Hillsborough County, Florida
Old Wills

The following wills were abstracted from Hillsborough County's Old Will Book by Mrs. Elizabeth (Stuart) Jones.

Page 3: John H. WHIDDEN, 5 August 1848, Pro. 9 November 1848 Brothers: Eli WHIDDEN, Mathew WHIDDEN, Sevier WHIDDEN, Alex WHIDDEN, William WHIDDEN, James WHIDDEN, David WHIDDEN Sisters: Mary COBB, Nancy, Eliza GOFF, Louise LEWIS Exr: A. H. HENDERSON Wit: Simon TURMAN, J. CARAWAY, B. F. DREW

Page 4: Anton ROTY (KOTY?) Ft. Monroe, Va. 1 September 1848 All my pay and all due me to Pvt. Henry NEWOR (NEWOV, NEWER or NUVOR?) of Co. D, 4th Artillery. Wit: R. C. PENTEOF, a private in Co. F, 4th artillery George DYM (DYIN or DYER?) William BELL Sworn to 10 March 1849 at Tampa, Fla Sworn to 20 February 1849 at New Orleans by Richard C. PENTEOF.

Page 5: Thomas R. ELLIS 9 July 1849 Pro. 28 December 1849 Wife: Elizabeth ELLIS Cattle brand described Son: Thomas B. ELLIS Cattle brand described Joel KNIGHT as guardian for my son until he is 21 years Wit: Richard A. VICKERS, Samuel KNIGHT Certified by Jacob SUMMERLIN, Justice of Peace.

Page 8: Henry S. Clark of Manatee Co. in Fla. July 1850 Pro. 15 Nov. 1850 Son: Henry Alomon? CLARK Brother: Jonathan E. CLARK of Canton, N. Y. Benjamin Franklin CLARK of Canton, N. Y. Delia Ann McFEELY of Augusta, Georgia. Exr: wife and friend, Dr. Franklin BRANCH Wit: Thomas P. KENNEDY, E. GLAZIER, Josiah GATES

Page 6, 7: Alex MARTIN 12 July 1850 Pro. 5 Nov. 1850 Land in Hamilton Co., Fla. to two sons of my brother-in-law, E. R. THOMPSON. My watch to Alex Martin HAYDEN, son of my old friend T. A. HAYDEN of North Carolina Wife: Ellen MARTIN (also exr. with Thomas P. KENNEDY) Wit: Joseph B. WEST, Robert SOUTHGATE, Benjamin MOODY

Page 10: Benjamin W. RICE 8 Oct. 1851 Pro. 19 Nov. 1851 Mentioned H. W. RICE, David RICE, Dr. John SULLIVAN. My brother Dr. John A. RICE and W. D. FREEMAN to settle my business without administration. Wit: Tho. S. SPENCER, S. B. TODD, W. D. FREEMAN

William R. ASHLEY 7 Sept. 1852 Dr. F. BRANCH, witness of this will presented it testament of William R. ASHLEY late of Green Co., Ala., deceased. W. R. ASHLEY died at Manatee on or about 1 April 1852; signed in presence of William CUNNINGHAM and Franklin A. BRANCH. Joseph ASHLEY son of my brother Moses ASHLEY of Green Co., Ala. James ASHLEY son of Sarah Ashley of Madison Co., Ga. brother Samuel S. ASHLEY of Benton Co., Ala. mother Delila SMITH and her husband Sion SMITH James ASHLEY & George Wesley ASHLEY sons of Sarah ASHLEY Mark ASHLEY son of Tabitha ASHLEY & Joseph ASHLEY son of Moses ASHLEY

Page 13: Patrick HYNES, Cpl. of Co. I of 2nd Regt., U. S. Artillery Fort Meade, Fla. 4 Dec. 1852 Father: Edward HYNES, Cappa?, Galway Co., Ireland Wit: Henry BEMON, William C. WENSLOW, A. P. BEXLY Patrick HYNES died at Fort Meade 4 Dec. 1852 Probated 27 Jan. 1850 in Hillsborough County, Florida

