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Confederate Pension Applications

The first Confederate pensions in Florida were authorized in 1885 and granted to veterans the sum of $5.00 per month. The next three decades saw a new Confederate pension bill introduced at nearly every session of the Legislature. Residency requirements were added and adjusted, militia members and widows were declared eligible, various financial qualifications were added and changed, and the amount and method of distribution were changed many times.

Digital copies of the pension files may be downloaded from the website at no charge.

Last Name, First Name, Unit, Wife Name, County, Year

MABRY William W. (See A01850)
MABRY William W. Home Guard Mary (Strawhern) Jefferson Co 1897
MacDONALD James Donald 2nd Regt Cav Mattie (Wimberly) Duval Co -- 1906
MacDONELL Augustus O. lst Regt Inf Nassau Co -- 1907
MacDONELL Thaddeus Alfred lst Regt Inf Susan (Pelot) Duval Co -- 1907
MACKEY Andrew Jackson Home Guard Escambia Co -- 1933 09 pg8
MacLEOD John Bradley lst Regt Cav Leon Co -- 1900
MACON J.H. pension by Legislative Act Escambia Co -- 1929
MADDEN D.R. Alabama Matilda (Hutto) Walton Co -- 1900
MADDOX George C. (See A04916)
MADDOX George C. Georgia Louise (Hughes) Jackson Co -- 1907
MADDOX Thomas J. Georgia Martha A. (--) DeSoto Co -- 1904
MAER William E. lst Regt Inf Resv Rebecca (Ashby) Calhoun Co -- 1902
MAGILL Robert J. South Carolina Mattie (Lining) Duval Co -- 1908
MAGILL William J. Georgia Mary (Percival) Dade Co -- 1910
MAGRUDER William Henry Alabama Mattie (Moore) Manatee Co -- 1917
MAHON David D. Sr. Georgia DeSoto Co -- 1901
MAHON Robert Carter Virginia Franklin Co -- 1907
MAHONEY James S. (See A04119)
MAHONEY James S. South Carolina Kate (Wideman) Lake Co -- 1909
MAINER Iverson Alabama Caroline (Holley) Washington Co -- 1908
MAINOR Iverson (See A02757)
MAINOR John W. Georgia Nancy (Langley) Bay Co -- 1915
MAJORS Daniel Alabama Escambia Co -- 1904
MAJORS Daniel M. (See A04470)
MAJORS Daniel M. Alabama Susan (Francis) Escambia Co -- 1904
MALLAND William W. Alabama Lake Co -- 1902
MALLARD W.S. Georgia Phoebe (Morrall) Alachua Co -- 1937
MALLETTE William Barnard (See A02381)
MALLETTE William Barnard 9th Regt Inf Lucretia (Hinely) Duval Co -- 1910
MALLORY William C. North Carolina Bettie (Jones) Suwannee Co -- 1903
MALLORY William S. (See A10438 & A04920)
MALLORY William S. (See A10438 & A06693)
MALLORY William S. North Carolina Lula (Ervin)(Blocker) Duval Co -- 1916
MALONE Drewry 15th Conf Cav Elizabeth (--) Madison Co -- 1903
MALONE Ephraim (See A01947)
MALONE Ephraim 15th Conf Cav Mary (Dockens) Escambia Co -- 1903
MALONE Ephriam . 15th Conf Cav Escambia Co -- 1900
MALPHURS James E. (See A01733)
MALPHURS James E. lst Regt Cav Mary (Ford) Alachua Co -- 1902
MALPHURS Jesse lst Bttn Spc Cav Volusia Co -- 1906
MALPHURS John Robinson 9th Regt Inf Alachua Co 1889
MALPHURS Joseph W. Arty Units Alachua Co 1889
MALPHUS William F. 2nd Regt Inf Bradford Co 1887
MANEY David D. Tennessee Hillsborough Co -- 1916
MANGHAM John w. Georgia Sophronia (Smith) Pinellas Co -- 1913
MANGUM A.B. Alabama Alice (Brown) Escambia Co -- 1929
MANLEY David B. (See A10456)
MANLEY David B. Virginia Nellie (Williams) Orange Co -- 1907
MANLY James M. 8th Regt Inf Polk Co 1887
MANN Archabald J. 7th Regt Inf Nicey (--) Polk Co -- 1907
MANN Benjamin D. 7th Regt Inf Sinda (Taylor) Polk Co 1896
MANN Charles George (See A02878)
MANN Charles George Kentucky Mary (McDermott) Nassau Co -- 1907
MANN David N. South Carolina Eliza (--) Hillsborough Co -- 1906
MANN Elbert Francis lst Regt Inf Resv Nassau Co -- 1907
MANN James A. 9th Regt Inf Ellen (Fincher) Sumter Co 1899
MANN W.W. Georgia Nettie (Maura) Escambia Co -- 1905
MANNING George Washington 9th Regt Inf Edna Jane (Parrott) Bradford Co -- 1903 8 pg
MANNING George Washington 9th Regt Inf Jane (--) Bradford Co -- 1901
MANNING James Georgia Duval Co -- 1915
MANNING John M. Georgia Wade (Foxnell) Madison Co -- 1907
MANNING Moses 7th Regt Inf Volusia Co i9O7
MANNING Stephens J. 15th Conf Cav Okaloosa Co -- 1922
MANSELL Thomas F. (See A02005)
MANSELL Thomas F. Home Guard Hannah (Sparkman) Bradford Co -- 1907
MANUCY John 3rd Regt Inf Dyonisia (Garrido) St Johns Co -- 1907
MANUCY Mark 3rd Regt Inf Evelina (Masters) St Johns Co -- 1904
MARCUM Andrew J. 3rd Regt Inf Columbia Co -- 1901
MARCUM Charles A. Georgia Susan (Newmans) Columbia Co -- 1902
MARCUM Henry Clark lst Bttn Spc Cav Mary (Dooberly) Columbia Co -- 1908
MARCUM Reuben Levi lst Regt Cav Columbia Co -- 1907
MARCUS Henry Clark (See A02537)
MARCY Stephen P. Mississippi Citrus Co -- 1910
MARKEY Adam L. 2nd Regt Cav Mattie (Brown) Bradford Co -- 1907
MARKEY John Henry 7th Regt Inf Alachua Co -- 1901
MARKEY Thomas A. Arty Units Charity (Cane) Taylor Co 1897
MARKS Charles Ferdinand 2nd Regt Cav Mary (Stewart) Franklin Co -- 1907
MARKS Richard H. Georgia Ethel (Clayton) Seminole Co -- 1915
MARLER Elisha Georgia Sarah (Lancaster) Washington Co -- 1909
MARLOW Henry Robert (See A10182)
MARLOW Henry Robert lst Regt Inf Resv Sallie (Lovelady) Gadsden Co -- 1913
MARLOW John S. 2nd Regt Inf Hamilton Co -- 1907
MARLOW Thomas C. (See A02185)
MARLOW Thomas C. Arty Units Mary (McClane) Marion Co -- 1903
MARQUIS Frank (See A10108)
MARQUIS Frank Mississippi Elizabeth (Kilpatrick) Escambia Co 1899
MARSH George W. Georgia Sarah (Maddox) DeSoto Co -- 1916
MARSH Jim T. Home Guard Mary (Geiger) Marion Co -- 1904
MARSH Joseph Taylor (See A02389)
MARSH Joseph Taylor lst Regt Inf Resv Elizabeth (Bellamy) Sumter Co -- 1908
MARSH Moses 2nd Regt Cav Cora (Bracey) Volusai Co -- 1907
MARSH Reuben 2nd Regt Cav Mary (--) Volusia Co -- 1907
MARSH Reuben 5th Bttn Cav Nancy (--) Sumter Co -- 1904
MARSHALL Benjamin Louisiana Sarah (Rossetter) Orange Co -- 1909
MARSHALL Daniel M. (See A04535
MARSHALL Daniel M. Alabama Mildred (Cannon) Polk Co -- 1902
MARSHALL John R-. North Carolina Lee Co -- 1916
MARSHALL John R. Arkansas Polk Co 1899
MARSHALL William H. 15th Conf Cav Fannie (Copp) Manatee Co -- 1909
MARSHALL William J. South Carolina Hillsborough Co -- 1908
MARSTON James C. lst Regt Cav Mittie (--) Levy Co -- 1907
MARSTON John W. 9th Regt Inf Mary (--) Hillsborough Co -- 1902
MARTAIN George W. 3rd Regt Inf Nancy (--) Madison Co 1897
MARTAIN Robert M. South Carolina Ida (Deoring) Alachua Co -- 1900
MARTIN Abram A. South Carolina Annie (Calcock) Marion Co -- 1907
MARTIN Alexander Calvin 2nd Regt Inf Duval Co -- 1908
MARTIN Charles F. 2nd Regt Cav Melvina (Townsend) Columbia Co -- 1903
MARTIN Duncan South Carolina Santa Rosa Co -- 1908
MARTIN Edward R. Alabama Pearlie (Coley) Jackson Co -- 1906
MARTIN Fletcher Burr Tennessee Edith (Batey) Ijillsborough Co -- 1936
MARTIN Frank M. South Carolina Madison Co -- 1904
MARTIN G.A.C. (See A10549)
MARTIN G.A.c. Home Guard Maud (Jones) Gilchrist Co -- 1941
MARTIN George W. (See A01836)
MARTIN George W. lst Regt Cav Elizabeth (Alford) Alachua Co -- 1906
MARTIN Harmon C. Texas Elizabeth (Carlton) Marion Co -- 1907
MARTIN Isham Georgia Sallie (Whidden) DeSoto Co -- 1910
MARTIN Jabez 2nd Regt Cav Martha (--) Gadsden Co -- 1907
MARTIN James D. Alabama A. (Edmonson) Polk Co -- 1908
MARTIN James P. Arty Units Madison Co -- 1907
MARTIN James S. 9th Regt Inf Rachel (Tompkins) Alachau Co -- 1901
MARTIN Jeremiah 6th Regt Inf Margaret Mariah (--) Gadsden Co 1898
MARTIN Jerremiah J. 6th Regt Inf Margarett (Ferrell) Gadsden Co -- 1904
MARTIN John Angus (See A02386)
MARTIN John Angus lst Regt Inf Resv Mary (Gilbert) Jackson Co -- 1907
MARTIN John B. Alabama Polk Co -- 1907
MARTIN John B. Home Guard Jackson Co -- 1913
MARTIN John C. Alabama Jackson Co -- 1923
MARTIN John M. 9th Regt Inf Sallie (Waldo) Marion Co -- 1907
MARTIN John R. (See A02264)
MARTIN John R. 6th Regt Inf Ellen (Duncan) Washington Co -- 1901
MARTIN John U. 9th Regt Inf Citrus Co 1899
MARTIN John Ulric (See A01687)
MARTIN John Ulric 9th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Brinson) Citrus Co -- 1907
MARTIN John W. (See A02274)
MARTIN John W. (See A02332)
MARTIN John W. Mississippi Irene (Ayres) Calhoun Co -- 1902
MARTIN John Wesley Georgia Jefferson Co -- 1903
MARTIN M.A. Georgia Mary (McQuaig) Brevard Co -- 1904
MARTIN Martin L. lst Regt Inf Resv Gadsden Co -- 1907
MARTIN Robert C. llth Regt Inf Alachua Co -- 1906
MARTIN Robert M. (See A04923)
MARTIN Samuel lst Regt Inf Resv Martha (Whitley) Jefferson Co 1899
MARTIN Samuel M. 15th Conf Cav Frankie (--) Suwannee Co -- 1922
MARTIN W.H. Georgia Theodosia (Wombles) Holmes Co -- 1921
MARTIN Wiley F. Alabama Walton Co -- 1909
MARTIN William E. 9th Regt Inf Marion Co -- 1907
MARTIN William Georgia Louisa (Adams) Alachua Co -- 1901
MARTIN William M. Alabama Amarintha (Loyall) Marion Co -- 1907
MARTIN Wilmer (See A02647)
MARTIN Wilmer 2nd Bttn Inf Martha (Burke) Pasco Co -- 1913
MARTIN Zachariah lst Bttn Spc Cav Mary (Nipper) Hillsborough Co -- 1933
MARTINH.C. Tennessee Allie (Cottrell) Lafayette Co -- 1908
MARVIN Joseph South Carolina Annie (Bailey) Putnam Co -- 1911
MARZYCK Joseph South Carolina Duval Co -- 1904
MASHBURN Richard B. 6th Regt Inf Washington Co -- 1903
MASHBURN William F. (See A02553)
MASHBURN William F. 2nd Regt Cav Sarah (Smith) Jackson Co -- 1907
MASON B.F. (See A02158)
MASON B.F. lst Regt Inf Rachel (Johnson) Escambia Co -- 1913
MASON Camilus A. (See A04096)
MASON Camilus A. Georgia Sarah (Chapman) Citrus Co -- 1904
MASON Henry M. Alabama Okaloosa Co -- 1931
MASON Isaac Alvin Kentucky Lucy (Campbell) Pinellas Co
MASON John H. Alabama Lavenia (Roberson) Santa Rosa Co -- 1916
MASON Thomas Jefferson (See A10431)
MASON Thomas Jefferson Alabama Sara (Minter) Manatee Co -- 1919
MASON William H. 9th Regt Inf Martha (Fleming) Marion Co -- 1901
MASON William W. 9th Regt Inf Martha (--) Marion Co -- 1901
MASSEY Bartlett F. South Carolina Alachua Co -- 1906
MASSEY Daniel D. Georgia Jefferson Co -- 1902
MASSEY John W. (See A04169)
MASSEY John W. Tennessee Clifford (Thomas) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
MASSEY John William Tennessee Hillsborough Co -- 1908
MASSEY William O. (See A04532)
MASSEY William O. Alabama Fannie (Phillips) Marion Co -- 1907
MAST David H. North Carolina Ellie (Wallace) Hillsborough Co -- 1930
MASTERS Bartola 2nd Regt Inf Virginia (Flynn) Duval Co 1888
MASTERS Benjamin Arty Units Mary (Schill) Clay Co -- 1907
MASTERS Bernard A. Georgia St Johns Co -- 1907
MASTERS Cassemero lst Regt Inf St Johns Co -- 1907
MASTERS D.S. 3rd Regt Inf St Johns Co -- 1904
MASTERS Joseph E. 3rd Regt Inf Antonia (--) St Johns Co -- 1901
MASTERS Lawrence A. 7th Regt Inf Melvina (--) Hillsborough Co 1897
MASTERS Peter B. (See A02472)
MASTERS Peter B. 2nd Regt Inf Mary (Pacetti) St Johns Co -- 1908
MASTERS Peter C. 3rd Regt Inf St Johns Co -- 1904
MASTERS Williams Virginia Martha (Massie) Dade Co -- 1926
MATCHETT Francis Marion Home Guard Alachua Co -- 1908 --
MATCHETT John W. 7th Regt Inf Hillsborough Co -- 1901
MATCHETT Levi Thomas 9th Regt Inf Marion Co -- 1903
MATHERS Augustus H. (See A01618)
MATHERS Augustus H. 4th Regt. Elizabeth (Merry) Hillsborough Co
MATHERS Jacharias lst Regt Cav Mary (Mills) Polk Co -- 1907
MATHERS Stephen W. 5th Bttn Cav Isabella (Green) Wakulla Co -- 1904
MATHERS Thomas Arty Units Madison Co 1897
MATHES Benjamin Newton Tennessee Nannie '(Chandler) Leon Co -- 1907
MATHESON James Douglas South Carolina Alachua Co -- 1907
MATHEWS Daniel G. Georgia Frances (McGee) Washington Co -- 1908
MATHEWS David Georgia Nancy (Davis) Lake Co -- 1905
MATHEWS E. Georgia Polk Co -- 1904
MATHEWS Ezekiel Georgia Clemmie (Lee) Seminole Co -- 1907
MATHEWS Henry Allen Georgia Polk Co -- 1903
MATHEWS John (See A02748)
MATHEWS John 15th Conf Cav Lizzie (Finch) Jackson Co -- 1907
MATHEWS John J. 5th Regt Inf Mary (Cowan) Calhoun Co -- 1903
MATHEWS John W. Arty Units Julia (Marshall) Putnam Co -- 1917
MATHEWS Joseph C. 2nd Regt Cav Marion Co -- 1907
MATHEWS Mathew (See A02454)
MATHEWS Mathew 3rd Regt Inf Mary (--) Suwannee Co -- 1907
MATHEWS Sidney S. Georgia Jefferson Co 1899
MATHEWS Soloman 8th Regt Inf Margaret (McDaniel) Gadsden Co -- 1904
MATHEWS W.A. Alabama Okaloosa Co -- 1921
MATHEWS William C. lst Bttn Spc Cav Josephine (Roberts) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
MATHEWS William L. 6th Regt Inf Mary F. (--) Gadsden Co -- 1900
MATHIAS John Alexander 6th Regt Inf Washington Co -- 1907
MATHIAS John lst Regt Cav Baker Co -- 1901
MATHIS B.D. North Carolina Walton Co -- 1916
MATHIS David L. 5th Regt Inf Winifred (Rye) Suwannee Co -- 1901
MATHIS George M. Tennessee Lena (--) Hillsborough Co -- 1903
MATHIS John E. South Carolina Minnie (Harter) Orange Co -- 1931
MATHIS John H. 2nd Regt Cav Susan (Cash) Taylor Co 1896
MATHIS John J. Georgia Mary (Wood) Calhoun Co -- 1908
MATHIS Joshua Indpt Units Suwannee Co -- 1903
MATHIS M.C. lst Regt Inf Resv Madison Co -- 1904
MATHIS Mathew C. (See A02060)
MATHIS Mathew C. lst Bttn Spc Cav Susan (Bird) Taylor Co 1897
MATHISON J.L. 5th Bttn Cav Gadsden Co -- 1902
MATHISON William C. (See A04449)
MATHISON William C. South Carolina Ola (Mathison) Alachua Co -- 1909
MATTAIR Henry Paul 7th Regt Inf Levy Co -- 1907
MATTAIR John T. 7th Regt Inf Levy Co -- 1902
MATTAIR Maxey Dell Home Guard Hamilton Co -- 1908
MATTAIR Robert Bruce 4th Regt Cav Luvinia (Robinson) Franklin Co -- 1903
MATTAIS Downing 9th Regt Inf Suwannee Co -- 1902
MATTHEWS Benjamin F. (See A04323)
MATTHEWS Benjamin F. Georgia Melvina (Berry) Holmes Co -- 1904
MATTHEWS Burrell F. (See A02933)
MATTHEWS Burrell F. Alabama Nancy (--) Holmes Co -- 1922
MATTHEWS Daniel G. (See A04558)
MATTHEWS Daniel J. Alabama Okaloosa Co -- 1924 --
MATTHEWS Ezekiel (See A04490)
MATTHEWS James H. 4th Regt Inf Pasco Co 1889
MATTHEWS John L. 2nd Regt Cav Talitha (--) Marion Co -- 1903
MATTHEWS Rufus V. pension by Legislative Act no county shown -- 1913
MATTHEWS William D. (See A03970)
MATTHEWS William D. Georgia Sarah (Buffington) Duval Co -- 1907
MATTHEWS William M. 3rd Regt Inf Nancy (Williamson) DeSoto Co -- 1915
MATTHEWSON T. Kentucky Kate (--) Marion Co -- 1939
MATTHIS James T. 2nd Regt Inf Polly A. (--) Taylor Co 1896
MATTHIS John J. Georgia Elizabeth (--) Duval Co -- 1909
MATTHIS Z.L. Georgia Sarah (--) Holmes Co 1899
MATTOX Aaron (See A10333)
MATTOX Aaron Home Guard Julia (Bears) Holmes Co -- 1914
MATTOX Aaron Washington Georgia Bradford Co -- 1907
MATTOX Elijah H. 2nd Regt Cav Columbia Co -- 1906
MATTOX George C. 2nd Regt Cav Columbia Co -- 1907
MATTOX John (See A02575)
MATTOX John Home Guard Cynthia (Boutwell) Holmes Co -- 1914
MAUDLIN W.H. Alabama Josephine (Hamlin) Levy Co -- 1927
MAULL George Edward Georgia Volusia Co -- 1903
MAULL James L. Georgia Mary (Hutchinson) Putnam Co -- 1907
MAULL John W. (Se A04547)
MAULL John W. Georgia Kizziah (Varnes) Putnam Co -- 1907
MAULTSBY Joseph M. 8th Regt Inf Jackson Co -- 1902
MAUND A.M. Georgia Jackson Co -- 1915
MAUND Hardy M. (See A10455)
MAUND Hardy M. Alabama Dore (Smith)(Lanier) Calhoun Co -- 1904
MAUQUIS F.E. Georgia Duval Co -- 1916
MAURA Frank 2nd Regt Inf Escambia Co -- 1907
MAURA Joseph E. Home Guard June (Brooks) Escambia Co -- 1907
MAXWELL D.B. 2nd Regt Cav Leon Co -- 1902
MAXWELL Daniel L. (See A04312)
MAXWELL Daniel L. Georgia Laura (Johnson) Gadsden Co -- 1907
MAXWELL David Elvell lst Regt Cav Sarah (Maxwell) Duval Co -- 1908
