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In 1948, the Bartow Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution compiled an index to the first three volumes of the marriage records of Polk County. The following listing of marriages from Marriage License Book "A" came from that index which is at the Polk County History Library at Bartow, Florida.

Watson W. Blume Elizabeth L. Page July 27, 1871 Wm. C. Jordan, MG
Richard T. Caddin Mary E. Harris November 19, 1871 Peter C. Hays, MG
Peter Carrelton Mary Pollard September 25, 1871 Petere Hays, MG
John A. Douglass Mary M. Varn December 27, 1871 John W. Carlton
Minister of Gospel
Wyley Douglass Mary Waters July 27, 1871 John W. Carlton
Henry H. English Eliza T. Fortner October 5, 1871 Silvester Waldron, MG
Jacob Godwin Ann Jane Watters February 16, 1871 Wm. C. Jordan, MG
Benjamin Harrold Arrina Hambleton September 14, 1871 Peter C. Hays, MG
Joshua Hunter Sarah McClellan August 4, 1871 Daniel Stanford
Minister of Gospel
George Hunter Martha Ausburn September 30, 1871 Peter Hays, MG
James R. Helsvington Caroline P. Johnston July 23, 1871 Peter C. Hays
Minister of Gospel
William H. Johnston Sarah A. Pollard June 7, 1871 Peter C. Hays
Pleasant F. Stanland Lucy Ann Hutchinston December 26, 1871 Andrew Kicklighter, MG
Daniel J. Arnold Mary Ann Heron September 8, 1872 Wm. Davies
Ord. Min. Gosp.
Franklin D. Brandon Idella E. Ivey September 12, 1872 S. W. Carson
Prinston Caulkrum Martha Jane Brevard September 26, 1872 J. M. Hayman, MG
Readding Douglass Casey Watters April 18, 1872 Stephen W. Carson, MG
Sherard Driggers Malinda J. Keen December 7, 1872 Joel W. Swain
William A. Durrance Dorah E. Womack October 31, 1872 J. M. Hayman
Franklin Eures Aveline Christnutt July 25, 1872 Wm. C. Jordan
John W. Frazier Frances Driggers March 14, 1872 S. W. Carson, MG
Moses T. Howell Sarah Hull October 14, 1872 James M. Keen
Jasper Jude Celey Roberts November 14, 1872 Joel W. Swain
Charles T. King Eliza Ann Rollerson February 6, 1872 J. M. Hayman, MG
Benjamin Laniar Martha Collins September 19, 1872 S. W. Carson, MG
William M. McAuley Lucy F. Langford August 8, 1872 J. W. Carlton, MG
Thomas A. Pollard Mary Collins January 15, 1872 Peter C. Hays
J. A. Rollerson Anne Williams July 10, 1872 Wm. Davies, MG
Wade H. Stalls Beckey McClellan April 26, 1872 J. M. Windham, MG
David M. Thomas Sarah Parker October 25, 1872 Thomas S. Evers, MG
Nathan Tucker Ellen Tucker October 25, 1872 J. M. Hayman, MG
Joseph S. Brannon Mary Cowen January 12, 1873 Peter C. Hays
Marion G. Carrelton Sally F. McKenney February 9, 1873 Daniel Stanford
Joel Collins Harriet Hilliard February 18, 1873 S. W. Carson
William J. Carroll Norses M. Branch August 6, 1873 John W. Carlton, MG
Silas Clark Mary C. Hatcher December 7, 1873 W. B. Miller
Wm. J. Deeson Sarah J. Rollerson January 12, 1873 ----------------
John A. Hancock Mary A. Bryant January 28, 1873 L. J. Simmons, MG
Charles G. Hassellet Anna Marentha Hays August 10, 1873 Daniel Stanford
T. B. Hilliard Miss M. A. Willingham October 15, 1873 S. W. Carson
Lewis Honors Eliza Brown September 3, 1873 W. B. Miller
Henry Johns Rosa Stephens August 27, 1873 Daniel Stanford
Arthur Keen Nancy Hancock November 2, 1873 Andrew Kicklighter
Silas O. Keen Mary Serena Byrd November 27, 1873 J. Ashley Fortner
Samuel Lippincott Avency Wilkinson July 171, 1873 S. W. Carson, MG
D. G. Moore M. C. Bryant June 19, 1873 Silvester Walden, MG
Robert McKinny Miss Georgia Ivy December 30, 1873 J. W. Carlton
