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Vietnam War Casualties

Source: [Southeast Asia] Combat Area Casualties Current File (CACCF), as of November 1997,
Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Record Group 330, The National Archives at College Park

Submitted by Dena Whitesell









Anderson Ivy Thomas SSGT Army West Palm Beach 26-Mar-67 S.Vietnam 2-May-33 Hostile, Killed
Barnes Cephas Jr LCPL Marines Belle Glade 11-Dec-65 S.Vietnam 22-Feb-45 Hostile, Killed
Barrington Paul V Jr SP4 Army Riviera Beach 13-Aug-69 S.Vietnam 14-Oct-44 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj
Benak Joseph Frank FN Navy Jupiter 11-Dec-69 S.Vietnam 1-Mar-50 Hostile, Killed
Bennett Daniel Morris SGT Marines Boynton Beach 14-Nov-66 S.Vietnam 20-Nov-32 Hostile, Killed
Bowe Robert William SGT Marines Lantana 3-May-69 S.Vietnam 11-Nov-46 Hostile, Killed
Bullock Leon Daniel SGT Army West Palm Beach 15-Sep-68 S.Vietnam 29-Jul-45 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Byrd Reginald Tyrone SP4 Army West Palm Beach 11-Sep-69 S.Vietnam 8-Mar-48 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Campbell William Arthur PFC Army Greenacres City 25-Sep-68 S.Vietnam 26-Jan-48 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Ceres Thomas Allen 1LT Army Lake Park 10-Jul-69 S.Vietnam 29-Aug-48 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Cline Paul Harold SGT Army West Palm Beach 6-Feb-68 S.Vietnam 6-Jul-47 Hostile, Killed
Cook Harold Clarence MSGT Air Force West Palm Beach 4-Sep-67 S.Vietnam 8-Aug-30 Hostile, Died-Missing
Cook Jimmie Dee CWO Army West Palm Beach 5-Mar-69 S.Vietnam 10-May-37 Hostile, Killed
Daniels Gary Leonard PFC Army West Palm Beach 29-Apr-68 S.Vietnam 2-Oct-47 Hostile, Killed
Dempsey Theron Spencer SP4 Army Riviera Beach 18-Mar-66 S.Vietnam 25-Nov-43 Hostile, Killed
Dominique Gary Mark PFC Marines West Palm Beach 14-May-70 S.Vietnam 24-Feb-50 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Duckett Arlen Jackson Jr PFC Marines Lake Worth 23-Feb-66 S.Vietnam 13-Oct-46 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Duncan Robert Ray LT Navy West Palm Beach 22-Oct-75 N.Vietnam 16-Mar-42 Hostile, Died-Missing
Flemister Hugh Robert PFC Army Jupiter 7-Oct-67 S.Vietnam 12-Jul-49 Hostile, Died-Missing
Folden Thomas CPL Marines Belle Glade 22-Mar-69 S.Vietnam 6-Jul-49 Hostile, Killed
Gamble Henry Hwey CPL Army West Palm Beach 7-Apr-67 S.Vietnam 18-Jan-45 Hostile, Killed
Gates Robert Alfred PFC Army North Palm Beach 26-Jan-68 S.Vietnam 12-Aug-43 Hostile, Died-Missing
Gierman Walter Edward Ii LCPL Marines Lake Worth 16-Apr-69 S.Vietnam 18-Sep-47 Hostile, Killed
Hall John Dean CPL Army West Palm Beach 28-Feb-68 S.Vietnam 8-Sep-46 Hostile, Killed
Harper Joseph James SGT Army Belle Glade 3-May-70 S.Vietnam 10-Jun-28 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj
Harvey Jack Rockwood CAPT Air Force Lake Worth 9-Jan-80 S.Vietnam 14-Sep-47 Hostile, Died-Missing
Hayden Ralph Parker PFC Army Boca Raton 6-May-68 S.Vietnam 10-Aug-48 Hostile, Killed
Heide Henry Nicholas Ii SP4 Army West Palm Beach 29-Nov-69 S.Vietnam 23-Dec-48 Hostile, Killed
Hewitt Charles Glen LCPL Marines Lake Park 28-Mar-70 S.Vietnam 22-Feb-51 Hostile, Killed
Hollingsworth Michael Den LTJG Navy Lake Park 4-Feb-68 S.Vietnam 11-May-42 Hostile, Killed
Hollingsworth Vernice SP4 Army Boynton Beach 18-Apr-67 S.Vietnam 12-Aug-46 Hostile, Died-Missing
Jackson Richard Curtis SGT Army West Palm Beach 11-May-68 S.Vietnam 11-Sep-47 Hostile, Killed
James Kenneth Bradley WO Army West Palm Beach 4-Apr-69 S.Vietnam 6-Dec-39 Hostile, Killed
Jones Clarence Lloyd SP4 Army Greenacres City 6-Apr-65 S.Vietnam 6-Jun-42 Hostile, Killed
Juckett Elmer L Iii PFC Army West Palm Beach 2-Jan-67 S.Vietnam 8-Nov-47 Hostile, Killed