Page 15: Andrew H. HENDERSON 31 Dec. 1852 Pro. 26 Jan. 1853 Wife: "my wife and children" Oldest son, William Benton HENDERSON Bro: J. D. HENDERSON of Jackson Co., Ga. to be Exr. Wit: L. G. LESLY, Benjamin HAGLER, G. A. RAMSEY

Page 16: Patrick LYNCH, Corporal in Captain R. A. LUTHOR's Company "I", 2nd Regiment of Artillery. Written and signed at Fort Meade, Florida 3 February 1853. Probated 29 March 1853, Hillsborough County, Florida. Give to Jonathan LETTERMAN, Asst. Surgeon all property in trust for : Lawrence CAHILL of Company H, 1st Regt. Artillery, Patrick FLYNN of Company I, 2nd Regiment Artillery. Witnessess: Harvey BROWN, Rv. Col. U. S. Army, Robert B. THOMAS, 2nd Lt., U. S. A., Jona LETTERMAN, Asst. Surg., U. S. Army

Page 17: William TAYLOR 23 June 1853 Probated 30 November 1853 Daughter: Nancy and Elizabeth Son: John is to maintain his mother Slaves: Judy, Milly, Harriet, Peter, May, Hester, Hannah Witnesses: E. T. HART, William H. PAUL, Jesse CARLILE William TAYLOR died 7 July 1853.

Page 18: Achilles M. REDFIELD of Fort Brooke, Florida. 6 March 1853 Probated 30 November 1853 Wife: Mary (was Exr.) Witnessed but not signed: John CONRAD, John W. BROOKBANK, Leroy G. LESLEY

Page 20: J. W. BROOKBANK of Tampa, Florida. 21 May 1854 Probate 25 May 1854 Named: Mrs. Mary Ann CONRAD, Frank CONRAD, Louisa CONRAD My partner Dr. D. A. BRANCH My friends & neighbors: Dr. C. A. BRANCH & James GETTIS as exrs. Wit: JOHN C. CASEY, James GETTIS, Darwin A. BRANCH.

Page 21: David C. PRYOR, Tampa 14 February 1854 Probate 17 July 1854 Wife: Emma A. PRYOR (and exr.) Minors: Archibald M. Kissack PRYOR, David C. PRYOR, Isaac Thomas PRYOR Note: "I forbid her father Archibald KISSACK........." Wit: A. DeLOUNAY of Tampa, J. H. HOLLY of Tampa, W. M. COOLEY of Tampa

Page 24: William G. MITCHELL of Gaudalupe County, Texas 11 Dec 1855 Probated 28 December 1855. Brother: John MITCHELL Mother: D. MITCHELL (Dorothy, property in Hartcourt Place, Dublin, Ireland occupied by John LEE for many years; also property in Guadalupe where she resides) Exr. brother John and mother Dorothy Wit: William L. PITT, C. T. SUMNER, A. K. BRAZELTON

(No page # given) Estate of John CROSS, over 21 years 24 June 1856 State of Mississippi, Lounds County, 18 December 1856. Daughters: Sarah Rebecca HEWEY wife of Willie G. HEWEY, Mary Susanah LYON wife of Hartwell J. LYON, Eliza Matilda PLATT wife of Robert B. PLATT, Margaret Elizabeth BEAN wife of Milton E. BEAN (BEASS?), Aletha Jane SHULAR wife of John SHULAR Son: John S. CROSS, Henry C. CROSS Exr. Milton E. BEAN Probated 5 June 1857, Hillsborough County, Florida.

Page 34: Samuel W. JOHN of Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida 5 May 1856 To: Edmond LEE; Dr. Darwin A. BRANCH; Dr. James C. BILLINGSLEA of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Daughter: Mary BILLINGSLEA JOHN My sister: Elizabeth M. JOHN To: Mrs. Ann E. GODDEN (GODDESS?) of town of Marion, Perry County, Alabama Brother: Joseph R. JOHN of Selma, Dallas County, Alabama Exr. James GETTIS of Tampa; John MOORE of Perry, Marion County, Alabama (Town & county have been reversed) Wit: Cyrus BILLINGSLY, A. M. HUGY, Z. B. JOHN Probated 28 August 1857.

