Hillsborough County, FL
Vietnam War Casualty List
Submitted by Dena Whitesell

Source: [Southeast Asia] Combat Area Casualties Current File (CACCF), as of November 1997 (electronic record), Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Record Group 330, The National Archives at College Park


Aaron Eugene Allen PFC Army Tampa 7-Sep-70 S.Vietnam 11-Mar-51 Hostile, Died-Missing
Abney Daniel Thomas Jr SP4 Army Tampa 14-May-69 S.Vietnam 10-Dec-47 Hostile, Killed
Abrams Samuel Jr SSGT Army Tampa 12-Aug-69 S.Vietnam 25-Jun-41 Hostile, Killed
Allen Edwin Charles PFC Army Tampa 14-Jul-69 S.Vietnam 26-Jan-50 Hostile, Killed
Arnold Robert SGT Marines Tampa 18-Aug-68 S.Vietnam 8-Jan-39 Hostile, Killed
Baggett Wayne Carlos SP4 Army Tampa 11-Apr-71 S.Vietnam 14-Mar-50 Hostile, Killed
Baptiste Michael Bradford PFC Marines Tampa 25-Feb-68 S.Vietnam 4-Jun-48 Hostile, Killed
Barber Morrie Curtiss CPL Army Tampa 24-Feb-69 S.Vietnam 28-Apr-48 Hostile, Killed
Bassett Roy Douglas Jr SGT Army Tampa 19-Dec-69 S.Vietnam 5-Oct-42 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Bell James B Jr SSGT Army Tampa 1-May-67 S.Vietnam 1-Jul-43 Hostile, Killed
Bell John Jr LCPL Marines Tampa 18-Aug-65 S.Vietnam 26-Jan-45 Hostile, Killed
Bellamy Robert Lee SSGT Army Tampa 22-Mar-68 S.Vietnam 14-Oct-47 Hostile, Killed
Bennett Robert Lewis AMH2 Navy Tampa 29-Jul-67 N.Vietnam 1-May-41 Non-Hos. Died-Miss.
Bishop Rosten Wayne HM1 Navy Tampa 21-May-66 S.Vietnam 20-Feb-33 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj
Bregler John Ramsey CWO Army Tampa 17-Oct-70 S.Vietnam 24-Jan-49 Hostile, Killed
Brittle Adrian Coogie Jr LCPL Marines Tampa 21-Sep-68 S.Vietnam 10-Apr-48 Hostile, Killed
Burns Marvin Melton 1LT Army Tampa 23-Jun-69 S.Vietnam 7-Dec-43 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Bustamante Gilberto CPL Army Tampa 11-Sep-69 S.Vietnam 10-Mar-49 Hostile, Killed
Charles Terry Lee PFC Marines Tampa 19-Sep-69 S.Vietnam 3-Jun-49 Hostile, Killed
Clark John Howard Jr LCPL Marines Tampa 6-Mar-68 S.Vietnam 21-Sep-47 Hostile, Killed
Collins Michael Howard CPL Marines Tampa 26-May-67 S.Vietnam 6-Apr-47 Hostile, Killed
Cox George Tollovar SGT Army Tampa 25-Mar-67 S.Vietnam 22-Jun-39 Hostile, Killed
Cox Mack Cecil SGT Army Tampa 17-Nov-65 S.Vietnam 21-Apr-41 Hostile, Killed
Dalton David James SP5 Army Tampa 14-May-67 S.Vietnam 29-Jan-47 Hostile, Killed
Davis Joseph William SP5 Army Tampa 16-Feb-70 S.Vietnam 29-Sep-50 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Deese Danny Eugene SP5 Army Tampa 23-Jul-68 S.Vietnam 29-Jul-49 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Denhoff Thomas Edward PFC Marines Tampa 25-Jan-68 S.Vietnam 1-Jan-48 Hostile, Killed
Denton Gregory John D SGT Army Tampa 28-Jul-69 S.Vietnam 25-Oct-47 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Dodd James William CPL Marines Tampa 29-Apr-68 S.Vietnam 8-Jan-48 Hostile, Killed
Dubose Douglas Scott LCPL Marines Tampa 24-Aug-66 S.Vietnam 20-Jan-47 Hostile, Killed
Edwards Thomas Clifford PFC Marines Tampa 25-Jun-66 S.Vietnam 4-Nov-47 Hostile, Killed
Exum Ezekeil Theodore PFC Marines Tampa 22-Feb-67 S.Vietnam 1-Aug-45 Hostile, Killed
Foster Isiah LCPL Marines Tampa 23-Mar-66 S.Vietnam 11-Feb-44 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Galan Richard CAPT Army Tampa 24-Nov-67 S.Vietnam 26-Mar-39 Hostile, Killed
Gallant Henry Joseph MSGT Army Tampa 14-Jul-66 S.Vietnam 30-Sep-29 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Gerdon Roy Clinton PFC Army Tampa 2-Mar-68 S.Vietnam 13-Aug-47 Hostile, Killed
Glazar Aaron Zane Howard PFC Marines Tampa 23-Sep-68 S.Vietnam 4-Jun-47 Hostile, Killed
Goodwin Alvin Maynard LCPL Marines Tampa 1-Aug-67 S.Vietnam 16-Jan-49 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Grant Johnnie SP4 Army Tampa 7-Feb-66 S.Vietnam 29-Mar-43 Hostile, Killed
Gray Bobby Elmer LCPL Marines Tampa 7-Jul-70 S.Vietnam 31-Dec-49 Hostile, Killed
Gregory Herbert Lee Iii CPL Marines Tampa 31-Jan-68 S.Vietnam 4-Mar-47 Hostile, Killed
Griffin David Scott SP4 Army Tampa 26-Oct-67 S.Vietnam 11-Apr-47 Non-Hos. Died-Miss.
