Polk County, Florida



In 1948, the Bartow Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution compiled an index to the first three volumes of the marriage records of Polk County. The following listing of marriages from Marriage License Book "A" came from that index which is at the Polk County History Library at Bartow, Florida.

Hambleton G. Browning Miss Martha Jane More December 25, 1881 H. F. Fortner
Aron Bryant Rosa Johns December 31, 1881 W. H. Johnson
C. M. Evans Miss Mary Eppie Tucker September 11, 1881 P. R. McCrary
Daniel T. Fortner Miss Martha A. Tison November 27, 1881 B. F. Blount
W. J. Ham Miss Laphenia Crews September 19, 1881 R. T. Gaddin
S. E. Lightsey Hennie J. Overstreet August 4, 1881 V. L. Tillis, JP
Willoughby Lanier Leola Bryant October 9, 1881 A. Wilson, MG
William P. McGriff Miss M. E. Simmons December 22, 1881 G. A. Luck, JP
L. E. Perry Louisa Jane Walker November 23, 1881 J. M. Hayman, MG
Thomas H. Prine Miss Georgia A. Padget December 6, 1881 G. W. Mitchell
Daniel W. Prescott Miss Virginia E. Baxley December 25, 1881 J. W. Tucker, JP
Wm. F. River Miss Joicy Tison December 28, 1881 B. F. Blount, CJ
James E. Tison Eunice Parker December 17, 1881 J. M. Keen, OMG
Sampson Welch Parthenia Jacobs September 8, 1881 Jacob Godwin
W. J. Williams
(out of sequence)
Mary Cowart September 24, 1880 G. W. Mitchell
John W. Bradberry Nancy Douglass November 1, 1882 J. E. Robeson, NP
John A. Bingham Miss Mary V. McKinney December 13, 1882 J. W. Brandon
Jefferson Crews Miss Mahala Williams February 9, 1882 E. Z. Hull, OMG
R. W. Caruthers Miss Mattie Glover October 22, 1882 E. Z. Hull
Alfred Davis Charlotte Hendry January 17, 1882 O. V. Jackson
Andrew J. English
(out of sequence)
Amanda C. Pollard November 25, 1880 R. E. Windham
Owen J. Frier Miss Georgia V. Hayman July 9, 1882 L. J. Simmons, MG
George R. Fortner Miss Mary Ann Walker November 12, 1882 G. A. Luke, JP
Henry C. Griffin Miss Annie C. Grimes August 30, 1882 H. F. Fortner
J. T. Hancock Miss Alice M. Durrance January 5, 1882 V. L. Tillis, JP
Samuel S. Hancock Miss Elizabeth Cochran December 29, 1882 J. W. Tucker, JP
John L. Hicks Miss Georgia A. Drawdy December 28, 1882 F. F. Hendry, JP
John C. Jordan Miss Callie A. Tillis June 28, 1882 J. W. Brandon
Robert S. Johnson Miss Ector M. Hicks February 2, 1882 S. W. Carlton
Thomas C. Keller Miss Mary F. Dampier June 28, 1882 J. W. Carlton, MG
C. B. Lightsey Mrs. N. V. Koon January 1, 1882 L. V. Tillis, JP
Albert Lanier Mary Buckhanan February 4, 1882 Jacob Godwin
Evan M. Lamb Mrs. Rachael Brown October 2, 1882 J. W. Brandon
John R. Newton Miss Nancy Carel May 8, 1882 J. W. Brandon
Hopkin E. Padgett Miss Matilda Allbritton October 2, 1882 G. A. Luke, JP
W. S. Persinger Miss Eugene A. Rodgers December 7, 1882 P. R. McCrary
E. E. Skipper Miss Mattie E. Blount January 26, 1882 B. F. Blount
Herman Shipman Miss Mary E. Harrison May 28, 1882 R. E. Windham
William H. Sistrunk Miss Martha E. Roberson April 2, 1882 W. H. Johnson, JP
Alford Sloan Josephine Parker February 3, 1882 J. W. Carlton
Richard Story Miss Roxie L. Tison February 17, 1882 B. F. Blount
