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CRIME: The Pillory/Whipping Post - Pierce, Bush, Reeley, Doran, Helmes, Denby, Holmes, White, Johnson, Pillard, Mullen, Watkins, Connor, Elliott, Pattam, Whaley
PATENTS: Jonas P. Fairlamb, Mahlon Betts, Lemuel Tam

GOVERNORS: Caleb P. Bennett- Thomas Welsh pardoned, Certificate of Election of J. M. Clayton, Calls on Militia to Prepare for War
PATENTS: James Greenwood, Thomas Baldwin, Thomas P. Jones

JULY 2018
GOVERNORS: Caleb Bennet Wins-1833
PATENTS:Mr. Sebo, Henry and Ezra Hoopes, Charles Smith Smart, Jonas P. Fairlamb submitted by Robin Line

JUNE 2018
BIOS: (Family Lineage) Mrs. Kate Willis Grigsby, Cheney Clow
PATENTS: W. A. Bonwill, William Morgey, J. Morton Poole

MAY 2018
GOVERNORS: Charles Miller News
CRIME: The Pillory/Whipping Post 1876-Enoch Rash, James Bradley, Robert Harris, Thomas Davis, Thomas Hyde, Samuel Bush, William Cooper, Charles Harrison, Isaac Hoyden, David Reed, James Darah

APRIL 2018
PATENTS: Caesar A. Rodney, John Willie

MARCH 2018
PATENTS: William Fields

OBITS: Mrs. F. A. Hayes

GOVERNORS: Caesar Rodney
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1826-Daniel Rodney, 1826-Polk elected by a small majority

MILITARY: World War II Navy Casualties

RECIPES: New Category - Pages added for Delaware 19th century recipes - Breakfasts, Soups and Salads, Main Dishes, Vegetables and Sides, Cakes and Cookies, Puddings and Pies.

GOVERNORS: Thomas McKean Biography

GOVERNORS: 1813-Joseph Haslet refuses to supply squadron, 1823-Caleb Rodney message on evils of slavery

PATENTS: Martin V. Kingsberry, John J. Harris, Henry B. Cobb

JULY 2017
GOVERNORS: Daniel Rodney News

JUNE 2017
OBITS: Joseph Gilpin
MILITARY NEWS: 1800s G. F. Munda
GOVERNORS: Biography of William Cannon, and on News Page "About Delaware's Governors"
MOORS: 1785-Moor Land, Moors have Indian Blood
EXECUTIONS-PARDONS: Edwin Wilmer, William Neal

MAY 2017
PATENTS: George Lobdell
EXECUTIONS: History of Cheney Clow

APRIL 2017
PATENTS: George W. Baker, John and James Mills, A. V. Hysore, John E. Register, Adam Reed, Francis I. du Pont, Henry L. Casperson

MARCH 2017
PATENTS: John H. Parsons, Charles F. Thomas, George R. Smith & Thomas Sneath
MOORS: The Moors of Delaware, Moors Voting Rights

PATENTS: Charles L. Penny, Thomas Ferry

CRIME-PILLORY: 1898-Lash and Pillory
PATENTS: G. W. & S. Taylor, J. W. Howgate, Wellington Pattin, Samuel F. Marshall, Nathan O. Lounsbury, Elizabeth H. Muldaur

GAZETTEER: Delaware Gazetteer - 1904

CRIME-PILLORY: 1896 Delaware's Whipping Post, 1817 Kidnapping (Jamison, Toy and Palmer)

MILITARY: (1800s news) Fort Delaware Conflagration
EDUCATION-GRADUATES: 1915-Dickinson Graduates
EDUCATION-WOMEN'S COLLEGE: 1914-New Delaware Women's College, 40 Women in the first college class, $84,000 loan for college, Tablet displayed, Opening Ceremonies, 1919-Women's College of Delaware Commencement

MILITARY: (news) 1882-Samuel A. Macallister, Joshua S. Valentine
PATENTS: James F. Wood, Alfred Betts, George and William Sellers, Howard L. Pyle

MILITARY: Civil War News - 1865-Delaware Soldiers Buried in the Wilderness
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1899-Delaware Republican Split

JULY 2016
PATENTS: Philip M. Cabell, Jacob Peirson, Mark S. Bassett
BIOS: Thomas Bayard

