Sussex County, Delaware


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" Ancient Burying Ground" ? ? ?
Asbury Cemetery 383738N 0752824W Asbury Road, Seaford, DE 19973
Bailey Farm Graveyard     Iron Hill, Little Creek Rd.
Banks Cemetery 383329N 0750551W  
Banning Cemetery 384701N 0752843W  
Beaverdam Cemetery 384325N 0751707W  
Bethel Cemetery 384718N 0751825W  
Bethel Cemetery 384610N 0750841W  
Betts Cemetery 384725N 0751746W  
Blades Cemetery 383744N 0753632W [5 acres]
Carey Cemetery 383329N 0752227W Millsboro Map
Carey Cemetery 383049N 0751412W Frankford Map
Cedar Neck Cemetery 385536N 0752207W Cedar Beach Road and Shockley Road, Milford, DE 19963
Cokesbury Cemetery 384136N 0752847W  
Cool Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery  384416N  0751413W  
Concord Cemetery 383823N 0753314W Concord Road, Seaford, DE 19973
Davis Cemetery 385105N 0751843W  
East Seaford Cemetery     Seaford, Delaware 19973
Ebenezer Cemetery 384346N 0750916W  
Ebenezer Cemetery 384347N 0750917W  
Ellendale Cemetery
[Red Men Cemetery]
384841N 0752507W  
Epworth Cemetery     South side of Sycamore Road, .5 miles East of intersection Sycamore Road and Beaver Dam Road
Faith Cemetery 384544N 0752609W [2 acres]
Frank Cooper Farm     Little Creek Hundred
Friendship Cemetery 383810N 0751213W Friendship Road, Millsboro, DE 19966
Goshen Cemetery     Milton. North side of Chestnut Street at intersection with Coulter Street.
Harmony Cemetery 383820N 0751436W  
Hazzard Cemetery 384901N 0751644W  
Hebron Cemetery 384152N 0752543W Seashore Highway, Georgetown, DE 19947
Henlopen Memorial Park 384730N 0751446W Rt. 14 Lewes, Delaware 19958
Hickory Cemetery 385143N 0752107W  
Holland Cemetery 384610N 0751357W  
Indian Mission Cemetery 384024N 0751403W Indian Mission Road, Harbeson, DE 19951
Jones Cemetery      
Laurel Hill Cemetery 383306N 0753449W  
Lewes Presbyterian Church Cemetery 384621N  0750821W Corner of Kings Highway & Franklin Street
133 Kings Highway - Lewes, DE
Long Cemetery 383034N 0751442W  
Midway Cemetery 384343N 0750743W Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958
Millsboro Cemetery 383326N
Cordey Road, Millsboro, DE 19966
Mount Zion Cemetery 383545N 0753527W Seaford Road, Seaford, DE 19973
New Market Cemetery 384823N 0752353W  
New Mount Zion Methodist Cemetery 383319N 0753447W Portsville Road, Laurel, DE 19956
New Saint Johns Cemetery 383743N 0751652W Mount Joy Road, Millsboro, DE 19966
Ocean View Presbyterian Cemetery 383242N 0750525W West Avenue, Frankford, DE 19945
Odd Fellows Cemetery 383847N
701 N. Walnut St. Milford, Delaware, 19963
[20 acres]
Odd Fellows Cemetery 383256N
Seaford, Delaware 19973
[6 acres]
Old Field Cemetery 383454N 0751842W  
Oliphant Cemetery 382717N 0753116W [1.5 acres]
Order United American Men Cemetery 383518N 0751709W [13 acres]
Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery 383742N 0753624W PO Box 719 Seaford, Delaware 19973
[4 acres]
Peoples Memorial Park 384356N 0750801W  
Ponder Cemetery 384645N 0751926W  
Providence Cemetery 383804N 0752314W Shortly Road, Georgetown, DE 19947
Ralphs Hill Cemetery 382959N 0753847W [2.5 acres]
Red Men Cemetery 382759N 0751338W [4 acres]
Reed Family Cemetery     Located in the Redden State Forest in the part of the forest which borders on Rd 565 and Rd 243.
Saint George Cemetery 384644N 0750857W  
Saint Georges Cemetery 383258N 0750855W Beaver Dam Road, Harbeson, DE 19951
Saint Georges Cemetery 384101N 0751309W Vines Creek Road, Frankford, DE 19945
Saint Johnstown Cemetery 384810N 0753426W Saint Johnstown Road, Greenwood, DE 19950
St. Luke's Cemetery     Seaford, Delaware 19973
St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Cemetery     202 Edward St. Georgetown, Delaware 19947
St. Peter's Episcopal Churchyard     Lewes, DE
Saint Stephens Cemetery 382722N 0753402W E. State St. Delmar, Delaware 19940
[3 acres]
Saint Thomas Cemetery 383528N 0752457W Shiloh Church Road, Millsboro, DE 19966
Siloam Cemetery 385204N 0752118W Herring Branch Road, Milford, DE 19963
Slaughter Neck Cemetery 385210N 0752018W  
Union Cemetery 384118N 0752246W  
Weigands Cemetery 384557N 0751650W  
Whites Chapel Cemetery 384624N 0751321W Coastal Highway, Nassau, DE 19958
Wilgus Cemetery 382938N 0750944W  
Woodland Cemetery 383600N 0753928W  
Zion Cemetery 384806N 0751640W Zion Church Road, Milton, DE 19968

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