Hillsborough County, Florida


c1822 — 1862

Thomas Summeralls was born about 1822 in Telfair County, Georgia, son of Thomas and Sarah (Nunez) Summerall. Most of the earliest records spell the name "Summerall" but later records including an affidavit by Lydia Ann (Pelam) Summeralls spells it as "Summeralls". She stated in 1893 that "I believe my husband's name was Summeralls though people sometimes write it Summerall—without the final "s".

Thomas served several enlistments during the early Indian wars in Florida and south Georgia. The muster rolls of Captain William B. North's Company, Florida Volunteers, reports that Thomas Summerall enrolled June 22, 1836 at Columbia County, by order of Gov. Call, and was discharged October 22, 1836. He was paid for 4 months, without travel pay. The record of events says, "This company was greatly distinguished for its services and exploits in several brilliant affairs against the Creek Indians who were passing down attemptin to join the Seminoles——killing a great many and taking prisoners on the frontier of Georgia, and along the Florida and Georgia line on the country bordering on the Suwaney and St. Mary's called the Okefeenokee Swamp."

Thomas enrolled in the same company on January 21, 1837 at Fort Reed by order of Major General Thomas S. Jesup and discharged June 5, 1837, on roll stating that company was ordered to Fort Gilliland for muster out but unable to assemble there for want of forage for horses. He was paid for 4 months and 16 days——no travel pay allowed.

He was enrolled again in Captain North's company on June 16, 1837 at Camp North, and discharged December 18, 1837 at Fort Gilliland, Florida. He was paid for 6 months and 3 days, and 5 days travel——20 miles to rendezvous and 80 miles home. He is also reported enrolled in same company on July 12, 1838 (joined July 13) and discharged January 12, 1839 at Fort Gilmer, Florida. He was paid for 5 months and 30 days.

The muster roll of Captain Aaron Jernigan's Company, Florida Volunteers, reports that Thomas Summerallls enrolled November 6, 1840 and was discharged May 31, 1841 at Fort Moniac, East Florida. He was paid for 6 months and 28 days including 3 days travel—30 miles to rendezvous and 30 miles from place discharged to home.

Thomas Summeralls married Lydia Ann Pelam in Columbia County, Florida on May 28, 1842. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Elias Knight. Lydia Ann was born about 1825 according to the early census records, but in the 1900 DeSoto County census she stated that she was born in September 1814. Children of Thomas and Lydia Ann Summeralls:

1. Henry Summeralls, born c1843; married Julia _________; buried in Joshua Creek Cemetery.

2. W. Riley Summeralls, born c1845 (tombstone give April 15, 1842); died December 8, 1911; married in Manatee County, Florida on April 14, 1865, Margaret McLeod, daughter of William and Emily (Sloan) McLeod. Riley buried in Sardis Cemetery, Manatee County.

3. Thomas Summeralls, born c1852; married Sarah "Sally" ____________.

4. Owen Summeralls, born c1855; married in Manatee County on January 29, 1880, Jessie Blount.

5. Charles Summeralls, born c1857.

6. Rebecca Summeralls, born February, 1860 per the 1860 census (1900 gives March, 1864); married in Manatee County on August 14, 1879, Jackson Albritton, son of James M. and Fannie (Raulerson) Albritton.

About 1846, Thomas Summeralls, his brother David Summeralls and his widowed mother, Sarah Summeralls moved to south Florida settling in Hillsborough County near present day Plant City. Thomas later homesteaded near Fort Meade in present day Polk County.

Thomas was a member of Captain William B. Hooker's Company in 1856. He was mustered into service on January 3, 1856. Thomas Summeralls was listed in the 1860 Hillsborough County census as living in the southwestern section of present day Polk County. Some of his neighbors were Sarah (Summeralls) Mercer, Eli English, Stephen Hollingsworth and Willoughby Tillis. He listed as a tax payer in Polk County in 1861.

Tom Summerall was listed as an owner of some of the cattle that William B. Hooker drove to Manatee County and was loaded on board ships on June 13, 1860.

The Summeralls moved to Manatee County about 1862 settling in the Calvinia area on Horse Creek. Thomas died there on December 30, 1862. On February 13, 1863, Liddy Ann Summerall petitioned the Manatee County Judge of Probate for the letters of administration on the estate of Thomas Summerall. John Parker and William McLeod were appointed to be appraisers of the personal estate of Mr. Summerall. His property was valued at $8,220.10 and included the following items:

650 head of cattle $5,200
4 head of horses 800
1 yoke of oxen 100
cash 400
80 head of hogs 240
1 negro boy 1,000
1 wagon 125

In 1866 the children of Thomas Summeralls registered their marks and brands with the Manatee County Clerk: May 23rd — Thomas Summerall: split & underbit in one ear, swallowfork half fleur-de-lis & underbit in the other, branded TS; Owen Summerall: swallowfork & 1/2 fleur-de-lis in one ear, undersquare & upper bit in the other, branded ON; Charles Summeralls; swallowfork & 1/2 fleur-de-lis in one ear, undersquare in the other, branded CS; Rebecka Summeralls: swallowfork & 1/2 fleur-de-lis in one ear, upper square & underbit in the other, branded SW. June 12th — Henry Summeralls: swallowfork & 1/2 fleur-de-lis in each ear, branded HS and swallowfork & 1/2 fleur-de-lis in one ear, poplar leaf in the other, branded HS. June 13th — R. R. Summeralls: swallowfork & 1/2 fleur-de-lis in one ear, swallowfork in the other, branded 26 and swallowfork & 1/2 fleur-de-lis in one ear, underbit in the other, branded 26.

On October 1, 1866, Joel J. Addison as sheriff and ex officio administrator of the estate of Thomas Summeralls for $4,000 paid by Laboran A. Rawls sold him a stock of cattle which included cattle with brands TS, 11 & 88.

On January 29, 1868, Lidia Ann Summerall as administratrix of the estate of Thomas Summeralls, deceased and Jesse H. Altman sold to John T. Lesley and Joel J. Addison 800 cattle for $1,600.

Mrs. Summeralls applied for a widow's pension on February 15, 1893. She was living at Calvinia, DeSoto County. She gave her husband's description at the time of his enlistements as 5' 2" with blue eyes, black hair and dark complexion. Mrs. Sarah A. (Summeralls) Mercer Hall, S. H. Whidden, William McLeod and John H. Wingate provided supporting affidavits. Lydia received $8 per month until April 19, 1908 when it was increased to $12 a month.

Lydia A. Summeralls was living with her son Owen in the Charlie Apopka district in the 1900 DeSoto County census. She died October 21, 1911.

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