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Delaware Soldiers of the Great War

Volume 1, Compiled by W. M. Haulsee, F. G. Howe, A. C. Doyle.

Transcribed by Colleen Breeden

Killed in Action
Amory, Thomas D., Wilmington.
Carlisle, Paris T., Milford.
Frampton, William K., Felton.

Harrison, David Clouds, Clayton.

Boyer, George, Townsend.
Jockett, Jacob J., Wilmington.
Poyntz, Edward J., Wilmington.
Stelle, Allen K., Wilmington.

Armstrong, George, Wilmington.
Benge, Edgar L., Yorklyn.
Brennan, William N., Hockessin.
Briggs, Clarence E., Wilmington.
Cleaves, Harvey R., Christiana.
Doragh, James, Greenville.
Dougherty, Joseph C., Wilmington.
Finicelli, Augusto, New Castle.
Gallagher, Lindley K., Wilmington.
Koziel, John, Wilmington.
McVerry, William, Dover.
Morris, Levin D., Selbyville.
Myslinski, Wactaw, Wilmington.
Newman, Walter T., Wilmington.
O'Donnell, Paul J., Wilmington.
Speer, Jacob F., Wilmington.
Swift, James E., Wilmington.
Vinson, Clarence, Dover.
Walsh, Frank J., Wilmington.
West, Walter J., Milford.
Wood, George, Edgemoor.

Died of Disease

Stewart, John, Wilmington.
Dumpson, Horace D., Wilmington.

Eriel, Francis John, Wilmington.
Jones, William N., Wilmington.
Russell, Ernest, Milford.

Scott, Norman Delafield, Wilmington.

Dunn, Reuben James, New Castle.

Phillips, Joseph W., Wilmington.
Quailes, Edward, Dover.

Arthur, James P., Wilmington.
Bolden, Clarence C., Hockessin.
Briscoe, Herbert, Mount Pleasant.
Brown, James W., Selbyville.
Brown, Oliver L., State Road.
Cork, Leon Hudson, Wilmington.
Cranfield, Jacob H., Milton.
Dempsey, Thomas W., Hollyoak.
English, Joseph J., Wilmington.
Golley, George, Jr., Wilmington.
Groves, Ellwood, Wyoming.
Gunby, Roger W., Laurel.
Harris, Ernest, Porter.
Holmes, Ebert L., Wilmington.
Isaacs, Ulysses S., Georgetown.
Jackson, Jeremiah, Middleton.
Kane, Charles J., Wilmington.
Kennedy, Albert R., Wilmington.
Larkin, James, Wilmington.
Miller, Harry, Milford.
Nero, Frank, Wilmington.
Shockley, Stacy S., Odessa.
Teague, Roland Charles, Georgetown.
Thomas, Virgil, Harrington.
Walker, Ray, Wilmington.
Walters, Elwood E., Frankford.
Waters, George E., Lebannon.
White, Wilbert, Dover.

Died of Wounds

Reynolds, Raymond, Georgetown.

Taylor, Alexander, Bridgeville.

Beeson, Woodman R., Wilmington.
Everett, John H., Wilmington.
Fox, Walter L., Dover.
Frampton, Howard Barton, Wilmington.
Gray, Leander, Wilmington.
Hoffecker, John J., Middletown.
Horty, John J., Wilmington.
Pugh, J. L., Edgemoor.
Robinson, Thomas, Wilmington.
Smith, Walter, Greenwood.
Thorpe, Louis F., Wilmington.

Died of Accident

Thompson, Albert R., Lewes.

O'Daniel, James A. Newark.

Johnson, Howard W., Wilmington
Manlove, Davis E., Middletown.

Billingsley, Chandler G., Henry Clay.
Chandler, John A., Wilmington.
Fleming, William McK., Harrington.
Hadley, Harvey, Wilmington.
Hughes, John P. A., Wilmington.
Quailes, Frank C., Seaford.

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