JUNE 2016
PATENTS: John Stoddard, Jesse Urmy
GOVERNORS: The life and character of Governor Dickinson

MAY 2016
GOVERNORS: Governor Reynolds News
PATENTS: M. J. Haines, Henrik J. Krebs, John H. Parsons
NEWS-TEMPERANCE: Temperance in Delaware - 1843

APRIL 2016
GOVERNORS: 1865-New Governor Saulsbury, 1865-political appointments
MILITARY: Civil War News 1865 - Delaware soldiers buried at Gettysburg
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1895-Delaware Senator

MARCH 2016
GOVERNORS: David Hazzard News Item
NEWS-POLITICAL: John C. Higgins - 1896, Isaac Jump - 1874

GOVERNORS: 1904-Governor Hunn Calls Extra Session
CRIME-PILLORY: Joseph Johnson, 1905-The Abolished Pillory
NEWS-POLITICAL: Thomas N. Rawlins

GOVERNORS: Charles C. Stockley
PATENTS: William Culveyhouse
NEWS-CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS: Organizations, 1904-Medical Society, 1915-Women's Club, WCTU Elects New Officers-1914

PATENTS: E. S. Anderson, J. C. Brison
COMMUNITY NEWS: Delaware College Farmers' Day-1914; Successful farming season-1914

NEWS-POLITICAL: 1898-Special Election, 1914-Thomas Miller for Congress and more.
PATENTS: L. Lichtenstein, Christian B. Miller

NEWS-TEMPERANCE: 1905-Emma Caulk (Temperance News)
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1908-Delaware Republicans Select Their Ticket
GOVERNORS: Preston Lea Inaugural Ball.

GOVERNORS: 1899 News Bio-Gov. McKinly
NAME CHANGE: William Bonnar to William Stuart

GOVERNORS: Hunn news articles with surnames Morrow, Lyons, Ridgely
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1904-Walter Pardoe, Daniel Short, Albert Worth

JULY 2015
GOVERNORS: 1910-Governor Pennewill Slow to Make Appointment

JUNE 2015
GOVERNORS: Joshua Clayton Proclamation

MAY 2015
EPIDEMICS: 1911-Bridgeville Quarantine
NEWS-POLITICS: 1775-Before they were Governors

APRIL 2015
MILITARY: 1813 Revolutionary War Pensioners - contributed by Nancy Overlander.
OBITS: Ex-Gov Comegys
NEWS-POLITICS: 1898-Improved Nominations, 1900-Union Republicans Meet

MARCH 2015
OBITS: John M. Clayton, George Truitt

NEWS-POLITICAL: Delaware Has Two Senates
OBITS: John F. Cochrane

GOVERNORS: Thomas Collins News
EDUCATION: 1905 Delaware College Commencement, Delaware Teachers Elect Officers, 1904 Education Resolution

EDUCATION: Wilmington Conference Academy News-1904, Teachers at State College for Colored Students-1904
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1904 Prominent Republicans, 1890 Governor Candidates, 1906 Democratic Nominations
OBITS: John Ponder Saulsbury, Joseph P. Comegys

BIOS: Richardson, Cannon
EDUCATION: Wilmington Conference Academy 1907 Matriculation
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1890 Political Endorsements
OBITS: Gunning Bedford

GOVERNORS: New Governor Watson Makes Nominations-1895, Governor Hunn Reviews Troops-1904
CRIME NEWS: Drinking on a Train Made a Crime-1907
HISTORY: 1880 Business Climate
OBITS: Joshua Perkins Hopkins Marvil

GOVERNORS: Joshua H. Marvil News
NAME CHANGES: Erasmus Bailey, Marguerite R. Carpenter, Robert Carter Cox, Drury Hinton Doggett, Edward Martin Doggett, Leroy Benjamin Doggett, Mary Alice Fly, John M. Lampiski, Harry Minner, Gustave Charles Retzer, Emma May Sapp, Robert J. Taylor, George Russell Williams
OBITS: James Ponder
TEMPERANCE: Temperance society conference, Sussex Went Dry, Temperance Day Planned at Zoar Camp