Wyllis Newmans Elizabeth Bird December 17, 1873 J. Ashley Fortner
County Judge
James T. Pollard Elvira Pollard February 8, 1873 P. C. Hays, MG
F. R. Polk Georgia A. Winn July 31, 1873 J. M. Hayman, MG
Sebron A. Smith Harriet W. Parker February 13, 1873 W. C. Jordan, MG
Lewis Thomas Eliza Brown September 3, 1873 W. C. Jordan, MG
Richard M. Underhill Adeline Murphy August 1, 1873 Daniel Stanford
Mathew Underhill Elizabeth Catledge September 25, 1873 S. W. Carson, MG
George Winegourd America A. Lanier June 15, 1873 John W. Carlton
John B. Watson Martha Ann Hancock September 25, 1873 James M. Keen, MG
Joshua Warters Eliza Wallace October 30, 1873 Peter C. Hays, MG
Mathew Walker Mary J. Whidden December 15, 1873 James M. Keen, MG
Wright Welch Emily Whitfield September 25, 1873 John W. Carlton
Joel Alderman Miss Mary M. Locke March 8, 1874 John W. Carlton
William W. Bailey Susan McKade May 30, 1874 Daniel Stanford, MG
Bradley S. Booth Miss Martha A. Padgett April 29, 1874 W. C. Jordan, MG
Wesley Bailey Penelope McClelland July 2, 1874 Daniel Stanford
Samuel Bolden Miss Missori Edwards December 3, 1874 Benjamin F. Blount, J.P.
William R. Collins Miss Texas Hancock December 10, 1874 James M. Keen, MG
W. D. Fraser Mrs. M. C. Lanier July 29, 1874 J. W. Brandon
Mitchell G. Fortner, Jr. Miss Mary F. Wallace October 28, 1874 Benjamin F. Blount, J.P.
John Foster Miss Sarah E. Lewis December 1, 1874 Daniel Stanford
J. W. Gant Miss Caroline Chandler December 20, 1874 J. W. Carlton, MG
Henry Howard Mrs. Delilah Kenney July 17, 1874 H. Jones, JP
William Hale Miss Martha A. Bryan November 15, 1874 J. W. Carlton, MG
John A. Ivy Miss Martha Ellen Locke March 8, 1874 J. W. Carlton, MG
John M. Kilpatrick Miss Missouri A. Hancock July 4, 1874 Andrew J. Kicklighter, MG
Thomas J. Pollard Clem Elizabeth Bosford January 29, 1874 Daniel Stanford
William J. Pearce Miss Henrietta Padgett March 5, 1874 W. C. Jordan, MG
James Pollard Misouri Underhill September 17, 1874 J. M. Hayman, MG
A. J. Pollard Oregon Underhill December 24, 1874 Daniel Stanford
NOTE: Page 23 from the index was missing. This contained "W" marriages from 1867 to mid-1873. Original records should be checked.
Preston Rendall Miss Elizor Bailey August 13, 1874 Daniel Stanford
John E. Robeson Miss Fernandina Roberts June 12, 1874 W. C. Jordan, MG
James C. Rutledge Alafair Baker December 3, 1874 thomas S. Evers
Jeremiah Smith Miss Nancy Hatcher October 18, 1874 James M. Keen
Owen Turner Mrs. Elender J. Lee October 11, 1874 J. M. Hayman, MG
R. E. Tillis Miss Martha Hawthorn October 25, 1874 John W. Carlton
(NOTE: Should be Richard Calhoun Tillis)
William R. Trask Miss G. Eunice Mann October 1, 1874 W. C. Jordan, MG
Isaac Waters Miss Lucretia Green February 11, 1874 Hilliard Jones
Solomon Watson Miss Harriet E. Collins July 30, 1874 James M. Keen, MG
Henry Williams Miss Arkansas Hancock October 8, 1874 J. M. Keen, MG
John J. Altmon Miss Louise E. Boothe January 14, 1875 J. M. Keen, MG
Ellie Bevel Miss Ann Blakely May 8, 1875 Benjamin F. Blount
James M. Crum Miss Nancy E. Durrance October 9, 1875 W. C. Jordan
Perry Cowart Tampa Amanda Bird December 23, 1875 James M. Keen
D. C. Duke Miss Lany Gandy October 5, 1875 Thomas S. Evers
John W. Durrance Miss Annie V. Wingate September 21, 1875 W. C. Jordan
Charles W. Gillett Miss Mary A. Faraby August 3, 1875 Silvester Waldron, MG
D. A. Gaffney Miss Christian Glooner October 6, 1875 L. J. A. Brown, MG
John W. Hollingsworth Lydia Howse February 14, 1875 John W. Carlton, M. G.
