Hillsborough County, Florida



The following abstracts were taken from the Old Guardianship record book in the probate office at the Hillsborough County courthouse.

February 15, 1848: James T. MAGBEE appointed guardian of the person and estate of George WANTON, free mulatto man.

February 29, 1848: Thomas P. KENNEDY appointed guardian of person and estate of Sampson FORRESTER, free black man. Thomas P. KENNEDY appointed guardian of Cyress FORRESTER.

March 2, 1848: Rigdon BROWN appointed guardian of person and estate of Laomi DAVIS, free mulatto man.

November 16, 1849: Captain John C. Casey petitions to have a guardian appointed to care of the person and estate of Patrick REILEY, aged 7 years (now in Ireland), Mary REILEY, age 4 years and Thomas REILEY, aged 2 years now in this county. Mary BARBER by the consent of Luther J. BARBER, her husband, is appointed guardian of the infant sons & daughter of Philip REILY, late of the United States Army. Simon TURMAN, Judge of Probate.

January 14, 1850: John DARLING appointed guardian of Sarah KELLY, Mary Ann KELLY and John KELLY (children) of John KELLY, late of U. S. Army.

July 10, 1850: Permelia CAYTON and William W. CAYTON appointed guardians of Louisa J. BABCOCK infant daughter of Gurdin A. BABCOCK, late of U. S. Army at Mattainovis, Mexico, deceased.

August 12, 1850: John PARKER appointed guardian of William J. HOOKER and Stephen C. HOOKER infant son of Stephen C. HOOKER, late of Hamilton County.

September 3, 1850: Jesse CARTER guardian of John M. JAMES, Virginia S. S. JAMES, Sarah A. JAMES and Steward JAMES to represent their interest in partition of the estate of John S. JAMES.

September 9, 1850: Margaret C. JAMES widow of John S. JAMES appointed guardian of four minor heirs.

December 16, 1850: Petition of Mary HILLIARD late the widow of Labourn BURNETT deceased, sheweth that Mathew BURNETT, 15, Mary Jane BURNETT, 12, Alexander BURNETT, 5, Britian J. BURNETT, 3, minor heirs of Labourn BURNETT, are entitle to bounty land under the act granting bounty land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in the military service of the United States and ask for John DARLIN be appointed guardian.

January 29, 1851: Ezekiel GLAZIER be appointed guardian of minor heirs of Peter MURPHY late of Alachua County: John MURPHY, 18, Thomas MURPHY, 16, Edward MURPHY, 14, Peter MURPHY, 12, Mary MURPHY, 10 & James MURPHY, 8.

February 14, 1851: Henry A. CLARK asks that his mother Ellen M. CLARK be his guardian. Henry A. CLARK son of Henry S. CLARK.

April 12, 1851: Estate of Henry S. CLARK for his son: 80 acres of land, 50 head of stock cattle, 1 pony, 1 male slave Alfred, 1 rifle.

May 15, 1851: Joel KNIGHT guardian of Thomas B. ELLIS son of Thomas R. ELLIS.

July 30, 1851: Petition of William WEEKS brother of V. E. BRACE, late of said county - said William WEEKS is appointed guardian of Thomas JOHNSON son of John JOHNSON.

August 20, 1851: Joshua STAFFORD appointed guardian of Columbus STAFFORD son of John M. STAFFORD late of New Orleans.

August 23, 1851: Joshua STAFFORD is administrator of estate of John M. STAFFORD and Susan STAFFORD.

October 9, 1851: John PARKER appointed guardian of Henry PARKER minor heir of Luke PARKER late of Columbia County.

December 9, 1851: Reading R. BLUNT and Jane his wife appointed guardian of Martha Ann C. KNIGHT infant daughter of Aaron KNIGHT late of Hamilton County, deceased

December 11, 1851: Inventory of goods belonging to Martha C. KNIGHT as reported by Rev. Samuel KNIGHT temporary guardian prior to turning over to Reading R. BLUNT & Jane his wife: 300 head of stock cattle, 1 note on Enoch COLLINS, 1 note on Noah WHIDDEN, Levi PIERCE & R. R. BLUNT, 1 rifle.