Page 36: William W. JOHNSTON of Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia 6 April 1852 Wife: Sarah Children: Frances Margaret wife of William A. BOGGS, William Jasper JOHNSTON, George Lewis JOHNSTON Exr. William LAKE of Savannah Wit: M. SHEFTALL, Jr., W. H. LLOYD, A. RUSSELL Probated 26 May 1858

Page 39: Thomas P. KENNEDY Probated 30 August 1858 (This is a very long will and difficult to read. Several codicils; many different date). Petition of John DARLING that Thomas P. KENNEDY died at 1/4 past 3 o'clock P.M. 25 August 1858. Named two deceased sons, James M. and John D. Wife: Addy Sister: Hannah K. PUGH Son: Thomas P. KENNEDY, Henry P. KENNEDY (just born) Daughter: Jane Frances (minor) Wit: C. L. FRIEBEL, A. DeLAUNAY, M. POST, John T. GIVENS, R. F. NUNEZ, H. L. MITCHELL.

Page 53: George M. BUCKLEY of Tampa 12, December 1859 Probated 6 January 1860 Died 12 December 1859 Wife: Susan Ann BUCKLEY (now pregnant) Exr: Ossian B. HART Witness: Louis BELL, Jr.; Robert JACKSON; Joseph M. ANDREW.

Page 57: James McLEOD of Tampa Probated 7 July 1860 Died 3 July 1860 Sister: Eliza MAYO of Tatnall County, Georgia Nephew: James McLEOD, son of Archibald of Madison County, Florida, a blind man. Do sell Negro Jane Ann CALHOUN and her son to one person. Exr: John McARTHUR of Montgomery County, Georgia, son of Duncan McARTHUR dec'd - my specially appointed legacy herein before provided for his mother, Eliza MAYO.

Page 59: A. W. WYNNS, Hillsborough County, Florida 25 February 1860 Probated 30 January 1861 Wife: F. R. WYNNS Son: George W. WYNNS, not legal age ". . . beloved wife to take possession of my entire property of every kind and to have full power to sell, etc" In presence of Daniel STANFORD, William W. SMITH, Baxter M. SMITH.

Page 61: Joseph HOWELL 8 January 1862 Probated 31 January 1862 Wife: Sarah HOWELL Sons-in-law: John RAULERSON and ____________ KENNEDY, Keep estate together until youngest child becomes of age. Exr: Wife Sarah and Aaron TURNER Witness: S. B. TODD, Christie C. GORDON, Simon SMITH.

Page 62: William Goodman MILEY, Sr. 1 January 1860 Probated 3 May 1862 Wife: Emmaline MILEY Sons: Daniel R. MILEY & David Montgomery MILEY Daughter: Elizabeth JOHNSON Son exr: William Goodman MILEY, Jr. Witness: Baxter M. SMITH, Francis M. MITCHELL, William W. SMITH.

Page 64: William COLLY 25 December 1862 Probated 13 June 1863 Daughter: Fanny Ann; wife of Frances MATHEWS Grandsons: William C. MATHEWS, Henry MATHEWS, John Francis MATHEWS; Granddaughters: Mary A. MATHEWS, Eliza Jane MATHEWS, Fanny Eliza MATHEWS; Beloved adopted child, Nancy RIGSBY, wife of Wade S. RIGSBY; Beloved friend John Fletcher HAGAN; Exr: Ed. A. CLARKE, friend and grandson, Henry MATHEWS Witness: James E. BOWDIN, Donald S. McKAY, A. DeLAUNAU, Wm. T. HASKINS.

Page 67: Sarah CAIL Made at Louisville, Ky. 10 June 1854 Probated 1 February 1866 Daughter: Matilda McKAY and her children, Witness: M. M. NEAL, L. A. NEAL, James GETTIS.

