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1826 1901

Henry Langford was born December 7, 1826, Georgia. Nothing is known of his early history, but by 1850 he was living in Hillsborough County, Florida where he married on June 3, 1852, Jane Whidden, born April 23, 1835, daughter of Willoughby and Eliza (Pennington) Whidden. They had the following children:

1. Columbus Langford, born ca. 1855.

2. William Washington Langford, born ca. 1858; married on January 8, 1880 in Manatee County, Florida, Martha Dyess (born February 21, 1861; died March 21, 1950).

3. Eliza Jane Langford, born May 17, 1860; died September 4, 1923; married on August 31, 1876 in Manatee County, Florida, William Henry Hooker (born January 19, 1859; died December 7, 1931.

4. Mahala Clementine Langford, born 1863; died 1946; married on September 28, 1881 in Manatee County, Florida, William Henry Hooker (born January 19, 1859; died December 7, 1931).

5. Mary Priscilla Langford, born ca. 1864; married September 28, 1881 in Manatee County, Florida, William H. Simmons.

6. James Henry Langford, born April 6, 1867; died June 1, 1953; married on January 17, 1891 in DeSoto County, Florida, Carrie Viola Lastinger (born October 16, 1872; died April 3, 1953).

7. Missouri J. Langford, born June 9, 1869; died August 9, 1929; married on September 9, 1886 in Manatee County, Florida, William S. Worley (born February 5, 1856; died October 23, 1911).

The Langford family first lived in the Simmons Hammock Settlement (present day Seffner) and in the 1850's moved with other family members to the Fort Hartsuff area (near present day Wauchula, Hardee County) in Manatee County, Florida.

During the Third Seminole War, Henry Langford served in Captain William B. Hooker's Company, Florida Mounted Volunteers, which was mustered in state service on January 3, 1856 and into U. S. service at Fort Meade on February 21, 1856. Private Langford was mustered out on August 20, 1856 at Fort Meade.

In October of 1857 in the Manatee County elections, Henry Langford, along with John Platt, James G. Williams, and N. P. Hunter, was elected a County Commissioner. The 1860 Manatee County Census recorded in the Fort Hartsuff area the Langford household, consisting of: Henry, Jane, their children, Columbus, Wm. Washington, & Eliza Jane, plus Mary Ann Matthews and her daughters, Margaret and Emily Matthews.

Albert DeVane, late Lake Placid historian, listed Hendry Langford as a member of DeSoto Camp, United Confederate Veterans; however, the company in which he served is not known. Mostly likely, he served in one of the Cow Cavalry companies.

In the early 1870's, the family moved to the Joshua Creek area of Manatee County (now DeSoto County). A cattleman, Henry registered a number of brands. On August 19, 1850 in Hillsborough County, he recorded: swallowfork & underbit in one ear, two underbits in the other, brand HL. On April 2, 1866 in Manatee County, he registered: Crop and half crop in one ear, under slope in the other, brand S. On October 18, 1869 in Manatee County, he registered seven additional brands, one for himself and six others for his children. In 1872 Henry was taxed on 375 cattle and 40 hogs.

Henry Langford and family were enumerated in precinct #1, Pine Level in the 1880 Manatee County Census. Neighbors included: George H. Mansfield, George Tillet, James Bailey, John W. Whidden, William Dyess, Wilson Worth, and W. W> Langford (his son).

Baptists, Henry and Jane were two of twenty charter members of Mount Ephraim Baptist Church of Owens, which was organized August 9, 1884. On April 11, 1885, Henry had been, along with Owen H. Dishong, O. S. Harris, William C. Hayman, M. F. Lanier, and Wiles Hanchey, appointed to the church's building committee. Henry had been baptized by Rev. J. M. Hayman at Salem in Hillsborough County on July 18, 1852.

Henry married on March 15, 1893, Florida Judith (Hendry) Whidden, born June 16, 1848, daughter of John and Clarissa (Maulden) Hendry, widow of Maxwell Whidden. Judith Langford died September 4, 1899 and was buried beside her first husband, Maxwell Whidden, in Joshua Creek Cemetery. Henry Langford died July 20, 1901 and was buried beside his first wife, Jane, in Joshua Creek Cemetery.

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