Hillsborough County, Florida


1815 - 1889

David J. W. Boney was born January 14th, 1815 in Duplin County, North Carolina. His father was born in North Carolina and his mother was born in Virginia. On January 18, 1841, at Fort McComb, Florida, David enlisted as a private in the company commanded by Captain Hicks in the Regiment of Mounted Men commanded by Col. Dancy. He was taken sick soon after he was mustered into service. In the battle of Sanfalasco Hammock, David fell over a log and injured his lungs. This injury was to cause him trouble the rest of his life. When his company was sent to Dead Man's Bay, David J. W. Boney was left at Fort McComb without any protection or supplies except as he could get from the citizens. As soon as he was able to ride, David traveled to Newnasville to see if any of the doctors could help him. Meanwhile, his company returned and were discharged. When David returned to Fort McComb and applied for his pay, he found out that he had been reported as a deserter, and lost his pay.


1. Sophia M. Boney, born July 4, 1847, married Nathan Lowe.

2. Cornelius M. Boney, born 1849, married Martha Jane McClelland, daughter of Moses Andrew & Sarah (Platt) McClelland.

David J. W. Boney and family were living in Hillsborough County in 1850 in the Thonotosassa Settlement. Some of their neighbors were Frederic Varn, Peter Platt, John Skipper, Rabon Raulerson and Eli Whitton.

In December of 1850, D. J. W. Boney and his wife "Elizabeth" Boney joined the Salem Baptist Church at Ichepucksassa near present day Plant City. On October 24, 1855, David applied for bounty land based on his service in Captain Hicks' company. William Hall, aged 38 years, who was a Second Lieutenant in Captain Hicks' company testified that David J. W. Boney was mustered into the company.

On August 27, 1855, David Boney was mustered into Captain F. M. Durrance's Company in the Third Seminole Indian War. While in this service, he was treated for his bleeding lungs and chronic diarrhea at Fort Simon Drum, Fort "Fraisher", Newnansville & Black Creek, Florida. He was mustered out in December of 1857. He also served in Captain Leroy G. Lesley's company during this war.

About 1858, David J. W. Boney settled in the Fort Hartsuff-Popash area of Manatee County. On April 18, 1859, he was among a group of Manatee Citizens who reported for jury duty. In 1860, he was selected as County Commissioner for Manatee County. Some of his neighbors in 1860 were Moses McClendin, D. D. Crews, David Summeral, William A. Williams and Ely Whiddon.

David Boney enrolled April 20, 1864 at Fort Myers under Captain James D. Green in Company B, 2nd Florida Cavalry, U. S. Army. He was promoted to 1st Corporal on May 28, 1864. He was home on sick furlough in 1865 when the war ended.

On October 20, 1869, David was a delegate from New Hope Baptist Church to the 3rd Annual session of the South Florida Baptist Association held at Shiloh Church, Hillsborough County. This was the year that New Hope Baptist Church joined the association. Mr. Boney also represented his Church at the association meetings in 1870, 1871, 1872 and 1875. In 1872 he was a member of the Committee on Letters.

In 1870, David J. W. Boney was living in Township 34 in the Popash area along with Nathan Lowe and John Wood. David was a Justice of the Peace in Manatee County in the 1870's and 1880's and performed many marriages during that period.

On October 5, 1880, David purchased from the Internal Improvement Fund of the State of Florida, 120 acres at $.80 per acre. This land was described as the SW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 and the West 1/2 of the SW 1/4 of Section 17 in Township 34 South, Range 26 East. On this same date, he also purchased 40 additional acres for $1.00 an acre. This was described as the SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 19, T-34S, R-26E. On July 15, 1882, David J. W. Boney bought 40 more acres from the State of Florida, at $1.00 per acre. This parcel was described as the SE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 17, T-34S. R-26E.

In 1885, David's mother-in-law, Sophie Whidden, age 81 and his nephew, D. W. Boney, age 8, were living with him and his wife. David served as Postmaster at Popash for several years. David J. W. Boney died on May 4, 1889 of kidney disease, at his homestead at Popash. His property included: 97 cattle, 2 horses, 246 sheep, 2 yoke of oxen, 1 wagon, 10 hogs and 190 acres of land. He was buried at New Hope Cemetery.

On May 24, 1890, Mrs. Lydia A. Boney applied for a pension based on her husband's services during the Indian Wars. She gave her post office as Zolfo Springs, DeSoto County, Florida. Lydia died on January 23, 1910. In her will dated May 26, 1909, she left to C. M. Boney the SE 1/4 of NW 1/4 and W 1/2 of SW 1/4 of S-17, T-34, R-26 and 75 head of cattle branded XB ranging near Popash. She gave Sophia Lowe five dollars. Mrs. Boney may have remarried. When she applied for the Letters of Administration on her husband's estate, she was listed as L. A. Boney, widow, now L. A. Russell. But her estate and will was probated as Lydia A. Boney,.

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