James Hicks Miss Angelina J. Ellis March 7, 1875 T. S. Evers, MG
James Hunter Miss Angelina Lunn January 24, 1875 J. Ashley Fortner
County Judge
R. H. Humphries Miss Cuthbert Singletary May 6, 1875 W. C. Jordan, MG
(NOTE: This name is shown in the original records as "UMPHRIES", but the correct spelling is "HUMPHRIES")
H. F. Harrelson Francis R. Deeson December 19, 1875 James Milton, MG
H. M. Hart Miss F. M. Costine December 30, 1875 John Harris, JP
Daniel S. Jones Miss Susan A. Hollingsworth September 23, 1875 W. C. Jordan, MG
William Platt Eliza Sarah Thomas March 28, 1875 L. J. Simmons
Thomas H. Parker Miss Susan Z. Crum August 8, 1875 W. C. Jordan, MG
John Perkins Mahala Hull March 1, 1875 Daniel Stanford
Edward E. Polk Miss Julia E. Smith October 21, 1875 J. A. Fortner
Stephen Pearce Miss Welthey A. Lewis December 2, 1875 Daniel Stanford
William J. Platt Jane Vickers December 19, 1875 L. J. Simmons
Cullen Randall Miss Matilda Jackson January 28, 1875 Daniel Stanford
The following marriages came from page 23 which was missing from the index.
Andrew J. Welch Eliza Wilson June 27, 1867 J. M. Hayman, MG
Francis Woods Elizabeth Fuox September 22, 1867 J. H. Durrance
Francis M. Wallace Eliza F. Pyland January 12, 1868 J. M. Hayman
Willoughby Whidden Susan C. Durrance February 14, 1868 D. Stanford
John Williams Martha Mann December 25, 1869 D. Stanford
Elias Whitton Lurinda Corbitt February 2, 1871 J. M. Hayman
John A. Weeks Harriot Hill February 27, 1871 - -
James A. Wommock America Swain August 11, 1870 Wm. C. Jordan, MG
Thomas Wade Josephine House April 29, 1870 John W. Carlton, MG
Johnathan Watson Mary M. Page July 6, 1871 J. M. Hayman
James Webb Jane Handcock September 12, 1871 J. M. Hayman
M. M. Wozter Ellen McDaniel January 6, 1871 J. W. Carlton, MG
John Willis Laura Sparkman July 26, 1872 Wm. Davies, MG
Joseph Wilson Fanny Lanair December 29, 1872 Ryan Frier
George Wilson Nancy Gibbs November 2, 1873 T. S. Evers, MG
John E. Wilson Wineford M. Parker January 2, 1873 Wm. Davies, MG
Chadrick Reynolds Delia A. E. Holloway December 9, 1875 Jas. Milton, MG
Sherod E. Roberts Miss Eliza O. Kane March 28, 1875 J. W. Carlton, MG
J. I. Roberts Miss M. A. Skipper November 16, 1875 C. E. Harrison
Augustus R. Smith Mary A. Mann January 14, 1875 J. M. Hayman, MG
S. M. Sparkman Miss Mary Ellen Hooker September 30, 1875 C. E. Harrison
Elton Surrency Miss Martha E. Watson November 17, 1875 Jas. M. Keen, OM
Alexander Taylor Miss Bunch February 18, 1875 W. C. Jordan, MG
R. H. Umphries Miss Cuthbert Singletary May 6, 1875 W. C. Jordan, MG
Samuel Wilkins Miss Joannah Nobles May 5, 1875 Daniel Stanford
T. F. Walker Emilty T. Lemmons June 23, 1875 C. E. Harrison
T. L. Wilder Miss Martha Rodgers July 25, 1875 Ryan Frier, MG
Buro Wood Eliza Tucker September 3, 1875 Daniel Stanford
Thomas J. Waters Miss Loretta Driggers December 30, 1875 S. W. Carson, MG
George W. Albritton Lenora E. Garner September 26, 1876 L. L. Cross
Ord. M. G.