Andrew M. Tucker Martha A. Howze January 26, 1882 S. W. Carson
James L. Thompson Miss Annie E. Wilder December 31, 1882 W. W. Bostick
J. T. Wade
(This may be
an 1883 marriage)
Miss Eliza Williams November 18, 1882 W. H. Johnson
W. C. Young Miss Mary Hollingsworth June 7, 1882 B. F. Blount
John Zebendon Miss Indiana Bates March 9, 1882 P. R. McCrary
J. C. Altman Miss Mary Anderson February 15, 1883 G. A. Luke, JP
Eugene B. Blount Miss Susan E. Fuller January 7, 1883 J. M. Hayman, MG
David U. Brannen Mary B. Carlton March 22, 1883 R. E. Windham
John Bolender Miss Emma Melvin November 20, 1883 R. E. Windham
Peter J. Carlton Annie A. Albritton September 21, 1883 W. C. Jordan
Zebulon L. Crum Mary J. Fuller August 20, 1883 W. C. Jordan
A. M. Chester Mary J. Bryan November 7, 1883 J. W. Carlton
Thos. J. Cowart Maggie R. Mims December 6, 1883 W. H. Johnson
Daniel D. Drawdy Delilah Trapnell June 10, 1883 Eppes Tucker
J. T. Fussell Miss U. A. Wallace January 4, 1883 B. F. Blount
Charles Felder Charlotte Jackson September 15, 1883 E. Tucker
James H. Griffin Mrs. G. A. Johnson September 27, 1883 J. M. Hayman
Shadrock Hancock Pauline Wilder May 24, 1883 W. W. Bostick
J. H. Hudson A. M. Campbell June 26, 1883 W. H. Johnson
W. W. Hart Miss Henrietta M. Raulerson December 24, 1883 J. W. Tucker
J. M. Johnson Dicy Douglass October 25, 1883 R. N. Pylant
George H. Knellinger Emma L. Keen September 11, 1883 W. C. Jordan
Thomas B. Langford Laura B. Bowen June 3, 1883 V. L. Tillis
Allen Lewis Miss Mary E. McClelland September 6, 1883 J. A. Fortner
Littleton Lytle Miss J. C. Granger March 15, 1883 W. C. Jordan
Thomas M. Lybass Miss Sarah E. Mann January 25, 1883 C. E. Pelot
Roscoe H. Look Lula F. Brookins April 17, 1883 S. B. Carson
A. H. Leonard Carrie C. King December 19, 1883 S. B. Carson
L. N. Milam L. E. Morgan May 12, 1883 W. H. Johnson
Jesse C. Mims Miss Lulah C. Wingate March 7, 1883 W. C. Jordan
Watson Moore Miss Mary Drawdy January 11, 1883 E. Tucker
James H. Monroe Patia A. A. Blanton December 12, 1883 V. L. Tillis
B. J. Oeland Mary E. Blount December 25, 1883 J. M. Hayman
D. M. Pipkin Miss Katie Moore 21 December 1883 P. R. McCrary, MG
Jefferson D. Prescott Miss Matchless M. Baxley 4 April 1883 A. A. Keith, MG
S. J. Rutledge Miss M. N. Smith 11 July 1883 R. E. Windham
Daniel A. Raulerson Dicy Stalsvey 1 August 1883 R. E. Windham, JP
George Washington Roden Mary Ann Tyler 19 August 1883 Jacob Godwin
C. T. Rollins Josephine Campbell 22 November 1883 J. A. Fortner
James J. Smith Mrs. Malinda Reede 24 January 1883 J. M. Hayman, MG
D. W. Stanley Miss Hattie L. Carpenter 1 November 1883 W. C. Jordan, MG
Jno. M. Smith Miss Rebecca S. Dampier 22 November 1883 V. L. Tillis, NP
Henry Talmadge Miss M. L. Mims 17 June 1883 W. H. Johnson, JP
J. B. Turner Carrie Lanier 31 May 1883 Elias Turner, DD
Thomas G. Taylor Miss Christian Gandy 18 February 1883 J. M. Hayman, MG
V. L. Tillis Miss Sallie McKinney 1 March 1883 C. E. Pelot
William A. Thomas Miss Oregon E. Baxley 4 April 1883 A. A. Keith, MG
Henry Worth Virginia Underhill 14 April 1883 C. E. Pelot
J. B. Wilcher Annice Farel 28 August 1883 D. J. Baskins, JP