Page 69: James E. BOWDEN, late of County Kings, State of New York, City of Brookin 3 February 1865 Probated 1 September 1865; Wife: Sarah of County of Kings, State of New York; Exr: Wife Recorded in Surrogate Office (in New York?) in Book of Wills #30, page 469.

Page 73: Absalom YOUMANS of Tampa 26 March 1866 Probated 15 May 1866 Niece: Mary Elizabeth COWART; Exr. Richard A. PERKINS; Witness: John DARLING, Sam C. CRAFT, Henry PROSEUS.

Page 74: John J. WELLS 30 June 1866 Probated 24 August 1866 Wife: Rebecca B. WELLS; Two youngest children, John W. WELLS & Melville M. WELLS; Son: Richard M. WELLS; Daughter: Mary F. LIVELY; Exr: Dr. William A. LIVELY, John W. WELLS; Witness: Joab GRIFFIN, W. B. HENDERSON, C. E. HENDERSON.

Page 75: Isaac WATERS 13 June 1867 Probated 26 September 1867 Died 27 June 1867. Children of first marriage, Father-in-law Peter PLATT, Esq. and E. P. WHIDDEN, Esq. as exrs.

Page 77: James GETTIS of Tampa 14 December 1867 Probated 16 December 1867 Died in Hillsborough County, midnight, 14th December 1867; All property to James F. HENDERSON, exr. Witness: John DARLING, E. A. CLARK, Jno. J. GIVENS. Page 79: William G. BROWN 29 June 1867 Probated 6 October 1867 Wife: Martha J. BROWN Witness: F. J. SEWARD, A. LIVELY, Jarius GETTIS

Page 81: Levi S. WHITEHURST 15 July 1868 Probated 4 March 1869 Nephew: Levi D. WHITEHURST Exr: George D. WHITEHURST Witnesss: M. A. WHITEHURST, James G. HUMPHRIES, L. WHITEHURST.

Page 82: D. H. TUCKER 28 Aug 1870 Probated 29 August 1870 Niece: Sarah Ada ALEXANDER of Barbour County, Alabama; Sister: Elizabeth ALEXANDER (Mrs. Moses ALEXANDER); Mother: Sarah ALEXANDER; Exr. H. L. MITCHELL; Wit: John DARLING, F. FRANCH, William HARDING.

Page 84: Elizabeth MUNDEN 18 January 1871 Probated 11 February 1871 Brother: John GALLAGHER; Sister: Nancy GALLAGHER; Witness: H. GALLAGHER; Mentions: Mr. FABIAN of Brooksville Hattie - colored girl I raised Allen HILL.

Page 85: William B. HOOKER 5 December 1870 Probated 17 July 1871 Daughters: Annn HOLLINGSWORTH, wife of John H. HOLLINGSWORTH, Martha CURRY, Meroba CRANE, wife of Henry L. CRANE; Mary HOPE, wife of Samuel E. HOPE, Flora E. HOOKER (minor) Sons: William Jasper HOOKER, James N. HOOKER Grandsons: William Jasper STALLINGS, only surviving heir of my daughter, Jane STALLINGS, deceased; Solon B. TURMAN, son of Meroba CRANE by former husband. Exr: James N. HOOKER, son; Henry L. CRANE, son-in-law.

Page 87: William ASHLEY 2 December 1857 Probated 9 November 1871 Died 2 December 1857; A lot in Tampa grave yard to be purchased and set aside for the final resting of my body and the body of my servant girl, Nancy, when she may die. I give her her freedom and all my real and personal estate. Exr: John JACKSON Wit: William L. WILLIAMS, Josiah FERRIS, Lulius (?) DAUGHTRY, James DONATHAN.

Page 88: William Benjamin REYNOLDS 3 April 1872 Probated 4 May 1872 Died 3 April 1872 Infant son: Edmond R. REYNOLDS Wife: Fredonia F. REYNOLDS Infant children: Theresa C., Sarah P., Edmond R. REYNOLDS Daughters: Eliza S. NIX, Frances W. PYLES, Emily J. WATSON; Exrs. wife and James H. BRANDON and Edward A. CLARKE.