April 13, 1852: B. J. HAGLER appointed guardian of estate of St. John DeLAUNAY infant son of Alfonso DeLAUNAY for sole purpose of demanding and recognizing of John D. STEWART and Gustavious DeLAUNAY of Muscogee County, Georgia, the legacy bequeathed to said minor by Emily DeLAUNAY his grandmother late of Baldwin County, Georgia.

April 28, 1852: John DARLING be appointed guardian of Thomas W. W. HILL, 18, Zilpha HILL, 15, Henry R. HILL, 13, Susannah HILL, 8 minor heirs of Stacy B. HILL.

February 24, 1853: Mary HILLYARD petitions to sell land warrent.

April Term 1853: Settlement of estate of Columbus STAFFORD.

June 6, 1853: Account of R. R. BLUNT, guardian of Martha Ann C. KNIGHT.

June 18, 1853: Simeon L. SPARKMAN appointed guardian of Cornelia A. TIPPINS daughter of John TIPPINS late of Columbia County.

December 15, 1853: Isham CREWS appointed guardian of JENKINS bastard son of his daughter Penina who was born on 25 October 1853.

May 29, 1854: Lewis LANIER appointed guardian of Francis A. HENDRY, Albert J. HENDRY and George W. HENDRY sons of James E. HENDRY, deceased.

June 26, 1854: Lydia HENDRY, appointed guardian of William M. HENDRY, 12, Mary Jane HENDRY, 10, Lydia Oregon HENDRY, 8, Cornelia HENDRY, 5, minor heirs of James E. HENDRY.

December 7, 1854: Account of R. R. BLUNT guardian of Martha Ann C. KNIGHT

December 15, 1854: Reading BLOUNT appointed guardian of Thomas B. ELLIS, son of Thomas R. ELLIS, deceased.

3 January 1855: Miles G. DENNIS of Lee County, Georgia appointed guardian of Mary E. HENDERSON infant daughter of Josiah J. HENDERSON, late of the State of Georgia, deceased, who was one of the heirs of William HENDERSON late of Hillsborough County.

3 January 1855: Rebecca L. HENDERSON appointed guardian of Mary R., Sarah F. and Amanda L. V. HENDERSON, daughters of William HENDERSON, deceased.

11 January 1855: James WHIDDEN, Sr. and others pray to have James WHIDDEN, Jr. appointed guardian of John WHIDDEN, William WHIDDEN, Mary WHIDDEN, James WHIDDEN and George W. WHIDDEN minor heirs of Lucinda WHIDDEN, late of said county.

27 January 1855: Account of Joel KNIGHT for Thomas B. ELLIS and turned over to Reading BLOUNT.

2 May 1855: John Gideon TINER of Hernando County is appointed guardian of estate of David Andrew CRUM minor heir of Andrew A. CRUM.

2 Jun 1855: John WEEKS is appointed guardian of David Levy and John WEEKS son of William WEEKS.

29 October 1855: Application of Rebecca L. HENDERSON guardian of minor heirs of William HENDERSON to sell negro man Abrah for $1,000 or more.

13 November 1855: Elizabeth WHITTEMORE and Aaron WHITTEMORE, her husband are appointed guardians of Eliza Ann WHIDDEN, 15, Adaline M. WHIDDEN, 13, Jacob J. WHIDDEN, 11, Ceiley J. WHIDDEN, 7, minor heirs of William WHIDDEN.

7 December 1855: Account of R. R. BLOUNT, guardian of Martha Ann C. KNIGHT.

2 February 1856: John RAULERSON is appointed guardian of Amy HOGAN infant daughter of Joshua HOGANS late of Camden County, Georgia, deceased.

14 February 1856: Petition of Roxy Ann WEEKS to have Peter PLATT appointed guardian of Jane E. WEEKS, Peter WEEKS and Thomas Irvin WEEKS, children of William WEEKS, deceased.

27 December 1856: Petition of William H. MEREDITH to be appointed guardian of Susan Maria MEREDITH, his daughter, sole heir of her mother's estate. Her mother late of Alabama.

20 April 1857: Columbus STAFFORD appointed guardian of Morgan SNOW and James SNOW, minor children of Solomon H. SNOW, deceased.

12 May 1857: John DARLING appointed guardian of Louisa Jane & Francis E. CONRAD infant daughter and son of John CONRAD.

24 April 1858: William B. HOOKER, appointed guardian of Jane E. PARKER, William J. PARKER, Julia PARKER, Oregon E. PARKER, Wineford M. PARKER, and Cuthburt PARKER, infant daughters and son of William PARKER.