Gude Marvin Joseph SP4 Army Tampa 2-Jun-69 S.Vietnam 5-Oct-48 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Hall Michael Robert PFC Army Tampa 21-Jun-66 S.Vietnam 8-Dec-47 Hostile, Killed
Hamilton Edward SGT Army Tampa 17-May-66 S.Vietnam 5-Dec-41 Hostile, Killed
Heath Brian Charles 1LT Army Tampa 20-Jun-69 S.Vietnam 17-Nov-48 Hostile, Killed
Herald Robert PFC Army Tampa 15-Sep-68 S.Vietnam 29-Dec-48 Hostile, Killed
Hession Patrick B PFC Army Tampa 6-May-68 S.Vietnam 9-Oct-49 Hostile, Killed
Hilliard James Gilbert PFC Marines Tampa 10-Aug-69 S.Vietnam 6-Sep-48 Hostile, Killed
Hinojosa Rudolph Jr PFC Army Tampa 28-Jun-69 S.Vietnam 6-Apr-50 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Hornaday Ralph J CAPT Air Force Tampa 27-Mar-68 Thailand 18-Jul-40 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Hunt Marshall Wimberly CPL Army Tampa 5-Oct-67 S.Vietnam 18-Jan-48 Hostile, Killed
Johns Lamarr Lee CPL Army Tampa 30-Mar-69 S.Vietnam 6-Jul-48 Hostile, Killed
Johnson Norris Felton SGT Army Tampa 10-Jan-68 S.Vietnam 19-Sep-47 Hostile, Killed
Jones Aldon Cecil SSGT Army Tampa 19-Aug-68 S.Vietnam 28-Jan-33 Hostile, Killed
Jones James Randall SP4 Army Tampa 7-Oct-68 S.Vietnam 12-Jan-47 Hostile, Killed
Kaminsky John Perry PFC Army Tampa 20-Sep-66 S.Vietnam 8-Oct-46 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Kelley William Francis SSGT Army Tampa 30-Aug-69 S.Vietnam 24-Jan-43 Hostile, Killed
Kett Randolph Charles SGT Army Tampa 18-Aug-68 S.Vietnam 10-Apr-47 Hostile, Killed
King Laurence Michael CPL Marines Tampa 28-Sep-65 S.Vietnam 20-Apr-40 Hostile, Killed
Lacagnina Ralph Vincent SGT Army Tampa 28-Jul-70 S.Vietnam 26-Oct-51 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj
Langston Robert Ebert CPL Army Tampa 5-Jun-69 S.Vietnam 6-Mar-47 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Lawler Thomas Frederick SGT Army Tampa 24-Sep-69 S.Vietnam 19-Nov-49 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Lawrence Francis M Jr LCPL Marines Tampa 2-Apr-67 S.Vietnam 20-Nov-46 Hostile, Killed
Ledbetter Thomas Isaac CAPT Army Tampa 20-Jun-65 S.Vietnam 26-May-36 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Llamazales Humberto SGT Army Tampa 9-Aug-69 S.Vietnam 10-Sep-46 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Martino Thomas Joseph SP4 Army Tampa 18-Jul-69 S.Vietnam 8-Jun-48 Hostile, Killed
Mazariegos Francisco Albe LCPL Marines Tampa 27-Jun-67 S.Vietnam 29-Dec-47 Hostile, Killed
Mc Carey Guy Hector MAJ Army Tampa 27-Nov-65 S.Vietnam 8-Mar-25 Hostile, Killed
Mc Carty John Davis SP4 Army Tampa 18-Jan-67 S.Vietnam 1-Jun-46 Hostile, Killed
Mc Kinney Wesley Junior LCPL Marines Tampa 3-Jan-68 S.Vietnam 31-Aug-48 Hostile, Killed
Mc Kinnon Clarence Lee PFC Army Tampa 2-Feb-69 S.Vietnam 31-Aug-47 Hostile, Killed
Mc Laughlin Olen Burke MSGT Air Force Tampa 7-Jul-67 S.Vietnam 24-Dec-27 Non-Hos. Died-Miss.