Page 90: Rigdon BROWN 1 August 1866 Probated 17 May 1872 of Polk County, Florida. Wife: Esther My heirs: William BROWN, Jane HENDRY, Peter BROWN; Exr: Robert WILKINSON, Polk County, Florida; William W. SHEPHERD, Polk County, Florida; James H. THOMAS, Polk County, Florida.

Page 91: George W. SMITH 28 July 1869 Probated 21 February 1873 Daughter: Caroline SMITH Wife: Caroline Grandson: George McCLELLAN....equally divided between Phebeann SMITH and Caroline SMITH my above named daughters. Caroline to take care of Phebeann and act as her guardian for her during her life. Wit: A. A. BAKER, John COLLINS.

Page 92: Nancy ASHLEY 8 August 1872 Probated 11 October 1873 Nephew: Solomon STANTON - all my property. My niece or nieces each receiving a childs share. Exr: John JACKSON Wit: Henry PROSEUS, C. L. FREIBLE.

Page 93: Ann or Nancy M. ROBERTS of Canaan, Columbia County, New York 18 March 1873 Recorded 12 September 1873, Columbia County, New York. Left property to United Society of Shakers in New York. Exr: Daniel OFFORD of New Lebanon, New York, Thomas SMITH, Canaan, New York. Witnesses: Minerva REYNOLDS, Canaan, Columbia County, New York; Louisa E. GREEN, Canaan, Columbia County, New York.

Page 96: John D. YOUNG Wife and Exr.: Martha Our young child: Martha YOUNG Witnesses: William HALL (signed), William C. BROWN (signed), Barry COLLINS (his mark).

Page 97: Alexander ANDERSON 1 March 1876 Probated 3 March 1876 To Presbyterian Church known as Andrew Memorial Church; Exr: J. Moffett McCLUNG; Witnesses: Lorenzo D. ROSS, Rufus F. McMULLEN, John M. BROWN, Joseph BROWN.

Page 100: Enoch COLLINS, Sr. of Hillsborough County, Florida; 24 January 1871 Probated 7 September 1877 Wife: Temperance A. COLLINS Witnesses: T. K. SPENCER, S. G. CRAFT, J. W. BELL.

Page 101: James SHUMAN 6 September 1877 Probated 14 November 1877 Wife: Lizzie Ann SHUMAN Ten children: Georgina PROCTOR, Richard H. SHUMAN, Isabella KICKLIGHTER, George M. SHUMAN, Alphred F. SHUMAN, Cornelia F. HILL, Ralphine ALTMAN, Ellen V. SHUMAN, May A. SHUMAN, Irene A. SHUMAN; Exr: George M. SHUMAN, Ephraim SHUMAN, A. HILL Witnesses: Burrell T. ALTMAN, Solomon D. JOHNSON, John G. BENTON.

Page 102: Lydia BELL 25 February 1877 Probated 25 May 1878 Grandson: Robert MUGGE (he was exr.) Land description given: included in my homestead #4728 made 1 February 1877.

Page 106: John ORCHARD of Little Manatee, Hillsborough County, Florida 28 May 1879 Probated 23 June 1879 Recorded 15 July 1879 I married on or about 13 November 1851, Julia DUNLAP of Charleston, South Carolina; married 18 years. . . . I believe misconduct on her part. I saw fit to leave her and her daughter of 15 or 16 years. My daughter I desired to take with me but she emphatically declined, remains with her mother, etc. Land left to Mary ANDERSON and Oscar ANDERSON, her son. My daughter, Caroline E. ORCHARD. . . .

Page 108: Theodore M. DWIGHT 19 August 1878 Probated 24 November 1879 Only son Mason Collins DWIGHT Exr.: Otis S. HARRIS

Page 110: Corinne C. VERDIER of Alachua County, Florida 8 March 1870 Probated 19 May 1881, Alachua County, Florida; Husband: Jean H. VERDIER (and exr.) Children: Willie T. VERDIER, Iveline C. VERDIER, Marguerite L. VERDIER, Terrell C. VERDIER, Sallie R. VERDIER

Page 112: Emanuel FERNANDEZ 10 May 1881 Probated 14 May 1881 Friend: Joseph PUIG (also exr.)

