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Alachua County, Florida Genealogy Trails
Submitted by Dena Whitesell

Name Rank Branch County/Town DOD Place DOB Details Body Not Recovered
Welch Joshua Jr PFC Army Alachua 11-Dec-66 S.Vietnam 6-Sep-46 Hostile, Killed
Brown Willie Lee Jr CPL Army Archer 8-Mar-69 S.Vietnam 22-Sep-48 Hostile, Killed
Witherspoon Johnell SP5 Army Archer 4-Nov-70 S.Vietnam 26-Nov-41 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Babers Henry Dennis 1LT Marines Gainesville 18-Sep-67 S.Vietnam 17-Feb-44 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Beck Martin Robert LTC Army Gainesville 24-Jul-69 S.Vietnam 30-Aug-25 Hostile, Killed
Boston James Jr PFC Army Gainesville 24-May-69 S.Vietnam 31-Jan-49 Hostile, Killed
Ford Randolph Wright CDR Navy Gainesville 20-Jun-68 N.Vietnam 19-Jul-35 Hostile, Died-Captured
Geiger Charles Richard SP4 Army Gainesville 5-Sep-69 S.Vietnam 17-Dec-48 Hostile, Killed
Golding James Richard SSGT Army Gainesville 23-Nov-68 S.Vietnam 6-Sep-44 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Goswick Wesley Ira SP5 Army Gainesville 18-May-67 S.Vietnam 28-Jul-43 Hostile, Killed
Graham Terry Durand 1LT Army Gainesville 28-Mar-69 S.Vietnam 25-Dec-46 Hostile, Killed
Hampton Frederick Jordan LTC Air Force Gainesville 6-Mar-68 S.Vietnam 16-Jul-27 Hostile, Died-Missing
Hancock Eugene Scott HM2 Navy Gainesville 24-Feb-69 S.Vietnam 2-Jun-46 Hostile, Killed
Hankison Tommy Lee SP4 Army Gainesville 13-May-68 S.Vietnam 13-Jun-44 Hostile, Killed
Harrell Samuel 1LT Army Gainesville 10-May-72 S.Vietnam 7-Jan-47 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Henry Lindy Edward SSGT Air Force Gainesville 28-Apr-67 S.Vietnam 24-Jun-29 Hostile, Died-Missing
Hetrick Carl Post 2LT Marines Gainesville 5-Jul-68 S.Vietnam 18-May-42 Hostile, Killed
Hettich Donald Lee CPL Army Gainesville 29-Nov-67 S.Vietnam 24-Dec-47 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Hulslander Ross Thomas CPL Army Gainesville 19-Sep-68 S.Vietnam 21-Nov-47 Hostile, Killed
Jefferson James Milton LTC Air Force Gainesville 3-Mar-82 N.Vietnam 11-Jul-41 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Jones Marcus Claude LCPL Marines Gainesville 28-Aug-67 S.Vietnam 27-Mar-47 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Kirkpatrick Michael Ward LTJG Coast Gd.

Kleckley Freddie Lee PFC Army Gainesville 10-Aug-66 S.Vietnam 26-Mar-45 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Kraft Noah Morris 1LT Marines Gainesville 21-Mar-66 S.Vietnam 3-Oct-41 Hostile, Killed
Maulden Lorenzo Columbus PFC Army Gainesville 26-Jul-66 S.Vietnam 30-Dec-41 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Mc Comb Auburn Dale HM2 Navy Gainesville 14-May-67 S.Vietnam 3-May-35 Hostile, Killed
Rembert Leslie Eugene 1LT Army Gainesville 27-Mar-70 S.Vietnam 1-Feb-45 Hostile, Killed
Runnels James Mikel AN Navy Gainesville 29-Jul-67 N.Vietnam 3-Mar-47 Non-Hos. Died-Miss.
Shorter Robert Lee PFC Marines Gainesville 28-Feb-68 S.Vietnam 28-Aug-48 Hostile, Killed
Smith Neal Arthur SP4 Army Gainesville 6-Sep-69 S.Vietnam 1-Oct-49 Hostile, Killed
Vickery Frederick M III SGT Marines Gainesville 18-Aug-68 S.Vietnam 22-Dec-43 Hostile, Killed
Wieland David Eric 1LT Air Force Gainesville 8-Oct-67 S.Vietnam 14-Sep-43 Non-Hos. Died-Miss.
Carter Vernon Thomas Jr LCPL Marines Gainsville 10-Dec-65 S.Vietnam 22-Sep-45 Hostile, Killed
Winters Jerome Cordell CAPT Marines Gainsville 25-Jul-66 S.Vietnam 27-Mar-36 Non-Hos. Died-Other
[Source: [Southeast Asia] Combat Area Casualties Current File (CACCF), as of November 1997 (electronic record), Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Record Group 330, The National Archives at College Park]

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