
Donovan, Michael   F 164th NY Infy Catholic Rys Westchester NY   5/18/1864 5 7/8/1887  
Donovan, Abadiah Pvt H 13th Ind Inf   Fremont   MI     2 6/1/1890  
Donovan, Patrick Pvt B 11th NJ Inf   Newark   NJ   6/15/1871 5 8/21/1898  
Donovan, Pat'k Pvt A 12th Mass Inf Nat'l Mil Homw Togus   ME          
Donovan, Philip Pvt M 2nd US Arty Govt Hosp for Insane Wash   DC   5/29/1885 2 9/5/1891  
Donovan, Thomas Pvt H 5th Pa H Art Bethlehem Industry   PA   10/12/1892 2 7/11/1896  
Donovan, Thomas Pvt H 5th Pa H Art Bethlehem Industry Beaver PA   10/12/1892 2 7/11/1896  
Donovan, Thomas Pvt K 78th Ills Infy Woodland Qunicy   IL     3 3/29/1902  
Donovan, Timothy Pvt F 16th Pa Cav Sol Home Erie Erie PA   5/5/1893 2 7/11/1893 Also Co C 8 PA Cav
Donovan, Timothy Pvt H 17th Ills Cavy Dundee Dundee   IL   2/25/1869 2 10/30/1896  
Donovan, William     US Navy St. Elizabeth Asylum Washington DC   DC   2/28/1878 2    
Donovan, Wm 2nd Lt H 11th Ills Cavy Union Lincoln   IL     7 6/29/1897  
Donovan, John Pvt F 23rd Ills Inf Natl Home Dayton   OH Sec A 12/27/1874 2 1890  
Donovan, John Pvt A 53rd KY infy Natl Home DVS Dayton   OH   6/24/1897 7 6/29/1897  
Doody, Daniel Pvt B 11th US Infy Govt Hosp for Insane Wash   DC   2/2/1882 2    
Doody, James Pvt D 5th US arty Govt Hosp for Insane Wash   DC   1/27/1886 2 1891  
Doody, James   H 52nd Mass Inf Veterans Home Yountsville Napa CA   2/1/1885 5 8/21/1888  
Doody, John Pvt C 5th NH Infantry Village Exeter Rockingham NC   7/9/1873 1 11/29/1879  
Doody, John H. Pvt F 7th Me Inf Evergreen Portland   ME   4/22/1879 1 11/29/1879  
Doohan, Daniel J. Pvt   59th NY Infy Mt. Calvary San Francisco   CA   4/12/1882 7 11/30/1894  
Doolan, James Pvt B 20th Ohio Infy Natl Mil Home DVS Dayton   OH Sec H 12/25/1889 2 12/1/1890  
Dolan, Patrick Chief   US Navy Congressional Wash   DC   5/24/1902 3 8/25/1902 USS Wabash
Doolan, Thomas Pvt A 4th Mass Cavy Forest Dale Sol Home Lot Malden   MA No 201 1/8/1899 6 1/29/1900  
Doolan, Albert     US Soldier Graceland Qunicy   IL     7 3/8/1901  
Doolan, Richard Sgt T 56th US I L Nat Mil Home Leavenworth   KS 1871 1/4/1901 3 8/25/1902  
Doolley, James Pvt H 125th Ill Infy   Harrisburg Salem IL   1/1/1873 2 6/1/1890  
Dooley, James K. Pvt D 21st Ind Infy Sullivan /25/1902   IN   8/20/1882 2 9/5/1891  
Dooley, Jeremiah A. Cprl   6 Batty W Va L Art Natl Home DVS Marion   IN 844 3/2/1903      
Dooley, Johnson Pvt A 31st NJ Inf Holy Jersey City   NJ   2/13/1903 7    
Dooley, John Pvt H 32 Mo Inf St. Joseph Easton   KS   5/28/1903      
Dooley, Michael Sgt H 1st Del Inf   Chester   PA     7 11/30/1914  
Dooley, Michael Pvt A 17th Mass Inf St. Joseph Lynn   MA   8/6/1900 3 8/25/1902  
Dooley, Moses Pvt G 183rd Ohio Inf Chester Oak Aberdeen Butler KY   1/9/1895 7 3/8/1901  
Dooley, Patrick Drum   1st Del Inf New Cathedral Wilmington   DE   0/0/1896 7    
Dooley, Patrick Pvt H 13th NH Infy Govt Hosp for Insane Washington   DC   9/17/1887 2 9/5/1891  
Dooley, Patrick J. Lieut A 175th NY Inf St. Joseph Troy   NY   5/22/1874 1 11/29/1874  
Dooley, William Serg't F 12th Kans. Inf Kashe Seneca   MO   1/16/1893 8 2/24/1896  
Dooley, William Pvt C 133rd NY Inf Culberry Brooklyn   NY   3/22/1884 7    
Doolin, Harrison Pvt A 29th USCT   Quincy   IL   5/14/1892   9/3/1891  