Page 114: Sarah HOWELL 30 November 1881 Probated 18 February 1882 Sons: Cornelus R. HOWELL, Moses T. HOWELL, Thomas J. HOWELL Exr.: Thomas J. HOWELL and N. C. BRYAN Witnesses: E. B. SPARKMAN, Jr., John MOONEY, James H. HAWKINS

Page 117: James Edgar LIPSCOMB 30 March 1882 Probated 17 April 1882 Wife: Mary A. LIPSCOMB Infant son: William Edgar LIPSCOMB Exr: Howell T. LYKES and guardian of infant son Witnesses: Perry G. WALL, Cush F. WALL, C. L. FRIEBELE

Page 121: Franklin BRANCH 4 November 1878 Probated 6 September 1882 Wife: Martha A. BRANCH Her son: Henry Lee BRANCH My sons: Franklin Branch, James O. BRANCH My daughters: F. Lavinna GLOVER, Lucy H. SIMMS

Page 123: Jennie G. MEEKER 6 June 1882 Probated 14 October 1882 Husband: David W. MEEKER Sister: Mary My father: (no name) Niece: Nettie SPENCER Son: Chester Y. MEEKER (to be paid on 21st birthday) Witnesses: Elias E. BELCHER, Eliza NEELD, Josephing BELCHER

Page 126: Olivia W. GOOD 14 July 1883 Probated 16 January 1884 Husband: Thomas A. GOOD Sister: Sereuater (Serenater) YOUMANS Exrs: Robert YOUMANS, W. J. BARTHOLOMEW

Page 129: Constant BOURQUARDEZ 16 September 1884 Probated 29 September 1884 Wife: Jane Sons: C. Glode BOURQUARDEZ, Thomas H., Robert and Joseph Daughters: Amelia FAGAN wife of Joseph, Laura, Teresa B. RICE wife of J. D. RICE, Mary, Agnes. Granddaughter: Matilda May MADRE, child of my daughter Alice, deceased. Exr: Jane (wife), Edward A. CLARKE, William C. BROWN.

Page 133: Edward P. GRANT 27 October 1877 Probated 9 December 1884 Daughter: Mary E. GRANT Grandsons of my wife: Herbert CRAFT, Charles D. GRAFT, Isaac Samuel CRAFT Homestead receipt #2284 dated 1875, Gainesville Witness: H. L. CRANE, Robert CANNING, William C. BROWN

Page 137: Harry C. CULBREATH 17 April 1883 Probated 11 October 1885 Wife: Matilda Son and exr.: H. Pope CULBREATH Heirs: H. Pope CULBREATH, W. P. CULBREATH, P. P. CULBREATH, John CULBREATH Grandson: Joseph H CULBREATH, son of Iva P. CULBREATH Witness: B. J. HAGLER, T. K. SPENCER, J. C. PAPY, all of Tampa.

Page 139: William C. HARN of Barbour County, Alabama 9 September 1885 Probated 1 December 1885 Wife: Julia Daughter: Janthe Witness: C. W. MARTIN & Henry BRADLEY.

Page 141: D. H. DUGGER of Bryan County, Georgia and recorded Bryan County, Georgia on 7 September 1885 Brother-in-law: P. W. WILLIAMS Brothers: C. M. DUGGER, J. N. DUGGER, H. W. DUGGER, 40 acres in Hillsborough County, Florida and lot in Lakeland, Polk County, Florida.

Page 142: Hiram RIGLER, Terre Haute, Indiana 14 September 1885 Probated: Terre Haute, Indiana, 23 November 1885 Recorded Hillsborough County, Florida 18 January 1886 Wife: Elizabeth To. Sarah J. PAUL, Mary RIGLER, daughter of S. J. RIGLER, Catherine BRYANT, daughter of Elizabeth BRYANT, my sister; Catherine, daughter of W. B. RIGLER, my brother; Elizabeth and Catherine, the two daughters of Mrs. STRAYER, my sister. Witness: Allen PENCE, James ELLIS, E. O. LINCOLN Exr.: Dr. Allen PENCE, Stephen ADAIR, Mrs. Elizabeth RIGLER.

