Hillsborough County, Florida


1837 - 1925

Emiline Miley was born January 16, 1837 in Alabama, a daughter of William G. and Emiline Miley. She married Thomas Pollock in Hillsborough County, Florida on February 19, 1857. He was born in 1835 in Georgia and had moved to Hillsborough County in the 1850's. They had three children:

1. Sarah Pollock, born 1858; died 1943; buried Antioch Cemetery; married on October 28, 1875, William C. Davis.

2. Emiline Pollock, born 1860; married on January 20, 1876, C. N. B. Williams.

3. Thomas B. Pollock, born June 5, 1863; died March 26, 1911; married on November 3, 1882, Jane Mariah Godwin.

The Pollocks lived in Thonotosassa where Thomas was a farmer. The 1860 Hillsborough County Census, dated June 2, enumerated the family, Thomas, "Emily", Sarah, and "Emily" Pollock, in household #20/15. Living with them were: John Pollock, age 20, and Thomas Finley, age 18. On October 1, 1862 in Hillsborough County, the following mark and brand was registered for Thomas Pollock: crop & half crop in one, crop in the other, brand P.

The Pollocks were members of the Thonotosassa Baptist Church. Rev. J. M. Hayman baptized Emiline Miley on November 13, 1853 at Thonotosassa. Thomas Pollock was baptized by Rev. Hayman on March 17, 1861 at Thonotosassa.

On March 10, 1862 at Tampa, Thomas Pollock enlisted as a private in Captain James Gettis' Company, 7th Florida Infantry. The company subsequently became Company B, 7th Florida Infantry, Confederate States Army. Known as "The South Florida Infantry", Company B was soon after consolidation in the Seventh Infantry sent to Tennessee to join the Army of Tennessee, with which they took part in all its campaigns.

The company muster rolls for Thomas Pollock provide only meager information. The roll for March 31 to April 30, 1862 and March 20 to June 30, 1862 listed him as present with the later remarked, "Bounty & clothing all due". The roll of March 10 to November 14, 1862 remarked "sick in Hospital at Knoxville, Tennessee". The rolls from November 14, 1862 to October 31, 1863 carried him as present. The roll of November & December 1863 remarked "Absent with leave since December 28, 1863". The roll of January & February 1864 listed him as present and last paid August 31, 1863. Private Thomas Pollock died soon after for his name appeared on a "Register of Officers and Soldiers of the Army of the Confederate States who were killed in battle, or who died of wounds or disease" with the comment "amount of money left $2.50". Thomas Pollock, Pvt., Co. B., 7 Regt. Fla., appeared on a "Register of Effects of Deceased Soldiers, turned over to Quartermaster, C. S. A." with receipt file 1864 no. 6133 in the amount of $2.50.

Emiline Miley Pollock married secondly on March 26, 1868 in Hillsborough County, Dennis Adams, born 1814. They had a son:

4. Linton Adams, born 1869. (His complete name was probably Davis Linton Adams as the 1870 census identified him as Davis while the 1880 census listed him as Linton.)

Dennis Adams died in 1869 and was buried in Antioch Cemetery.

Emiline Adams married thirdly on April 3, 1870 at Thonotosassa, George W. Giddens, born 1829 in South Carolina. A farmer, George was a Confederate veteran. War Department records show that George W. Giddings (also borne as George W. Gideons, but not found as George Giddens), private, Company A, 6th Florida Infantry, Confederate States Army, enlisted March 12, 1862. On the roll for January and February 1864, he was reported absent, sent to hospital by surgeion February 3, 1864. He subsequently was honorably discharged in Tennessee. George and Emiline Giddens had a daughter:

5. Adeline Giddens, born 1871.

The 1870 Hillsborough County Census recorded the Giddens family in household #41. Besides George and "Emma" there were the children: Sarah, age 12; Emiline, age 10; Thomas, age 8; Davis Adams, age 1. Emiline's mother was a next door neighbor in household #40. George W. Giddens died on January 28, 1876 while away from home in Sumter County, Florida.

The 1880 Hillsborough County Census enumerated the family in precinct no. 10, household #14. Emily Giddings (it was given as Giddings), a 43 year old farmer, had in her home: her children: Thos. B., age 18; Linton A., age 11; Adeline, age 9; plus Lee Lofton, age 6, her nephew. Andrew Giddings, age 52, a farmer, and his wife, Sarah, age 50, were neighbors in household 7.

On August 30, 1904, Emiline Giddens applied for a pension as the widow of George Giddens of Company A, 6th Florida. She gave her post office address as Dover, Florida. Andrew Giddings of Keysville and E. B. Trask gave an affidavit of personally knowing George Giddens and of his service in the 6th Florida. Also giving an affidavit concerning George Giddens were M. M. Miley and S. A. Miley, both citizens of Hillsborough County. Her claim was approved by the State Board of Pensions of Florida on September 29, 1904 with pay from September 10, 1904 at the rate of $96 per annum as certificate number 3271. When reapplying under the Act of 1909 on July 26, 1909, Emiline gave her post office address as Thonotosassa. She also stated that she had continuously resided in Florida since February 9, 1847. J. F. Taylor and H. H. Royal attested her claim while M. Blanton and M. M. Miley certified her claim. Her pension continued at the rate of $120 per annum. Emiline Giddens died April 24, 1925 and was buried in Antioch Cemetery.

SOURCES: 1860, 1870, 1880 Hillsborough County Census; Hillsborough County Marriage Records & Marks and Brands; Confederate military records; Emiline Giddens' pension application, State of Florida.

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