MAXWELL Geoge W. 15th Conf Cav Evaline (Long) Levy Co -- 1913
MAXWELL George W. (See A02065)
MAXWELL John W. 2nd Regt Cav Martha (Reeves) Leon Co -- 1901
MAXWELL Richard B. lst Regt Cav Leila (Morgan) Leon Co -- 1902
MAY George A. Arty Units Sarah (--) Taylor Co -- 1903
MAY James F. (See A04503)
MAY James F. Alabama Frances (Motes) Santa Rosa Co -- 1915
MAY Joseph U. Indpt Units Monroe Co 1886
MAY Malkison M. 7th Regt Inf Jane (Tyson) Alachua Co -- 1907
MAY Robert C. Alabama Laura (Clarke) Dade Co -- 1907
MAY Thomas J. 2nd Regt Inf Louisa (Hilton) St Johns Co -- 1905
MAY William Louisiana Artia (Loflin) Okeechobee Co -- 1918
MAY William S. lst Regt Inf Resv Jefferson Co -- 1904
MAYO Fredrick B. 15th Conf Cav Sarah (Diamond) Santa Rosa Co -- 1902
MAYO George H. llth Regt Inf Duval Co -- 1903
MAYO James M. North Carolina Florence (Lyon) Marion Co -- 1908
MAYO Joel C. Home Guard Holmes Co -- 1934
MAYO John B. 5th Bttn Cav Christine (Bailey) Jefferson Co -- 1921
MAYO Mark (See A02223)
MAYO Mark 15th Conf Cav Margaret (Jernigan) Escambia Co -- 1907
MAYO Richard D. 6th Regt Inf Matilda (--) Holmes Co 1898
MAYRANT Robert Pringle South Carolina Mary (Lynch) Duval Co -- 1924
MAYS James B. South Carolina Hillsborough Co -- 1907
MAYS Samuel E. South Carolina Hillsborough Co -- 1903
MAYS Samuel Pope (See A01509)
MAYS Samuel Pope 5th Bttn Cav Ann (Garmany) Suwannee Co -- 1907
MAYS Thomas W. 2nd Regt Cav Jefferson Co -- 1907
MAYSON B.W. (See A04914)
MAYSON B.W. South Carolina Josephine (--) Hillsborough Co -- 1908
MAYSON Frank R. 15th Conf Cav Ann (Sizer) Escambia Co -- 1908
MAYTON John E. 6th Regt Inf Gadsden Co -- 1907
McADAMS J.P. 3rd Regt Inf Madison Co 1899
McAILEY John D. 10th Regt Inf Jackson Co -- 1907
McAlister David Smith North Carolina Virginia (Baykin) Bay Co -- 1918
McALISTER Murray C. (See A04519)
McALISTER Murray C. Kentucky Sarah (Wingo) Lake Co -- 1907
McALLISTER John B. Virginia Molly (--) Orange Co -- 1928
McALLISTER John W. (See A04422)
McALLISTER John W. North Carolina Eliza (Robinson) Washington Co -- 1907
McALPIN Daniel M. 2nd Regt Inf Mary (Wood) Suwannnee Co -- 1903
McANALTY F.A. 5th Regt Inf Amanda (Rodgers) Jackson Co -- 1903
McANULTY J.W. 2nd Regt Inf Calhoun Co 1887
McATEER S.J. 2nd Regt Cav Marion Co -- 1901
McAULAY William M. (See A02133)
McAULAY William M. 7th Regt Inf Corrie (McAuley) Polk Co -- 1907
McAULLAY Robert A. 7th Regt Inf Polk Co -- 1902
McBRIDE A. 9th Regt Inf Marion Co -- 1905
McBRIDE James Arty Units DeSoto Co -- 1907
McBRIDE Robert B. Georgia Margaret (Peterson) Volusia Co -- 1918
McBROOM J.C. North Carolina Walton Co -- 1937
McCAA Thomas W. 7th Regt Inf Mary C. (--) Alachua Co -- 1907
McCAIN Julius Caesar 7th Regt Inf Levy Co -- 1920
McCALL Benjamin F. 5th Regt Inf Mary (Stephens) Hamilton Co -- 1907
McCALL George D. Georgia Madison Co -- 1908
McCAll John M. South Carolina Manatee Co -- 1904
McCALL John P. Home Guard Jefferson Co 1899
McCALL Mitchell G. 5th Regt Inf Sarah McC&ll (Wilkerson) Dade Co -- 1935
McCALL Moses N. Georgia Lafayette Co -- 1901
McCALL Robert F. Home Guard Mary (McCarty) Taylor Co -- 1907
McCALL Samuel Alexander (See A02662)
McCALL Samuel Alexander North Carolina Mary (Withers) Escambia Co -- 1908
McCALL Thomas G. 10th Regt Inf Hamilton Co -- 1904
McCALL Thomas J. (See A02147)
McCALL Thomas J. 10th Regt Inf Phoeby (Chancy) Suwannee Co -- 1902
McCALL William F. lst Regt Inf Hillsborough Co -- 1902
McCALL William Henry M. Home Guard DeSoto Co -- 1908
McCALL William Wallace 9th Regt Inf Martha (Dell) Alachua Co -- 1908
McCALLUM Hugh B. South Carolina Elizabeth (Haynesworth) Duval Co -- 1907
McCALLUM W.A. Home Guard Okaloosa Co -- 1931
McCARDELL Joshua 7th Regt Inf Almira (--) Marion Co 1898
McCARDLE Randle Georgia Lee Co 1887
McCARTY Joseph B. Tennessee Lucy (Cottrell) Lafayette Co -- 1908
McCASKILL Edward V. (See A02136)
McCASKILL Edward V. lst Regt Inf Caroline (Jernigan) Santa Rosa Co -- 1907
McCLAMMA John Marion (See A11653)
McCLAMMA John Marion 4th Regt Inf Christiana (--) Madison Co 1894
McCLAMMA Robert W. 4th Regt Inf Mary (Grant) Sumter Co -- 1903
McCLARAN Zephaniah Anthony (See A04925)
McCLARAN Zephaniah Anthony Tennessee Sallie (Fife) Marion Co -- 1908
McCLAY William Duncan 6th Regt Inf Mary (Cropp) Escambia Co -- 1907
McCLELION William Thomas South Carolina Polk Co -- 1914
McCLELLAN Charles Edward 15th Conf Cav Julia (Granger) Jefferson Co -- 1903
McCLELLAN Hiram 2nd Regt Inf Caroline (Wright) Clay Co -- 1905
McCLELLAN J.H. 5th Regt Inf Ellen (Miller) Madison Co -- 1903
McCLELLAN John P.M. (See A10281)
McCLELLAN John P.M. llth Regt Inf Versie (--) Calhoun Co -- 1916
McCLELLAN Joseph L. lst Regt Inf Resv Jefferson Co -- 1907
McCLELLAN Marion Bony (See A10027)
McCLELLAN Marion Bony Georgia Elia (Vason) Calhoun Co -- 1907
McCLELLAN William H. (See A01659)
McCLELLAN William H. 9th Regt Inf Emma (Charles) Suwannee Co -- 1907
McCLELLAN William Riley Georgia Jackson Co -- 1907
McCLELLAND Jerry J. Georgia Catherine (Brady) Madison Co -- 1907
McCLELLAND Jesse lst Bttn Spc Cav Susan (Godwin) Polk Co -- 1908
McCLELLAND John David Georgia Lucinda (--) Lake Co -- 1907
McCLELLAND John L. lst Bttn Spc Cav Martha (Futch) Polk Co -- 1908
McCLELLAND John L. lst Bttn Spc Cav Martha (Futch) Polk Co -- 1922
McCLELLAND Maxfield 7th Regt Inf DeSoto Co -- 1908
McCLELLAND William A. 7th Regt Inf Sabra (--) Polk Co 1097
McCLELLAND William lst Regt Cav Polk Co 1888
McCLENDON John Joiner Kentucky Lake Co -- 1903
McCLENNY C.B. (See A02439)
McCLENNY C.B. 2nd Regt Cav Ada (Darby) Alachua Co -- 1907
McCLENNY Moses Jackson (See A04604)
McCLENNY Moses Jackson Alabama Susan (Walton) Okaloosa Co -- 1916
McCLINTON John H. South Carolina Elmira (Richey) Columbia Co -- 1907
McCLOSKEY James Alabama Mary (O'Neill) Escambia Co -- 1909
McCLURE Alfred Edward Tennessee Volusia Co -- 1907
McCLURE Robert L. 2nd Regt Cav Rhoda (Casey) Marion Co -- 1901
McCLvLLAND James P. 6th Regt Inf Samantha (Mixon) Calhoun Co 1899
McCOLLISTER B. Frank Home Guard Suwannee Co -- 1917
McCOLLOM Ira L. lst Regt Cav Elizabeth (Newman) Sumter Co -- 1901
McCOLLUM Benjamin Franklin (See A02097)
McCOLLUM Benjamin Franklin 4th Regt Inf Augusta (Churchill) Hernanco Co -- 1907
McCOLLUM E.S. 2nd Regt Inf Nancy (--) Leon Co 1097
McCOLLUM Ira L. (See A01709)
McCOLLUM Jordan Georgia Volusia Co -- 1907
McCOLLUM Robert L. lst Regt Inf Walton Co -- 1907
McCONN James H. 2nd Regt Cav Ann (Morrison) Marion Co -- 1911
McCONNELL L.S. Georgia Julia (Vann) Bradford Co -- 1917
McCONNELL Samuel D. 7th Regt Inf Mary E. (--) Duval Co -- 1903
McCOOK S.A. 2nd Regt Cav Lucina (Williams) Sumter Co -- 1908
McCORMACK Ozias Wesley Georgia Pollyann (Harrell) Suwannee Co -- 1905
McCORMICK A.T. llth Regt Inf Janes (Seigui) Duval Co -- 1903
McCORMICK Eli 3rd Regt Inf Mary (--) Madison Co 1899
McCORMICK Frank (See A10149)
McCORMICK Frank Alabama Mary (Anderson) Holmes Co -- 1930
McCORMICK John D. (See A10330)
McCORMICK John D. 10th Regt Inf Bradford Co -- 1907
McCORMICK John D. Alabama Sarah (Hawkins) Duval Co -- 1903
McCORMICK John D. Home Guard Mary (Nelson) Walton Co -- 1930
McCORMICK Matthias M. (See A01903)
McCORMICK Matthias M. 10th Regt Inf Sarah (James) Suwannee Co 1888
McCORMICK William B. 2nd Regt Inf Hester (Wilson) St Johns Co -- 1907
McCOVEY John Georgia Osceola Co -- 1903
McCOY Archie Home Guard Andelina (--) Gadsden Co -- 1907
McCOY Henry C. (See A04373)
McCOY Henry C. Mississippi Bettie (Fountain) Escambia Co -- 1915
McCOY Herbert Alabama Annie (Talley) Hillsborough Co -- 1905
McCOY John J. 2nd Regt Cav Amanda (George) Gadsden Co -- 1907
McCOY Josiah Missouri Bradford Co -- 1906
McCOY Washington Alabama Margaret (Stubbs) Walton Co 1898
McCRANEY Duncan 5th Bttn Cav Marion Co -- 1908
McCRANEY Nathan 7th Regt Inf Luanna (Driggers) Alachua Co -- 1903
McCRARY A. Frank (See A01845)
McCRARY A. Frank 2nd Regt Cav Nancy (Vickers) Jackson Co -- 1908
McCRAY James Jackson Georgia Washington Co -- 1909
McCREDIE David (See A01511)
McCREDIE David 4th Regt Inf Susan (Dominey) Lake Co 1896
McCREDIE James 4th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Wincaff) Alachua Co -- 1902
McCREDIE John 9th Regt Inf Julia (Hay) Marion Co -- 1908
McCREDIE Thomas 2nd Regt Cav Alachua Co -- 1908
McCROAN H.J. Georgia Sarah (Hughes) Jackson Co -- 1907
McCRONIE Eliz Georgia Martha (Bryon) Madison Co 1897
McCULLAGH Thomas R. Alabama Escambia Co 1888
McCULLAR Perry Georgia Caroline (Wastdan) St Johns Co -- 1904
McCULLERS Elijah Seth Allen Georgia DeSoto Co -- 1904
McCULLOCH J.W. 3rd Regt Inf Julia (Warren) Madison Co -- 1916
McCULLOCK Robert S. Virginia Alma (Eveleth) Orange Co -- 1912
McCULLOUGH James David Georgia Mary (Smith) Jackson Co -- 1907
McCULLOUGH John Allen (See A04542)
McCULLOUGH John Allen Alabama Nancy (Holt) Walton Co -- 1908
McCULLOUGH John F. lst Regt Inf Resv Joanna (McDaniel) Madison Co 1897
McCULLY Josiah H. Mississippi Margaret (Harris) Hillsborough Co -- 1910
McCULLY Pearce 3rd Regt Inf Elizabeth (Ninner) Madison Co 1899
McCURDY George Washington 15th Conf Cav Mary (Carnly) Escambia Co -- 1902
McCURDY Joseph Alabama Elizabeth (--) Santa Rosa Co 1897
McCURDY William (See A10518)
McCURDY William Alabama Florence (Morris) Escambia Co -- 1930
McDANIEL Benjamin F. (See A02671)
McDANIEL Benjamin F. llth Regt Inf Charity (Jinks) Gulf Co -- 1907
McDANIEL Duncan 3rd Regt Inf Florida (Sullivan) Madison Co 1888
McDANIEL James Hamilton 4th Regt Inf Margaret (--) Bradford Co -- 1904
McDANIEL John 6th Regt Inf Calhoun Co -- 1927
McDANIEL John Crawford Alabama Okaloosa Co -- 1924
McDANIEL John P. Alabama Washington Co -- 1929
McDANIEL Joseph Home Guard Melissa (Davice) Holmes Co -- 1930
McDANIEL Lumpkin llth Regt Inf Jackson Co -- 1902
McDANIEL Richard F. (See A03960)
McDANIEL Richard F. Alabama Marcella (--) Manatee Co -- 1908
McDANIEL Thomas J. lst Bttn Spc Cav Martha (Willis) Franklin Co -- 1908
McDANIEL Thomas T. lst Bttn Spc Cav Mary (Beoan) Suwannee Co -- 1903
McDANIEL Thomas T. lst Regt Inf Resv Mary (--) Suwannee Co 1899
McDANIEL William Georgia Julia (Kinsey) Taylor Co 1899
McDANIEL William South Carolina Martha (Wood) Suwanee Co -- 1901
McDANIELS H.N. South Carolina Putnam Co -- 1915
McDAVID Aster (See A02022)
McDAVID Aster 10th Regt Inf Susan (Jones) Alachua Co -- 1905
McDAVID N.A. South Carolina Marion Co -- 1902
McDAVID Richmond Marion Alabama Annie (Young) Escambia Co -- 1907
McDEASMID Duncan Home Guard Sarah (--) Gadsden Co -- 1907
McDERMITT Hiram 9th Regt Inf Armanda (Crenshaw) Sumter Co 1899
McDERMITT John 3rd Regt Inf Theresa (--) Jefferson Co -- 1900
McDERMOTT Phillip Felix Georgia Osceola Co 1898
McDONALD A.W. Tennessee Sarah (Gracy) Palm Beach Co -- 1921
McDONALD Allen C. FL Inf & SC Units Elizabeth (Rigdon) Walton Co -- 1909
McDONALD Archibald Home Guard Walton Co -- 1907
McDONALD Daniel Georgia Poliie (Neesmith) Hillsborough Co -- 1901
McDONALD Daniel P. 6th Regt Inf Sarah (Campbell) Walton Co 1889
McDONALD Daniel P. 6th Regt Inf Walton Co 1886
McDONALD Edward 9th Regt Inf Alachua Co -- 1900
McDONALD Edward Wayne (See A04040)
McDONALD Edward Wayne Georgia Epsa (Smith) Marion Co -- 1907
McDONALD J.R. Alabama Hillsborough Co -- 1907
McDONALD James A. 5th Bttn Cav Ellen (Whittle) Gadsden Co -- 1905
McDONALD James Alexander North Carolina Bradford Co -- 1909
McDONALD James Bryant lst Regt Inf Mary (Collins) Duval Co -- 1905
McDONALD James M. lst Regt Inf Resv Sufonia (Whittier) Madison Co -- 1908
McDONALD John McLean Alabama Holmes Co -- 1907
McDONALD Norman M. lst Regt Inf Walton Co 1893
McDONALD Norman W. lst Regt Inf Resv Madison Co -- 1907
McDONALD Peter P. lst Regt Inf Nancy (--) Walton Co 1899
McDONALD Randall (See A10158)
McDONALD Randall lst Regt Inf Resv Susan (McLeod) Hamilton Co -- 1907
McDONALD Thomas Park (See A10100)
McDONALD Thomas Park Georgia Sarah (Ellis) Gadsden Co -- 1904
McDONALD William Alabama Holmes Co -- 1907
McDONALD William L. (See A02266)
McDONALD William L. lst Regt Inf Resv Walton Co -- 1907
McDONALD William P. 6th Regt Inf Laura W. (--) Gadsden Co -- 1902
McDONELL George F. Home Guard Levy Co -- 1907
McDONNELL Edwin A. Home Guard Levy Co -- 1907
McDOUGAL Arch N. lst Regt Inf Resv Epsy (--) Gadsden Co 1898
McDOUGAL James Thomas Mississippi DeSoto Co -- 1919
McDOUGALD Duncan A. Home Guard Lou (Strickland) Gadsden Coy -- 1907
McDOWELL Alexander North Carolina Franklin Co -- 1915
McDUFFEE Martain A. Alabama Holmes Co -- 1906
McDUFFEE William H. Home Guard Holmes Co -- 1929
McDUFFEY James lst Regt Inf Resv DeSoto Co -- 1912
McDUFFIE William Alabama Charity (Taylor) Holmes Co -- 1904
McEACHERN Robert S. Mississippi Cecil (Grigsby) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
McEADDY William J. 2nd Regt Inf Kizannah (Hardin) Lake Co -- 1904
McELRAY Frank N. Alabama Levy Co -- 1901
McELROY Albert D. 5th Bttn Cav Gadsden Co -- 1904
McELROY Charles Wesley Alabama Alachua Co -- 1907
McELVEEN D.F. South Carolina Levy Co -- 1926
McELVEY Henry Lawson Georgia Sarah (--) Gadsden Co -- 1906
McELVEY Lawson G. 5th Bttn Cav Jessie (Smith) Alachua Co -- 1907
McEVERS Joseph C. 9th Regt Inf Sarah (Lumpkins) Alachua Co -- 1901
McEWEN James M. Alabama Nancey (--) Lake Co 1898
McEWEN Robert G. 9th Regt Inf Belle (Wooten) Marion Co -- 1901
McEWEN William A. 9th Regt Inf Louisa (Warren) DeSoto Co -- 1907
McFARLIN Aaron Washington Georgia Agnes (Denmark) Jefferson Co -- 1908
McGEACHY Alexander Currie North Carolina Charlotte (Rozier) Washington Co -- 1913
McGEACHY Edward C. (See A01165)
McGEACHY Edward C. 9th Regt Inf Elva (Stringer) Hernando Co 1897
McGEE James A. Alabama Josephine (Hollis) DeSoto Co -- 1913
McGEHEE Marcus (See A02689)
McGEHEE William Pelham Louisiana Sarah (Patterson) Alachua Co -- 1925
McGHEE Marcus Georgia Martha (Brinson) DeSoto Co -- 1903
McGHINN Henry (See A02351)
McGHINN Henry 10th Regt Inf Helen (Hall) Hamilton Co -- 1902
McGILL Franklin Hardiman Alabama Hillsborough Co -- 1907
McGILVRAY John North Carolina Pasco Co -- 1904
McGOWAN Alexander Alabama I.R. (-- )Holmes Co 1899
McGOWAN D.L. lst Regt Inf Georgia (Rucker) Levy Co 1887
McGOWAN Jasper Newton 10th Regt Inf Levy Co -- 1907
McGOWAN John R. Alabama Emma (Moore) Duval Co -- 1914
McGRATH J. Robert (See A02559)
McGRATH Robert Indp Units Sarah (Roddenberry) Levy Co -- 1918
McGREGOR Augustus S. Georgia Polk Co -- 1905
McGREW John C. (See A04234)
McGREW) John C. Alabama Marie (Parker) Alachua Co -- 1902
McGRIFF P.A. Georgia Susan (Harvin) Leon Co -- 1903
McGUIN Cornelius M. Georgia Elizabeth (--) Madison Co
McGUIRE John J. North Carolina Annie (Coneley) Escambia Co -- 1915
McILVAINE Frank D. llth Regt Inf Sarah (Ellis) Alachua Co -- 1909
McILWAIN Ephraim Mississippi Mary (Douglas) Hardee Co -- 1923
McINNES Peter McGregor South Carolina Martha (Gardner) Duval Co -- 1930
McINNIS Hillard lst Regt Cav Polk Co -- 1902
McINNIS John C. South Carolina Hillsborough Co -- 1906
McINTOSH Archibald North Carolina Marion Co -- 1915
McINTOSH Augustus L. lst Regt Inf Resv Virginia (--) Jackson Co -- 1901
McINTOSH J.D. 4th Regt Inf Gadsden Co -- 1901
McINTOSH Joseph A. (See A01753)
McINTOSH Joseph A. 2nd Regt Cav Florida (MurbeeO Nassau Co -- 1903
McINTOSH Thomas I. (See A02954)
McINTOSH Thomas I. Georgia Sallie (Groover) Hillsborough Co -- 1914
McINTOSH W.M. Qtr Mstr Corps Sarah (Durham) Leon Co -- 1908
