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Don't want to host a site but still want to help?
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Alachua Avenue in Gainesville, FL

The Alachua area appears to have been the first area occupied by the immigrant Oconees, the original Seminoles, about 1740. Their first town was situated on or near the old Alachua plain, now called Payne's Prairie in homage to "King" Payne, chief of the Alachua settlements upon his death in 1812. Created in 1824 from part of Duval County. This section was visited by both Ponce de Leon and DeSoto and was the scene of much conflict during the early colonial strife, the Seminole Indian War and the Civil War. Chief Osceola was captured here and this had much to do with shortening the Seminole conflict. William Bartram, the botanist and traveler, spent some time in this area in 1774.

The original county seat was Newnansville located near the current site of the city of Alachua. In 1853, the new railroad from Fernandina to Cedar Key bypassed Newnansville, and Gainesville, a new town that was located on the railroad, began to draw business and residents away from Newnansville. Gainesville became the county seat the following year.

A Federal force that had take possession of Gainesville during the Civil War was defeated August 18 1864, and driven out with a loss of over 200 by Capt. J.J. Dickison with a small Confederate force.

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