GOVERNORS: Governor Lea's Staff
DIVORCES: Charles Henry and Susanna Anderson, Jenifer and Margaret Anderson, Charles P. and Eugenia Barnes, Caleb and Clarine J. Brinton, Thomas S. and Sally Ann Brittingham, George and Mary Burton, Alfred and Lucy Cleaver, Andrew and Mary Ann Caldwell, Nathan B. and Sarah Ann Fleming, Peter and Mary Ann Gray, Nathaniel and Ruth Harper, John and Ann C. Hains, Alfred M. and Angelina Jackson, Joshua and Amanda Lindale, Philip and Nancy A. Marvel, Peter and Ann S. McGee, John and Phoebe Mellon, Elijah R. and Mary Ann Parsons, James and Eliza Ann Records, David and Catharine Wasson, Esau and Elizabeth Turrell Cox, John and Susanna Stilly, Harlin and Ann Cloud, Thomas and Sarah Buchanan, William and Nellie Strain, John and Emma May Sheppey, Harry and Lizzie Sparklin, Frederick and sarah Mowbray, James and Mary Hasson, Charles and Bridget Boyle, James and Mary Jones, William R. & Sallie E. Martin, James K. and Creesy Polk, Hewit and Blanch Chapman, James and Creesy Polk, William and Amanda Watson, Fletcher and Lizzie Cooper, William and Sarah Conaway, John and Helen McVay, George and Mary Elizabeth Raymond, Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Needles, Henry and Elizabeth Spencer, Harbe and Levia Moore, Edward and Annie Strain, John and Wilhelmina Quient, Richard and Annie Lockwood, George and Annie Clark, George and Hannah Neal, Samuel and Ella Karcher, Thomas and Sadie Campbell, Charles and Mary Dolson, Ellen Powell, Stephen and Mary Jackson, William and Annie Rudolph, Charles and Helena Moore, Lemuel and Mahala Tingle, Isaac and Margaret Gray, Lewis and Emma Stockwell, William and Mary Reed, George and Cassia Piper, Margaret Nentwich, James and Margaret Twiford, Harry and Susan Robinson, James and Eva Garner, Charles and Leah Corry, Patrick and Mary Donly, Thomas and Anna Rodway, Anna Little, Richard and Catharine Stevenson, John W. and Annie Clark
OBITS: Isaac T. Parker

JULY 2014
DIVORCES: Divorce Law Controversy 1891, Divorce Law Change 1898; DIVORCES, Nathan B. and Sarah Ann Fleming, David and Catharine Wasson, Peter and Mary Ann Gray, James and Eliza Ann Records, Peter and Ann S. McGee, Charles Henry and Susanna Anderson, Jenifer and Margaret Anderson, James and Mary Battle, Thomas S. and Sally Ann S. Brittingham, George and Mary Burton, Andrew and Mary Ann Caldwell, Alfred M. and Angelina Jackson, Joshua and Amanda Lindale, Philip and Nancy A. Marvel, John and Phoebe Mellon, Elijah R. and Mary Ann Parsons
TOWNS: 1904 Gazetteer with sketch of Delaware, Towns, Creeks, Villages, Rivers, Post Offices, Etc.

JUNE 2014
DIVORCES: Zebley; Shandley; Springer; Rogers; Melvin; Jordan; Gordon; Stanley; Cooper; Reybold; Jahnz; Bozman; Hastings; Demby; Wright; Harnish; Frankau; Johnson; Philips; Prettyman; Acklan; Bell; Williamson; Jackson; Grace; Lynch; Beltz; Johnson; Jamison; Simons; Devallinger; Daily; Reed; Hollingsworth; Andrie; Hopkins; Weed; Asher; Righter; Daniels; Haines; Torbert; McCaulley; Roach; Hollis; Phillips; Massey; Cole; Parker; Watson; Norwood; Davison; Windsor; Taylor; Freid; Short; Taylor; Lockwood; Polk; Shaw; Thatcher; Hitchens; Lee; Thomas; Pusey; Cobb; Abrams; McNabb; Rogers; Morris; Richardson