McINTOSH W.R. 2nd Regt Cav Alachua Co -- 1902
McINTYRE W.O. llth Regt Inf Conrade (Dohlean) Duval Co -- 1908
McIVER Abner N. lst Regt Inf Margaret A. (Zulawsky) Duval Co -- 1902
McIVER Colin G. lst Regt Inf Walton Co -- 1902
McIVER John L. 6th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Floyd) Duval Co -- 1907
McJUNKINS Thomas (See A01710)
McJUNKINS Thomas 5th Bttn Cav Elizabeth (Thomas) Gadsden Co -- 1907
McKAY Donald S. (See A02061)
McKAY Donald s. lst Bttn Spc Cav Mattie (Hayden) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
McKAY James (See A02618)
McKAY James 4th Regt Inf Lillian (Warren) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
McKAY John Angus 7th Regt Inf Mary (--) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
McKAY William W. Georgia Jackson Co -- 1907
McKEE Benjamin David llth Regt Inf Virginia (Bundy) Osceola Co -- 1907
McKEE Daniel Alabama Jackson Co 1897
McKEITHAN Thomas J. North Carolina Hamilton Co -- 1907
McKEITHAN Washington J. 4th Regt Inf Washington Co -- 1908
McKENDREE James lst Regt Cav Nassau Co -- 1903
McKENEN William Home Guard Jackson Co -- 1907
McKENNON Robert Augustine Georgia Lee Co -- 1907
McKENZIE George T. South Carolina Jefferson Co -- 1904
McKENZIE John T. pension application missing
McKENZIE John W. Georgia Volusia Co -- 1908
McKENZIE William P. South Carolina Martha (Carraway) Wakulla Co -- 1908
McKeown Christopher W. 9th Regt Inf Hernando Co -- 1901
McKEOWN Leroy 9th Regt Inf Nancy (--) Hernando Co -- 1907
McKINLEY Robert C.C. North Carolina Duval Co -- 1915
McKINNEY Alfred Jefferson lst Regt Inf Resv Bradford Co -- 1907
McKINNEY Charles G. Home Guard Lee Co -- 1908
McKINNEY Charles J. 7th Regt Inf Sidney (Sapp) Sumter Co -- 1902
McKINNEY George W. Virginia Columbia Co -- 1901
McKINNEY Henry C. lst Regt Inf Resv Hernando Co -- 1907
McKINNEY James S. (See A10580)
McKINNEY James S. Alabama Eliza F. (--) Walton Co -- 1914
McKINNEY James W. (See A02482)
McKINNEY James W. 8th Regt Inf Nancy (Newton) Polk Co -- 1902
McKINNEY John H. Alabama Hattie (Proctor) Marion Co -- 1906
McKINNEY Madison lst Regt Inf Resv Sylvania (Stafford) Lafayette Co -- 1903
McKINNEY Matthew L. (See A02588)
McKINNEY Matthew L. 7th Regt Inf Mary (Dekle) Bradford Co -- 1907
McKINNEY Richard C. 9th Regt Inf Lonisa (White) Hernando Co -- 1907
McKINNEY Robert C. (See A10339)
McKINNEY Robert C. Indpt Units Sarah (--) Henry Co -- 1927
McKINNON Alexander D. lst Regt Inf Walton Co -- 1907
McKINNON Allan Dugle lst Regt Cav Eula (Wilson) Bay Co -- 1939
McKINNON Daniel Love (See A02563)
McKINNON Daniel Love lst Regt Inf Mary (Attaway) Jackson Co -- 1907
McKINNON John (See A01563)
McKINNON John lst Regt Cav Mary (Gillis) Walton Co -- 1907
McKINNON Neil I. lst Regt Inf Louisa (Kennedy) Walton Co -- 1902
McKINNON Neil J. llth Regt Inf Walton Co -- 1907
McKINNON Patrick W. Georgia Martha (Anderson) Leon Co -- 1915
McKINNON Thomas J. Georgia Corine (Walker) Dade Co 1887
McKINSTRY James Fletcher (See A02706)
McKINSTRY James Fletcher 7th Regt Inf Isabel (McCall) Alachua Co -- 1907
McKNIGHT John W. South Carolina Margaret (Venters) Bradford Co -- 1914
McKNIGHT Prince lst Bttn Spc Cav Hillsborough Co -- 1908
McKNIGHT Thomas R. South Carolina Orange Co -- 1924
McLAINE Thomas 7th Regt Inf Marion Co 1899
McLANE George W. Alabama DeSoto Co -- 1907
McLARTY George W. Georgia Mattie (Webb) Volusia Co -- 1928
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Alabama Mary (McCloud) Escambia Co -- 1905
McLAUGHLIN Henry 10th Regt Inf Osceola Co -- 1902
McLAUGHLIN John lst Regt Inf Mary (--) St Lucie Co -- 1909
McLAUGHLIN John pension by Legislative Act Mary (--) Okeechobee Co -- 1929
McLEAN James N. (See A02694)
McLEAN James North Carolina Fannie (Oesterreicher) Walton Co -- 1921
McLEAN John 6th Regt Inf Elizabeth (--) Holmes Co -- 1900
McLEAN John G. Home Guard Emma (--) Walton Co -- 1908
McLEAN John Love lst Regt Inf Walton Co -- 1907
McLEAN Malcom P. lst Regt Inf Walton Co 1898
McLEAN William C. Alabama Walton Co -- 1907
McLEAN William C.M. Alabama Flora (--) Walton Co -- 1916
McLEAN William D. (See A04380)
McLEAN William D. Mississippi Helen (McDonald) Walton Co -- 1908
McLEARY Frederick S. 4th Regt Inf Mary (Holland) Duval Co 1896
McLENDON David Willis Georgia Lake Co -- 1907
McLENDON R.P. Georgia widown Missouri (--) Dade Co -- 1908
McLENNAN John C. Alabama Lizzie (Hood) Holmes Co -- 1940
McLEOD Alexander B. (See A02894)
McLEOD Alexander B. lst Regt Inf Dora (Lundy) Walton Co -- 1901
McLEOD Alexander lst Regt Cav Jane (Hiers) Levy Co -- 1907
McLEOD Andrew J. Georgia Suwannee Co -- 1907
McLEOD David 10th Regt Inf Mary (Taylor) Madison Co -- 1903
McLEOD Duncan G. 6th Regt Inf Walton Co -- 1907
McLEOD H.W. (See A02254)
McLEOD H.W. 3rd Regt Inf Estelle (Baker) Madison Co -- 1902
McLEOD Hiram A. 4th Regt Inf Manatee Co -- 1907
McLEOD J.F. 7th Regt Inf Hillsborough Co 1898
McLEOD John A. South Carolina Jackson Co -- 1907
McLEOD John B. (See A02257)
McLEOD John B. 7th Regt Inf Frances (Simmons) Hamilton Co 1899
McLEOD John F. Alabama Suwannee Co 1897
McLEOD Norman B. (See A02076)
McLEOD Robert H. 2nd Regt Cav Adaline (Lynch) Duval Co -- 1904
McLEOD Roderick Donald (See A10131)
McLEOD Roderick Donald Georgia Mattie (Norris) Wakulla Co -- 1908
McLEOD William 7th Regt Inf Manatee Co -- 1908
McLEOD William B. lst Regt Inf Mary (Anderson) Walton Co -- 1907
McLEOD William H.H. (See 02082)
McLEOD William M. lst Regt Inf Manatee Co -- 1901
McLEOD Z.O. (See A04478)
McLEOD Z.O. Georgia Winford (Quinn) Madison Co 1887
McLEODS Neill (See A04569)
McLEODS Neill Georgia Arretta (Ange) Polk Co -- 1903
McLEON Norman B. lst Regt Inf Georgiana (Lockler) Manatee Co -- 1907
McLEON William H.H. 2nd Regt Inf Cerule (Zipperes) Hamilton Co -- 1907
McLIN Newton B. 10th Regt Inf Louise (McNair)(Olmstead) Alachua Co -- 1917
McMANAMAN Edward Franklin Kentucky Emeline (Thompson) Duval Co -- 1916
McMANUS A. South Carolina Mary (Cribbs) Duval Co -- 1928
McMATH H. llth Regt Inf Hillsborough Co -- 1933
McMEEKIN Francis Marion 9th Regt Inf Harriet (Johnson) Duval Co -- 1903
McMillan Angus M. 6th Regt Inf Emaline (Kirkland) Washington Co -- 1902
McMILLAN Archibald (See A01520)
McMILLAN Archibald 2nd Regt Cav Fannie (Shepard) Gadsden Co -- 1901
McMILLAN David D. lst Regt Inf Resv Mary (Bain) Jackson Co -- 1907
McMILLAN John 2nd Regt Cav Gadsden Co -- 1903
McMILLAN Neil Archibald North Carolina Citrus Co -- 1909
McMILLAN Richard C. 3rd Regt Inf Wakulla Co -- 1901
McMILLAN William James North Carolina Polk Co -- 1911
McMILLIAN Nathon Georgia Polk Co -- 1917
McMULLAN Francis Marion Virginia Cora (Quinn) Pinellas Co -- 1932
McMULLEN Bethel (See A10531)
McMULLEN Bethel lst Bttn Spc Cav Nannie (Taylor) Hillsborough Co -- 1909
McMULLEN Daniel lst Bttn Spc Cav Margaret A. (--) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
McMULLEN David 2nd Regt Inf Lucy R. (--) Polk Co 1898
McMULLEN David J. 10th Regt Inf Martha (Stranol) Madison Co -- 1903
McMULLEN Henry C. 2nd Regt Inf Mary L. (--) Clay Co 1896
McMULLEN Henry Putnam Georgia Washington Co -- 1909
McMULLEN John D. (See A02119)
McMULLEN John D. Home Guard Sarah (Cox) Pinellas Co -- 1907
McMULLEN Thomas J. 2nd Regt Cav Polk Co 1899
McMURRAY John Mississippi Martha (Trainor) Duval Co -- 1908
McNAB D.L. Alabama Eliza (--) Dade Co -- 1905
McNABB James W. Arty Units Citrus Co -- 1905
McNABB Joshua N.G. (See A00190)
McNABB Joshua N.G. Arty Units Martha (Garrard) Polk Co -- 1902
McNAIR Francis M. 2nd Regt Cav Sarah (--) Columbia Co 1898
McNAIR W.H. Home Guard Alachua Co -- 1935
McNATT William James (See A02561)
McNATT William James Home Guard Elizabeth (McKinney) Pasco Co -- 19097
McNEAL Samuel B. 6th Regt Inf Frances (Paramore) Suwannee Co -- 1921
McNEALY Adam Home Guard Lavinia (--) Jackson Co -- 1908
McNEALY Charles 15th Conf Cav Hillsborough Co -- 1911
McNEALY George W. (See A02877)
McNEALY George W. 8th Regt Inf Sarah (Martin) Jackson Co -- 1907
McNEIL J.B. Georgia Franklin Co -- 1903
McNEIL James lst Regt Inf Pasco Co -- 1905
McNEILL John Brown (See A10056)
McNEILL John Brown North Carolina Hagar (Parnell) Osceola Co -- 1928
McNEILL Laughlin 3rd Regt Inf Henrietta (Caruthers) Lee Co -- 1908
McNELTY William J. South Carolina & Navy Elizabeth (Briffington) Duval Co -- 1907
McPAUL Hamilton 6th Regt Inf Malissa (Criswell) Gadsden Co 1887
McPHALL Niell L. 5th Regt Inf Liberty Co -- 1901
McPHAUL John D. (See A02777)
McPHAUL John D. lst Regt Inf Resv Elizabeth (Hubbard) Gadsden Co -- 1907
McPHAUL Neil L. 5th Regt Inf Rachel (Hubbard) Gadsden Co -- 1907
McPHERSON Alexander 6th Regt Inf Gadsden Co -- 1907
McPHERSON Archibald 6th Regt Inf Deborah (Edenfield) Jackson Co 1899
McPHERSON Colin lst Regt Inf Emily (--) Calhoun Co 1899
McPHERSON Colin lst Regt Inf Emily (Land) Gadsden Co -- 1907
McPHERSON James 6th Regt Inf Gadsden Co -- 1905
McPHERSON John H. North Carolina Hillsborough Co -- 1906
McPHERSON Thomas J. lst Regt Inf Resv Hernando Co -- 1908
McQUAGGE Murdock Gillis Home Guard Manervia (Gainer) Washington Co -- 1930
McQUAIG Alexander Georgia Marion Co -- 1902
McQUAIG Charles Franklin Georgia Olivia (Martain) Orange Co -- 1907
McQUAIG Thomas J. Georgia Lake Co -- 1903
McRAE Charles Indpt Units Walton Co -- 1901
McRAE Donald lst Regt Inf Edmonia (Garrison) Duval Co -- 1909
McRAE Duncan G. 6th Regt Inf Martha (Rigdon) Gadsden Co -- 1915
McRAE G.W.A. 7th Regt Inf Putnam Co 1898
McRAE John Duncan Alabama Mary (Meadows) Escambia Co -- 1919
McRAE John H.D. Georgia Mary Ann (Pennington) Pinellas Co -- 1930
McRAE John H.D. Georgia Putnam Co -- 1901
McRAE John M. 9th Regt Inf Emma (Chalker) Marion Co -- 1902
McRAE John William Home Guard Walton Co -- 1908
McRAE Thomas Jefferson Georgia Alachua Co -- 1908
McRAE William J. Home Guard Putnam Co -- 1913
McRAY James J. Georgia Washington Co -- 1910
McREE Ellison H. Mississippi Sarah (Smith) Manatee Co -- 1905
McSWAIN Alexander (See A02144)
McSWAIN Alexander 8th Regt Inf Mary (Gordon) Walton Co -- 1905
McSWAIN Philip Georgia St Johns Co -- 1905
McSWEEN Philip D. Alabama Mary (Campbell) Walton Co -- 1902
McTUREOUS Thomas Milton (See A04404)
McTUREOUS Thomas Milton South Carolina Mary (--) Lake Co -- 1908
McVOY Alexander Florida & Navy Srv Elvire (Christian) Escambia Co -- 1907
McVOY Octavious L. (See A02555)
McVOY Octavius L. 15th Conf Cav Lavada (Laird) Escambia Co -- 1910
McVOY Thomas 15th Conf Cav Indiana (Hernandez) Escambia Co -- 1906
McVOY William Murrell (See A02084)
McVOY William Murrell 15th Conf Cav Cecelia (Roches) Escambia Co -- 1907
MEAD Elias Walton South Carolina Duval Co -- 1915
MEADOWS John William Arty Units Sarah (Easters) Manatee Co -- 1905
MEADOWS William A. Home Guard Bessie (Scott) Marion Co -- 1927
MEADOWS William J. Georgia Marion Co -- 1908
MEADOWS William S. (See A04606)
MEADOWS William S. Alabama Malvira (Wiggins) Jackson Co -- 1915
MEANS James David South Carolina Columbia Co -- 1907
MEARES Henry Sidney (See A04355)
MEARES William B. 7th Regt Inf Sarah (Roberts) Hillsborough Co -- 1908
MEARS George W. llth Regt Inf Gadsden Co -- 1906
MEARS Henry Sidney Georgia Melvina (Ham) Holmes Co -- 1912
MECKLIN John A. Mississippi Jane (Mecklin) Citrus Co -- 1910
MEDFORD Marion D. Georgia Ida (Revels) Alachua Co 1899
MEDLIN Elias H. 9th Regt Inf Narcissie (Driggers) Levy Co -- 1904
MEDLOCK Benjamin South Carolina Mary (Harrison) Duval Co -- 1920
MEDLOCK Lucius (See A10466)
MEDLOCK Lucius Alabama Ida (Gentry) Escambia Co -- 1930
MEEKS B.F. lst Regt Cav Martha (Walker) Suwannee Co -- 1902
MEEKS Green A. lst Bttn Spc Cav Margaret (Ellington Suwannee Co -- 1903
MEEKS Henry C. lst Regt Inf Suwannee Co -- 1904
MEEKS Henry L. (See A02880)
MEEKS Henry L. lst Regt Inf Resv Martha (Kirkland) Hillsborough Co -- 1908
MEEKS Lawson C. (See A04736)
MEEKS Lawson C. Alabama Dora (Berryhill) Levy Co -- 1911
MEEKS William S. 7th Regt Inf Laura (Moore) Hillsborough Co -- 1903
MELTON Benjamin 7th Regt Inf Ellen (--) Putnam Co -- 1903
MELTON Benjamin 7th Regt Inf Putnam Co 1887
MELTON Benjamin 7th Regt Inf Putnam Co 1887
MELVIN David D. Mississippi Julia (Atwell) Washington Co -- 1938
MELVIN Ephriam P. llth Regt Inf Missouri (Leonard) Jackson Co -- 1905
MELVIN J.W. Georgia Hillsborough Co -- 1905
MELVIN Robart M. Alabama Holmes Co -- 1927
MELVIN William lst Regt Cav Sarah (Morgan) Bradford Co -- 1901
MEMILLAN J.W. Home Guard Eliza (Ernest) Jackson Co -- 1916
MENDEL Joseph South Carolina Elizabeth (Pickham) Brevard Co -- 1919
MENKE Antony South Carolina Sophia (Schnitker) Duval Co -- 1920
MERCER Christopher C. Georgia Katherine (Carmichael) Pinellas Co -- 1916
MERCER George F. Indpt Organizations Angeline (--) Jackson Co 1896
MERCER James Georgia Penelope (Stokes) Sumter Co -- 1929
MERCER James W. 5th Regt Inf Washington Co 1899
MERCER John W. lst Bttn Spc Cav DeSoto Co -- 1907
MERCHANT Ben Franklin Georgia Mary (Swilley) Calhoun Co -- 1913
MERCHANT David H. South Carolina Alachua Co 1898
MERCK Elishua Georgia Sarah (--) Dade Co -- 1908
MERRITT Daniel North Carolina Ella (Bryan) Duval Co -- 1913
MERRITT Evan C. 7th Regt Inf Nancy (Gideons) Sumter Co -- 1932
MERRITT F. Lucius lst Regt Cav Lake Co -- 1905
MERRITT Francis DeKalb Alabama Mary (Gunter) Escambia Co -- 1916
MERRITT J.W. 2nd Regt Cav R. (--) Gadsden Co 1898
MERRITT Jasper W. Alabama Eliza (Galteney) Walton Co -- 1900
MERRITT Luke (See A04682)
MERRITT Luke 7th Regt Inf Catherine (Whitman) Sumter Co -- 1901
MERRITT Matthew P. (See A04322)
MERRITT Matthew P. Georgia Nancy (Curry) Lake Co -- 1902
MERRITT Samuel H. (See A02827)
MERRITT Samuel H. Alabama Georgia Ann (Lane) Jackson Co -- 1908
MERRITT Thomas J. Alabama Elizabeth (Fowler) E'scambia Co -- 1927
MERRITT William 9th Regt Inf Lake Co -- 1902
MERRUIAN George Henry Georgia Caroline (Lewis) Jefferson Co 1888
MERSHON Martin Luther 3rd Regt Inf Belle (Beardin) Nassau Co -- 1907
MESSER Charles L. Alabama Sarah (Quattlebaum) Holmes Co -- 1930
MESSER George W. (See A04995)
MESSER George W. Georgia Georgia (Knowles) Jackson Co -- 1907
MESSER Lewis (See A10565)
MESSER Lewis (See A10565)
MESSER Lewis Home Guard Malissie (Medlock)(Smith) Jackson Co -- 1919
MESSER William F. Sth Regt Inf Sarah A. (--) Washington Co -- 1904
Messer Z.T. 5th Bttn Cav Pricilla (Hewett) Calhoun Co -- 1907
MESSINA Antonio Arty Units Franklin Co -- 1902
MESSINA Frank 2nd Regt Cav Franklin Co -- 1904'
METCALF William H. Alabama & Florida Cav Santa Rosa Co -- 1922
METTS Andrew J. 2nd Regt Cav Orange Co -- 1909
METTS Lafayette D. (See A01580)
METTS Lafayette D. 2nd Regt Cav Elizabeth (Osteen) St Lucie Co -- 1906
METZGER Moses B. Georgia Brevard Co -- 1908
MICHAEL Henry Joseph pension by Legislative Act Volusia Co -- 1928
MICHAUX John T.S. 5th Bttn Cav Laura (Carson) Liberty Co -- 1903
MICKLER D.J. 3rd Regt Inf St Johns Co -- 1902
MICKLER Daniel H. lst Regt Inf Resv Hernando Co -- 1907
MICKLER Peter T. (See A11533)
MICKLER Peter T. 8th Regt Inf Maggie (Richards) Suwannee Co -- 1903
MICKLER Robert 2nd Regt lnf Ruth (Powers) St Johns Co -- 1907
MICKLER Robert A. (See A10559)
MICKLER Robert A. Home Guard Frances (Floyd) Duval Co -- 1908
MICKLER Samuel C. 10th Regt Inf Suwannee Co -- 1909
MICKLER Thomas J. (See A04005)
MICKLER Thomas J. Alabama J. (Gibson) Holmes Co -- 1902
MICKLER Thomas M. 10th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Richardson) Columbia Co -- 1903
