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Southern Christian Advocate 1867-1878


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 JAN 2015:
Verdie, New Fernandina, Jones, Oakwood, Bethel Church and Buford Grove Cemeteries added, Garland Bio


CHURCH NEWS: New Zion Cornerstone, May 1921 Procession, 1922 Baptist, Methodist & Catholic Events
COMMUNITY NEWS: Yellow Fever 1877 and 1888, Longshoremen Strike Violence, Ballot Box Violence, Densel Photo Gallery, Ensign Lumber Contract, Evans Business Increase, New Bank & Officer
CRIME: Frank Armstrong, Wiseman Larceny Team, Kennard Home Burglarized
HISTORY: History of Nassau County, History of Fernandina
MARRIAGES: Baker-Chandler, Burst-Davis, D'loris-MacDonald, Dana-Tompkins, Ferreira-King, Hicks-Kinard, Lawrence-Winch, Nagel-McCormick, Talmage-Tucker, Taylor-Gulick, Whitsett-Prescott
NEWS-PEOPLE: Visiting, Sick List and other happenings. Augustine, Bailey, Bridges, Burgess, Calkins, Ferrerria, Galphin, Goldstein, Goodbread, Heckel, Hendricks, Higginbotham, Hirth, Hutchins, Jones (4), Long, MacDonnell, Mann, Mighten, Miller, Nettles, Ogilvie, Rogers (2), Roper, Roux, Sauls, St. John, Thompson, Wadley, Whitney, Whitworth
OBITUARIES: Estafania Acosta, Thomas H. Boggs, Eleanor Brown, James Burney, Adjutant Butler, George W. Call, H. C. Cassidy, Robert Gilchrist, Phillip Goodbread, Jr., Hugh R. Grahame, Charles Virgil Hillyer, Pearl Holton, Sam Hope, Geo. H. Hubble, Oliver E. Hughes, Christina Kelly, Cullen Jack Kennedy, Annie Leddy, Samuel Mattox, Ella Mills, Lorenzo O'Rourke, Celia D. Payne, Alma Peterson, Cecilia Ramon, John J. Rutishauser, Walter J. Rutishauser, Warren F. Scott, Charles T. Talmadge, Olivia Ann Thompson
PROBATE NOTICES: Virginia A. Bell, Mary L. Bryce, Thomas R. Braddock, Anton Hallig, Ludwig Oyen

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