Doolin, Harrison   A 21 USC Inf Graceland Quincy   IL          
Doolin, John Pvt E 3 NJ Cav Holy Sepulchre Newwark   NJ          
Doolin, John Pvt H 22nd Conn Inf   Westfield Hampsden MA   3/18/1880 10 6/21/1883  
Doolin, Wm Pvt D 21 KY Inf Tiland Kirksville   KY          
Dooling, Henry Pvt A 48th Pa Inf Village Meyersville Schuylkill PA   12/18/1868 1 11/29/1879  
Dooling, John Pvt   US Soldiers Greenwood or Hollywood Hot Springs Garland AR   1/14/1896 7 3/9/1901  
Dooling, John Pvt C 48th Pa Inf Irish Catholic Minesville Schuylkill PA   11/18/1868 1 11/29/1879  
Dooling, Patrick Sailor   US NAVY St. Columbus Ottawa   IL   9/15/1887 2 9/5/1891 EB #4
Dooling, R.J. Seaman   US NAVY   Portland   OR   8/16/1881 2 1891  
Doolittle, Alfred B. Pvt E. 18th Wis Infy   Elroy   WI   9/22/1888 2 9/5/1891  
Doolittle, David Corpl F 128th Ind Inf Bucco Anderson   IN   5/28/1893 7 8/25/1902  
Doolittle, Edward L. 1st Sgt G 37th Wis Inf Evergreen Menomonie   WI   9/27/1903   3/8/1901  
Doolittle, George Pvt B 17th W. Va Inf Brinners Fairmont Marion WV   4/17/1884 7    
Doolittle, George H. Pvt H. 35th Ill Inf Village Virden Macoupin IL   10/1870 1 11/29/1879  
Doolittle, Gilbert J. Lt   25th Ohio Batty Elyria Elyria   OH   1/1/1899 6 5/22/1903  
Doolittle, Henry B. Cprl K 20th Iowa Inf Soldiers Home Marshall Town   IA   8/12/1896 8 10/20/1896  
Doolittle, Jared Pvt H 97th Ohio Inf   Benard Pisel IL   9/26/1888 2 6/1/1890  
Doolittle, Jesse Pvt C 55th Ills Inf   Ottawa   IL   11/28/1894 7 11/29/1896  
Doolittle, John Pvt   16th Mich Inf Eastmanville Eastmanville   MI   11/1/1896 3 3/29/1901 Berlyn SS
Doolittle, John Pvt F 48th    Ind Inf Village Mishawaka St. Joseph IN   3/8/1876 1 11/29/1876  
Doolittle, John Pvt F 49th Mass Vols Wyaka Lincoln Lancaster NE   8/21/1898 7    
Doolittle, Norman Pvt K 10th Mich Inf Spring Grove Cincinnati Hamilton OH 916 7/12/1862 4 11/29/1879  
Doolittle, Orla W. Sgt C 13th Wis Inf City Illegible   MI   11/14/1893 2 7/11/1893  
Doolittle, Robert B. Pvt K 128th NY Inf Village Hordsen Columbia NY   4/1/1879 1 11/29/1879  
Doolittle, Thomas S. Pvt E 21st NY Cav Village Golden Jefferson CO   5/7/1882 4 11/25/1884  
Doolittle, William A. Pvt G 14thNH Inf Greenwood Winchester   NH   8/24/1882 5 8/21/1898  
Doolittle, Wm. M. Pvt M 2nd Ind Cav Wesleyn Saint Louis Saint Louis MO   6/10/1868 4 11/29/1879  
Dooly, Francis M. Pvt B 24th Mo Inf Liberty Buffalo   MO     6    
Doonan, E.     US NAVY   Sacramento   CA   1/12/1901 3 8/25/1902  
Dooner, Hugh P. Corpl C 2 NJ Inf Holy Sepulchre Newark   NJ   11/14/1893 2 7/11/1893  
Dooner, Hugh P. Corpl C 2nd NJ Inf   Newark   NJ   11/14/1898 2 11/14/1898  
Doore, Clarence F. Pvt K 31st Ms Inf Gaylord Gaylord   MI   4/24/1879 3 3/29/1902  
Doore, Elijah D. Pvt D 5th Iowa Inf Kearney Kearney   NE   2/14/1902 3 8/25/1902  
Doore, Seth B. Pvt H 15th Me Inf Village Dover Preseataquis ME   9/9/1874 2 11/25/1884  
Doorley, Wm Pvt K 35th NJ Inf Holy Name Garey City   NJ   2/13/1870      
Dootkarte, Charles Pvt G 9th Ohio Inf Nat'l Home Dayton   OH Sec A 10/17/1877 2 6/1/1890  
Dophi, Barttholomew Pvt G 60th Ind Inf City Vincennes   IN     2 9/5/1891  
Dopke, August Pvt K 42nd Wis Infy   Black Earth   WI   June 1880 2 1891  