MICKLER William 5th Bttn Cav St Johns Co -- 1907
MICKLER William Alfred (See A04311)
MICKLER William Alfred South Carolina Josephine (Reyes) St Johns Co 1898
MICKLER William B. 2nd Regt Cav Elizabeth (McPherson) Pinellas Co -- 1916
MIDDLETON David A. 3rd Regt Inf Martha (Couseys) St Johns Co -- 1907
MIKELL Allen 10th Regt Inf Mary (Overstreet) Lafayette Co -- 1903
MIKELL Benjamin Georgia Baker Co -- 1908
MIKELL James S. Geogia Suwannee Co -- 1901
MIKELL John S. (See A02403)
MIKELL John S. Home Guard Mary (Mikell) Baker Co -- 1908
MIKELL Robert W. (See A01705)
MIKELL Robert W. Home Guard Missouri (Parrott) Baker Co -- 1908
MIKELL S.M. South Carolina Lillie (Appleby) Putnam Co -- 1938
MIKELL Solomon 2nd Regt Cav Saleta (Roberts) Alachua Co 1898
MILAM James B. Tennessee Georgia (Hamill) Lake Co -- 1908
MILES John W. Alabama Polk Co -- 1914
MILES Lenerd R. Alabama Jackson Co -- 1929
MILES Robert Alabama Polk Co -- 19097
MILES William M. (AO2199)
MILES William M. 6th Regt Inf Nancy (Miller) Walton Co -- 1907
MILES Willoughby (See A02046)
MILES Willoughby 2nd Regt Cav Ann (Beaman) Jackson Co -- 1901
MILES Wright J. Home Guard Nancy (Miller) Jackson Co -- 1913
MILES Wright J. ' (See A02459)
MILEY James lst Regt Cav Mary (Comber) Hillsborough Co 1887
MILEY Martin M. 4th Regt Inf Hillsborough Co -- 1916
MILEY Samuel A. (See A02253)
MILEY Samuel A. 4th Regt Inf Sarah (Zipperes) Hillsborough Co 1897
MILEY William J. 9th Regt Inf Hillsborough Co -- 1907 --
MILLER Albert A. Alabama Orange Co -- 1907
MILLER Alexander lst Regt Inf Resv Washington Co -- 1904
MILLER Andrew 3rd Regt Inf Orpha (Brown) Jefferson Co -- 1904
MILLER Archibald Georgia Hamilton Co -- 1913
MILLER Ashley H. Home Guard Mary (Henderson) Holmes Co -- 1930
MILLER Daniel A. South Carolina Marion Co -- 1908
MILLER Edmond Home Guard Holmes Co -- 1930
MILLER Elijah D. (See A04421)
MILLER Elijah D. Alabama Cynthia (Hayes) Washington Co -- 1900
MILLER Francis C. South Carolina Theodora (Robins) Duval Co -- 1902
MILLER Francis Xavier North Carolina Alachua Co -- 1908
MILLER George W. lst Regt Inf Elmina (--) Escambia Co -- 1902
MILLER Henry 15th Conf Cav Sarah (Bogart) Escambia Co -- 1926
MILLER Henry Clark North Carolina Tobitha (Crowell) Volusia Co -- 1933
MILLER Henry Georgia Florence (Tanner) Jefferson Co -- 1937
MILLER J.W. Alabama Nicey (--) Escambia Co -- 1907
MILLER Jacob lst Regt Inf Elizabeth (Gilmore) Okaloosa Co -- 1926
MILLER James 3rd Regt Inf Josephine (Landen) Suwannee Co -- 1907
MILLER James Kentucky Sue (Chenault) Palm Beach Co -- 1928
MILLER James L. 4th Regt Inf Frances (--) Washington Co -- 1907
MILLER James L. 4th Regt Inf Washington Co -- 1900
MILLER James Rush Louisiana Elise (Snow) Lake Co -- 1921
MILLER James South Carolina Honoria (Mills) Osceola Co -- 1901
MILLER John J. 2nd Regt Inf Marion Co -- 1904
MILLER John lst Regt Inf Escambia Co -- 1903
MILLER John Lucas Home Guard Eliza Amanda (--) Levy Co -- 1908
MILLER John M. 7th Regt Inf Serena (Shannon) Duval Co -- 1908
MILLER John T. lst Regt Inf Marion Co -- 1902
MILLER John Wesley Alabama Wakulla Co -- 1908
MILLER Lewis H. 4th Regt Inf Eliza (--) Walton Co -- 1949
MILLER Martin F. Georgia Jemima (--) Alachua Co 1896
MILLER Pinkney O. South Carolina Olympus (Marlow) Manatee Co -- 1907
MILLER Samuel J. 6th Regt Inf Sarah (Shiver) Levy Co -- 1931
MILLER Samuel J. lst Regt Inf Mary (Williams) Washington Co -- 1903
MILLER Thomas J. (See A01706)
MILLER Thomas J. 2nd Regt Cav Sarah (Jones) Holmes Co -- 1907
MILLER Timothy 10th Regt Inf Sarah (--) Hamilton Co -- 1900
MILLER Walter W. Home Guard Frances (Cook) Washington Co -- 1907
MILLER William 3rd Regt Inf Washington Co -- 1905
MILLER William Armstead (See A04283)
MILLER William Armstead Virginia Miriam (Wells) Suwannee Co -- 1907
MILLER William C. (See A02630)
MILLER William C. Georgia Nancy (Dean) Alachua Co -- 1904
MILLER William C. lst Regt Inf Resv Laura (Hickman) Washington Co -- 1913
MILLER William J. Alabama Cornelia (Tyler) Orange Co -- 1907
MILLER William R. 15th Conf Cav P.C. (Smith) Jefferson Co -- 1907
MILLIGAN Columbus 9th Regt Inf Marion Co -- 1907
MILLIGAN John 5th Regt Inf Allophaire (--) Columbia Co 1899
MILLING John Julius South Carolina M. (Parnell) Columbia Co -- 1904
MILLS E.B. North Carolina Suwannee Co -- 1902
MILLS Elbert 7th Regt Inf Hannah (Miller) Marion Co 1899
MILLS George B. 2nd Regt Cav Henrietta (Joyner) Gadsden Co -- 1900
MILLS George E. lst Bttn Spc Cav Hernando Co -- 1908
MILLS H.C. Kentucky Hillsborough Co -- 1923
MILLS H.K. 4th Regt Inf Jane (Smoke) Suwannee Co -- 1903
MILLS Henry L. Alabama Martha (Lee) Suwannee Co -- 1903
MILLS Hugh W. Georgia Lake Co -- 1908
MILLS John B. 7th Regt Inf Levy Co -- 1907
MILLS John M. (See A02047)
MILLS John M. 2nd Regt Cav Mattie (Hagan) Gadsden Co -- 1903
MILLS John R. Alabama Nancy (Tindell) Holmes Co -- 1903
MILLS Richard Alabama Elizabeth (--) Hillsborough Co -- 1934
MILLS Timothy W. North Carolina Nancy (Riverbark) Sumter Co -- 1919
MILLS Wallace Texas Carrie (Newberry) Bradford Co -- 1913
MILLS William H. Arty Units Frances (Bryant) Jefferson Co -- 1915
MILLS William Riley (See A02434)
MILLS William Riley 7th Regt Inf Janie (Petty) Brevard Co -- 1904
MILTON John (See A02401)
MILTON John Indpt Units Caroline (Russ) Jackson Co -- 1921
MILTON Robert 4th Regt Inf Catherine (Hudson) Washington Co -- 1904
MILTON Robert 5th Regt Inf Sarah (Brannen) Columbia Co 1897
MILTON Thomas N. (See A10168)
MILTON Thomas N. Georgia Lucy (Massey) Columbia Co -- 1907
MILTON William R. 5th Regt Inf Lake Co -- 1901
MIMMS Thomas B. 15th Conf Cav Caroline (--) Polk Co -- 1904
MIMS Briton J. Georgia Ann (Bell) Brevard Co -- 1904
MIMS Casper N. Georgia Martha (Girtman) Brevard Co -- 1904
MINGLEDORFF Robert Glenn Georgia Alachua Co -- 1908
MINOR Americus M. Georgia Orange Co -- 1907
MINTON Henry S. Arty Units Putnam Co -- 1901
MINTON James B. Home Guard Emily (Tillman) Putnam Co -- 1909
MINTON John T. Arty Units Putnam Co -- 1906
MINTON William R. Arty Units Taylor Co 1898
MIRANDA Thomas E. Arty Units Georgia (Howard) Hillsborough Co 1887
MISXON Charles J. Home Guard Susan (Bruton) Alachua Co -- 1928
MITCHELL David Wilson Mississippi Helen (Gilespie) Baker Co -- 1934
MITCHELL George W. 4th Regt Inf Nannie (Alderman) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
MITCHELL H.L. lst Bttn Spc Cav Mary (Spencer) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
MITCHELL Henry Mississippi & Tennessee Santa Rosa Co -- 1900
MITCHELL J. Glover South Carolina Julia (Becknell) Duval Co -- 1917
MITCHELL James 7th Regt Inf Mary (Blair) Marion Co -- 1902
MITCHELL Jeremiah M. Mississippi Minnie (Hayes) Escambia Co -- 1912
MITCHELL John F. (See A04531)
MITCHELL John F. Mississippi Fannie (McNeil) Escambia Co -- 1908
MITCHELL John R. Sr. South Carolina Levy Co -- 1911
MITCHELL Robert B. 4th Regt Inf Frances (Crom) Polk Co -- 1907
MITCHELL Samuel 7th Regt Inf Jane (Urquhart) Suwannee Co -- 1907
MITCHELL Thomas J. (See A02018)
MITCHELL Thomas J. 6th Regt Inf Georgia (Green) Jackson Co -- 1902
MITCHELL Thomas J. 9th Regt Inf Sarah (Hall) Suwannee Co 1898
MITCHELL Thomas S. Georgia Carrie (Johnson) Escambia Co -- 1910
MITCHELL William Nelson Georgia Mary (MacLean) Jackson Co -- 1925
MITCHELL . William 6th Regt Inf Gadsden Co -- 1907
MITHCELL Bud E. Alabama Ann (Williams) Jackson Co -- 1907
MITHCELL Jeremiah M. (See A04870)
MIXON James Joice 7th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Johnson) Levy Co 1887
MIXON John Bennajah (See A01679)
MIXON Miles J. 2nd Regt Inf Sylvania (Caldwell) Marion Co -- 1903
MIXSON Charles B. lst Regt Inf Marion Co -- 1901
MIXSON Charles J. (See A10147)
MIXSON James Darlington Home Guard Levy Co -- 1908 --
MIXSON James Joice (See A02128)
MIXSON John Bennajah 2nd Regt Cav Mary (Jackson) Alachua Co -- 1907
MIXSON Miles J. (See A02498)
MIXSON William H. lst Regt Inf Resv Laura (Johnson) Marion Co -- 1903
MIZELL David W. 8th Regt Inf Angeline (--) Orange Co -- 1908
MIZELL Enoch E. lst Bttn Spc Cav Martha E. (--) Polk Co -- 1904
MIZELL Jackson Georgia Nassau Co -- 1908
MIZELL John R. 7th Regt Inf Dade Co -- 1908
MIZELL Osias 9th Regt Inf Maggie (McNatt) Hernando Co -- 1903
MIZELLE Andrew Warren 7th Regt Inf Sarah (Heath) Suwannee Co -- 1902
MIZELLE John 2nd Regt Cav Mary (Faulk) Duval Co -- 1906
MOATES David lst REgt Inf Resv Elizabeth (Burnside) Franklin Co -- 1907
MOATS Lewis 2nd Regt Cav Nancy (Harris) Nassau Co -- 1909
MOBLEY Byrd 9th Regt Inf Emma (--) Pasco Co 1899
MOBLEY John E. Georgia Harriett (Crawford) Baker Co -- 1903
MOBLEY Leroy Georgia Caroline (Mansfield) Suwannee Co 1899
MOBLEY Robert S. 3rd Regt Inf Mary (--) Leon Co -- 1903
MOBLEY Samuel E. lst Regt CAv Martha (--) Hamilton Co 1899
MOBLEY Thomas Alabama A.K. (--) Sumter Co -- 1904
MOBLEY William Frost South Carolina Alachua Co -- 1908
MOBLEY William L. Georgia Nicy (Roberts) Pasco Co -- 1907
MOBLEY William L. Ist Regt Inf Resv Cornelia A. (--) Hillsborough Co -- 1923
MOCK Chesley Georgia Maria (Thomas) Suwannee Co 1899
MOCK William B. 4th Regt Inf Marion Co 1888
MOCK William M. (See A04787)
MOCK William M. Alabama Marcia (Thompson) Santa Rosa Co -- 1903
MOCK Wilson C. (See A04774)
MOCK Wilson C. Georgia Annie (Morris) Hillsborough Co -- 1909
MOFFETT Alexander Stuart Virginia Clemmie (McFadden) Escambia Co -- 1921
MOLE John A. (See A10184)
MOLE John A. 2nd Regt Inf Ellen (Hunt) Columbia Co -- 1907
MONEY Stewart A. Georgia Mary (Jones) Sumter Co -- 1927
MONK Daniel T. Georgia Polk Co -- 1923
MONROE Augustus 7th Regt Inf Josephine (Dearing) Putnam Co -- 1907
MONROE James (See A01684)
MONROE James 10th Regt Inf Mary (Dyches) Lake Co -- 1903
MONROE William J. 9th Regt Inf Mary (Parkam) DeSoto Co -- 1908
MONSON William Felix lst Bttn Spc Cav Duval Co -- 1907
MONTAGUE James R. Virginia Orange Co -- 1907
MONTFORD Jesse S. 5th Regt Inf Jefferson -- 1907
MONTFORD Joshua Arty Units Sarah (Baum) Leon Co -- 1903
MONTFORD William G. 5th Regt Inf Calhoun Co l'aO7
MONTGOMERY Albert A. South Carolina Mary (Gaines) Volusia Co -- 1901
MONTGOMERY J.G. (See A02268)
MONTGOMERY J.G. Home Guard Susan (Fletcher) Jefferson Co 1897
MOODY Benjamin Georgia Louisa (--) Clay Co -- 1903
MOODY C.L.J. South Carolina Elender (Mongomery) Marion Co -- 1914
MOODY David H. (See A04340)
MOODY David H. Georgia Salina (Hinson) Polk Co -- 1913
MOODY E.J. Georgia Martha (Sheppard) Jackson Co -- 1901
MOODY James A. 7th Regt Inf Hillsborough Co -- 1908
MOODY Jeremiah 4th Regt Inf Martha (Hancock) Polk Co -- 1902
MOODY Jesse Georgia Margaret (--) Clay Co -- 1905
MOODY Lemuel C. 3rd Regt Inf Almelia (Sullivan) Madison Co -- 1900
MOODY Nathaniel M. (See A02031)
MOODY Nathaniel M. 4th Regt Inf Wrennie (Adams) Hillsborough Co 1899
MOODY William B. 7th Regt Inf Rachel (Alderman) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
MOON John Franklin (See A04318)
MOON John Franklin Alabama Hannah (Warlier) Levy Co -- 1907
MOONE Daniel F. 9th Regt Inf Amanda (Givens) Levy Co -- 1907
MOONEY John 4th Regt Inf Lucy (Myers) Hillsborough Co -- 1929
MOONEY Joseph A. 9th Regt Inf Levy Co 1887
MOONEY Pinkney J. 7th Regt Inf Alachua Co -- 1902
MOORE Archibald A. Fisheries & FL Inf Lavinia (Morgan) Hillsborough Co -- 1917
MOORE Augustus 2nd Regt Cav Lavinia (Morgan) Hillsborough Co -- 1914
MOORE Charles E. (See A02620)
MOORE Charles E. 2nd Regt Cav Mary (Knight) Clay Co -- 1905
MOORE Columbus F. (See A02549)
MOORE Columbus F. Home Guard Macy (--) Bradford Co -- 1907
MOORE Daniel T. 5th Bttn Cav Mary (Davis) Polk Co -- 1903
MOORE David A. Mississippi DeSoto Co -- 1907
MOORE Henry Lafayette Georgia Pinellas Co -- 1939
MOORE J.P. (See A03341)
MOORE J.P. Georgia Mattie (Dunn) Marion Co -- 1902
MOORE Jackson L. lst Regt Cav Eliza (Truluck) Bradford Co -- 1909
MOORE Jacot T. 5th Regt Inf Citrus Co 1897
MOORE James R. Georgia Clay Co -- 1908
MOORE James S. Alabama Walton Co -- 1907
MOORE James W. 2nd Regt Cav Mary (Johnston) Franklin Co -- 1907
MOORE Jerrymeyer H. 7th Regt Inf Barbara (Kickliter) Bradford Co -- 1902
MOORE John Gordon (See A04357)
MOORE John Gordon Alabama Mary (Ghent) Escambia Co -- 1908
MOORE John N. North Carolina Mary (Mahony) Duval Co -- 1906
MOORE John R. (See A04164)
MOORE John R. Alabama Nancy (Gordon) Walton Co -- 1902
MOORE Lovel (See A10094)
MOORE Lovel (See A10094)
MOORE Lovel Alabama Mary (King) Walton Co -- 1907
MOORE Phillip G. 5th Regt Inf Sarah (Rivers) Columbia Co -- 1908
MOORE Robert C. lst Regt Inf M. (Barrow) Santa Rosa Co -- 1904
MOORE S.L. Georgia Mary (--) Hillsborough Co -- 1909
MOORE Samuel L. Georgia Jefferson Co -- 1907
MOORE Theophilus W. North Carolina Mary P.W. (--) Alachua Co -- 1907
MOORE Thomas A. (See A04094)
MOORE Thomas A. Virginia Anabella (Keene) Bradford Co -- 1904
MOORE Thomas D. 4th Regt Inf Louisa (--) Hillsborough Co -- 1903
MOORE Thomas H. (See A02228)
MOORE Thomas H. 3rd Regt Inf Martha (Lavender) Wakulla Co -- 1907
MOORE Thomas J. 3rd Regt Inf Mary (Simmons) Jefferson Co 1888
MOORE Thomas J. 3rd Regt Inf Mary T. (--) Jefferson Co 1897
MOORE Thomas R. 2nd Regt Cav Elizabeth (Scott) Leon Co -- 1907
MOORE Thomas Richard Georgia Hillsborough Co -- 1908
MOORE W.R. 2nd Regt Inf Columbia Co 1888
MOORE Walter R. 2nd Regt Inf Elizabeth A. (--) Suwannee Co 1899
MOORE Walter T. Arty Units Leon Co -- 1909
MOORE William Alabama Holmes Co -- 1905
MOORE William E. 10th Regt Inf Jefferson Co -- 1907
MOORE William H. (See A07692)
MOORE William H. lst Bttn Spc Cav Escambia Co 1899
MOOREHEAD B.H. Kentucky Fannie (Bender) Palm Beach Co -- 1926
MOORING Timothy Madison Louisiana Mary (Nicholson) DeSoto Co -- 1915
MOORMAN William P. 7th Regt Inf Mary (Gore) Marion Co 1896
MORAN Andrew Georgia Joanna (Smith) Orange Co -- 1904
MOREHEAD William Walter Alabama Calhoun Co -- 1907
MOREL Louis Bryan Georgia & Virginia Leon Co -- 1908
MORENO James N. Alabama Clara (Doar) Escambia Co -- 1907
MORENO Stephen A. Arty Units Fannie (deRoulhae) Escambia Co -- 1907
MORGAN Alexander B. (See A04777)
MORGAN Alexander B. Georgia Roxy (Sapp) Suwannee Co -- 1909
MORGAN Benjamin L. 10th Regt Inf Mary (Goodson) Baker Co -- 1907
MORGAN Burl S. Alabama Jane (Donald) Jackson Co -- 1908
MORGAN Eli O. 2nd Regt Inf St Lucie Co -- 1907
MORGAN J.B. Georgia Sarah (Evans) Hillsborough Co -- 1915
MORGAN James P. lst Regt Cav Taylor Co -- 1931
MORGAN John L. Georgia Polk Co -- 1921
MORGAN Joseph 10th Regt Inf Madison Co -- 1931
MORGAN Joseph P. 2nd Regt Cav Hamilton Co -- 1938
MORGAN Joshua Jackson (See A02542)
MORGAN Joshua Jackson Home Guard Mittie (Huchingson) Hillsborough Co -- 1917
MORGAN Leton U. (See AO-2155)
MORGAN Leton U. @nd Regt Cav Martha (Drew) Bradford Co -- 1907
MORGAN Martin M. 2nd Regt Cav Mary (Lowther) DeSoto Co -- 1907
MORGAN Plinny 5th Regt Inf Octavia (Morris) Hamilton Co -- 1907
MORGAN Richard Louisiana Nancy (Beck) Escambia Co -- 1917
MORGAN Richard M. 4th Regt Inf Emma (McRae) Gadsden Co 1887
MORGAN Richard T. Home Guard Ola (Williams) Lafayette Co -- 1923
MORGAN Richart T. (See A02858)
MORGAN Stephen F. (See A10229)
MORGAN Stephen F. North Carolina Emma (Sapp) Bradford Co -- 1907
MORGAN Thomas A. (See A01932)
MORGAN Thomas A. 8th Regt Inf Marianna (Hayron) Gadsden Co -- 1903 or 07
MORGAN Thomas C. Georgia Ellen (Pennington) Hamilton Co -- 1909
