Hillsborough County, Florida
Transcribed and submitted by Sheila D. Massie
Source: 1850 Census Images
Name of Deceased Age Birth State Cause of Death Month of Death
Charity Anderson 01 FL Dysentary Nov
Labalt Brownell 1 month FL Teething Apr
???? Caldwell 60 VA Consumption May
Thomas C. Carlton 7 months GA Unknown Feb
James Corfuo 65 NC Unknown Jan
Frederic Doxes 20 Germany Diarrhea Mar
Edward Edwards 05 FL Fever Feb
Thomas W. Ellis 81 GA Pnuemonia Dec
Thomas Ellis-Slave 01 FL Worms Nov
Tunus Forrester 16 FL Drowned May
Samuel Fribley 31 Germany Black Tongue May
Jane Hague 09 FL Belius Fever Nov
Edward Hines 27 Ireland Diarrhea Feb
Cristopher Houston 47 NY Consumption Aug
John S. James 45 VA Diarrhea May
Nancy Jane 01 AL Diarrhea Jan
Sam Johnston 06 FL Killed by Indian Apr
Urillis Johnston 08 FL Lung Infection Aug
Virginia Lionardy 02 FL Teething Mar
Patrick Lyons 34 Maine Yellow Fever Sep
George Maclendon 04 FL Diarrhea Sep
Betsy Magee 40 GA None listed May
Mary Martins 11 days FL Lockjaw May
Stepheny Martins 22 FL Brain Fever May
Sterling McCarty-Slave 26 AL Bowel Congestion Sep
James Merril 40 Maine Brain Disease Oct
Mary Elizabeth Moory 21 SC None listed May
Mary Virginia Myers 01 FL Fever Nov
Susanah Myers 03 FL Fever Mar
Patrick Oarkley 22 Ireland Berilis May
Adams N. Parker 02 FL Diarrhea Aug
George Patterson 36 Ireland Dysentary May
John Peters 45 NJ Yellow Fever Sep
James Rackman 29 NJ Yellow Fever Sep
Edward Rogers 10 GA Typhoid Oct
Mary Samuall 46 FL Pneumonia Dec
Jane Snider 03 FL None listed Jul
William Thomas-Slave 04 FL Fell Dec
Lucy A. Vickers 02 FL Drowned Apr
Demsy Whitton 21 FL Diarrhea Sep
John Wright 47 NY Dysentary May
William Wyatt 59 MD Diabates May

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