Dopler, Oliver Pvt S 2nd Iowa Infy Mt. Evergreen Jackson   MI          
Dopp, Cyrus Pvt   19th Mich Inf Gov't Asylum for Insane Washington   DC 136 5/31/1865 1 11/29/1879  
Dopp, Daniel Pvt G 26th Ny Cav Union Columbus   OH   12/6/1901      
Dopp, Dan'l E. Pvt G 19th Mich Inf Oakridge Buchanan   MI   11/12/1900      
Dopp, Frederick Pvt B 2nd W Va Inf Riley Chapel Union Twp Knox OH   3/7/`882 5 8/21/1893  
Doppler, Henry Pvt G 6th Ky Inf Home for Insane Washington   DC   9/23/1903      
Dora, Bass Pvt B 35th Iowa Inf Muscatine Muscatine   IA   2/12/1894 2 7/11/1893  
Dora, Bass Pvt B 35th Iowa Inf   Muscatine   IA   2/12/1894 2 7/11/1893  
Doran, Alexander P. Pvt B 121st Ohio Infy Green Camp Green Camp   OH   12/23/1898 7 8/25/1903  
Doran, Allen F. Pvt C 114th Ohio Infy Washington OH Washington Washignton OH   1/4/1870 2 9/5/1891  
Doran, Chas A. Drummer B 137th Ohio Inf River View Aurora   IN   5/10/1899 7 8/25/1902  
Doran, Coleman Seaman    US Navy Nat'l Home DVS Soldiers Home   CA   6/21/1903      
Doran, Edward Pvt G 2nd W. Va Cav Sacred Heart Trouton   OH   3/21/1862 2 9/5/1891  
Doran, Edward Pvt G 11th Mich Inf   Dundee   MI   4/24/1863 7 11/30/1894  
Doran, Harold E. Pvt D 15th US Cav Childress Childress   TX   6/21/1902      
Doran, James Muse Band 3rd ATH Arty   Pawtucket   RI   1/20/1889 7 11/30/1894  
Doran, James B. Pvt F 1st Iowa Cav Lexington Lexington   IA   10/20/1897 7 6/29/1897  
Doran, John Pvt G 2nd US Inf  Holy Cross Brooklyn   NY   10/14/1898     Sp Am War
Doran, John Pvt F 99th  NY Inf   Newark   NJ   7/31/1895 8 2/24/1896  
Doran, John   K 124th Ohio Infy Catholic Sandusky   OH     8 2/24/1896  
Doran, John G. Corpl D 4th NJ Inf Mercer Trenton Mercer NJ     1 11/29/1879  
Doran, John G. Pvt G 7th Mass Inf St Marys North Attleboro   MA   9/16/1893 7 6/29/1897  
Doran, John M. Corpl G 5th Mass Inf Oak Hills Gloucester Essex MA   8/14/1898 3 3/29/1902  
Doran, Joseph Pvt G 28th NY Inf Soldiers Home Bath   NY   8/15/1895 8 10/20/1896  
Doran, Joshua B. Pvt F 114th USCT Wynka Lincoln   NE   5/24/1895 7 11/30/1894  
Doran, P. Sgt H 5th US Inf Catholic Gold Hill   NE   12/24/1892 7 6/29/1897  
Doran, Patrick Pvt Y 19th Wis Inf Catholic Beloit Rock WI   6/5/1878 1 11/29/1879  
Doran, Peter Pvt F 2nd Ill Vol Ca S&S home Quincy   IL   8/2/1899 6 5/29/1900  
Doran, Richard Pvt H  10 th Ohio Inf St. Joseph Catholic Cincinnati   OH   1/4/1892 2 9/5/1891  
Doran, Robert Pvt E 1st Md Cavy Uniondale Allegheny   PA   8/5/1862 5    
Doran, Simon Pvt A 1st Ohio Cav Washington OH Washington Washington OH   10/5/1890 2 1891  
Doran, Thomas Pvt C 18th Ohio Inf Sacred Heart Scranton   OH   1874   1891  
Doran, Wm Pvt H 9th Kans Cay Mt Hope Galesburgh   KS   6/24/1873 7 6/29/1897  
Dorat, W.H. Sergt G 186th Pa Inf Mount Bethel Columbia Lancaster PA     8 11/25/1881  
Dorber, George Pvt B 9th Ny Inf Greenwood South Brooklyn Kings NY   3/12/1885 8 9/28/1886  
Dorchesler, Simon Pvt I 8th NY Inf Lutheran East New York   NY   10/16/1869 2    
Dore, Daniel C. Pvt A 1st RI Art Elmwood Providence Providence RI   10/17/1878 1 11/29/1879  
Dore, Edwin L. Corpl F 36th  Wis Inf Lakeside Cumberland   WI     8 10/20/1896  

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