Mc Nutt Frank Elliott CAPT Army Tampa 16-Jul-70 S.Vietnam 1-Feb-44 Hostile, Killed
Miller Malcolm Thomas HM3 Navy Tampa 10-May-67 S.Vietnam 21-Nov-46 Hostile, Killed BNR
Mobley Warren Herbert CWO Army Tampa 24-Nov-70 S.Vietnam 3-May-37 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Montana Harold Lloyd PSGT Army Tampa 15-Jan-67 S.Vietnam 18-Apr-33 Hostile, Died-Missing
Mooney Gene Allen Jr LCPL Marines Tampa 19-Aug-68 S.Vietnam 7-May-48 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Morales Harold Wayne PFC Army Tampa 27-Jul-67 S.Vietnam 12-Aug-46 Hostile, Died-Missing
Moss Richard Lee SGT Army Tampa 16-May-68 S.Vietnam 18-Sep-45 Hostile, Killed
Myers William Lathem Jr PFC Marines Tampa 19-Feb-67 S.Vietnam 8-Jul-47 Hostile, Killed
Norman Calvin Jr SGT Army Tampa 9-Mar-69 S.Vietnam 8-Aug-46 Hostile, Killed
Osborn Richard D SFC Army Tampa 7-Dec-67 S.Vietnam 18-Jun-35 Hostile, Died-Missing
Palmer Hubert SFC Army Tampa 15-Feb-69 S.Vietnam 31-Oct-30 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Pina Gerald Martin PFC Army Tampa 11-Jan-68 S.Vietnam 7-Mar-47 Hostile, Died-Missing
Porter Sandy Hilly SSGT Army Tampa 6-Jul-70 S.Vietnam 13-Oct-48 Hostile, Killed
Proctor James Patrick LCPL Marines Tampa 1-Aug-67 S.Vietnam 10-Apr-46 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Pullara Angelo CAPT Air Force Tampa 16-Feb-67 Laos 28-Sep-33 Hostile, Killed
Rein Charles Frederick SGT Army Tampa 21-Nov-68 S.Vietnam 12-Aug-47 Hostile, Killed
Rogers Gary Henderson LCPL Marines Tampa 22-Jun-66 S.Vietnam 5-Aug-45 Hostile, Killed
Ruggs Randall PFC Army Tampa 24-Apr-69 S.Vietnam 10-Mar-47 Hostile, Killed
Russell Joe Travis CPL Army Tampa 9-Oct-68 S.Vietnam 31-Oct-48 Hostile, Killed
Sanders Jack Alan Jr LCPL Marines Tampa 11-Apr-68 S.Vietnam 14-May-49 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Saxton James Hershel Jr SP4 Army Tampa 9-Nov-70 S.Vietnam 1-Aug-50 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Schmitt Francis Baron WO Army Tampa 17-May-68 S.Vietnam 30-Nov-43 Hostile, Killed
Schmitt Richie Humes LCPL Marines Tampa 9-Dec-65 S.Vietnam 13-Oct-43 Hostile, Killed
Scott Joseph Robert PFC Army Tampa 2-Jun-69 S.Vietnam 8-Jul-46 Hostile, Killed
Scrivener Stephen Russell 1LT Air Force Tampa 17-Mar-71 Laos 10-Oct-44 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Shepard Morris Raymone Jr SP4 Army Tampa 4-Apr-68 S.Vietnam 28-Jan-47 Hostile, Killed
Simkaitis Erich SP5 Army Tampa 9-Sep-65 S.Vietnam 22-Jan-43 Hostile, Killed
Sims Jerome SP4 Army Tampa 18-Jul-67 S.Vietnam 25-Sep-45 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Smith George Henry CPL Marines Tampa 19-Apr-69 S.Vietnam 25-Oct-48 Hostile, Killed
Smith James Pratt PVT Marines Tampa 7-Apr-68 S.Vietnam 26-Jul-47 Hostile, Killed
Smith John Archer PFC Marines Tampa 8-Feb-68 S.Vietnam 19-Mar-49 Hostile, Killed
Smith Larry Eldon PFC Army Tampa 2-Feb-67 S.Vietnam 19-Jan-47 Hostile, Killed
Starcher David Wayne SP4 Army Tampa 10-May-71 S.Vietnam 24-Feb-50 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Suprenant Charles E Jr 1LT Air Force Tampa 2-Apr-70 S.Vietnam 8-Sep-46 Hostile, Died-Missing
Sutherland John Alvin PFC Marines Tampa 25-May-67 S.Vietnam 9-Jul-47 Hostile, Killed
Thomas Charles Ellis SP4 Army Tampa 19-Apr-69 S.Vietnam 13-Aug-48 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Thompson Leslie Dale SGT Marines Tampa 5-Mar-69 S.Vietnam 14-Apr-50 Hostile, Killed
Turnbull Joseph Parkhill CPL Army Tampa 18-Feb-68 S.Vietnam 26-Sep-48 Hostile, Killed
Velasquez Robert Jerome AN Navy Tampa 29-Jul-67 N.Vietnam 6-Mar-46 Non-Hos. Died-Miss.