Kirik Martin Eugene 2LT Army West Palm Beach 19-Aug-69 S.Vietnam 25-Aug-48 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj
Knowles James D SGT Army Riviera Beach 7-Jul-69 S.Vietnam 26-Oct-47 Hostile, Killed
Knuth Lawrence Douglas 1LT Marines Boynton Beach 29-Apr-66 S.Vietnam 17-Dec-40 Hostile, Killed
Labrecque Robert William CPL Army Riviera Beach 18-Sep-69 S.Vietnam 21-May-51 Hostile, Killed
Ladner Jay Wesly LCPL Marines Jupiter 7-Mar-70 S.Vietnam 28-Jun-49 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Macon Samuel Cornelius PFC Marines Delray Beach 25-Feb-69 S.Vietnam 8-Oct-47 Hostile, Killed
Maslinski Dwight Andrew SGT Army West Palm Beach 10-Apr-70 S.Vietnam 17-Dec-45 Hostile, Killed
Mc Coy Larry William PFC Army Canal Point 21-Aug-70 S.Vietnam 14-Apr-51 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Mc Lellan John Malger SGT Army West Palm Beach 13-Nov-69 S.Vietnam 6-Feb-49 Hostile, Killed
Miller Richard Dancy SP4 Army Delray Beach 10-Mar-71 S.Vietnam 23-Oct-51 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Murray Gordon Chester SP4 Army Greenacres City 8-Mar-69 S.Vietnam 1-Aug-45 Hostile, Killed
Nelson Archie Lee Jr PVT Army Delray Beach 15-Aug-68 S.Vietnam 12-Jan-48 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Nielsen Magnus Carl PFC Marines West Palm Beach 31-Aug-68 S.Vietnam 31-Jul-49 Hostile, Killed
Osborne Ronald Charles 2LT Army North Palm Beach 4-Dec-66 S.Vietnam 16-Mar-41 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Outlaw Charles Reuben Jr SP4 Army West Palm Beach 4-Mar-69 S.Vietnam 24-Jun-49 Hostile, Killed
Pettis Lorenzo Richard CPL Army West Palm Beach 12-Jun-69 S.Vietnam 22-Aug-49 Hostile, Killed
Pitts Cleveland SP4 Army Boynton Beach 4-Dec-69 S.Vietnam 19-Dec-47 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Reilly Raymond Patrick LCPL Marines Lake Worth 29-Aug-68 S.Vietnam 29-Oct-49 Hostile, Killed
Roberts Claude PFC Army Delray Beach 11-Apr-68 S.Vietnam 15-Jun-47 Hostile, Killed
Schrader Rudolf August SGT Army Lantana 23-Jan-68 S.Vietnam 14-Jul-43 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Scruggs Albert Joseph PFC Army West Palm Beach 23-Sep-69 S.Vietnam 11-Jan-49 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj
Sheldon Kimball Hayes SP4 Army Boca Raton 31-Mar-70 S.Vietnam 29-Apr-47 Hostile, Killed
Sheppard Thomas Edward CS1 Navy Lake Worth 22-Nov-68 S.Vietnam 20-Mar-35 Non-Hos. Died-Miss.
Solis Ismael PFC Army Lake Worth 9-May-69 S.Vietnam 18-Nov-47 Hostile, Killed
Sprott Arthur Roy Jr MAJ Air Force Delray Beach 10-Jan-69 S.Vietnam 6-Jan-37 Hostile, Killed
Sweet Roger William A1C Air Force West Palm Beach 14-Dec-70 S.Vietnam 10-Sep-49 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Thomas Isaac Jr PFC Marines Riviera Beach 7-Jun-69 S.Vietnam 6-Apr-48 Hostile, Killed
Tiller Walter Leon SP4 Army Riviera Beach 3-Dec-67 S.Vietnam 3-Jan-46 Hostile, Killed
Tittle William Edward WO Army West Palm Beach 3-Sep-69 S.Vietnam 16-Aug-45 Hostile, Killed
Unger Don Lee CAPT Air Force Lake Worth 3-May-72 S.Vietnam 26-Jul-45 Hostile, Died-Missing
Wallace Charles Jr PFC Army Jupiter 19-Jan-68 S.Vietnam 14-Mar-46 Non-Hos. Died-Other
Wenderoth Gerald F P PFC Army Lantana 9-Sep-67 S.Vietnam 13-Feb-48 Hostile, Died-Wounds
Whitman Jerry Ronald LCPL Marines Boca Raton 6-May-68 S.Vietnam 26-Apr-47 Hostile, Killed
Wilkerson David Lee SP4 Army West Palm Beach 24-Mar-68 S.Vietnam 7-Feb-47 Hostile, Killed
Williams Genrett PFC Army Jupiter 31-Jan-66 S.Vietnam 15-May-44 Hostile, Killed
Williams Robert Earl CPL Army West Palm Beach 27-Apr-70 S.Vietnam 24-Dec-49 Hostile, Killed
Winters Walter Ray ATR2 Navy Boca Raton 3-Oct-70 S.Vietnam 11-Jul-38 Non-Hos. Died-Other

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