15 February 1858: Barshaba WILDER appointed guardian of Hopkins M. WILDER, 19, Jane A. WILDER, 13, Calfry L. WILDER, Kessiah J. WILDER, 11, Mary F. WILDER, 8, son and daughters of Hopkins M. WILDER, deceased late of Hernando County.

12 June 1858: Petition of Sarah JOHNSTON widow of W. W. JOHNSTON.

9 February 1859: Mrs. Ellen M. McNEILL (formerly Ellen M. CLARKE) guardian of Henry A. CLARKE of Manatee County asks to be discharged from duties.

7 March 1859: O. B. HART appointed guardian of Georgia Ann & Sarah CARLTON infant daughters of Alderman CARLTON, deceased.

4 April 1859: James R. ROBERTSON appointed guardian of Francis M. LEMACKS, son of John C. & Eliza M. LEMACKS, deceased.

6 April 1859: Jane FAULKNER appointed guardian of Mary Ann HINSON, William Henry & John STARLING, infant children of Levi STARLING, decd.

9 April 1859: Aaron TURNER guardian of Laura Jane PRINE, infant daughter of Robert F. PRINE, deceased.

4 May 1859: William CARNEY guardian of Mary Jane CARNEY, Julia Ann St. Teelia CARNEY, Robert James CARNEY, John CARNEY, Edward CARNEY & Henry Clifford CARNEY, children of John and Susan M. CARNEY, deceased.

3 June 1859: Richard V. BUFFUM guardian of Adaline Sophrona GILLEY, infant daughter of Nathan S. & Elizabeth GILLEY, deceased.

16 June 1859: Robert CANNING guardian of Mary Eliza HAAGAR infant daughter of Charles A. HAAGAR.

6 April 1859: Benjamin MOODY guardian of William Marion, Mary Jane, Lydia Oregon & Cornelia HENDRY, infant children of James E. HENDRY.

25 Jun 1859: Jeremiah M. HAYMAN guardian of Sarah Ann FRANKLIN, Maranda Ann FRANKLIN, Selby Washington FRANKLIN, William Taylor FRANKLIN, Lavenia Jane FRANKLIN, children of Selby FRANKLIN, deceased.

25 July 1859: John R. HENDERSON guardian of James SPEAR son of James Monroe SPEAR.

6 August 1859: Isaac WATERS guardian of Peter P. WEEKS and Thomas I. WEEKS, sons of William WEEKS.

21 August 1859: Madison POST guardian of Ellen F. McLEOD.

6 September 1859: John WEEKS guardian of Thomas JOHNSTON.

26 September 1859: James & George Washington WHIDDEN minor children of William WHIDDEN says their guardian James WHIDDEN, Sr. has failed to perform his duty. They ask that John WHIDDEN, their brother, be appointed guardian.

14 November 1859: William S. SPENCER guardian of James N. JOHNSTON infant son of John J. JOHNSTON, deceased.

29 July 1859: James L. WHIDDEN, Jr. guardian of James and George W. WHIDDEN, children of Lucinda WHIDDEN has 35 head of cattle belonging to the estate.

9 March 1860: Riley R. BLOUNT and Jane BLOUNT discharged from all further duties as guardian of Martha Ann C. KNIGHT. She was married to Nathan S. BLOUNT in 1859.

13 March 1860: Petition of Martha E. PEARCE — her husband Joseph M. PEARCE died 29 October 1857 leaving the following children: Fanny E. PEARCE born on the 2nd October 1853; James B. PEARCE born on the 4th January 1855; William J. PEARCE born on the 24th April 1856; Joseph C. PEARCE born on the 19th March 1858; Asks that their grandfather, Benjamin MOODY, be appointed guardian.

11 July 1860: Baxter M. SMITH guardian of George W. McLELLAND, son of Gabriel J. McLELLAND, deceased.

21 October 1861: Moses TURNER, step-father, appointed guardian of George W. WELLS, son of George WELLS, late of Alachua County, deceased.