MORGAN Thomas L. 10th Regt Inf Roxie (RatcliffO Suwanne Co 1897
MORGAN Tomlinson Fort Home Guard Sallie (McRae) Gadsden Co -- 1907
MORGAN Walker 3rd Bttn Cav Angeline (Knight) Escambia Co -- 1903
MORGAN William H. Georgia Sarah (--) Pasco Co -- 1903
MORGAN William Jasper (See A02143)
MORGAN William Jasper Home Guard Rebecca (Henderson) Taylor Co -- 1908
MORGAN William L. 2nd Bttn Inf Tabitha (--) Hamilton Co 1899
MORRILL Edward Webb Alabama Mattie (Herrin) Sarasota Co -- 1921
MORRILL William Thomas Navy Srv Escambia Co -- 1901
MORRIS Benjamin A. (See A10372)
MORRIS Benjamin A. lst Regt Inf Resv Mary (Roach) Jefferson Co -- 1907
MORRIS Harman W. 5th Regt Inf Jefferson Co 1898
MORRIS Jackson Haywood 6th Regt Inf Jackson Co -- 1908
MORRIS James Alfred Arty Units Jefferson Co 1898
MORRIS James E. 6th Regt Inf Rebecca (Williams) Hillsborough Co 1899
MORRIS James H. 2nd Regt Inf Hillsborough Co -- 1913
MORRIS John G. lst Bttn Spc Cav Kate (Thomas) Polk Co -- 1908
MORRIS John Georgia Hamilton Co -- 1902
MORRIS P.L. pension by Legislative Act Calhoun Co -- 1927
MORRIS Robert J. Georgia Suwannee Co -- 1904
MORRIS Turner lst Regt Inf Resv Sarah (StephensO Wakulla Co -- 1921
MORRIS William M. 15th Conf Cav Santa Rosa Co -- 1907
MORRIS William Marshall Ordinance Dept Flbrence (Walker) Pinellas Co -- 1930
MORRIS William Taylor Georgia Abbie (Wimberly) Duval Co -- 1932
MORRISON Angus Georgia Nancy (Carlton) Alachua Co -- 1902
MORRISON Archibald G. 2nd Regt Inf S. (Whetstone) Wakulla Co -- 1900
MORRISON Berry Alabama Holmes Co -- 1901
MORRISON Daniel (See A01914)
MORRISON Daniel 6th Regt Inf Tilda (Blackman) Holmes Co -- 1902
MORRISON Finley 15th Conf Cav Synthia (Andrews) Holmes Co -- 1900
MORRISON Hugh A. Arty Units Mary (--) Volusia Co -- 1902
MORRISON John P. 6th Regt Inf Mary (Campbell) Walton Co -- 1901
MORRISON John P. 9th Regt Inf Louisa (Davis) Citrus Co -- 1904
MORRISON Miles 15th Conf Cav Nancy (Wilkinson) Santa Rosa Co 1899
MORRISON Neil Georgia Judy (MacRay) Volusia Co 1896
MORROW James Georgia DeBoto Co -- 1908
MORROW James W. (See A02983 & A08315)
MORROW James W. Georgia Mary (McCart)(Banning) Citrus Co -- 1916
MORTON Edward L. Georgia Mary (Lipton) Jefferson Co -- 1900
MORTON John Paul Mississippi Ella (Conway) Duval Co -- 1909
MORTON Thomas H. Georgia Elizabeth (Sweat) St Johns Co -- 1917
MOSELEY A.J. pension by Legislative Act Columbia Co -- 1939
MOSELEY A.S. 7th Regt Inf Florence (Willard) Suwannee Co -- 1920
MOSELEY alexander Mitchell Mississippi Mary (Faile) Osceola Co -- 1916
MOSELEY Barton Pope Home Guard Kate (Sweat) Duval Co -- 1908
MOSELEY Benjamin F. 3rd Regt Inf Madison Co -- 1907
MOSELEY Lewis E. Alabama Pasco Co -- 1902
MOSELEY Mathew llth Regt Inf Hillsborough Co -- 1906
MOSELEY Thomas R. (See A02901)
MOSELEY Thomas R. (See A02901)
MOSELEY Thomas R. Mississippi Bettie (Kimbrough) Osceola Co -- 1907
MOSELEY William J. Alabama Cynthia (Tillis)(I)adgett) Walton Co -- 1927
MOSELEY William McCreary (See A10582 A10572 & A02927)
MOSELEY William McCreary (See A10582 A10573 and A06653)
MOSELEY William McCreary Home Guard Nena (Skinner) Suwannee Co -- 1916
MOSELY Barton Pope (See A02922)
MOSELY James E. Mississippi Orange Co -- 1932
MOSELY Mathew M. Georgia Duval Co -- 1902
MOSES Mark Georgia Caroline (Sears) Taylor Co -- 1905
MOSLEY Benjamin Richard (See A04735)
MOSLEY Benjamin Richard Georgia Agnes (Baxley) Columbia Co -- 1907
MOSLEY Dennis Georgia Loveday (Hampton) Duval Co -- 1904
MOSLEY James B. South Carolina Hillsborough Co -- 1920
MOSLEY John B. Georgia Lavina (--) Duval Co -- 1904
MOSS James D. Alabama Serena (Bloodsworth) Jackson Co -- 1908
MOSS John L. Alabama Cornelia (Smith) Holmes Co -- 1933
MOSS Joseph H. 7th Regt Inf Lydia (--) Monroe Co -- 1907
MOSS Percy Williamson Kentucky Charlotte Co -- 1928
MOTES David lst Regt Inf Resv Baker Co -- 1903
MOTES Henry lst Regt Cav Eliza (--) Nassau Co -- 1907
MOTES John Bttn Spc Cav Putnam Co -- 1907
MOTLEY Napolin B. Alabama Holmes Co -- 1909
MOTT Burton Lemuel Arty Units Bradford Co -- 1913
MOTT Robert B. lst Bttn Spc Cav Alachua Co -- 1907
MOTT William Wallace 10th Regt Inf Annie (--) Alachua Co -- 1907
MOUNT Thomas M. Alabama Walton Co -- 1909
MOURGEON Louis E. Louisiana Anna (Gerhard) Hillsborough Co -- 1906
MOUTAIN Robert F. Alabama Mary (Woods) Manatee Co -- 1902
MOYE Counsell O. Georgia Fannie (Townsend) Madison Co -- 1923
MOYE James South Carolina Martha (King) Hamilton Co -- 1903
MOYERS George W. Virginia Susan (Henkel) Alachua Co -- 1908
MOZINGO Martin V.B. (See A02080)
MOZINGO Martin V.B. 3rd Regt Inf Georgia (Bird) Madison Co -- 1901
MOZINGO Vann 3rd Regt Inf Madison Co 1897
MOZLEY John R. Georgia Virginia (Knowles) Jackson Co -- 1904
MOZLEY William E. 4th Regt Inf Susan (Shoemaker) Jackson Co -- 1902
MULLER Charles O. 7th Regt Inf Emily (McLeod) DeSoto Co -- 1907
MULLER Henry Georgia Mary (Hill) Nassau Co -- 1908
MULLIKIN Lawrence South Carolina Mary (King) Duval Co -- 1913
MULLINS Samuel L. Alabama Rebecca (Lee) Washington Co -- 1914
MULLIS James W. (See A04841)
MULLIS James W. Georgia Fannie (James) Hamilton Co -- 1907
MULLIS Robert North Carolina Elizabeth (Lynn) Hillsborough Co -- 1909
MUNCH John R. South Carolina Jane (Blocker) St Lucie Co -- 1916
MUNDAY John C. North Carolina Mary (Friddle) Polk Co -- 1906
MUNDELL John D. South Carolina Sarah (Travis) Duval Co -- 1925
MUNDEN Isaac 9th Regt Inf Levy Co -- 1907
MUNNERLYN James Keen (See A048140
MUNNERLYN James Keen South Carolina Sarah (Coachman) Duval Co -- 1908
MUNROE Thomas F. 5th Bttn Cav Martha (James) Gadsden Co -- 1907
MUNROE William Arty Units Florence (Gregory) Gadsden Co -- 1907
MURAT Antoine J. (See A02422)
MURAT Antoine J. Arty Units Rebecca (Swain) Franklin Co -- 1907
MURCHISON John Georgia Mary (Murray) Pasco Co -- 1904
MURCHISON William E. Georgia Eliza (Stokes) Broward Co -- 1933
MURDOCK James F. Georgia Beadz (Odom) Suwannee Co -- 1903
MURDOCK Lucius Georgia Units Savannah (Stokes) DeSoto Co -- 1904
MURDOCK Robert C. Georgia Eliza (Clayton) Suwannee Co 1897
MURDOCK Thomas H. (See A04321)
MURDOCK Thomas H. Georgia Charity (Rodgers) Jackson Co -- 1907
MURDOCK William Georgia Mary (Gornts) Hamilton Co -- 1904
MURFEE James G. (See A02598)
MURFEE James G. Alabama Susan (Mitchel) Washington Co -- 1904
MURPHY Frank C. Alabama Suwannee Co -- 1904
MURPHY Gideon Alabama Susan (Davis) Escambia Co -- 1908
MURPHY Harvey Mississippi Maggie (Hodges) Manatee Co -- 1917
MURPHY James H. 4th Regt Inf Annie (Dupree) DeSoto Co -- 1907
MURPHY John Alabama Bradford Co 1898
MURPHY Miles Jones 10th Regt Inf Maria (Cohen) Duval Co -- 1907
MURPHY William G. Home Guard Martha (--) Taylor Co -- 1907
MURPHY William Henry Alabama Mary (Stapleton) Escambia Co -- 1907
MURRAY John 8th Regt Inf Duval Co 1887
MURRAY John A. Georgia. Caroline (Nelson) Washington Co -- 1907
MURRAY John W. 5th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Bratcher) Franklin Co -- 1909
MURRAY Orrick B. llth Regt Inf Jane (Taylor) Nassau Co -- 1903
MURRAY Sidney H. Mississippi Lee Co -- 1907
MURRAY William J. (See A11123)
MURRAY William J. Georgia Hamilton Co 1898
MURRELL William Lafayette (See A04896)
MURRELL William Lafayette South Carolina Rosa (Lott) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
MUSGROVE Jasper (See A02621)
MUSGROVE Jasper llth Regt Inf Calhoun Co -- 1904
MUSGROVE Jasper llth Regt Inf Johnnah (Hansford) Calhoun Co -- 1907
MUSIC Jackson Georgia Eliza (--) Putnam Co -- 1929
MUSSELWHITE James R. Georgia Mary (Foose) Hamilton Co -- 1905
MYERS Henry Georgia & Navy Srv Jane (Green) Jefferson Co -- 1908
MYERS John W. (See A03968)
MYERS John W. SC & Navy Srv Florida (Forman) Duval Co -- 1907
MYERS Nance 2nd Regt Cav Marion Co -- 1908
MYERS Nicholas P. Georgia Marion Co -- 1903
MYERS Oscar A. Georgia Leon Co -- 1901
MYERS Sanders 4th Regt Inf Lenora (Lictenfieldt) Franklin Co -- 1903
MYERS Thomas J. 15th Conf Cav Sophie (Culverhouse) DeSoto Co -- 1909
NAIL Joseph Roberts Bth Regt Inf Luvenia (--) Duval Co -- 1918
NALLEY Thomas H. Arty Units Fetuah (Cooksey) Jefferson Co 1899
NANCE John W. Tennessee Marion Co -- 1901
NAPIER Henry Augustus South Carolina Henrietta (Dezana) Hillsborough Co -- 1918
NAPIER William Robert 7th Regt Inf Putnam Co -- 1905
NAPPER Benjamin B. Alabama E. (--) Madison Co 1896
NASH Edwin A. Georgia Texas (O'Neal) Polk Co -- 1926
NASH John W. 5th Regt Inf Emma (Taylor) Leon Co -- 1903
NASH John W. North Carolina Pasco Co 1017
NASH William F. llth Regt Inf Henrietta (Williams) Franklin Co -- 1903
NAZWORTH James Thomas Georgia Leon Co -- 1907
NEAL James Richard Georgia Mary (Maxville) Bradford Co -- 1919
NEAL John B. Georgia Ophelia (Hardaway) Volusia Co -- 1923
NEAL Roan 7th Regt Inf Alachua Co -- 1902
NEAL W.G. South Carolina Martha (Jordan) Alachua Co -- 1909
NEAL William R.O. (See A04612)
NEALON W. Georgia Glades Co -- 1929 7
NEASON John J. Georgia Duval Co -- 1923
NEEL Benjamin H. Home Guard Gilly C. (--) Jackson Co -- 1907
NEEL Henry C. (See A01953)
NEEL Henry C. lst Regt Inf Resv Florida (Minchin) Jackson Co
NEEL James M. (See A04686)
NEEL James M. Alabama Mary (Wooten) Walton Co -- 1903
NEEL Samuel R. North Carolina Co Eva (Wilson) Volusia Co -- 1918
NEEL Timothy H. Alabama Mary (Carter) Hillsborough Co 1888
NEELEY James T. 5th Regt Inf Josephine (Webb) Suwannee Co 1897
NEELEY John L. (See A10359)
NEELY John L. lst Regt Inf Resv Fannie (Harley) Jefferson Co -- 1907
NEELY Robert L. Arkansas Amanda (McDaniel) Orange Co -- 1919
NEIL Redding R. Georgia Elizabeth (Stewart) Volusia Co 1899
NEIL Robert G. (See A10152)
NEIL Robert G. lst Regt Inf Resv Mattie (Green) Marion Co -- 1907
NEISLER Joseph Franklin Georgia Cora (Tally) Hernando Co -- 1906
NELIGAN Henry H. 3rd Regt Inf Mary (Caneva) St Johns Co -- 1907
NELL William H. 5th Bttn Cav Susan (Armstrong) Franklin Co -- 1908
NELLY Samuel V. lst Regt Inf DeSoto Co -- 1906
NELSON Admiral 6th Regt Inf Annie (Payne) Gadsden Co -- 1915
NELSON Henry Knox Tennessee Lucy (Tatum) Orange Co -- 1929
NELSON James B. 6th Regt Inf Sarah (--) Gadsden Co 1887
NELSON James K. 6th Regt Inf Martha (--) Santa Rosa Co -- 1928
NELSON John M. (See A04937)
NELSON John M. Alabama Mary (Benton) Walton Co -- 1921
NELSON Marion M. Kentucky Martha (Gliddens) Hillsborough Co -- 1916
NESBITT Charlie Rhyne Georgia Duval Co -- 1915
NESBITT John Louisiana Sallie (Hannah) Hillsborough Co -- 1909
NETTLES A.J. Home Guard Alachua Co -- 1922
NETTLES Alexander (See A04741)
NETTLES Alexander Georgia Annie (DeWitt) Clay Co 1889
NETTLES Benjamin W. (See A04893)
NETTLES Benjamin W. Georgia Jane (Dees) Orange Co -- 1906
NETTLES Henry (See A01898)
NETTLES Henry B. South Carolina Julia (Mount) Marion Co -- 1907
NETTLES Henry J. (See A10505)
NETTLES Henry J. Home Guard Celey (Brooks) Gilchrist Co -- 1931
NETTLES Henry lst Regt Cav Sarah (Colson) Nassau Co -- 1907
NETTLES James W. Alabama Mary (Powe) Manatee Co -- 1907
NETTLES Jeremiah F. Georgia Rhoda (--) Alachua Co -- 1903
NETTLES John J. Georgia Bradford Co -- 1902
NETTLES John lst Regt Cav Martha (Dukes) Nassau Co -- 1904
NETTLES John Martin (See A02312)
NETTLES John Martin lst Regt Inf Eliza (Powell) Bradford Co -- 1907
NETTLES William W. 4th Regt Inf Osceola Co -- 1901
NEVITT Cornelius Irving 9th Regt Inf Christian (Arick) Hernando Co -- 1907
NEWBERRY Hiram J. 8th Regt Inf Hillsborough Co -- 1902
NEWBERRY Thomas W. 2nd Regt Cav Bradford Co 1889
NEWBORN Thomas Henry lst Regt Inf Resv Susan (Roberts) Baker Co -- 1915
NEWBORN William 5th Regt Inf Adella (Gill) Desoto Co -- 1913
NEWELL Alfred Georgia Calhoun Co -- 1904
NEWELL Edward R. North Carolina Lee Co -- 1908
NEWHEART A.P. Georgia Orange Co -- 1907
NEWLAN J.R. 9th Regt Inf Mary (Mitchell) Suwannee Co -- 1907
NEWMAN George 8th Regt Inf Mary (--) Lafayette Co 1897
NEWMAN James Henry (See A04413)
NEWMAN James Henry Georgia Mary (Howard) Orange Co -- 1914
NEWMAN William H. 4th Regt Inf Suwannee Co 1899
NEWMAN William M. lst Regt Cav Lafayette Co -- 1901
NEWMAN Willis 4th Regt Cav Mary (--) Lake Co 1895
NEWSOM David E. North Carolina Drucilla (Smith) Levy Co -- 1907
NEWSOM Solomon 4th Regt Inf Susan (Heath) Bradford Co -- 1904
NEWSOME Andrew J. 2nd Regt Cav Mary (Cole) Putnam Co -- 1903
NEWSOME David E. (See A04701)
NEWSOME E.D. (See A02585)
NEWSOME E.D. llth Regt Inf Margaret (Davis) Washington Co 1899
NEWSOME John B. Louisiana Mary (--) Levy Co -- 1929
NEWSOME Lewis L. 15th Conf Cav Mary (Bryan) Jackson Co -- 1907
NEWSOME W.J. Georgia Amanda P. (--) Madison Co 1899
NEWTON Buck Home Guard Washington Co -- 1930
NEWTON John R. Alabama Nannie (Carrel) DeSoto Co -- 1905
NEWTON Joseph P. Alabama Hillsborough Co -- 1902
NEYLANS James J. (See A10331)
NEYLANS James J. Mississippi Maria (Kinsaul) Hillsborough Co -- 1914
NIBLACK James S. 5th Regt Inf Esther (--) Columbia Co 1899
NIBLACK Joel Kightley 5th Regt Inf Columbia Co 1899
NIBLACK John F. lst Regt Cav Texas (Ellis) Columbia Co -- 1907
NIBLACK Samuel M. Home Guard Ida (Durand) Marion Co -- 1937
NICAR William Henry Virginia St Johns Co -- 1908
NICHOLAS John J. (See A010098)
NICHOLS Alfred lst Regt Inf Resv Jackson Co -- 1901
NICHOLS Coval lst Regt Inf Sarah (--) Escambia Co -- 1909
NICHOLS Elijah 2nd Regt Inf Leon Co 1885
NICHOLS Elishia F. Home Guard Tearisa (Basford) Jackson Co -- 1909
NICHOLS George Home Guard Walton Co -- 1929
NICHOLS Jacob (See A04450)
NICHOLS Jacob South Carolina Lue (Griffis) Duval Co -- 1908
NICHOLS James Washington (See A04990)
NICHOLS James Washington South Carolina Vicey (--) Bradford Co -- 1907
NICHOLS John Home Guard Okaloosa Co -- 1931
NICHOLS John J. Home Guard Amanda (Gilbert) Washington Co -- 1907
NICHOLS John J. llth Regt Inf Josie (--) Calhoun Co -- 1923
NICHOLS John R. 9th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Perry)(Dias) Sumter Co -- 1919
NICHOLS John W. (See A02928)
NICHOLS John W. Georgia Lauiza (Dawson) Calhoun Co -- 1915
NICHOLS Morris H. Georgia Sarah (Johnson) Calhoun Co -- 1913
NICHOLS R.G. 8th Regt Inf Sarah (--) Alachua Co 1899
NICHOLS W.A. Tennessee Dora (Klyce) Pinellas Co -- 1929
NICHOLSON Angus 6th Regt Inf Sarah 0. (--) Gadsden Co -- 1903
NICHOLSON D.N. 15th Conf Cav Sallie (Saltsman) Escambia Co -- 1916
NICHOLSON Donald W. 5th Bttn Cav Gadsden Co -- 1901
NICHOLSON Jasper J. Georgia Georgia (Dixon) Orange Co -- 1907
NICHOLSON John R. (See A04618)
NICHOLSON John R. (See A04618)
NICHOLSON John R. Virginia Martha (Allman) Duval Co -- 1907
NICHOLSON Malcom 6th Regt Inf Martha (Smith) Leon Co -- 1915
NICHOLSON Neal W. Home Guard Clarissa (--) Escambia Co -- 1927
NICKELL J. Hunter Virginia Sallie (Chapman) Manatee Co -- 1925
NICKS William R. 9th Regt Inf Jane (Mizell) Hernando Co -- 1907
NIMS Egbert Home Guard Columbia Co -- 1914
NIPPER Hiram Georgia Elizabeth (Rogers) Baker Co -- 1905
NIXON Daniel G. llth Regt Inf Sarah A. (--) Washington Co -- 1907
NIXON James llth Regt Inf no county or date shown
NOBLE Patrick Henry Clay Virginia Adelaide (Jones) Hillsborough Co -- 1914
NOBLE Wiley e. Louisiana Fannie (Bilbrey) Sumter Co -- 1907
NOBLES Absolom no service shown Nancy (Dudly) Alachua Co -- 1906
NOBLES Edward (See A02229)
NOBLES Edward 7th Regt Inf Susannah (Cannon) Alachua Co -- 1904
NOBLES Florida Isam lst Regt Inf Osceola Co 1897
NOBLES Francis 2nd Regt Inf Santa Rosa Co -- 1914
NOBLES J.C. (See A04007)
