Hillsborough County, Florida

1817 - 1880

Researched & compiled by Kyle S. VanLandingham.

Solomon Godwin was born in Georgia, November 30, 1817. He moved to Florida as a young man and served several enlistments in the Florida militia during the Second Seminole War. He was enrolled November 10, 1835 in Captain Haddock's company as a private and was discharged February 10, 1836. On December 1, 1836, he enlisted in Captain Piles' company as a private and served until February 24, 1837. Solomon Godwin then joined Captain Thigpen's unit July 3, 1837 and was mustered out December 27, 1837. He served in the militia company of Captain J. G. Smith from May 2, 1838 until October 18, 1838. Finally, on December 13, 1838 he enlisted in Captain Thigpen's company and served until June 13, 1839.

On December 9, 1841, Solomon Godwin was married to Mariah Tyner who was born in Florida, July 18, 1825. They had the following children:

1. Susan Godwin, born December 19, 1842; died November 27, 1920; married Jesse McClelland, February 2, 1860.

2. Mary Godwin, born November 14, 1844; married William Raulerson on April 1, 1860.

3. Aaron Elijah Godwon, born February 22, 1846; died July 30, 1914; married Julia Ann Guy, December 9, 1865.

4. Thomas Godwin, born July 19, 1848; married Virginia Collins on January 27, 1870.

5. Jacob Godwin, born September 19, 1850; died July 5, 1920; married 1st, Ann Jane Waters on February 16, 1871; married 2nd, Sarah E. Williams on July 28, 1878.

6. Selidia Ann Godwin, born May 4, 1852; married Perry Collins on October 29, 1869.

7. Harriett Godwin, born June 20, 1855 (tombstone says January 20, 1855); died April 9, 1933; married 1st, William Hilliard on March 16, 1869; married 2nd, Joel Collins, February 18, 1873; married 3rd, William Townsend Addison, December 30, 1877.

8. John E. Godwin, born August 2, 1858; died June 17, 1942; married Elizabeth Sullivan April 3, 1887.

9. Lewis Godwin, born June 11, 1861; died March 2, 1948; married Josephine Montes de Oca, November 1, 1885.

Solomon Godwin is shown on the 1850 census residing in Columbia County, Florida. On November 2, 1850 he made application for bounty land based upon his service during the Second Seminole War. He was granted 160 acres on Warrant Number 5847 which was issued July 3, 1851. This warrant was cancelled and another one for 160 acres was issued July 12, 1851 as Warrant Number 6153. During the 1850's Solomon Godwin and his family left Columbia County and moved to Hillsborough County, at Fort Meade, in the area that is now Polk County. On the 1860 census for Hillsborough County, Solomon Godwin's nearby neighbors included William Carney, Gilbert L. Key, Mary Lanier and Robert McAuley.

Mariah (Tyner) Godwin died February 9, 1863 at Fort Meade. She was one of the first persons buried in the Evergreen Cemetery there. During the Civil War, Solomon Godwin served in Captain F. A. Hendry's Company, Munnerlyn's Battalion, enlisting in 1864 and serving until the close of the war.

On April 26, 1866, in Hillsborough County, Solomon Godwin was married to Mary Ann (Starling) Hinson, daughter of John Starling. She was born in Coosa County, Alabama, October 24, 1843. Solomon and Mary Ann (Starling) Godwin had the following children:

10. Mariah Jane Godwin, born July 10, 1867; married John Thomas Pollock.

11. William Solomon Godwin, born December 12, 1869; died 1920; married Alice Barber.

12. Isabel Godwin, born July 2, 1872; married Bead Boyette.

13. George Dzialynski Godwin, born November 4, 1877; died 1952; married Helen Wilson, April 18, 1909.

Solomon Godwin resided in Fort Meade until his death July 3, 1880. He was buried beside his first wife in the Evergreen Cemetery. Mary Ann (Starling) Godwin was appointed guardian for her four minor children on September 13, 1880. She died November 11, 1926 and was buried at Antioch Cemetery at Plant City.

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