Redding J. Blount Miss Emma Elizabeth Watkins September 7,1876 J. M. Hayman, MG
Minor Deese Miss Elizabeth Roberts October 2, 1876 John Harris
Lorance M. K. Grimes Wenia Cumbee January 12, 1876 Jas. Milton, MG
John A. Ivey Sarah F. Parson August 6, 1876 J. W. Brandon
William R. Jacobs Elizabeth Arnold June 11, 1876 J. W. Carleton
Richard C. Langford Miss Middy Lightsey March 19, 1876 C. E. Harreson
Michel W. Lewis Lucinda Rowden June 22, 1876 S. W. Carson
Gordon Martin Miss Nancy Dickins September 14, 1876 J. M. Hayman, MG
James J. Mills Sarah A. Durrance January 22, 1876 Hopkins Padget, MG
Benjamin F. Moody N. E. Wilson August 29, 1876 See Below
"Returned, filed and recorded on this 29th day of September, 1880. No date of ceremony nor minister mentioned. No return recorded. Other records prove this marriage
P. O. McLeod Miss Nancy J. Hill May 7, 1876 John W. Carlton, MG
Everet Parker Miss A. F. Lewis February 24, 1876 W. C. Jordan, MG
James H. Parish M. A. Page July 9, 1876 W. C. Jordan, MG
Lorenzo D. Robertson Martha E. Hollingsworth May 7, 1876 E. W. Giles, MG
Simon J. Stallings Miss Susan Allice Driggers April 2, 1876 J. W. Brandon
Robert L. Summerlin Miss Texas B. Parker May 30, 1876 W. C. Jordan, MG
W. B. Whitfield Miss Mary E. Hill March 5, 1876 J. W. Carlton
William Addison Hattie Hilliard December 30, 1877 J. W. Carlton
William Brannan Lina C. McGee April 9, 1877 Benjamin F. Blount, JP
Isaiah J. Byrd Adele Grimes April 26, 1877 Jas. Melton, OMG
John T. Baggett Caroline Smith May 22, 1877 J. A. Fortner
County Judge
John J. Bunch Mrs. Elizabeth Newsome August 20, 1877 J. W. Brandon
Josiah L. Bostick Miss Sophia L. Keller July 24, 1877 Scott R. Bonham, MG
Seaborn Brown Elizabeth Bryant December 13, 1877 Jas. M. Keen, OMG
Joel Collins Ella Fraser April 5, 1877 J. W. Brandon
Franklin Jackson Campbell Miss Isabella Grimes June 11, 1877 L. J. A. Brown, MG
Warren Corbett Mary Walker August 15, 1877 J. M. Keen, OMG
James Corbitt Miss Laura Elizabeth Rimes September 13, 1877 Stephen W. Carson
George A. DeVane Miss Meeky A. Ballard November 29, 1877 P. R. McCrary, MG
Lewis Hooker Elizabeth Roberts March 29, 1877 Scott R. Bonham
Lewis Herzog Jennie Dzialynski October 31, 1877 Benjamin F. Blount, JP
Robert R. Kilpatrick Sarah J. Gandy August 30, 1877 Benjamin F. Blount, JP
Alfred W. Lunn Mary A. Lewis May 2, 1877 J. A. Fortner
County Judge
William R. Lewis Miss Jane McGee July 22, 1877 Stephen W. Carson
James F. Maloy Jane S. Lewis November 29, 1877 Jas. Milton, MG
W. W. McDaniel Mrs. E. L. Wingate April 8, 1877 J. M. Hayman, MG
Charles I. McCloud Minerva Davis May 4, 1877 J. M. Hayman, MG
Matthias D. Raulerson Rebecca T. Odom April 26, 1877 Ryan Frier, MG
James J. Robertson Miss Morsaolin R. Wilder October 18, 1877 W. C. Jordan, MG
Wright Welch Miss Mary M. Albritton May 1, 1877 John W. Carlton, MG
Willson H. Worth Lizer Tucker September 28, 1877 S. W. Carson, MG
John A. Alderman Mary A. Alderman January 3, 1878 W. F. Norris, MG
Moses Allen Miss Eliza Davis March 14, 1878 J. M. Hayman, MG
Berry J. Albritton Mary E. Thomas June 3, 1878 J. M. Keen, OMG
Alfred H. Albritton Susan A. Alderman March 17, 1878 J. M. Keen, OMG
Jeremiah E. Brown Miss Maxey M. A. Smith June 16, 1878 Jas. Milton, MG
Doctor H. Brown Arzania Bryant October 24, 1878 J. A. Brown, MG
William M. Driggers Nancy Acree July 14, 1878 J. W. Brandon
Charles H. Everett Mary H. Peters October 27, 1878 S. J. Stallings, JP
John A. Gandy Eliza A. Joiner January 4, 1878 Joel W. Swain, MG
Patrick G. W. Gaffney Delila Roberts April 20, 1878 R. T. Gadding
Jacob Godwin Miss Sarah E. Williams July 28, 1878 S. J. Stallings, JP
William J. Hays Sabra Elizabeth Boyd June 6, 1878 Benjamin F. Blount
Jarrett B. Hendricks Nannie Walker November 30, 1878 J. W. Brandon
Benjamin H. King Catharine M. Glover May 12, 1878 H. F. Fortner, MG
James H. Kirkland Laura Futch July 7, 1878 Jas. Milton, MG
James O. Kane Miss Sarah E. Lewis July 14, 1878 Sylvester Walden, MG
(This name may have been intended for "O'Kane" but the records appears to be "Kane")
Moses Lacy Miss Susan Griffin January 15, 1878 H. F. Fortner, MG
Frederic C. Milton Alice C. Bryant February 28, 1878 L. J. Simmons, MG
William McGlouchlin Matilda Montes D'Ola December 6, 1878 S. J. Stallings
(This name first written in original record as "William McGlochlin" and later changed to read "William M. Glochlin".)