MAY 2014
BIOS: Charles Ridgely, Nathaniel B. Smithers, Franklin Mendenhall Harris
GOVERNORS: Governor Hunn News
DIVORCES: Magilley; Perkins; Beach; Bolte; Bryant; Bennum; Lowery; Pierce; Lane; Dicus; Roach; Mason; Cole; Faucett; Wright; Griffith; Vandyke; Bogart; Cole; Durham; Dellop; Downs; Farrow; Rickerby; Cannon; Hickman; Hooten; Argo; Till; Hannahs; Smith; Bonasch; Morgan; Montesi;Gregg; Jones; James; Fryling;. Boss; Blackburn; Russell; Sullivan; Hunter; Herbert; Mayne; Stroud; Warrington; Stanton; Hayes; Schrom; Daniels; Edmonds; Sanderson; Rulon; Heal; Doran; Wiley; Kitchen; Warrington; Wright; Harris; Redmond; Reed; Sholes; Miller; Garrett; Clee; Russell; Compton; Windsor; Colgain; Whitaker; Hitch;
NEWS: Fire and Weather News – Impure Water, Political News-1911 Plans For Great Highway
MILITARY NEWS: Civil War News-1861 Deserters
EPIDEMICS: Del Epidemic-Scarlet Fever-1909; Temporary Small Pox Hospital-1881

APRIL 2014
BIOS: John Middleton Clayton, Rodney Family, William Rodeney, George Gray, Richard Bassett; Jacob Broom, Gunning Bedford, Jr.; John Dickinson; George Read
DIVORCES: Abraham and Sarah Buckmaster; Oliver Marshall and Mary R. Marshall; James Blake and Happy Maria Millen; John S. and Mary Countice; Joseph W. and Frances L. Cochran; Abraham and Ann Clark; Nathaniel and Ruth Harper; William and Tamsey Robbins; James and Mary Hathaway; Jessie and Virginia Chandler; Augustus N. and Ella D. Southard; J. Percy Robinett; John B. and Sallie J. Wright; George A. and Susan Walt; Grove L. and Lucy S. Babcock; Albert L. and Annie G. France; Joseph B. and Sarah E. Lingo; Robert E. Randall; Joseph C. and Leah Johnson; Anna T. Griffith; Caleb J. and Sarah E. Hickman; Samuel S. and George Anna Hearn; George W. and Sarah A. Butler

MARCH 2014
GOVERNORS: News of Ebe W. Tunnell
PARDONS & RESPITES: John Windsor; John Green; John Meyer; Samuel Turner; Charles Thorn; William Neal; Jeremiah Harrigan, Trial & Reprieve
CRIME NEWS: Unusual Number of Capital Cases; Riots, George White, Helen Bishop (Victim), William Simms, William Cramer (Victim)
HISTORY: History of Early Medicine and Practitioners; Early Homeopathy
MILITARY: News - First Delaware Regiment-1861
NAME CHANGES: Mary Hunter Flinn to Mary Hunter Pusey; Elizabeth Carey Flinn to Elizabeth Hunter Pusey; James H. Lynch to James H. Bratton; John W. Lynch to John W. Bratton; Ida May Benny to Ida May Horsey; Ida Valentine Dilworth to Ida Valentine; Mary E. Blake to Mary E. Shockley; Percy Rockwell Hanley to Percy Rockwell Killen; Lettie Green to Esther Green
EXECUTIONS: Henry Barratt; William Dennis; Perry Bailey

DIVORCES: Moses C. and Cora Alexander; Richard and Rebecca S. Kirby; Ida and William Franklin Waitneight; Emma and John Barker; Elizabeth D. and Frank E. Davidson; John P. and Mary J. Deputy; Ella I. and William E. Mulford; Rachel Ann and John S. Craig; John W. and Henrietta Harris; Hannah E. and William H. Becker; Mary E. and William Madigan; Jacob B. C. W. and Mary H. C. Maxwell; Emma and John Barker; Frederick C. and Caroline Werle; Mary Francis and James Hogan; Sadie L. and Samuel Kirk; Sarah M. and James B. Hopkins; William and Sallie A. Raisner; Emery and Nancy Marvel; George C. and Rina B. Jacobs; Mary F. and George Abele; Annie F. and William A. Steel; Maggie and John A. Logan; Sarah C. and William F. Willing; Laura M. and Howard H. McKinsey; Melvina and Morris A. Herbst; Andrew E. and Fannie Hughes; Mary F. and Noah J. Tindel; Roxana and Prince W. Decker; Edith W. and William A. Husbands; Ernest and Kate Hinderer; Charles W. and Mary A. Galloway; George W. and Elizabeth S. Mann; Jacob and Rosa Walter; Annie E. and James P. Palmer; Thomas F. and Maggie Collins; George and Cora S. Walton; Maggie and William T. Seward; Mary R. and Thomas M. Grant; Matilda R. and William Rodick; Mary L. and Samuel J. Gray, Jr.; Levinia R. and Goldsboro Bryan; Parker and Emma J. Bacon; George W. and Mary H. Johnson; Thomas H. and Anna M. Morrison; Friedericke Wilhelmine and Heinrich Schnell; Catharine M. and Barrett H. Van Auken; George F. C. and Kate Clement; Joseph and Lizzie M. Barker; Margaret A. and Isaac F. Meredith; Lizzie W. and William Gillian Margaret and William J. Polk; Henry and Carrie Hudson; Emma E. and Arthur S. Hanby; Mary M. and James J. Baird; Margaret J. and Edwin Humphries; Mary E. and Newton B. Lamplugh; Barach and Annie E. Richards; Joseph H. and Hannah B. Chambers; Sarah E. and James Slaughter; Abraham and Ruth Williams; E. Benton and Elizabeth Wilson; Henrietta and Richard Cooper; John W. and Elizabeth Mews

