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1825 - 1893

Charles Wesley Hendry, son of John and Catherine (McFail) Hendry, was born July 11, 1825, Lowndes County, Georgia. He married on January 10, 1847 in Thomas County, Georgia, Jensie Alderman. Born 1829, she was a daughter of James Alderman (born February 19, 1801, Duplin County, North Carolina; died February 3, 1880, Manatee County, Florida) and Roxie Ann Holloway Alderman (born February 16, 1808; died March 6, 1868; buried Pelot's Cemetery near the Alafia River, Hillsborough County, Florida). Her grandparents were David and Jemima (Hall) Alderman & William and Orpha Holloway. Charles and Jensie had a daughter:

1. Missouri Hendry, born December 7, 1848; died June 24, 1934, Mango, Florida; married on March 31, 1864 in Hillsborough County, Florida, Daniel Kara Gillette.

About 1848, the family moved to Hamilton County, Florida where they were recorded in the 1850 census. Jensie Hendry died August, 1852. Charles remarried on December 2, 1853 in Hamilton County to Vianna Clardy Watts. Born 1828, she was a daughter of Thomas T. Clardy (born ca. 1795, Laurens County, South Carolina; died ca. 1845, Hamilton County, Florida) and Anner Gore Clardy (born ca. 1800; died before 1840). She was the widow of _______ Watts, by whom she had a son, Alwin Watts, born 1848. Mr. Watts died prior to 1850 as Vianna was listed with her brother and sister-in-law, James and Margaret Clardy, in the 1850 Hamilton County Census. Charles and Vianna had two daughters:

2. Julia Amanda Hendry, born August 31, 1854; died January 19, 1922, Palmetto, Florida; married on July 8, 1880 in Manatee County, Florida, Charles Thomas Purvis.

3. Tampa Anna Hendry, born December 2, 1857; died February 21, 1940, Palmetto, Florida; married 1st, on June 23, 1878, William Burton Turner; 2nd, on January 1, 1889, Wade Hampton Harrison.

In the mid-1850's, they moved to Hillsborough County, Florida and settled near present day Riverview. During the Third Seminole War, Charles W. Hendry enlisted as a private on February 20, 1856 at Fort Brooke in Captain William B. Hooker's Independent Company, Florida Mounted Volunteers and was mustered out August 20, 1856. On August 22, 1856, he enlisted as a private in Captain Francis M. Durrance's Company and was mustered out on December 21, 1856. He also served in Captain Jacob E. Mickler's Boat Company, which was sworn into service at Fort Brooke in July, 1857.

Vianna Hendry died April, 1858 and was buried at the Dusenberry Cemetery at Peru (Riverview). She was remembered as a beautiful woman with long black hair. The 1860 Hillsborough County Census enumerated C. W. Hendry, a 36-year old farmer, his daughters, Julia, age 5, Tampa Anna, age 3, in dwelling house #42. His oldest daughter, Missouri, was living with her grandparents, James and Roxie Ann Alderman in household #53.

Charles W. Hendry in 1860 joined the "Sunny South Guards", which was organized in Tampa, Florida as an independent unit for police protection in the Bay area during the harrowing days preceding the Civil War. Listed as captains were: John T. Lesley, Henry Mitchell (from 1893-1897 he was governor of Florida) and Charles W. Hendry.

On July 1, 1861, the "Sunny South Guards", along with nine other companies, were organized as the 4th Florida Regiment. The Guards were mustered in as Company K of the 4th Florida, Confederate States Army. John T. Lesley was elected as captain with Henry L. Mitchell as lieutenant and Charles W. Hendry as 3rd sergeant. On October 24, 1861 at Shaws Point, Manatee, while loading cattle to ship to Cuba, Charles was mustered in as 3rd sergeant by Captain Lesley. Company K as stationed at Tampa Bay. In May, 1862, the 4th Florida was reorganized, and as a consequence Captain Lesley was promoted to major, Henry L. Mitchell to captain and Charles Hendry to 3rd Lieutenant. The 4th was assigned to General Forrest's command of the Army of Tennessee, commanded by General Bragg.