NOBLES J.C. Alabama Eliza (Hughs) Walton Co -- 1905
NOBLES Jessee 9th Regt Inf Susan (Marsh) Sumter Co -- 1901
NOBLES John A. 2nd Regt Inf Hamilton Co 1897
NOBLES John B. 10th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Lanier) Pasco Co -- 1909
NOBLES Joshua 7th Regt Inf Ann (--) Marion Co -- 1900
NOBLES W.H. Home Guard Escambia Co -- 1914
NOBLES William Dennis 15th Conf Cav Nancy J. (--) Santa Rosa Co 1898
NOBLES William P. Georgia Suwannee Co 1893
NOLAN James Emory (See A04457)
NOLAN James Emory Georgia Alice (Robertson) Volusia Co -- 1915
NOLAN Robert A. Texas Marion Co -- 1902
NORFLEET Nathaniel Virginia Sarah (--) Alachua Co -- 1930
NORMAN Daniel G.W. 7th Regt Inf Lake Co -- 1902
NORMAN Francis N. 7th Regt Inf Susan (Padgett) Bradford Co 1888
NORMAN Issac N. 7th Regt Inf Bradford Co -1888
NORMAN Jeremiah J. Georgia Trecie (Dudley) Baker Co -- 1901
NORMAN John C. 7th Regt Inf Susan (Green) Bradford Co 1888
NORMAN Joseph Cusrira 10th Regt Inf Sumter Co -- 1906
NORRIS Benjamin H. (See A02807)
NORRIS Benjamin H. Alabama Julia (Mathews) Marion Co -- 1902
NORRIS Frank Alabama Mary (Rush) Seminole Co -- 1928
NORRIS Henry H. (See A01941)
NORRIS Henry H. 5th Regt Inf Didemma (Hull) Manatee Co -- 1907
NORRIS William Anderson (See A10250)
NORRIS William Anderson 6th Regt Inf Mittie (Garner) Holmes Co -- 1905
NORRIS William S. 5th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Granger) Madison Co -- 1901
NORRIS William South Carolina Frances (Hardee) Columbia Co -- 1902
NORTHROP John debernabeau Virginia Minnie (Howard) Hillsborough Co -- 1925
NORTON Hugh (See A02492)
NORTON Hugh Home Guard Malatha (Hall) Polk Co -- 1913
NORTON Wilbur F. Alabama Sallie (Cassady) Levy Co -- 1907
NORTON William R. Arty Units Polk Co -- 1908
NORWOOD Elias W. Mississippi Mary (Weathersby) Hillsborough Co -- 1908
NORWOOD William S. Georgia Brevard Co -- 1907
NOWLING William I. Alabama Santa Rosa Co -- 1912
NUBURN William Henry 10th Regt Inf Manatee Co -- 1906
NUNEZ Robert F. 7th Regt Inf Arrabella (Craft) Hillsborough Co -- 1930
NUNN Joseph Marsahl lst Regt Inf Resv Margaret (Wolton) Hamilton Co -- 1907
NUNN Joseph Marshal (See A01615)
NUTT Leroy M. Louisiana Laetitia (Ashmore) Lee Co -- 1911
O'BERRY Henry B. (See A04029)
O'BERRY Henry B. Georgia Mary (McGlon) Hernando Co -- 1903
O'BRIAN John Berry Georgia Calhoun Co -- 1929
O'BRIEN John (See A02957)
O'BRIEN John Navy Srv Annie (Conway) Escambia Co -- 1928
O'CONNOR Charles Navy Srv Escambia Co -- 1902
O'CONNOR William 6th Regt Inf Jackson Co 1897
O'HARA William W. (See A02994)
O'HARA William W. lst Bttn Spc Cav Maniesel (Sellars) Suwannee Co -- 1908
O'KEIFFE William Georgia Columbia Co 1898
O'KELLY Alexander Smith Tennessee Frances (--) Manatee Co -- 1928
O'NEAL Andrew Jackson Georgia Matilda (Grant) Hillsborough Co -- 1929
O'NEAL William C. (See A00981)
O'NEILL James N. Commissary Dept. Duval Co -- 1908
O'QUINN Andrew Martin 2nd Regt Cav Hillsborough Co -- 1907
O'QUINN Daniel F. 10th Regt Inf Mondy (Pipkin) Madison Co 1887
OATES Charles T. (See A03889)
OATES Charles T. Georgia Sarah (Robins) Hamilton Co -- 1907
OBERRY J.M. Georgia Pasco Co -- 1904
OBTEEN Bryant Home Guard Emily (Stile) St Lucie Co -- 1908
ODELL S.J. Louisiana Pasco Co -- 1907 12
ODOM Archibald C. 4th Regt Inf Bradford Co -- 1904
ODOM George W. 5th Regt INf Kizziah (Williams) Suwannee Co i899
ODOM James B. Alabama Polk Co -- 1907
ODOM Nathan 5th Regt Inf Hillsborough Co 1899
ODOM Samuel (AO2290)
ODOM Samuel lst Regt Inf Resv Martha (Turner) Madison Co -- 1907
ODOM William 15th Conf Cav Escambia Co -- 1915
ODOM William H. 2nd Regt Inf Escambia Co -- 1901
ODOM William J. (See A02560)
ODOM William J. 3rd Bttn Cav Maggie (Houston) Franklin Co -- 1922
ODUM L.W. 2nd Regt Inf Volusia Co -- 1904
OGDEN Isaac Georgia Sarah (Jackson) Bradford Co -- 1917
OGDEN William Henry lst Regt Cav Suwannee Co -- 1908
OGILVIE David O. Arty Units Elizabeth (Sauls) Duval Co -- 1907
OGLE Uriah H. Alabama Elizabeth (Mountain) Hernando Co -- 1907
OGLESBY Daniel (See A01685)
OGLESBY Daniel 10th Regt Inf Mary Jane (Honey) Duval Co -- 1903
OGLESBY Lewis 2nd Regt Cav Vina (Yates) Orange Co -- 1912
OICAIN William W. 5th Regt Inf Callie (Hutchinson) Columbia Co -- 1907
OILEARY Mike Texas Escambia Co -- 1907
OINEAL C.C. 2nd Regt Cav Eliza (Arline) Madison Co -- 1914
OINEAL John W. Arty Units Hannah (Pitt) Pinellas Co -- 1931
OINEAL John William lst Regt Inf Madison Co -- 1907
OINEAL Seaborn G. Mississippi Jackson Co -- 1908
OINEAL William C. 3rd Regt Inf Mollin (Cason) Duval Co 1887
OINEIL Henry E. 2nd Regt Inf Santa Rosa Co -- 1908
OINEIL Joseph W. Arty Units Jackson Co -- 1907
OINEIL William 7th Regt Inf Mary (Nicholas) Hillsborough Co -- 1909
OIQUINN Daniel F. (See A02960)
OIROURKE Daniel Mississippi Orange Co -- 1902
OLGELBY John H. South Carolina Madison Co -- 1903
OLIVEIRA William D. Georgia & Navy Srv Volusia Co -- 1907 --
OLIVER Alfred 10th Regt Inf Suwannee Co 1887
OLIVER James 5th Regt Inf Victoria (McEachin) Leon Co -- 1903
OLIVER James L. 2nd Regt Cav Wakulla Co -- 1902
OLIVER John A. Alabama Santa Rosa Co -- 1901
OLIVER W.F. South Carolina Emma (Bussey) Walton Co -- 1905
OMAN James M. Georgia Walton Co 1897
ORMAN William T. lst Regt Inf Annie (--) Franklin Co -- 1907
ORMAND Alexander W. 10th Regt Inf Brevard Co -- 1903
ORMAND J.N. 2nd Regt Cav Nancy (--) Alachua Co -- 1903
ORMAND Monroe Hall 2nd Regt Cav Hettie (--) Hillsborough Co -- 1908
ORMOND Monroe Hall (See A10146)
ORMSBY George M. (See A04108)
ORMSBY George M. North Carolina Sarah (Tomlinson) Lee Co -- 1905
ORTAGUS Prudencia 3rd Regt Inf St Johns Co -- 1907
ORTEGAS John 2nd Regt Inf Elizabeth (Harper) Duval Co -- 1910
OSBAN Joseph W. South Carolina Brevard Co -- 1907
OSBORNE Emanuel 3rd Regt Inf Mary Anne (Lang) St Johns Co -- 1906
OSLIN Simeon S. Alabama Martha (Morthy) Duval Co -- 1911
OSTEEN Albert Indpt Units Nancy (Stancel) Alachua Co -- 1920
OSTEEN Elias (See A02895)
OSTEEN Elias Home Guard Elizabeth (Godwin) Alachua Co -- 1916
OSTEEN J. Alfred (See A02860)
OSTEEN James Alfred Home Guard Zilifer (Conelly) Levy Co -- 1925
OSTEEN John C. lst Bttn Spc Cav Putnam Co -- 1907
OSTEEN John Hance Mail Srv Gilchrist Co -- 1941
OSTEEN John W. 4th Regt Inf Bradford Co -- 1902
OSTEEN Miles Home Guard Alachua Co -- 1908
OSTEEN Paul C. lst Regt Cav Penelope (Niblock) Columbia Co 1899
OSTEEN Samuel David 10th Regt Inf E. (Serency) Pasco Co -- 1907
OSTEEN Sim Home Guard Mary (--) Alachua Co -- 1923
OSTEEN Sol lst Bttn Spc Cav Levy Co -- 1907
OSTEEN W.S. (See A10430)
OSTEEN W.S. Home Guard Jane (Polk) Gilchrist Co -- 1928
OSTEEN William E. (See A01959)
OSTEEN William E. 3rd Regt Inf Martha (Knight) St Johns Co 1886
OSTEEN William J. lst Bttn Spc Cav Orange Co -- 1907
OSTENDORFF Julius South Carolina Duval Co -- 1914
OSWALD Marion 15th Conf Cav Elmina (Irwin) Jackson Co -- 1901
OTT Henry Alabama Mary (Tendil) Jackson Co -- 1930
OUTLAW Burnell 8th Regt Inf Mary (--) Columbia Co -- 1902
OUTLAW John James Kentucky Eva (Whitfield) Sumter Co -- 1904
OUTLAW Peter D. (See A04675)
OUTLAW Peter D. Georgia Margaret (Balton) Osceola Co -- 1902
OVERBAY William Zachary Georgia Polk Co -- 1916
OVERSTREET Bowie Roberson Mississippi Mary (Easterling) Escambia Co -- 1916
OVERSTREET Hezekiah Georgia Hillsborough Co -- 1901
OVERSTREET John C. 10th Regt Inf Hamilton Co -- 1907
OVERSTREET John C. 2nd Regt Inf Suwannee Co 1887
OVERSTREET John D. Alabama Levenia (Anderson) Escambia Co -- 1927
OVERSTREET S.T. 2nd Regt Inf Suwannee Co 1897
OVERSTREET Silas Taff 2nd Regt Inf Adaline (Lang) Suwannee Co -- 1908
OWEN John T. South Carolina Duval Co -- 1907
OWEN John W. (See A03532)
OWEN John W. Georgia Annie (--) Alachua Co -- 1914
OWEN John W. North Carolina Sarah (Holmes) Duval Co -- 1908
OWENS Barney Alabama Elizabeth (Sowell) Santa Rosa Co -- 1902
OWENS Benjamin 8th Regt Inf Martha (McCALLOUGHS) Lafayette Co 1890
OWENS E.M. Arty Units Highlands Co -- 1926
OWENS G. (See A06599)
OWENS G. 2nd Regt Cav Madison Co -- 1915
OWENS J.E. (See A02917)
OWENS J.E. lst Bttn Spc Cav Minty (Johnson) Walton Co -- 1912
OWENS John B. (See A01470)
OWENS John B. Home Guard Mary (Kemp) Jackson Co -- 1907
OWENS John J. (See A04161)
OWENS John J. Georgia Marthy (Borfour) Jackson Co -- 1907
OWENS John M. 5th Bttn Cav Elizabeth (Barlow) Gadsden Co -- 1903
OWENS Lafayette S. 4th Regt Inf Allie (Strain) Gadsden Co -- 1905
OWENS Martin B. 2nd Regt Inf Liberty Co -- 1901
OWENS Robert Warren Arty Units Leon Co -- 1907
OWENS Samuel H. South Carolina Mary (Hoke) Duval Co -- 1907
OWENS Thomas W. 2nd Regt Cav Leon Co -- 1907
OWENS Whitman David (See A02177)
OWENS Whitman David 5th Bttn Cav Emily (Cooper) Jackson Co -- 1907
OWENS William Joseph 9th Regt Inf Harriet (Green) Columbai Co -- 1907
OWENS William Joseph pension by Legislative Act Columbia Co -- 1939
OWENS William L. Home Guard Bettie (Phillips) Okaloosa Co -- 1942
OXFORD Daniel A. Georgia Mary (Winchester) Leon Co -- 1946
OXNER John Porter South Carolina Martha (--) Suwannee Co -- 1903
OZMORE John T. Georgia Marion Co -- 1907
PACE Reubin P. (See A02998)
PACE Reubin P. South Carolina Louisiana (Huff) Jefferson Co -- 1927
PACE Warren A. Georgia Duval Co -- 1907
PACETTI Adolphus N. AL & Navy Srv Amelia (Monson) St Johns Co -- 1907
PACETTI Bartolo J. 3rd Regt Inf Pamphilia (Masters) St Johns Co 1899
PACETTI Dennis J. 3rd Regt Inf Telesphora (Andreu) Duval Co -- 1906
PACETTI Domingo 2nd Regt Cav Antonia (--) St Johns Co -- 1907
PACETTI Joseph Anthony 8th Regt Inf Amelia (Morales) Duval Co -- 1908
PACETTI Thomas A. Navy Srv St Johns Co -- 1907
PADGET James Georgia Putnam Co -- 1905
PADGETT E.J.M. Alabama Orange Co -- 1907
PADGETT Elias 2nd Regt Cav Ledian (Butler) Duval Co -- 1901
PADGETT Elijah 2nd Regt Inf Duval Co 1888
PADGETT Henry (See A02142)
PADGETT Henry 6th Regt Inf Annie (Brown) Holmes Co -- 1901
PADGETT Isom 6th Regt Inf Holmes Co -- 1901
PADGETT James J. Home Guard Osceola Co -- 1914
PADGETT John llth Regt Inf Duval Co -- 1903
PADGETT Mahlon Georgia Alachua Co -- 1909
PADGETT William Alabama Mahala (--) Walton Co -- 1903
PADGETT William D. 6th Regt Inf Holmes Co -- 1903
PAGE Benjamin F. (See A02073)
PAGE Benjamin F. 5th Regt Inf Nannie (McDaniel) Leon Co 1899
PAGE Jackson J. 4th Regt Inf Caroline (--) Pasco Co 1899
PAGE Marion W. 5th Regt Inf Mary (Thomas) Hernando Co 1899
PAGE Peyton North Carolina Nassau Co -- 1925
PAGE Soloman H. lst Regt Inf Resv Polk Co -- 1907
PAGE William F. Tennessee Polk Co -- 1907
PAGE William Lawrence (See A04518)
PAGE William Lawrence South Carolina Nema (Bowers) Duval Co -- 1902
PAGETT Martin J. 3rd Regt Inf Duval Co -- 1902
PAINE James llth Regt Inf Washington Co -- 1913
PAINTER John J. 5th Regt Inf Suwannee Co -- 1902
PALMER Andrew J. (See A04521)
PALMER Andrew J. Georgia Sarah (Steadman) Alachua Co -- 1909
PALMER David William 4th Regt Inf Nancy (--) Washington Co 1899
PALMER James A. Georgia Theresa (Moate) Dade Co -- 1921
PALMER James M. Georgia Mary (Odom) Polk Co -- 1907
PALMER John Dabney lst Bttn Spc Cav Laura (Willie) Jefferson Co -- 1907
PALMER Joseph Qtr Mstr Corps Julia (Hahn) Marion Co -- 1904
PALMER Samuel Augustis 3rd Regt Inf Jefferson Co -- 1901
PAPY Joseph B. 3rd Regt Inf Louisa (Henry) St Johns Co -- 1907
PARDEE Frank A. 7th Regt Inf Missouri (Thompson) Alachua Co -- 1903
PARDUE James S. SC Regiment Elizabeth (--) Alachua Co -- 1907
PARHAM Joseph Georgia Queen (Murray) Sumter Co -- 1903
PARHAM Robert South Carolina Lydia (Gallaway) Orange Co -- 1912
PARISH Henry Bob lst Regt Inf Polk Co -- 1907
PARISH John Harris (See A02235)
PARISH John Harris lst Regt Inf Resv Ester (Yon) Calhoun Co -- 1907
PARISH Robert H. lst Regt Cav Polk Co 1889
PARK E. Stark Alabama Euphemia (Taylor) Polk Co -- 1903
PARKER B.F. 7th Regt Inf Alachua Co -- 1901
PARKER Benjamin C. 2nd Regt Cav Martha (Geiger) Nassau Co -- 1907
PARKER Charles F. 2nd Regt Inf C. (--) Alachua Co -- 1901
PARKER Charles North Carolina Jefferson Co -- 1907
PARKER Daniel J. 2nd Regt Cav Vesta (--) Taylor Co 1896
PARKER Edmond Cabel (See A02691)
PARKER Edmond Cabel lst Regt Inf Resv Martha (--) Bradford Co -- 1907
PARKER Everett S. (See A02899)
PARKER Everett S. lst Bttn Spc Cav Artie (Lewis) Polk Co -- 1908
PARKER Henry Clay 5th Bttn Cav Iantha (Stephenson) Alachua Co -- 1907
PARKER Henry L. 5th Regt Inf Rutha (Richards) St Lucie Co -- 1909
PARKER Irvin A. (See A04605)
PARKER Irvin A. Alabama Sarah (Hall) Okaloosa Co -- 1903
PARKER J.J. (See A10414)
PARKER J.J. Home Guard Annie (Payne) Washington Co -- 1928
PARKER James B. (See A04567)
PARKER James B. Alabama Mary (Hill) Walton Co -- 1907
PARKER James B. South Carolina Virginia (Sayers) Brevard Co -- 1905
PARKER James Parsons Georgia Marion Co -- 1900
PARKER John lst Regt Cav Mary I. (--) Polk Coc 1899
PARKER Joseph P. (See A02314)
PARKER Joseph P. 3rd Regt Inf Nancy (Lee) Madison Co -- 1901
PARKER M. Franklin Georgia Lydia (Terrell) Alachua Co -- 1900
PARKER Matthew 10th Regt Inf Mahala (Boyette) Madison Co 1888
PARKER Robert A. Georgia Laura E. (--) Duval Co -- 1909
PARKER Robert H. (See A01666)
PARKER Robert H. 9th Regt Inf Marietta (Parrish) Hillsborough Co -- 1903
PARKER Salatheil F. Alabama Julia (--) Jackson Co -- 1902
PARKER Solomon M. Georgia Columbia Co -- 1907
PARKER Steaby lst Bttn Spc Cav Mary (Blount) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
PARKER Thomas Noah Tennessee Lake -- 1907
PARKER William H. Georgia Mary (Stuber) Hillsborough Co -- 1908
PARKER William J. Arty Units Lake Co -- 1907
PARKER William M. (See A02107)
PARKER William M. 2nd Regt Inf Elizabeth (Pruett) Taylor Co -- 1903
PARKER William Pinckney 8th Regt Inf Escambia Co -- 1906
PARKHILL Richard C. 2nd Regt Inf Jefferson Co -- 1907
PARKHILL Samuel M. 2nd Regt Cav Amanda (--) Duval Co -- 1907
PARKS Benjamin (See A02626)
PARKS Benjamin North Carolina Sally (Gray) Palm Beach Co -- 1908
PARKS Peterson (See A02808)
PARKS Peterson Missouri Sarah (Harris) Orange Co -- 1923
PARNELL Daniel lst Bttn Spc Cav Lafayette Co -- 1902
PARNELL James Travis 9th Regt Inf Frances (--) Columbia Co -- 1903
PARNELL Joseph B. (See A01707)
PARNELL Joseph B. 4th Regt Inf Sarah (Miller) Hamilton Co -- 1902
PARNELL Joshua M. 4th Regt Inf Sarah (Jones) Columbia Co -- 1903
PARNELL Sew@ll W. South Carolina Angeline (--) Suwannee Co -- 1904
PARNELL Simpson llth Regt Inf Columbia Co 1887
PARNELL Theodore J. 9th Regt Inf Mary J. (--) Jackson Co -- 1919
PARNELL William King 9th Regt Inf Mary (Milling) Columbia Co -- 1903
PAROTT William Benjamin 6th Regt Inf Leon Co -- 1904
PARRAMORE James B. 4th Regt Inf Leila (Long) Duval Co -- 1931
PARRAMORE Redden W. Georgia Imogene (Moore) Madison Co -- 1905
PARRAMORE Smith A. 2nd Regt Cav Madison Co -- 1903
PARRAMORE Thomas F. Mississippi Hillsborough Co -- 1907
PARRAMORE William L. 6th Regt Inf Hellen (Livingston) Madison Co -- 1907
PARRISH Absalom J. Georgia Ira (Coon) Polk Co -- 1932
PARRISH Baryan A. (See A01672)
PARRISH Baryan A. 4th Regt Inf Della (--) Bradford Co 1897
PARRISH George W. (See A01794)
PARRISH George W. 4th Regt Inf Martha (Surreny) Bradford Co 1897
PARRISH James 7th Regt Inf Mary (Brown) Lafayette Co -- 1917
PARRISH James 7th Regt Inf Suwannee Co -- 1903
PARRISH James Georgia Elizabeth (Bass) Osceola Co 1898
PARRISH James K. llth Regt Inf Virginia (Pelham) Manatee Co -- 1907