R. H. Peeples Martha C. Durrance February 24, 1878 J. W. Brandon
Allen C. Parish Elizabeth M. McClelland October 31, 1878 L. J. A. Brown, MG
John K. Roberts Miss Emma C. Collins January 2, 1878 J. A. Brown, MG
Hezekiah Rimes Miss Lenora Wilkison February 10, 1878 S. J. Stallings
Thomas A. Rodgers Margaret J. Wheeler November 3, 1878 L. J. A. Brown
Nathaniel E. Roberts Tellula Lanora Langford December 22, 1878 J. W. Brandon
Daniel Rutledge Mary Hancock December 25, 1878 P. R. McCrary
Benjamin Stalvey Emma R. Ellis August 15, 1878 Thomas Evers
John R. Sumner Wealthy A. Hancock October 13, 1878 L. J. Simmons
Joseph Tucker Martha Hancock January 17, 1878 H. Y. Scales
James S. Vaughn Miss Margarett C. McLeod December 17, 1875 Daniel Stanford
(Should have been in 1875 sequence but was overlooked.)
Lafayette L. Whidden Miss Martha A. Waters April 11, 1878 James M. Keen
George Waters Nancy E. Joiner June 13, 1878 H. F. Fortner
Maxfield Airs Florida Dunaway December 5, 1879 P. R. McCrary
Michael Alderman Civility Albritton October 12, 1879 James M. Keen
Riley R. Blount Emma L. Whidden March 10, 1879 J. M. Hayman, MG
Franklin Beville Fannie M. Tyre October 1, 1879 W. C. Jordan, MG
Seaborn Brown Miss Phebe Cowart November 4, 1879 S. J. Stallings
L. W. Bates Sarah Keen November 20, 1879 R. E. Windham
George Bryant Miss Susan Lanier December 4, 1879 J. M. Hayman
Joseph B. Carlton Martha A. Peeples January 26, 1879 G. W. Mitchell
George Calmes Palestine Hamilton April 3, 1879 Silvester Walden, MG
Thomas Carlton Mary Ann Simmons April 9, 1879 R. T. Caddin, MG
William H. Costine Amanda C. Bryant August 14, 1879 L. J. A. Brown
John Costine Lucretia Bryant October 16, 1879 H. F. Fortner
Jefferson Crews Miss Mary Dunaway December 25, 1879 P. R. McCrary
William M. Glochlen Matilda Montes D' Oca December 5, 1879 S. J. Stallings
John E. Green Emily Ellis January 26, 1879 S. J. Stallings
Irvin O. Harris Susan Jane Glover January 9, 1879 R. T. Gadding
James N. Hooker Mary R. Carpenter March 19, 1879 G. W. Mitchell
Wiley Hicks, Jr. Miss Caroline Elizabeth Ballard June 1, 1879 R. E. Windham
George L. Poole Nancy C. Lamb September 25, 1879 J. M. Hayman
Columbus Rimes Mrs. Reese Lippincott January 12, 1879 S. J. Stallings
Rufus W. Ridgdill Rebecca J. Stewart December 4, 1879 J. A. Fortner
James R. Smith Rachel Lee January 16, 1879 J. W. Carlton, MG
Charles Starling Mattie Welch October 5, 1879 S. J. Stallings
Benjamin M. Tyre Amanda S. E. Gaffney January 23, 1879 L. J. A. Brown, MG
Abner J. Thompson Mary F. Roberts August 7, 1879 R. E. Windham, JP
Alfred T. Tarver Mary Futch December 10, 1879 W. F. Norris, JP
Mathew Underhill Isabella Surrency November 19, 1879 S. J. Stallings
Noah Whidden Sarah Driggers February 23, 1879 Hopkins Padgett, MG
Williamson Wilkins Evaline L. Hall June 22, 1879 Benjamin F. Blount
Elijah Whittemore Delia A. Hunt December 14, 1879 J. R. Tatum, MG
John Brown Kizzie A. Peters April 4, 1880 G. W. Mitchell