The compnay muster rolls noted that from November, 1862 to April, 1863 Lt. Hendry was assigned to conscript duty in Florida. The roll of November & December 1862 listed him as promoted to 2nd lieutenant. The roll of July 1 to October 1, 1863 stated, "Name appears in column of names present as C. W. Hendry and signs roll 2 lieut. commanding the company." He was promoted to 1st lieutenant on November 3, 1863. At the Battle of Missionary Ridge on November 25, 1863, the 4th carried in 173 men, and all, except 18, were either killed, wounded or captured. Lt. Hendry was among those captured. Temporarily confined at Louisville, Kentucky, he was transferred as a prisoner of war on December 5, 1863 to Johnson's Island, Ohio. After signing an oath of allegiance, he was released on June 13, 1865. The oath described him thus: "Place of residence, Tampa Bay, Florida; age, 41 (He was 39); complexion, dark; hair, black; eyes, grey; height, 6 ft." It should be noted that "Soldiers of Florida" listed Charles W. Hendry as the final captain of Company K. On November 30, 1864, Henry L. Mitchell had resigned as captain and Charles, though a prisoner of war, was given the honor of command.

Charles returned home, and on January 9, 1866 at Bartow, Florida he married for the third time to Mrs. Jane Louise Brown Mansfield. Rev. J. M. Hayman officiated. Born September 13, 1837, Columbia County, Florida, Jane was a daughter of William and Sabra (Scott) Brown. She was the widow of Willard Henry Mansfield, who died May 30, 1864. (They had two sons, George Hendry Mansfield and William R. Mansfield.) Charles and Jane had the following children:

4. Esther Mae Hendry, born September 12, 1866; died May 17, 1873.

5. James A. Hendry, born September 29, 1868; died August 14, 1941, Manatee County, Florida; married Winona Thompson.

6. Emma Alice Hendry, born September 30, 1870; died after 1940, Fort Myers, Florida; married 1st, on April 21, 1891, John Judson Tooke; 2nd in 1907, J. B. McCann.

7. Frances Roean Hendry, born October 29, 1873; died April 20, 1896; married Tillie Henderson.

8. Nancy Ann Hendry, born April 13, 1875; died March 29, 1896; married Bryan E. Henderson.

9. Mary Louise Hendry, born December 17, 1879; died March 5, 1880.

The family moved to Manatee County, Florida, but in 1872-73 Charles joined his cousins, Francis A. Hendry and Marion Hendry, in driving cattle herds below the Caloosahatchee River. In the winter of 1872-73, he lodged his family in a small cabin near what is now Immokalee. After the death of their daughter, Esther, Jane insisted on moving to Fort Myers so that she would have neighbors. After several moves, the Charles W. Hendry family took up a homestead south of the river and acquired title on February 10, 1883.

From 1883 to 1893, Charles continued in the cattle business. He spent much time in Key West where he handled cattled shipped in by the other Hendrys and Dr. T. S. Langford. His family made their home in Key West for a number of years. He was also engaged in shipping and owned schooners, which sailed into and from Caribbean ports.

Charles Wesley Hendry died July 14, 1893, at Fort Myers, Florida. On July 16, 1902, Jane L. Hendry applied for a pension as the widow of Charles W. Hendry from his service in the Seminole Indian War. She gave her address as Fort Myers. W. H. McLeod of Buckingham and T. T. Henderson of Fort Myers acted as her witnesses. Continuing her claim, William M. Hendry, who gave his age as 60, residence as Fort Myers, and P. O. address as Myers, Florida, gave an affidavit in her behalf on May 5, 1903. Her claim was approved at the rate of $8.00 per month.

Jane Louise Hendry on September 4, 1907 applied for a pension as the widow of Charles W. Hendry of Captain John Lesley's Company and the 4th Florida, C. S. A. On September 12, 1907, John Lesley and H. L. Crane, both of Tampa, gave a joint affidavit that they served in the same company and regiment with Charles W. Hendry. She was granted $120.00 per annum.

Jane Hendry lived at present day First and Broadway Streets, Fort Myers. She died June 27, 1908.

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