15 May 1860: Elizabeth KEEN, alias WHITAMORE, guardian of Ceily Jane RIMER alias WHITEN.

30 December 1861: Mary SPARKMAN — Nathaniel K. SPARKMAN her husband who died in the year of our lord 1857 — left children: Stephen M. SPARKMAN borne 29 July 1849; Mary E. SPARKMAN borne 5 June 1851; Harriet E. SPARKMAN borne 19 September 1853; Elijah B. SPARKMAN borne 6 March 1855; Sarah R. W. SPARKMAN borne 26 May 1856. Their uncle, Elijah B. SPARKMAN, be appointed guardian.

5 December 1862: Louisa B. PORTER, guardian of Annie Hadin PORTER and Mary Brown PORTER, children of John PORTER, deceased.

11 September 1866: John A. HENDERSON, guardian of William J. STALLINGS son of William W. and Jane STALLINGS, deceased.

1 October 1866: Abel MERANDER, guardian of his son Charles F. MERANDER. James D. HAYGOOD, guardian of Mary Kate & Martin Simeon CUNNINGHAM.

17 December 1866: Ann BURKHALTER, guardian of Daniel, Eliza Margaret, Caroline Mary, Alex Jackson & Richard Ansell BURKHALTER minor children of Richard H. BURKHALTER.

24 December 1866: James D. HAYGOOD, guardian of Thomas & Addison ARNOLD, minor children of Green H. & Clarkie Ann ARNOLD, deceased.

27 December 1866: Elizabeth Frances REDD is a minor whose relatives are no in condition to provide for her. Cason E. COOPER has cared for her since her birth on 16 June 1862 — he is appointed guardian.

25 March 1867: Seth HOWARD guardian of his son, Marion HOWARD.

5 April 1867: Elizabeth STAFFORD guardian of Lafayette, Mary Jane and Columbus STAFFORD.

10 April 1867: Alfred KICKLIGHTER guardian of Andrew, James H., Manning D. and Nancy J. THOMPSON.

4 June 1867: Mary COHEN guardian of her daughter Martha COHEN.

6 July 1867: John A. HENDERSON guardian of daughter, Flora A. HENDERSON.

23 August 1867: James P. McMULLEN guardian of William WHIDDEN.

25 September 1867: James G. SPEER, guardian of James H. SADLER of Anderson District, South Carolina, deceased.

31 December 1867: Harris YOUMANS guardian of James W. LYNN minor son of James W. LYNN of Tattnall County, Georgia, deceased.

18 February 1868: Lydia HENDRY (now MOODY) released from duties of guardianship. James E. HENDRY, deceased. His heirs: William M. HENDRY; M. J. HENDRY, wife of J. J. BLOUNT; Lydia O. HENDRY, wife of B. F. BLOUNT; Cornelia HENDRY, wife of E. G. WILDER.

29 February 1868; George W. SMITH guardian of William WHIDDEN.

27 June 1870: Thomas K. SPENCER, guardian of Addison ARNOLD.

13 January 1871: William B. HENDERSON, guardian of Helen Mar, Mary Eugenia and Albert S. JOHNSON, minors of Milton W. JOHNSON.

20 February 1871: Rachel CAMPBELL bound out her daughter Harriet CAMPBELL to L. J. McLEOD.

17 April 1871: Francis MATHEWS, guardian of Henrietta MATHEWS child of Henry MATHEWS, deceased.

27 October 1871: E. A. CLARKE, guardian of Emma Florida & Mary Adelia CRAWFORD, children of C. Q. CRAWFORD & Mrs. Nancy CRAWFORD, deceased.

6 April 1872: Inventory of estate of William H. WHIDDEN, minor, filed by his guardian, George W. SMITH.

18 July 1872: Edward A. CLARKE, guardian of Charlotte A. WASHINGTON.

9 July 1872: Peter PLATT, guardian of Jack Glass, minor son of _______ GLASS and Phebe GLASS.

10 October 1873: Edmund LEE of Manatee County, guardian of John FRIERSON, 15, Isabella G. FRIERSON, 13, Lula S. FRIERSON, 10, minor children of Samuel FRIERSON & Adaline S. E. LEE, deceased.

25 November 1873: (2 March 1861) Jane BROWNLOW natural guardian of Mary S. MARSH, William S. MARSH, Ann M. MARSH, Maria MARSH, minor children of Benjamin MARSH.

13 July 1875: Henry L. MITCHELL, guardian of Emily DUKE.

10 September 1875: John A. McDONALD, guardian of John LONG.

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