PARRISH John A. (See A10173)
PARRISH John A. Home Guard Victoria (Hamilton) Suwannee Co -- 1922
PARRISH John Alexander (See A02275)
PARRISH John Alexander 5th Bttn Cav Hattie (Burnett) Alachua Co -- 1907
PARRISH Stephen Home Guard Alachua Co -- 1916
PARRISH Thomas M. (See A02651)
PARRISH Thomas M. Home Guard Norma (--) Calhoun Co -- 1915
PARRISH William F. Home Guard Missouri J. (--) Manatee Co -- 1904
PARROTT Henry Clay (See A04765)
PARROTT Henry Clay Georgia Nannie (McDaniel) Hillsborough Co -- 1916
PARROTT John Erwin (See A04966)
PARROTT John Erwin Alabama Laura (Byrd) Holmes Co -- 1908
PARSONS Joseph B. Home Guard Duval Co -- 1908
PARTIN Henry S. 7th Regt Inf Ruth (Hull) Osceola Co -- 1903
PARTIN James Benjamin (See A01732)
PARTIN James Benjamin lst Regt Cav Mary (Wafford) Orange Co -- 1907
PARTIN Robert Charles (See A02811)
PARTIN Robert Charles 4th Regt Inf Narcissus (Ballard) Osceola Co -- 1907
PARTIN Sugar J. Georgia Caroline (--) Hillsborough Co -- 1927
PARTRIDGE Benjamin Waring 15th Conf Cav Jefferson Co -- 1907
PARTRIDGE William Kennedy 5th Regt Inf Mary (Allen) Dade Co -- 1915
PASCHALL Edwin P. 2nd Regt Inf Mary E. (--) Alachua Co -- 1903
PASEY Wiley Georgia Mary Jane (--) Columbia Co -- 1903
PASS William O. (See A10398)
PASS William O. 7th Regt Inf Lula (Pass) Hillsborough Co -- 1902
PASSMORE Bryant pension by Legislative Act Ellen (Mapleson) Seminole Co -- 1930
PASTEN Samuel 5th Bttn Cav Jane (Kelly) Gadsden Co -- 1906
PASTEUR George (See A10239)
PASTEUR George Arty Units Florence (Boring) Marion Co -- 1907
PASTEUR John 2nd Regt Cav Marion Co -- 1908
PATE Benjamin Franklin Alabama Holmes Co -- 1930
PATE Owen J. North Carolina Elizabeth (--) Hillsborough Co -- 1904
PATERSON Hugh Arty Units Gadsden Co -- 1908
PATRICK Archibald 7th Regt Inf Mary (Ivey) Orange Co 1897
PATRICK Wright 10th Regt Inf Orange Co -- 1909
PATTEN Hezekiah Cleavland (See A04313)
PATTEN Hezikiah Cleavland Alabama Drew (Hare) Alachua Co -- 1907
PATTEN Matthew E. Georgia M.A. (--) Okeechobee Co -- 1935
PATTEN William C. (See A04739)
PATTEN William C. Georgia Katherine (Coyle) Hillsborough Co -- 1908
PATTERSON Andrew E. (See A02512)
PATTERSON Andrew E. 4th Regt Inf Lavinia (Swift) Madison Co 1888
PATTERSON George M. Georgia Fredonia (Kiddo) Alachua Co -- 1916
PATTERSON John 10th Regt Inf Frances (Underwood) Hamilton Co -- 1907
PATTERSON Lorenzo D. Alabama Mary (Berry) DeSoto Co -- 1927
PATTERSON Martin D. (See A01849()
PATTERSON Martin D. 7th Regt Inf Catherine (Perkins) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
PATTERSON Thomas Home Guard Sarah (Marrh) Duval Co -- 1907
PATTERSON William R. lst Regt Inf Madison Co 1897
PATTISHALL Daniel Georgia D. (--) Orange Co -- 1907
PATTON George A. 2nd Regt Cav Emma (Grier) Franklin Co -- 1907
PAUL Azberry B. Home Guard Americus (Mattox) Holmes Co -- 1926
PAUL E.S. Alabama Malone (Adkins) Jackson Co -- 1921
PAUL George W. Arty Units Agnes (Martin) Jefferson Co -- 1907
PAUL James W. (See A02038)
PAUL James W. llth Regt Inf Mary (Faircloth) Okaloosa Co 1899
PAUL John A. Alabama Liberty Co -- 1902
PAUL Michael Alabama Escambia Co -- 1908
PAUL Peter (See A04823)
PAUL Peter North Carolina Attelia (Bullard) Holmes Co -- 1917
PAUL Thomas 2nd Regt Cav Holmes Co -- 1916
PAUL Warren S. (See A10145)
PAUL Warren S. Home Guard Mary (Penner) Citrus Co -- 1904
PAUL William Georgia Sarah (Flanders) Sumter Co -- 1902
PAUL William J. Home Guard Frances (Hogan) Holmes Co -- 1913
PAULK Cajah llth Regt Inf Mary (Dusker) Jackson Co -- 1904
PAULLING Falcon Fox 2nd Regt Cav Alachua Co -- 1907
PAXON John C. (See A02200)
PAXON John C. Georgia Mary (Mobley) Orange Co -- 1907
PAXTON David B. Georgia DeSoto Co -- 1907
PAYNE George Georgia Denice (Dixon) Duval Co -- 1932
PAYNE James llth Regt Inf Washington Co -- 1903
PAYNE James W. lst Regt Inf Resv Ann (Killingsworth) Columbia Co -- 1907
PAYNE John W. Georgia Amanda (Gambol) Suwannee Co -- 1913
PAYNE Josiah R. South Carolina Jane (--) Citrus Co -- 1901
PAYNE Marion L. 2nd Regt Cav Monroe Co -- 1907
PAYNE Samuel L. Alabama Mary (Thames) Santa Rosa Co -- 1913
PEABODY E.W. Georgia Sallie (Moore) Orange Co -- 1907
PEACOCK Abraham llth Regt Inf Sarah (--) Jackson Co 1899
PEACOCK Ashley P. (See A04857)
PEACOCK Ashley P. Alabama Maggie (McDonald) Holmes Co -- 1909
PEACOCK Elbert Tennessee Holmes Co -- 1903
PEACOCK James A. lst Regt Cav Sina (Light) Lafayette Co 1899
PEACOCK James K. 5th Bttn Cav Jackson Co -- 1907
PEACOCK John lst Regt Inf Resv Caroline (Stephens) Jackson Co -- 1904
PEACOCK John W. 2nd Regt Cav Amanda (--) Brevard Co -- 1905
PEACOCK John Wesley (See A02652)
PEACOCK John Wesley 5th Regt Inf Susianna (--) Calhoun Co -- 1907
PEACOCK Noah D. (See A04568)
PEACOCK Noah P. Alabama Martha (Bridges) Okloosa Co -- 1902
PEACOCK Samuel Frank 5th Regt Inf Jackson Co -- 1907
PEACOCK Timothy D. Alabama Martha (Rivers) Jackson Co -- 1903
PEACOCK Willis lst Regt Inf Resv Alachua Co 1899
PEADEN Jackson 15th Conf Cav Santa Rosa Co -- 1908
PEAGLER J.H. Alabama Sarah (--) Escambia Co -- 1926
PEAKE Edward William Alabama Ann (Grant) Escambia Co -- 1910
PEARCE J.M. lst Bttn Spc Cav Martha A. (--) Osceola Co -- 1907
PEARCE James J. (See A02900)
PEARCE James J. 2nd Regt Cav Florida (Faulk) Wakulla Co -- 1907
PEARCE John D. 4th Regt Inf Eliza (Hancock) Columbia Co -- 1903
PEARCE Oliver W. North Carolina Putnam Co -- 1907
PEARCE Payton S. lst Bttn Spc Cav Leticia (Chandler) DeSoto Co -- 1907
PEARCE Peyton S. Indpt Organizations DeSoto Co 1896
PEARCE William Howsen Texas Susan (McKinney) Polk Co -- 1909
PEARRE Albert L. Georgia Caroline (--) Madison Co -- 1907
PEARSON David A. (See A02427)
PEARSON David A. 5th Regt Inf Hannah (Morrisson) Polk Co -- 1907
PEARSON John Alexander South Carolina Mary (Burnham) Duval Co -- 1906
PEARSON John Georgia Mary (Paxton) Lafayette Co -- 1903
PEASE Nathan D. Georgia Susan (Burnsed) Baker Co -- 1902
PEAVY Thomas J. (See A04778)
PEAVY Thomas J. Georgia Sallie (Mills) Gadsden Co 1887
PECKHAM Isaac Lester Georgia Isadora (Lee) Nassau Co -- 1925
PEDDY J.T. Georgia Martha (Brewer) Dade Co -- 1914
PEDEN James M. Mississippi Amanda (McDougal) DeSoto Co -- 1916
PEDRICK Isaac S. (See A04009)
PEDRICK Issac S. North Carolina Catherine (Phillips) Levy Co -- 1901
PEDRICK James H. Georgia Pasco Co -- 1908
PEDRICK John F. Georgia Citrus Co -- 1908
PEDRICK Thomas lst Regt Cav Henrietta (--) Levy Co -- 1902
PEEK Ashley B. Georgia Suwannee Co -- 1929
PEEK Augustus J.W. Georgia Hillsborough Co -- 1923
PEEK Oscar Fitzalan (See A01637)
PEEK Oscar Fitzalan 5th Bttn Cav (no wife shown) Madison Co -- 1907
PEEL Benjamin F. lst Regt Inf Resv Duval Co -- 1915
PEEL Ransom M. (See A04758)
PEEL Ransom M. Alabama Ev6line (Davis) Washington Co -- 1906
PEELER William F. (See A10095)
PEELER William F. 3rd Regt Inf Alice (Silas) Columbia Co -- 1907
PEEPLES John W. Georgia Linda (Dobson) Pasco Co -- 1916
PEEPLES William Hosea (See A04861)
PEEPLES William Hosea Georgia Alice (Raulerson) DeSoto Co -- 1907
PELHAM John M. Alabama Lucy (Baggett) Jackson Co -- 1913
PELHAM Richard 8th Regt Inf Libbie (Driggers) Lee Co -- 1908
PELLICER Paul Frank 10th Regt Inf Rebecca (Youngblood) St Johns Co -- 1916
PELLICER Peter F. (AO1507)
PELLICER Peter F. 2nd Regt Inf Catherine (Stewart) St Johns Co 1899
PELLUM Ephenetus Alabama Amanda (Kirkland) Jackson Co -- 1925
PELOT James C. South Carolina Susannah (Waller) Polk Co -- 1906
PELOT John P. lst Regt Inf Resv Mary (Foggs) Marion Co -- 1903
PELT Durant Indp Units Melvina (Posey) Wakulla Co 1898
PEMBERTON Moses C. (See A01621)
PEMBERTON Moses C. 4th Regt Inf Cynthia (Ogden) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
PENDARVIS George Allen 2nd Regt Cav Manatee Co -- 1904
PENDARVIS George Allen 2nd Regt Cav Mary (Johnson)(Dyess) Levy Co -- 1921
PENDARVIS Richard J. (See A04359)
PENDARVIS Richard J. Georgia Sarah (Screws) Calhoun Co -- 1908
PENDER D.W. 4th Regt Inf Mollie (Lippins) Jackson Co -- 1915
PENDER Robert R. 5th Bttn Cav Mary (Anderson) Jackson Co -- 1915
PENDER W.V. 4th Regt Inf Jackson Co -- 1913
PENDLETON Samuel J. Alabama & Const Dept Santa Rosa Co -- 1908 --
PENNEL George B. lst Regt Inf Harriet (Chalker) Escambia Co -- 1903
PENNELL George C. (AO2170)
PENNINGTON Fredrick C. Georgia Ella (--) Holmes Co -- 1907
PENNINGTON Henry L. lst Regt Inf Resv Ann (Louse) Hamilton Co -- 1927
PENNINGTON John Henry Georgia Leona (Paulk) Columbia Co -- 1958
PENNINGTON John Henry no service shown S.(--) Columbia Co no date shown
PENNINGTON Stephen P. 4th Regt Inf Jackson Co 1897
PENNINGTON Thomas D. Georgia Hillsborough Co -- 1902
PENNINGTON William M. lst Regt Inf Resv Catherine (Carter) Hamilton Co -- 1907
PENT John 7th Regt Inf Monroe Co 1887
PENTON Aaron D. Alabama Zelie (Beck) Escambia Co 1897
PENTON Thomas W. Home Guard Santa Rosa Co -- 1925
PERDUE William F.M. (See A04564)
PERDUE William F.M. Georgia Mahala (--) Walton Co -- 1904
PERKINS Fletcher Tolivar Mississippi Escambia Co -- 1928
PERKINS George W. Georgia Frances (Williams) Dade Co -- 1929
PERKINS Henry W. 9th Regt Inf Resv Sarah (Herndon) Marion Co 1899
PERKINS I.S. 5th Bttn Cav Callie (--) Jackson Co -- 1907
PERKINS James B. 10th Regt Inf Evelina (Vickers) Gadsden Co 1899
PERKINS John Day 2nd Regt Inf Joanna (Wilson) Leon Co 1887
PERKINS John Henry 5th Regt Inf Jefferson Co -- 1907
PERKINS John J. Alabama Holmes Co -- 1907
PERKINS John W. Mississippi Sally (--) Leon Co -- 1939
PERKINS N.A. Georgia Mary (Breedlove) Orange Co -- 1903
PERKINS William Henry Arty Units Margiann (Watson) Jackson Co -- 1916
PERKINS William W. Indpt Units Leon Co -- 1919
PERRY Alexander C. Alabama Susan (Duncaworth) Escambia Co -- 1907
PERRY Alexander F. Alabama Escambia Co -- 1904
PERRY George W. Georgia Dade Co -- 1907
PERRY James M. (See A02616)
PERRY James M. South Carolina Martha (Price) Columbia Co
PERRY James T. 7th Regt Inf Amanda (Webb) Polk Co -- 1904
PERRY James Willis (See A02328)
PERRY James Willis Arty Units Mary (Pracain) Columbia Co -- 1908
PERRY John R. 2nd Regt Inf Fannie (Bailey) Hamilton Co -- 1906
PERRY John S. 2nd Regt Inf Marion Co 1889
PERRY John T. Alabama Escambia Co -- 1907
PERRY Joseph M. South Carolina Emma (Long) Escambia Co -- 1907
PERRY Preston W. lst Regt Inf Resv Cherry (Grantham) Marion -- 1904
PERRY Theopelous Harvey 4th Regt Inf Escambia Co -- 1908
PERRY Thomas J. Arty Units Sarah (Grantham) Marion Co 1887
PERRY William Henry (See A10454)
PERRY William Henry (See A10454) Pauline (Shoemaker) Columbia Co -- 1908
PERRY William Henry Arty Units Pauline (Shoemaker) Duval Co -- 1908
PERRY William Virginia Orange Co -- 1902
PERSON William Carter Mississippi Orange Co -- 1924
PERSONS Robert B. Georgia Olympia (--) Columbia Co -- 1903
PERSONS William Carter Mississippi Orange Co -- 1924
PERT Elias 5th Regt Inf Emeline (--) Madison Co 1897
PERT Henry B. 4th Regt Inf Lafayette Co 1896
PERT William A. llth Regt Inf Cornelia (Sessions) Duval Co -- 1901
PETER Henry J. Georgia Lake Co -- 1907
PETER M.J. (See A03057)
PETERS A.J. 6th Regt Inf Liberty Co -- 1906
PETERS Alva H. 5th Regt Inf Sarah (--) Citrus Co -- 1904
PETERS George H. 5th Bttn Cav Sarah (--) Citrus Co -- 1904
PETERS George W. (See A04243)
PETERS George W. Georgia Zilpha (Smith) Hillsborough Co -- 1903
PETERS Hans H. Atry Units Rosa (Sidberry) Duval Co -- 1903
PETERS I.H. Georgia Avious (--) Calhoun Co -- 1903
PETERS John R. Alabama Susan (Thomley) Washington Co -- 1904
PETERS M.J. Alabama Joanna (Patterson) Orange Co -- 1902
PETERS Solomon M. Georgia Sidney M. (--) Dade Co -- 1908
PETERSON Charles Home Guard Citrus Co -- 1908
PETERSON George W. 9th Regt Inf Jane (Hall) Volusia Co -- 1902
PETERSON John A. Georgia & Navy Srv Duval Co -- 1927
PETERSON Monroe (See A04448)
PETERSON Monroe Alabama Alvina (Slaughter) Marion Co -- 1908
PETERSON Richard E. Alabama Santa Rosa Co -- 1907
PETERSON Timothy lst Regt Inf Resv Lucy (Ronis) Madison Co 1897
PETERSON William 9th Regt Inf Citrus Co -- 1906
PETTEWAY Lewis S. North Carolina Sarah (Williams) Hillsborough Co -- 1922
PETTIS John Alvin Alabama Holmes Co -- 1914
PETTIS W.W. llth Regt Inf Jackson Co -- 1913
PETTY John T. Alabama Holmes Co -- 1930
PEYTON John Campbell (See A04035)
PEYTON John Campbell Tennessee Eliza (Myers) Orange Co -- 1908
PHELPS Fletcher Wesley 9th Regt Inf Mary (Giddeons) Sumter Co -- 1909
PHELPS John Georgia Holmes Co -- 1909
PHELPS John Lucius (See A10198)
PHELPS John Lucius Georgia Sophiaah (King) Holmes Co -- 1920
PHELPS William T. (See A04936)
PHELPS William T. Georgia Louisa (Seymour) Alachua Co -- 1921
PHIFER David McMackin (See A10363)
PHIFER David McMackin lst Regt Inf Resv M. (Massey) Alachua Co -- 1907
PHIFER John W. 7th Regt Inf Hannah (Hudson) Alachua Co -- 1907
PHILIPS Albert Edwin (See A02261)
PHILIPS Albert Edwin Arty Units Louisa (Tucker) Seminole Co -- 1907
PHILIPS Matthew Isaac Arty Units Ellen (Benton) Duval Co -- 1907
PHILLIPS Angel Bush South Carolina St Johns Co -- 1907
PHILLIPS Ephrin F. (See A10260)
PHILLIPS Ephrin F. Georgia Edna (Tipton) Santa Rosa Co -- 1903
PHILLIPS George W. (See A02239)
PHILLIPS George W. 6th Regt Inf Fannie (Burteshaw) Jackson Co -- 1902
PHILLIPS James Indpt Units Sarah (Williams) Marion Co -- 1903
PHILLIPS James M. Navy Srv Hillsborough Co -- 1902 09 ps
PHILLIPS James T. 7th Regt Inf Adella (Hull) Marion Co 1888
PHILLIPS John (See A10126)
PHILLIPS John Home Guard Sallie (Osteen) Alachua Co -- 1915
PHILLIPS John Lott 3rd Regt Inf Ellen (Sanchez) St Johns Co -- 1906
PHILLIPS Newton Dekalb Arty Units Duval Co -- 1908
PHILLIPS Paul G. 3rd Regt Inf Dade Co -- 1909
PHILLIPS Peter S. 3rd Regt Inf Madison Co -- 1907
PHILLIPS R.W. Georgia Suwannee Co -- 1901
PHILLIPS Riley lst Regt Cav Sarah (Brown) Bradford Co -- 1903
PHILLIPS Riley W. lst Regt Cav Sarah (--) Bradford Co 1899
PHILLIPS Robert H. 5th Regt Inf Madison Co 1897
PHILLIPS Sion W. lst Regt Inf Resv Susan (Marrio) Madison Co 1897
PHILLIPS Thomas Joseph 5th Regt Inf Jessie (Shipp) Hillsborough Co -- 1907
PHILLIPS William A. lst Regt Inf Resv Lucinda (Colson) -- 1915
PHILLIPS William Riley Home Guard Alachua Co -- 1930
PHILPOT Thomas W. (See A01601)
PHILPOT Thomas W. lst Regt Cav Emily (Webster) Alachua Co -- 1902
PHIPPS James Worth Virginia Emma (Fulton) Pinellas Co -- 1928
PHIPPS Richard Wright (See A04809)
PHIPPS Richard Wright Mississippi Marie (Lennard) Manatee Co -- 1904
PICKERON Ruban W. Alabama Holmes Co -- 1907
PICKETT George W. 2nd Regt Cav Eliza (Hartley) Duval Co -- 1904
PICKETT James 2nd Regt Cav Frances (Yent) Franklin Co -- 1912
PICKETT James E. lst Regt Cav Sarah (Turner) Duval Co -- 1908
PICKETT Lancaster 5th Bttn Cav Duval Co -- 1907
PICKETT Michael South Carolina Georgia (Oliver) Dade Co -- 1908
PICKLES Robert (See A01690)
PICKLES Robert llth Regt Inf Sarah (Bass) Madison Co -- 1904
PIGGOTT Robert Nathaniel Arty Units Hernando Co -- 1901
PIGOTT Robert R. 3rd Regt Inf Wakulla Co 1889
PIGOTT Stephen Thomas (See A02319)
PIGOTT Stephen Thomas lst Regt Inf Resv Thurza (Raker) Wakulla Co -- 1907
PIKE S.H. 9th Regt Inf Martha (Marsh) Lake Co -- 1905
PILCHER James F. (See A04146)
PILCHER James F. Georgia Frances (Christie) Jackson Co -- 1907
PILLANS William Palmer 5th Bttn Cav Mary (Perry) Polk Co -- 1908
PINHOLSTER Ira Wilson (See A04821)
PINHOLSTER Ira Wilson Georgia Indiana (Wilson) Clay Co -- 1907