Page 147: J. William PAUL, City of Monroe, Monroe County, Missouri 8 October 1886 Probated: 30 December 1886, Monroe, Missouri Wife: Samuella C. PAUL Sons: Frank C. PAUL and J. W. PAUL (infant) Daughter: Annie PAUL, minor Lots in Hannibal from my first wife. My friend, C. E. WORTH of Tampa, Florida manage my real estate. Son Frank has uncle in Colorado.

Page 156: William L. MOBLEY 12 August 1879 Probated 13 December 1889 Died 6 December 1889 Wife and minor children not named Son: Quarterman MOBLEY Children of me and present wife, Cornelia Ann and Children of her body. Grandsons: George MOBLEY, son of Micogole MOBLEY, William MOBLEY, son of Micogole MOBLEY; Heirs of my daughter, Elizabeth THIGPEN My Son: Ransom MOBLEY My daughters: Martha SWAIN, Mary N EWBERRY, Sophronia MOBLEY, Colias GARTER, Harden MOBLEY. Exr.: Wife and William B. HENDERSON Witness: John A. HENDERSON, W. B. HENDERSON, John DARLING.

Page 158: Joseph Gillett KNAPP 2 June 1886 Probated 17 December 1888 of Limona, Hillsborough County, Florida Neice: Georgia Knapp MEAD To Laura MEAD, daughter of Georgia; to Ora MEAD adopted daughter of Georgia; To May ALBINA, my adopted daughter; To Sara, Ora, and May ABLINA; Exr.: Edward E. PRATT of Limona.

Page 163: James LANIER of Polk County, formerly the County of Hillsborough, Florida. 28 February 1861 Probated 24 April 1889 Daughter: M. Elizabeth C. LANIER Sons: John W. LANIER, exr., James S. LANIER, exr., Hardee M. LANIER Witness: James T. MAGBEE, Richard A. TURNER, William H. ROSS, M. L. SHANNAHAN

Page 166: Philomena ROLF, widow 2 March 1887 Probated 24 June 1889 in St. Louis Children: John and Marie ROLF Trustee and exr.: Francis PISSCER. If he died Joseph H. PISSCER ( or PISSUR) to have charge. Witness: Edward T. FARISH, Silas B. JONES Codicil made in St. Louis, Missouri 9 October 1888 Philomena ROLF died 19 June 1889. She had property in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Page 171: Robert R. BRIDGES, Hanover County, North Carolina Superior Court 18 July 1887 Probated 21 December 1888 Died 10 December 1888 Wife: Margaret E. BRIDGES Sons: Preston, Robert and two minors, George & Frank Daughters: Emily and Mary a minor Witness: Fleming GARNDER, John F. DEVINE, Thomas M. EMERSON. NOTE: This will was for about $220,000. He owned property in Hillsborough County, Florida.

