Hillsborough County, Florida

1829 - 1871

Francis A. Ivey was born in 1829 in Alachua County, Florida. Most of the earliest records show his name as "Ivy" but later records show that he always spelled it "Ivey". In 1850, Francis was living in the household of Isam & Martha Jane (Thornton) Dees in the Pease Creek settlement in Hillsborough County (now Polk County). His neighbors included George Tyson, William Hall, William Whitton, Benjamin Guy and James Whitton. In November of 1850, Francis A. Ivey married Barbara "Barbary" E. Underhill near Plant City. Joseph Howell performed the ceremony. (Hillsborough marriage records show November 20th but Mrs. Ivey in her pension states they were married November 4th). She was the daughter of Joseph Underhill. Children of Francis A. and Barbary (Underhill) Ivey:

1. Mary Frances Ivey, born 1852; died 1942; married on February 9, 1871 in Manatee County, James Arthur Albritton, son of Thomas H. and Frances (Waldron) Albritton.

2. Caroline Elizabeth Ivey, born September 11, 1854; died October 27, 1929; married on February 9, 1871, Oliver Asbury Albritton, son of Thomas H. and Frances (Waldron) Albritton.

On April 12, 1853 in Hillsborough County, Francis registered the following mark & brand: crop and two splits in one ear, split in the other, brand IVY. During the Third Seminole Indian War, Francis served in Captain William B. Hooker's Independant Company of Florida Mounted Volunteers. He was mustered in at Fort Meade on January 3, 1856, and served as a scout for the unit. His description at the time was given as about 26 years olds, light complexion, grey eyes and light hair. He was mustered out as a sergeant on August 20, 1856 at Fort Meade.

In 1860, the Ivey family was living in the Fort Meade area. Living near them were James T. Handcock, Isham Stephens, Jordan Handcock, Bennett Whidden (who married Barbary's sister Spicy), Isaac Waters, F. C. M. Boggess and John Altman.

On June 4, 1864 at Fort Myers, Francis A. Ivey enlisted in Company A, 2nd Regiment of the Florida Volunteer Cavalry. He was mustered in at Cedar Keys. His description was given as 5' 7", with grey eyes, red hair, and light complexion. He was promoted from private to 4th corporal on June 17, 1864. He was promoted to 3rd corporal on September 15, 1864. He was mustered out November 29, 1865. In 1868, Francis was the Inspector of Marks and Brands for Manatee County. In 1870, they were living in Township 39 in the Fort Ogden area. Their neighbors were John Lewis Whidden, Elias Johnson, William H. Addison, Noah Browning and Francis Boggess. Francis A. Ivey died at Fort Myers on June 11, 1871.

On September 29, 1873, Mrs. Ivey registered the following mark and brand in Manatee County: crop, slope in one ear, staple fork, underbit in the other, brand 65. In November of 1877, in Manatee County, Mrs. Barbara E. Ivey married James M. Thomas. On July 24, 1878, Mrs. Thomas re-registered her mark & brand at the Manatee County courthouse. On April 13, 1882, James M. and Barbary Thomas sold to Shadrach Handcock a piece of land in the town of Pine Level consisting of 5 acres in the NW1/4 of NW1/4 of Section 27, Township 37 South, Range 23 East. Mr. Thomas died on February 27, 1906. On March 19, 1909, Barbara applied for and received a pension based on Francis A. Ivey's military service in the Indian War and Civil War. She was living at the time at Knowles in Hillsborough County. Mrs. Barbara E. (Underhill) Ivey Thomas died November 28, 1914 and was buried in the Lily Cemetery, Hardee County.

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