Vitch Ralph Allan SP4 Army Tampa 25-May-69 S.Vietnam 4-Mar-49 Hostile, Killed
Walker Stephen Christian SP4 Army Tampa 4-Feb-69 S.Vietnam 7-May-48 Hostile, Killed
Walker Thomas SSGT Army Tampa 26-Jul-66 S.Vietnam 27-Sep-34 Hostile, Killed
Wallace Lemon Jr PFC Marines Tampa 10-Jul-68 S.Vietnam 25-Oct-48 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Weiman Edward Otto WO Army Tampa 5-Oct-68 S.Vietnam 18-Mar-49 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Williams Alfonzia SGT Army Tampa 23-Feb-68 S.Vietnam 5-Mar-42 Hostile, Killed
Williams Robert L PFC Army Tampa 2-Jan-68 S.Vietnam 15-May-46 Hostile, Killed
Williams Samuel CPL Marines Tampa 31-May-68 S.Vietnam 8-Mar-41 Hostile, Killed
Worlds James Allen PFC Army Tampa 26-Oct-68 S.Vietnam 22-Dec-47 Hostile, Killed

Barnett Kenneth Lee SGT Army Plant City 5-Jun-72 S.Vietnam 22-Nov-49 Non-Hos. Died-Miss.
Cannon Emory Stephen PFC Army Plant City 11-Jan-68 S.Vietnam 18-Nov-46 Non-Hos. Died-Miss.
Demps Henry Van PFC Army Plant City 22-Aug-66 S.Vietnam 4-May-44 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Dixon Robert Dale SSGT Army Plant City 3-Jun-69 S.Vietnam 30-Dec-47 Hostile, Killed
Goodwine Isom Junior CPL Army Plant City 27-Dec-69 S.Vietnam 29-Aug-48 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj
Grooms Ronald Keith PFC Army Plant City 18-Jun-68 S.Vietnam 27-Jan-47 Hostile, Killed
Jerkins William Edgar A1C Air Force Plant City 4-Sep-67 S.Vietnam 25-Aug-41 Hostile, Died-Missing
Knight Carlos Larue SGT Army Plant City 12-Jun-68 S.Vietnam 7-Apr-47 Hostile, Killed
Lisenby James Arnold CPL Army Plant City 13-Aug-68 S.Vietnam 23-Feb-44 Hostile, Killed
Moore David T SGT Army Plant City 11-Jan-69 S.Vietnam 15-Mar-47 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Ponder Derrell Loial PFC Army Plant City 29-Oct-70 S.Vietnam 10-Dec-50 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Speer Richard Michael 1LT Army Plant City 22-Apr-70 S.Vietnam 15-Sep-48 Hostile, Killed
Watson Donnie Edward CPL Army Plant City 23-Sep-68 S.Vietnam 2-Mar-48 Hostile, Killed
Williams Derex Jr CAPT Air Force Plant City 23-Aug-67 S.Vietnam 9-Jul-33 Hostile, Killed

Lennard Benjamin Edwin Jr SP4 Army Hillsborough 14-Apr-68 S.Vietnam 25-Jul-47 Hostile, Killed
Mullins James Edward 1LT Army Hillsborough 19-Feb-68 S.Vietnam 12-Jan-41 Hostile, Killed
Norris Joseph Robert CPL Army Hillsborough 28-Oct-67 S.Vietnam 26-Aug-48 Hostile, Killed


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