GOVERNORS: Lieutenant Governors and political party affiliation added to each Governor page.
HISTORY: Delaware State Constitutions; Newspapers - History; Education - History;
MILITARY: Sept. 1862 Civil War Casualty Article of Killed and Wounded.
NAME CHANGES: Solomon J. Baeringer >> George J. Baeringer; Lulu Blocksom >> Lulu Blocksom Dashiell; Metta Burleigh >> Jennie M. Weaver; Marion Paschall Carpenter >> Marion Paschall Frederick; Elizabeth Cook >> Bessie Wright; John Haug >> John Rex; William Haug >> William Rex; William Lee >> William L. Dockstader; Bennett Maas >> Bennett Mays; Edward T. Merritt >> Edward T. O'Neal; Harry B. Pachett >> Harry B. Davis; Howard M. Pachett >> Howard M. Davis; Robert D. Pachett >> Robert D. Davis; Benjamin B. Palmer >> Benjamin B. Ewing; Martha Patterson >> Martha Barnes

GOVERNORS: Charles R. Miller, Douglass Buck, Richard C. McMullen, William D. Denney, Robert P. Robinson, Jack A. Markell, Ruth Ann Minner, Thomas Carper, Dale E. Wolf, Michael Castle, Pierre Samuel du Pont IV, Sherman Tribbitt, Russell Peterson, Charles Terry, David Buckson, Caleb Boggs
OBITS: Governor - William Cannon

EPIDEMICS: 1793 Fear of Disease Spread; 1798 Fever; 1881 Smallpox; 1893 Anthrax in Cattle; 1895 Diphtheria; 1898 Typhoid Fever; 1898 Influenza; 2 Articles on 1899 Scarlet Fever; 1901 Diphtheria; 1901 Smallpox Quarantine; 1903 Smallpox; 1906 Anthrax in livestock; Sussex diphtheria 1909; 1916 Polio Outbreak; 4 Articles on 1918 Influenza; 1920 Vaccination Revolt; 1947 spraying DDT to reduce polio;
MILITARY: 4 Deaths from drinking denatured alcohol.
EXECUTIONS: Respited Death Sentence - Clement Hurley, Charles Thorn (2 Articles), Pardoned-Cornelius Gafferty, William Calhoun

EXECUTIONS: Henry Bruinton, Brother Griffin, David Brown, Thomas Coughlin, John H. Cannon, Charles Robinson, Reese Roberts, Sarah Kirk, Lewis Jones, John Bowen, Levi Jenkins, Sarah Jane Bradley, Joshua Jones, Louis Carpenter, James Anderson, Empson Bayard, John Joiner, Peter Krakus, Lemuel Price, Eleanor Moore

GOVERNORS: William Cannon, Gove Saulsbury, James Ponder, John P. Cochran, John W. Hall, Caesar Rodney Monument, Simeon Pennewill, Charles C. Stockley, Benjamin T. Biggs, Robert J. Reynolds, Joshua H. Marvil, William T. Watson, Ebe W. Tunnell,
EXECUTIONS: Hugh Barclay; Shakespeare Reeves; Samuel Ward; John Smith; A Turk, Judith Roe, James Duffy, William Piper, Jacob Elliot, Thomas Morgan, Benjamin Johnson, James Redden, Edward Wright, Thomas Willis; Elisha Sharpe; Henry Bruinton, Griffin Brother