PINKARD James R. 2nd Regt Inf May (Rayborn) Madison Co 1897
PINKHAM James J. (See A04338)
PINKHAM James J. (See A04955)
PINKHAM James J. Alabama Amanda (Weaver) Suwannee Co -- 1907
PINKOSON Hyman South Carolina Sarah (Patterson) Alachua Co -- 1908
PINNER James 2nd Regt Cav Putnam Co 1899
PINNER James Waters North Carolina Catherine (Matthews) Duval Co -- 1920
PINNEY John L. (See A01692)
PINNEY John L. Alabama 2nd Regt Mary (Morrill) Escambia Co
PINNEY Samuel Leo Alabama Clara (Clifford) Escambia Co -- 1907
PINSON James Wade (See A04602)
PINSON James Wade South Carolina Rebecca (Crofton) Gadsden Co -- 1907
PINSON William H. 4th Regt Inf Ellenor (--) Madison Cco 1897
PIPKIN John C. Georgia Ardelia (Parker) Alachua Co -- 1906
PIPKIN Nathan (See A02307)
PIPKIN Nathan 15th Conf Cav Elizabeth (Hart) Polk Co -- 1907
PIPPIN Abijah (See A02447)
PIPPIN Abijah 15th Conf Cav Mary (Allen) Washington Co -- 1905
PIPPIN Edward Alabama Sarah (Adison) Escambiaa -- 1907
PITMAN W.J. Alabama Holmes Co -- 1902
PITTMAN Hulin R. 15th Conf Cav Mary (--) Jackson Co 1899
PITTMAN J.A. (See A02843)
PITTMAN J.A. lst Regt Inf Elizabeth (Black) Gadsden Co -- 1927
PITTMAN James A. Tennessee Marion Co -- 1907
PITTMAN James M. 5th Bttn Cav Elizabeth (--) Jackson Co -- 1904
PITTMAN Owen Willis Home Guard Laura (Charles ?) Gadsden Co -- 1904
PITTMAN Robert J. 15th Conf Cav Charlotte (Daffin)(Hartsfield) Jackson Co -- 1916
PITTMAN William N. (See A10151)
PITTMAN William N. North Carolina Florence (Wright) Gadsden Co -- 1916
PITTS Beney Home Guard Holmes Co -- 1928
PITTS Charles R. (See A04221)
PITTS Creed T. Alabama Mary (Barrett) Santa Rosa Co -- 1913
PITTS David W. Alabama Fanny (Barrett) Santa Rosa Co -- 1909
PITTS Harvey W. (See A04307)
PITTS Harvey W. Alabama Sarah (--) Walton Co -- 1907
PITTS James V. 7th Regt Inf Mary (Iley) Sumter Co -- 1915
PITTS John G. 6th Regt Inf Calhoun Co -- 1907
PITTS John M. Georgia Edna (Singleton) St Johns Co -- 1920
PITTS Riley Bartlett Georgia Nancy (Standland) Madison Co -- 1907
PITTS Thomas John 15th Conf Cav Roxie (Adkinson) Escambia Co -- 1905
PLATT Berrien lst Bttn Spc Cav Hillsborough Co -- 1907
PLATT Francis Marion 4th Regt Inf Mary C. (--) Brevard Co -- 1908
PLATT William lst Regt Cav Eliza (Thomas) Polk Co -- 1904
PLATT William Newton no service shown Jefferson Co -- 1905
PLAYER Daniel H. 6th Regt Inf Charlieau (Sims) Jackson Co -- 1903
PLAYER Thomas F. 2nd Regt Inf Mahala (Alford) Holmes Co 1899
PLAYER William J. 6th Regt Inf Matilda (Adams) Jackson Co -- 1906
PLEDGER Charles B. 8th Regt Inf Jackson Co -- 1903
PLUMMER Edward D. (See A01667)
PLUMMER Edward D. 10th Regt Inf Mahala (Hartly) Duval Co -- 1901
PLUMMER James Alexander 3rd Regt Inf Andrea (Masters) St Johns Co 1891
PLUMMER Joseph 9th Regt Inf Levy Co -- 1901
PLUMMER Simeon 2nd Regt Inf Duval Co -- 1903
PLUNKETT Elijah B. Georgia Emma (Hollingsworth) Hillsborough Co -- 1908
PLYMPTON Joseph R. 3rd Regt Inf Columbia Co 1888
POINTS James D. Virginia Putnam Co -- 1909
POLHILL Thomas A. lst Regt Inf Resv Laura (Taylor) Hamilton Co -- 1907
POLK Francis R. 9th Regt Inf Alachua Co -- 1902
POLK Henry 7th Regt Inf Alachua Co 1888
POLK John Henderson Georgia Lafayette Co 1888 --
POLK Napoleon B. (See A02534)
POLK Napoleon B. lst Regt Inf Eliza (Jones) Santa Rosa Co -- 1916
POLK Robert A. lst Regt Inf Santa Rosa Co -- 1907
POLK Sam 7th Regt Inf Alachua Co -- 1902
POLLARD Allen J. (See A02548)
POLLARD Allen J. Georgia Oregon (Underhill) Polk Co -- 1907
POLLARD James K. Georgia Pricilla (--) DeSoto Co -- 1907
POLLARD Thomas A. (See A11110)
POLLARD Thomas A. 4th Regt Inf Polk Co -- 1902
POLLARD William A. Tennessee Rebecca (Blackwell) Madison Co -- 1916
POLLARD William F. Georgia Units Rebecca (Carlton) Polk Co -- 1902
POLLOCK John (See A04582)
POLLOCK John Georgia Elsie (McClendon) Polk Co -- 1907
POLLOCK John lst Regt Cav Rivanah (Godwin) Jackson Co -- 1908
POMAR Joseph E. Georgia Mary (Miller) St Johns Co -- 1905
POMAR William 3rd Regt Inf Martha (Capo) St Johns Co -- 1907
PONCE James A. 3rd Regt Inf St Johns Co -- 1903
PONCE James B. 3rd Regt Inf Geromima (Salano) St Johns Co -- 1907
PONCE James B. 3rd Regt Inf Marcella (--) St Johns Co -- 1903
PONCE Talomy 10th Regt Inf Mary (Ximanus) St Johns Co -- 1903
PONCE W.G. 10th Regt Inf Catherine (Masters) St Johns Co -- 1903
PONCHIER John S. lst Regt Cav Martha (Stewart) Suwannee Co 1897
PONDER Benjamin F. 4th Regt Inf Emily (Rye) Madison Co 1897
PONDER John Lewis Georgia Dade Co -- 1928
PONN Lewis J. Georgia Lucy (Deckens) Marion Co -- 1907
POOL John lst Bttn Spc Cav Virginia (Kirkland) Lee Co -- 1904
POOLE Walter T. Georgia Martha (Vance) Lake Co -- 1904
POORE M.S. Georgia Lafayette Co 1899
POOSER Atkinson E. 10th Regt Inf DeSoto Co -- 1907
POOSER Emerson W. (See A02633)
POOSER Emerson W. 4th Regt Inf Ella (Bright) DeSoto Co -- 1919
POOSER Francis Dunwoody lst Regt Inf Mary (Pyles) Marion Co -- 1907
POOSER John F. South Carolina Drucilla (Kargler) Clay Co -- 1902
POPE Andrew Jackson Georgia Malinda (Cason) Manatee Co 1889
POPE James C. Georgia Mattie (Powell) Duval Co -- 1933
POPE John (See A01942)
POPE John llth Regt Inf Eliza (McQuaig) Duval Co 1899
POPE W.W. 7th Regt Inf Alachua Co -- 1901
POPE William Clinton Alabama Polk Co -- 1909
POPE William Georgia Jackson Co -- 1907
POPPELL B.G. 5th Bttn Cav Dora (--) Gadsden Co 1899
POPPELL Brinkley 15th Conf Cav Badora (--) Gadsden Co -- 1903
POPPELL James G. Georgia Nancy (Yarborough) Volusia Co -- 1909
POPPELL William Bennett Home Guard Emerline (Harnell) Jefferson Co 1897
POPPELL William R. lst Bttn Spc Cav Sallie (Bailey)(Monzingo) Madison Co -- 1932
PORTER C.A.C. Georgia Amelia (Parton) Alachau Co -- 1907
PORTER Edward L. 2nd Regt Inf Madison Co -- 1909
PORTER James Allen 5th Regt Inf S. (Taylor) Madison Co -- 1908
PORTER John H. llth Regt Inf Milda (Padgett) Jackson Co -- 1904
PORTER John L. (See A04815)
PORTER John L. Georgia Annie (Hiers) Columbia Co -- 1907
PORTER Joseph C. 2nd Regt Inf Carrie (--) Sumter Co 1898
PORTER Joseph C. Kentucky Calhoun Co -- 1916
PORTER Thomas Francis Arty Units Georgia (Stour) Franklin Co -- 1907
PORTER William R. 8th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Reynolds) Wakulla Co 1895
PORTER William T. 3rd Regt Inf Harriet (McDonald) Madison Co 1892
POSEY A.H. Kentucky Dade Co -- 1929
POSEY Albert 6th Regt Inf Susan (Walsingham) Washington Co -- 1927
POSEY Alfred 4th Regt Inf Isabella (Payne) Washington Co -- 1917
POSEY Marshel South Carolina Alachua Co -- 1902
POSEY Noah 5th Bttn Cav Penelope J. (--) Wakulla Co 1899
POSEY William no service shown Rose Ann (--) Manatee Co -- 1905
POTEET James M. Virginia Mattie (Curtis) Polk Co -- 1909
POTTER Adam C. Georgia Polk Co -- 1907
POTTER Youngblood B. llth Regt Inf Mary (Godwin) Gadsden Co -- 1904
POTTS Allen 9th Regt Inf Levy Co -- 1902
POULNOT Claudius N. South Carolina Annie (Lyons) Duval Co -- 1907
POUNCEY Jesse Irvin (See A04792)
POUNCEY Jesse Irvin Alabama Carrie (Price) DeSoto Co -- 1915
POUR Lewis H. Alabama C. (Robinson) Escambia Co -- 1907
POWELL Benjamin F. (See AlO283)
POWELL Benjamin F. Arty Units Saline (Milstead) Escambia Co -- 1928
POWELL Edward (See A01648)
POWELL Edward Atry Units Elizabeth (Cristwell) Santa Rosa Co -- 1909
POWELL Elijah 4th Regt Inf Escambia Co -- 1901
POWELL George T. North Carolina Lucy (Powell) Bradford Co -- 1905
POWELL George W. 2nd Regt Inf Hernando Co 1889
POWELL Henry C. (See A01813)
POWELL Henry C. Arty Units Icy (Wheeler) Jefferson Co -- 1907
POWELL James (See A02360)
POWELL James Arty Units Jane (Foley) Escambia Co -- 1903
POWELL James K. Georgia Laura (--) Washington Co -- 1927
POWELL James L. Alabama Virginia (Shour) Jackson Co -- 1908
POWELL James M. Georgia Susan (Cross) Gadsden Co -- 1908
POWELL James Miner Texas Leon Co -- 1907
POWELL James R. (See A04530)
POWELL James R. Alabama Lucinda (Moore) Escambia Co -- 1903
POWELL John Arty Units Mary (Elliott) Escambia Co -- 1902
POWELL John F. 10th Regt Inf M.J. (--) Hamilton Co -- 1906
POWELL John S. Georgia Escambia Co -- 1913
POWELL John William Georgia Nannie (Bradshaw) Lake Co -- 1930
POWELL Ransom Alabama Holmes Co -- 1902
POWELL Samuel W. Georgia Harriet (Pace) Polk Co -- 1903
POWELL T.G. Alabama Julia (Ezell) Polk Co -- 1935
POWELL Temple lst Regt Inf Rachel (Newmans) Baker Co 1897
POWELL Thomas E. Alabama Henrietta (Marlin) Jackson Co -- 1903
POWELL W.E. Alabama Walton Co 1887
POWELL W.P. 6th Regt Inf Delila (--) Santa Rosa Co -- 1903
POWELL W.P. 6th Regt Inf Santa Rosa Co -- 1902
POWELL William Jackson (See A04936)
POWELL Z.T. Georgia Wakulla Co -- 1902
POWELLWilliamJackson Alabama Sarah (Adams) Walton Co 1899
POWER Frank E. 5th Regt Inf Catherine (Simmons) Madison Co -- 1907
POWERS Alexander H. lst Regt Cav Polk Co -- 1909
POWERS Benjamin 3rd Regt Inf Mary (Miers) St Johns Co -- 1907
POWERS Daniel Jasper 2nd Regt Inf Mary (Calterson) Volusia Co -- 1913
POWERS George C. 10th Regt Inf Mary (Phillips) St Johns Co -- 1904
POWERS George Washington lst Regt Inf Resv Nassau Co -- 1908
POWERS J.M. Georgia Putnam Co -- 1902
POWERS James H. 8th Regt Inf Nancy (Tomblinson) Baker Co -- 1903
POWLEDGE Moses I. (See A04289)
POWLEDGE Moses I. Georgia Sallie (Allen) Hillsborough Co -- 1908
POYTHRESS John P. Louisiana Mary (Dolan) Gadsden Co 1888
PPEVATT Joseph F. lst Bttn Spc Cav Fannie (Smith) Levy Co -- 1907
PRATHER James Jackson Georgia Cornelia Ann (--) Escambia Co -- 1907
PRATHER Julius T. (See A04001)
PRATHER Julius T. Georgia Fannie (Tate) Liberty Co -- 1907
PRATT Charles Georgia Dade Co -- 1914
PRATT George Washington 4th Regt Inf Manatee Co -- 1906
PRATT William Henry 2nd Regt Inf Citrus Co 1888
PREACHER J.J. Alabama Nancy (Moore) Walton Co 1896
PRESCOTT Hugh P. Alabama Walton Co -- 1902
PRESCOTT James D. 10th Regt Inf Nancy (Moore) Duval Co -- 1902
PRESCOTT John H. (See A01811)
PRESCOTT John H. 8th Regt Inf Sarah (Burnserd) Bradford Co 1887
PRESCOTT Samuel T. 7th Regt Inf Alachua Co 1899
PRESCOTT William A.J. lst Regt Inf Resv Hernando Co -- 1904
PRESLAR Noah Georgia Martha (Howard) St Johns Co -- 1907
PRESLEY W. Calvin South Carolina Duval Co -- 1916
PRESTON O.P. Texas J.E. (--) Orange Co -- 1903
PREVATT James William 2nd Regt Cav Elizabeth (--) Orange Co -- 1907
PREVATT Joseph S. Georgia Nancy (Harris) Volusia Co -- 1903
PREVATT Levi M. 10th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Rowe) Sumter Co -- 1902
PREVATT P.P. lst Regt Inf Resv Mary (Lane) Bradford Co -- 1927
PREVATT Thomas J. Home Guard Pinellas Co -- 1928
PREVATT William J.D. 7th Regt Inf Jennette (--) Osceola Co 1899
PRICE Alexander P. 2nd Regt Cav Caroline (Hagood) Duval Co -- 1903
PRICE B. Frank Tennessee Mary (Wilson) Escambia Co -- 1915
PRICE Edward C. (See A02842)
PRICE Edward C. South Carolina Allie (Vezey) Levy Co -- 1907
PRICE George W. (See A02862)
PRICE George W. Home Guard Mary (Perry) Columbia Co -- 1907
PRICE James H. Georgia Pasco Co -- 1904
PRICE James N. lst Regt Cav Marion Co -- 1902
PRICE James R. (See A04242)
PRICE James R. Alabama Nancy (Stranghn) Walton Co -- 1915
PRICE John (See A01790)
PRICE John llth Regt Inf Catherine (Price) Duval Co -- 1907
PRICE John Springs Home Guard Hillsborough Co -- 1907
PRICE Joshua Alabama Alma (Alst) Escambia Co -- 1929
PRICE Laban 9th Regt Inf Sarah (Smith) Putnam Co -- 1903
PRICE William Randolph Virginia Samuella (Adams) Duval Co -- 1926
PRIDGEAN John E. lst Regt Inf Resv Elizabeth (--) Taylor Co 1897
PRIDGEN Marcus Georgia Eliza (Benafield) Duval Co -- 1931
PRIDGEN William W. Georgia Sumter Co 1896
PRIEST Christopher Columbus lst Regt Inf Resv Marion Co -- 1907
PRIEST Gabriel 2nd Regt Cav Mary (Milligan) Marion Co -- 1906
PRIEST George W. 8th Regt Inf Marion Co -- 1904
PRIEST James C. 2nd Regt Cav Citrus Co -- 1907
PRIEST Nathan (See A10441)
PRIEST Nathan Home Guard Emily (Cone) Duval Co -- 1908
PRIMM Jordan W. Alabama Tammer (Prince) Holmes Co -- 1901
PRINCE Edmond R. Alabama Orange Co 1895
PRINCE John Tyler South Carolina Putnam Co -- 1909
PRINE Henry A. 8th Regt Inf Polk Co 1887
PRINE Henry A. lst Bttn Spc Cav C.E. (--) Polk Co -- 1907
PRINE James E. 4th Regt Inf Hillsborough Co 1893
PRINGLE F.M. Mississippi DeSoto Co -- 1915
PRINGLE Thomas D. (See A10154)
PRINGLE Thomas D. lst Regt Inf Elizabeth (Copeland) Escambia Co -- 1906
PRINGLE William Virginia Orange Co -- 1907
PRITCHARD Robert S. 2nd Regt Cav Columbia Co -- 1903
PRITCHETT Cad Waltender Alabama Mary (Proctor) Marion Co -- 1916
PRIVETT James H. South Carolina Mary (Raines) Suwannee Co -- 1903
PROCTOR Doctor N. Georgia Georgia (--) Polk Co -- 1905
PROCTOR John 9th Regt Inf Mary E. (--) Marion Co -- 1900
PROCTOR Stephen Samuel Georgia Bradford Co -- 1907 --
PROCTOR William A. Georgia Josephine (Meisner) Hillsborough Co -- 1902
PROSSER John J. Georgia Florida (--) Madison Co 1897
PROVINE John William Mississippi Mary (Hampton) Pinellas Co -- 1920
PRUDEN H.J. (See A01775)
PRUDEN Henry J. 2nd Regt Inf Elizabeth (Smith) Volusia Co -- 1904
PULLIN William Georgia Volusia Co -- 1902
PUMPHREY Sylvanus 6th Regt Inf Kizzia (Porter) Jackson Co -- 1904
PURCELL J.W. Georgia Nancy (White) Orange Co -- 1932
PURDOM James H. 2nd Regt Inf Lake Co -- 1901
PURDOM Lewis Jennings (See A04613)
PURDOM Lewis Jennings Georgia Calistia (--) Bradford Co -- 1907
PURDOM William J. 7th Regt Inf Della (--) Volusia Co -- 1902
PURDON William J. 7th Regt Inf Delilah (George) Volusia Co 1899
PURVIANCE John S. 5th Regt Inf Louisa (--) Hamilton Co -- 1907
PURVIS C.M. North Carolina Pasco Co -- 1922
PURVIS John H. Georgia Nettie (Hewitt) Suwannee Co -- 1907
PURVIS John N. 5th Regt Inf Adaline (Key) Leon Co 1899
PURVIS Lucius A. Georgia Mattie (Snelling) Dade Co -- 1917
PURVIS Obediah (See A04036)
PURVIS Obediah Georgia Alberta (Phillips) Hillsborough Co -- 1904
PURVIS William lst Regt Cav Hillsborough Co -- 1902
PURVIS William M. lst Regt Cav Hillsborough Co -- 1906
PYBUS Patrick H. Alabama Ellen (Ledingham) Jackson Co -- 1908
PYKE William Hohnes (See A01796)
PYKE William Hohnes 5th Bttn Cav Elizabeth (West) Jackson Co -- 1907
PYLE Eliza Henry 5th Bttn Cav Josephine (Maurel) Gadsden Co -- 1909
PYLES Thomas Samuel 5th Regt Inf Alachua Co -- 1907
PYLES Thomas W. 9th Regt Inf Susan (Casey) Marion Co -- 1903
PYLES W.B. 7th Regt Inf F.W. (--) St Johns Co -- 1903
PYLES William H. (See A02562)
PYLES William H. 2nd Regt Cav Amanda (Trice) Franklin Co -- 1909
QUAILE William F. (See A10567)
QUAILE William F. Indpt Units Myrtle B. (Morris) Leon Co -- 1922
QUARLS Richard (See A04986)
QUARLS Richard South Carolina Mary (Holland) Pinellas Co -- 1916
QUARTERMAN Charles Munro Georgia Sumter Co -- 1919
QUARTERMAN L.S. Georgia Julia B. (--) Marion Co -- 1903
QUARTERMAN Nathaniel P. (See A04131)
QUARTERMAN Nathaniel P. Georgia Isabella (Gregory) Gadsden Co -- 1907
QUATTLEBAUM Charles J. Alabama Holmes Co l 932
QUICK A.J. (See A10075)
QUICK A.J. Alabama Maudy (Hall) Jackson Co -- 1928
QUIETT Thomas P. 2nd Regt Inf Harriet (Smith) Suwannee Co 1890
QUINCESS Salvador Arty Units Eliza (Mitchell) Columbia Co -- 1907
QUINN Daniel South Carolina Dade Co -- 1914
QUINN George Washington Alabama Carrie (Harrison) Escambia Co -- 1907
QUINN James North Carolina DeSoto Co -- 1907
QUINN Richard E. South Carolina Hernando Co -- 1902

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