Broward County, FL

Korean War Casualty List
Submitted by Dena Whitesell

SOURCE: Korean War Casualty File, 1950-1957

(machine-readable record), Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Record Group 330.

Cornette Jesse B CPL Army Broward 12 FEB. 1951 Died Of Wounds
Evans Edwin L PFC Army Broward 07 NOV. 1950 Killed In Action
Hamm Albert E PFC Army Broward 17 OCT. 1951 Killed In Action
Jackson Bruce D 1LT Army Broward May 30, 1953 Killed In Action
Jackson William PFC Army Broward 14 SEP. 1950 Killed In Action
Lockett Eddie Jr PVT Army Broward 18 JAN. 1951 Died While Capture
Mullikin Sidney Redd Jr
Air Force Fort Lauderdale
24 SEP. 1952
Died While Missing
Morris Nicholas SFC Army Broward 19 NOV. 1950 Killed In Action
Murray Raymond M PFC Army Broward 14 FEB. 1951 Killed In Action
Scott Fred E PFC Army Broward July 18, 1953 Killed In Action

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