GOVERNORS: Daniel Rodney, John Clark, Henry Molleston, Jacob Stout, John Collins, Caleb Rodney, Joseph Haslet, Charles Thomas, Samuel Paynter, Charles Polk, Jr., David Hazzard, Caleb Bennet, Cornelius Comegys, William Cooper, Thomas Stockton, Joseph Maul, William Temple, William Tharp, William Ross, Peter Causey, William Burton
EXECUTIONS: Henry Bruinton, Brother Griffin, David Brown, Thomas Coughlin, John H. Cannon, Charles Robinson, Reese Roberts, Sarah Kirk, Lewis Jones, John Bowen, Levi Jenkins, Sarah Jane Bradley, Joshua Jones, Louis Carpenter, James Anderson, Empson Bayard, John Joiner, Peter Krakus, Lemuel Price

JULY 2013
EXECUTIONS: John C. Morgan, May H. Carey; Howard Carey, Samuel Chambers, George Collins, Robert Morris, John Rhodes, William Archer, Margaret Sexton, James M. Gordy, Andrew G. Clark, Adam Hargis, William H. Prettyman, Webster Purnell, Harry Butler, Theodore Russ, Ernest Thomas, Carl Skinner, Louis Galvano, Edward Darnell, Ralph W. Ernest, Isaiah Opher, Curnel Robinson, George Scott, Joseph Nelson, Charles Henry Riedel, Bill Dennis, Forrest Sturdivant, Anderson D. Butler

JUNE 2013
BIOS: David Hall; Nathaniel Mitchell; George Truitt; Joseph Haslet
HISTORY: Early Recordkeeping
POLITICAL NEWS: Primary Election Conspiracy
MILITARY NEWS: (Civil War) Lieut. M. H. Preston; William R. Aldred
OBITS: Hon. James Booth
THE STATE: Rivers and Streams
TOWNS: List of Towns

MAY 2013
BIOS: Richard Bassett; Daniel Rogers; James Sykes, Jr.
PUBLICATIONS & BOOKS: Early Religious Newspapers, Early New Castle Newspapers, Clayton Newspapers; Georgetown, Lewes, Middleton, Milton, Newark, Seaford and Smyrna Newspapers
OBITS: Thomas Stockton; Nicholas Van Dyke, Esq.
EXECUTIONS: Joseph Burton; James Thoroughgood;
NEWS-COURT: John D. Hawkins

APRIL 2013
BIOS: John Cook; Nicholas Van Dyke; Thomas Collins; Jehu Davis; Joshua Clayton; Gunning Bedford
CENSUS: Population Changes Over 350 Years.
MILITARY: 1898 National Guard Size; 1898 Dissatisfaction
NEWS: Political - 1789 Delaware Electors Vote for General Washington; 300th Anniversary of Hudson's Landing, 2 articles on Senator R. R. Kenney Trial
OBITS: John Dickenson; William Cannon
EXECUTIONS: History of Delaware Executions; Jesse Proctor; Frederick Young

MARCH 2013
BIOS: Caesar Rodney; Nicholas Bayard; John McKinly; Thomas McKean; George Read
HISTORY: The First State & Landscape of Delaware Before Settlers Arrived
OBITS: Joseph Haslett; Thomas McKean; Caesar Rodney;
LENAPE: 1908 Lenape History

Bio: Richard Bassett

October 2012
History of the First Regiment, Delaware Volunteers - Transcribed by Collen Breeden

September 2012
Soldiers of the Great War - Transcribed by Colleen Breeden
History of the Boundaries of Delaware - Transcribed by Colleen Breeden
William Usselinx and Peter Minuit - Transcribed by Colleen Breeden
1890 Census of Selected African Americans Part 1 - Transcribed by Colleen Breeden
1890 Census of Selected African Americans Part 2 - Transcribed by Colleen Breeden
1840 Delaware Pensioners - Transcribed by Colleen Breeden

March 2012
Political News: New Silk Worm Company
Delaware/Lenape Native Americans
WW2 Honor Roll of Dead/Missing
Delaware Governors
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal News
Delaware Facts and Trivia
Slavery and the Civil War
Delaware in the Revolution

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