WILLS 1847 - 1904

Volume A - B


Volume A

1847 - 1896

Name Page Number Description
Ashley W R 10-11-12-13 Blank
Ashley William 87-88 Record of Will
Ashley Nancy 92 Record of Will
Anderson Alexander 97 Record of Will
Ansley J Mr 381 Blank
Burnett Labourn pa 1 & 2 Blank
Brookbank J. W. pa 19, 20 & 21 Blank
Buckly, Geo. Mr. 53 to 56 Blank
Bowden James E. 69, 70, 71, 72 Blank
Brown Wm Z? 79, 80, 81 Will & Probate
Brown Rigdon 90 & 91 Probate & Record of Will-May 17th 1872
Bell Lydia 102 Probate & Record of Will - May 2nd 1878
Branch F. 121 Probate & Record of Will - Sept. 6th 1882
Bourquardez Constant 129 Probate & Record of Will
Bridges Robert R. 171 Probate & Records of Will - May 22, 1890
Billings Harry 200 Blank
Bowman Thomas H 204 Blank
Borden Samuel A. 317 Blank
Barranco Manuel F. 327 Blank
Babcock Mary L 362 Blank
Busby J. M. 381 Blank
Clark H. S. 8 & 9 Blank
Cross John 26 to 33 Blank
Cooly William 44, 45, 46 Blank
Cail Sarah 67, 68 Blank
Chase, Samuel D 95-6 Blank
Enoch Collins Sr 100-101 Blank
Culbreath, H. C. 137 Blank
Ellis Thomas R 5 & 6 Blank
Earll George W. 292 Blank
Ernest Aaron S. 324 Blank
Franklin Selby pa. 33 Blank
Fernandez Emanuel 112 Blank
Gettis James 77-79 Will and Probate thereof
Good Olivia W. 126 Will and Probate
Grant Edward P. 135 Will and Probate
Goodwin Howel R. 242 Blank
Hynes Patrick 13 & 14 Blank
Henderson A. H. 15 & 16 Blank
Howell Joseph 61 & 62 Blank
Hooker Wm B. 85 to 87 Record of Will & Affidavit of Executors
Howell Sarah 115 to 116 Record of Will & proof
Howell Sarah 120 Record of Oath of Executor
Horn W. E. 139 Record of Will
Hart Simeon O. 185 Blank
Harrick Henry 337 Blank
John S. W. 34 & 5 Blank
Johnston W. W. 36 to 39 Blank
Jeter Ira 181 Blank
Johnson Jos. H. 211 Blank
T. P. Kennedy pa 39 to 53 Blank
Knapp Joseph Leggett 158 Blank
Kelly Thomas 265 Blank
Lynch Patrick pa 16 & 17 Blank
Lipscomb Jas. E. 114 Blank
Lanier James 163 Blank
Lyon Wm. H. C. 205 Blank
Lewis Richard J. 286 Blank
Lancaster Rezin 343 Blank
Martin Alexander 6-7-8 Blank
Mitchell William G. 24 & 25 Blank
McLeod James 57-58 Blank
Miley William G 63 Blank
Munden Elizabeth 84 Blank
Meeker Jennie G. 123 Blank
Mobley William L. 156 Blank
Orchard John 106 Blank
David C. Pryor pa 21 to 23 Blank
Paul J. W. 147 Blank
Platt Obadiah H. 252 Blank
Puddicombe C. J. 340 Blank
Pierson, Chas C. 358 Blank
Roty Anton 4 & 5 Blank
Rice B. W. 10 Blank
Redfield Achilles 18 & 19 Blank
Reynolds Wm B. 88 & 89 Record of last will & Testament, May 4th, 1872
Roberts (Ann or) Nancy M. 93,94 & 95 Record of Last Will & Testament, September 12, 1873
Rigler Hiram 142 Certified Copy last Will Mch 18/86
Rolf Philomane 166 Certified Copy last Will
Roberts Robt R. 258 Certified Copy last Will
Reed Thomas 303 Certified Copy last Will
Roper James H. 338 Certified Copy last Will
Smith George W. 91 Record of last will & Testament
Shuman James 101 Record of last will and testament
Safford Mary J. 222 Blank
Santmanat z Marigory 238 Blank
Shatton Mary C. 243 Blank
Sanchez Serafin 309 Blank
Sheppard Thomas H. 373 Blank
Taylor Wm Last Will of pa 17 & 18 Ms. S. Taylor Exr.
Tucker D. H. 82-83 Probate & record of Will, H. L. Mitchel Exr.
Tucker William Tider 212 Blank
Turner Christana 354 Blank
Verdier C. C. 110 Will & Probate
Whidden John H 3 & 4 Blank
Wells John J 74 & 75 Blank
Waters Isaac 75-77 Will and Probate thereof
Whitehurst Levi S. 81, 82 Will & Probate
Warren Susan F. 283 Will & Probate
Youmans Absalom 73 Blank
Young John D. 97 Blank
Ybor Edardo R Martinez 246 Blank

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