Hillsborough County, Florida


1826 - 1908

Jesse Alderman was born February 19, 1826 in Duplin County, North Carolina, son of George and Nancy (Carlton) Alderman, and grandson of Daniel Alderman, born 1774.

Jesse settled in south Florida in Hillsborough County in the latter 1840's. In the 1850 census of that county he was residing with his second cousin, Daniel W. and Sarah A. Carlton in the Alafia settlement.

On May 11, 1854 at Alafia, Jesse Alderman married Adeline Prine. F. C. M. Boggess officiated at the wedding. Adeline was born in Georgia January 1832 according to the 1900 DeSoto County census. Earlier census indicated that she was born about 1836. Jesse and Adeline Alderman had ten children:

1. Martha Alderman, born May 6, 1855; died April 23, 1897, buried at Joshua Creek Cemetery; married James W. Bailey on October 21, 1874.

2. Daniel H. Alderman, born October 18, 1857; died December 1, 1890; married Martha E. Bates, daughter of John M. and Elizabeth Bates, on March 25, 1880.

3. Francis M. Alderman, born March 28, 1859; married Annie L. Hampton on June 1, 1886.

4. Thomas J. Alderman, born January 18, 1861; married Alice V. Lowe on May 9, 1889 in DeSoto County, Florida.

5. John Morgan Alderman, born November 13, 1862; died January 26, 1940, buried at Friendship Cemetery; married Easter Sauls in 1892.

6. Emily Marie Alderman, born June 7, 1864; died August 28, 1957; married William Henry Williams, son of Thomas Dowdy and Matilda Caroline (Herndon) Williams, on December 21, 1884; buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery, Arcadia, Florida.

7. William P. Alderman, born October 9, 1867.

8. James G. Alderman, born January 18, 1870; died May 13, 1899, buried at Joshua Creek Cemetery.

9. Abigil "Abbie" Alderman, born November 8, 1871; married in 1891 Virgie H. Freeman.

10. Miriam Alderman, born June 20, 1873.

During the Third Seminole Indian War, Jesse Alderman served as a private in Captain William B. Hooker's company, E. J. Kendrick's company and Captain Leroy G. Lesley's company. He enlisted in Captain Lesley's company in the regiment of Florida Volunteers commanded by Col. Harney at Fort Brook on August 21, 1856. At the time of enlistment he was described as age, 30; height, 5' 11"; blue eyes; sandy hair; and fair complexion. He served most of his service at Fort Green. He stated in an 1893 pension application that on January 7, 1857 he "contracted measles and from exposure while suffering therefrom contracted lung disease from which he has never recovered." Jesse was honorably discharged on February 19, 1857 at Fort Brook.

After his military service, Jesse Alderman moved his family from Alafia to the Fort Green area in Manatee County (present day Hardee County). Jesse was listed as a juror who was called to appear in Circuit Court at Manatee, Manatee County on April 18, 1859. He was enumerated in the Fort Green area in the 1860 Manatee County census along with Stephen Hooker, Nelson Locklear, John Parker and Daniel Carlton. In 1863, Jesse Alderman along with Thomas Albritton were appraiser of the estate of Stephen P. Hooker, who died during the Civil War. On July 15, 1969, Jesse was listed on a roll of person between the ages of 18 to 45 years who were liable for military duty in Manatee County. He was listed in the 1870 Manatee County census in Township 36, probably in the Brownville area. Some of his neighbors in the 1880 census were Dan G. Graham, F. B. Hagan, Jeff Daniels, Enoch E. Mizell and James D. Green.

On July 19, 1882, Jesse Alderman purchased 80 acres of land at 30 cents per acre from the Internal Improvement Fund of Florida. This land was located in E 1/2 of NE 1/4 of section 19, Township 36, Range 25 which was just across the Peace River from Brownville. Manatee County tax records show that in 1884 Jesse paid taxes on 150 cattle and in 1886 he paid them on 50 cattle.

Jesse applied for a pension on March 30, 1893 based on his Indian War service. He gave his age as 66 years and his residence as Calvinia, DeSoto County, Florida. On November 19, 1896, Albert J. Hendry provided a deposition stating that he had served with Jesse in Captain Hooker and Captain Lesley's companies.

Jesse and Adaline Alderman were listed in the Arcadia area in the 1900 DeSoto County census. Living at home were William Alderman, age 32 and Miram Alderman, age 24. Adaline stated that she had given birth to ten children but that only seven were living at that time.

On July 18, 1902 Jesse applied for additional benefits to his pension based on the act of June 27, 1902 passed by Congress. He was receiving $16.00 per month when he died on June 6, 1908. He was buried in Joshua Creek Cemetery and his grave is unmarked. Adeline (Prine) Alderman apparently died between July 18, 1902 and June 6, 1908 since she did not apply for a widow's pension.

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