Athe T. Douglas Marietta Johnson January 29, 1880 S. J. Stallings
Nathan F. Hunt Sarah J. Vaugh April 29, 1880 R. E. Windham
Benjamin Holloman Miss Mary Hendry January 2, 1880 - - - - - - - -
Jesse G. W. Kirkland Susan F. Futch January 11, 1880 R. E. Windham, JP
Jerry T. Poppell Mary A. Hancock February 19, 1880 J. M. Hayman, MG
Jonathan Skipper Lutitia Guess January 3, 1880 S. J. Stallings
Felix J. Seward Lillie O. Hayman May 21, 1880 E. J. Hull, MG
James A. Wilson Sallie C. Whitfield January 4, 1880 W. C. Jordan, MG
Eugene Mahone Mrs. Susan Stallings June 26, 1881 J. V. Tillis, JP
William H. Roberts Mary Jane Hancock July 8, 1881 H. F. Fortner
Marriage Record "AA" (1881 - 1887). This take-off includes all marriages, both white and colored, since the marriages of colored persons are not so indicated in the original record.

There are quite a few marriages listed in this book that are dated prior to the 1881 date on the cover. Some of them may be errors in the index.
G. M. Alderman Miss Martha Alderman January 4, 1876 License only
(No return)
John C. Blount Sarah J. Hayman December 28, 1876 J. M. Hayman, MG
Lafayette Blume Mattie A. Collins November 15, 1876 Joseph Casey
John L. Bryant Miss Mary Jane Hawthorn January 30, 1876 W. C. Jordan, MG
Daniel S. Bunch Miss Barbary Tison January 24, 1875 Andrew Kicklighter
Joab Collins Miss Missouri Hull January 20, 1877 L. J. A. Brown
William Clay Jerusa Hart December 15, 1876 John W. Carlton
James Henry Carleton Miss Mary Ellen Collins February 3, 1876 John W. Carlton
Owen H. Dishong Miss L. C. Newsome December 24, 1876 Scott R. Bonham, MG
Joshua Griffin Miss Caroline Roberts November 2, 1876 John Harris, JP
Columbus Hilliard Eliza Gipson January 30, 1877 Stephen Carson
William Johnson Miss Mary Ann Douglass January 4, 1877 John W. Carlton
T. B. Hilliard Miss M. A. Willingham October 15, 1873 S. W. Carson
Arthur Keen Miss Nancy Hancock November 2, 1873 J. A. Fortner
James J. Lewis Miss An Eliza Bryant April 25, 1876 Ryan Frier
Rabun O. Langford Alma Durrance February 11, 1877 S. R. Bonham
Ira W. Lunn Cornelia M. Anderson June 22, 1876 J. A. Fortner
Even M. Lamb Mary Campbell May 30, 1876 B. F. Blount
Oliver M. Long Miss Jane A. Deeson April 30, 1876 Jas. Milton
Thomas Prine Mrs. Laura Willis February 19, 1876 J. W. Carlton
Benjamin Jackson Parish Miss Jane Adeline Durrance December 20, 1876 J. M. Keen, MG
Henry H. Saffold Miss Sarah Alderman February 18, 1877 J. M. Keen, MG
William A. Taylor Martha Ann Gandy February 4, 1877 B. F. Blount, JP
Cornelius J. Tison Nancy J. Fortner October 19, 1876 J. A. Fortner
John H. Wiggins Laura T. Brown March 30, 1876 Miles Scarborough
John E. Wilson Wineford M. Parker January 2, 1873 Wm. Davies
Thomas W. Allbritton Miss Roxian Alderman October 5, 1881 J. M. Keen, MG
George J. Alderman Miss Carrie R. Anderson October 11, 1881 G. A. Luke


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