John E. Wilson Miss E. C. Waters 7 February 1883 W. C. Jordan, MG
Davis Williams Charity Green 1 January 1883 J. M. Hayman, MG
Charles C. Wilson Miss Helen M. Johnson 30 October 1883 C. E. Pelot
M. A. Waters Nancy Glover 2 December 1883 H. F. Fortner
Henry N. Allen Miss Mary Futch 3 January 1884 R. E. Windham, JP
Miles A. Brown Miss Eliza Walker 14 February 1884 W. W. Stephenson
C. Q. Bass Miss M. J. Blount 26 March 1884 F. F. Hendry, JP
Jeremiah J. Bryant Martha Milton 9 June 1884 G. G. Jackson
Isaac W. Baker Nancy J. Sater 5 October 1884 J. M. Hayman
James R. Bolton Margaret Ridgeway 13 November 1884 Eppes Tucker
Daniel D. Blount Maggie A. Whitledge 30 December 1884 J. R. Sharpe, Minister
A. B. Bates Miss E. A. Keen 18 December 1884 P. R. McCrary, MG
Hardie L. Cowart Miss Mary A. Masters 5 May 1884 Hopkin Padgett
Mortimer Courtney Miss Cornelia L. Daniel 15 May 1884 Jno R. Sharpe
Henry Conyers Jennie Parrish 8 May 1884 Eppes Tucker
Frank Clarke Mary E. Mayo 8 October 1884 J. R. Sharpe, MG
Joel E. Carroll Delilah Gaskins 6 November 1884 W. A. Dewett, JP
Joseph L. Durrance L. M. Carlton 20 March 1884 F. F. Hendry, JP
Henry J. Durrance P. M. Waters 8 January 1884 Jas. M. Keen, OMG
J. A. Durrance Miss Gabriella Carlton 20 February 1884 A. A. Robinson, MG
J. G. Elbertson Miss R. E. Arnold 10 August 1884 Wm. Thompson, NP
I. A. Fulwood Mrs. L. A. Visscher 11 December 1884 J. R. Sharpe, MG
F. D. Fussell Laura A. Grubbs 21 October 1884 J. W. Brandon
Thomas F. Griffin Gussie E. Tucker 2 September 1884 Eppes Tucker
J. B. Huckeby Sudie E. Monroe 13 March 1884 V. L. Tillis, NP
J. B. Hicks Miss M. J. Rimes 17 February 1884 John W. Carlton
Henry Hollingsworth Miss Susan J. Hancock 6 January 1884 J. W. Tucker, JP
Benjamin F. Hagins Hanson L. Harn 17 July 1884 R. E. Windham
Jessee T. Jones Miss M. F. Bryant 17 April 1884 J. W. Tucker, JP
J. A. Jameson Miss Azaline Altman 30 January 1884 G. A. Luke, JP
John T. Holloway Martha Powell 13 November 1884 R. E. Windham, JP
James H. Hill Nancy McLeod 14 December 1884 John W. Carlton
D. J. Mann Miss M. M. B. Glover 15 January 1884 H. F. Fortner, OMG
G. J. MCClelland Alace Cochran 20 April 1884 R. E. Windham, JP
Sanders Morrell Miss Mary Montgomery 8 June 1884 Rev. George W. Larry
Warren McRae California Moore 24 July 1884 R. H. Barnett
J. M. Manner Christener Bloom 28 February 1884 R. N. Pylant, MG
Jefferson Marchman Angeline Bledsoe 5 October 1884 J. W. Brandon
Frederic C. Milton Lezora Jane Texas Bryant 25 December 1884 L. J. Simmons, MG
Geo. W. Pollard Hester M. Swilley 11 May 1884 R. E. Windham, JP
George Ancil Peeples Mrs. America Wommock 14 December 1884 A. A. Robinson, MG
John Robinson Miss Polley Jones 29 May 1884 F. F. Hendry, JP
R. W. Ridgdill Thereacy Hull 13 March 1884 J. A. Fortner
John W. Reed Miss Ada U. Blount 17 April 1884 J. R. Sharpe, MG
Benj. F. Rice Mrs. Ellen E. Smith 14 August 1884 J. H. Humphries
W. F. Reynolds Winnie Cumbee 24 October 1884 Joseph Cochran
Daniel F. Russell Miss Julia Ivey 3 April 1884 F. F. Hendry, JP
John F. Stewart Ellen Holloman 25 April 1884 J. W. Brandon
W. T. Stewart Mary Melvin 4 January 1884 H. F. Fortner, OMG
J. D. Swann Nannie Ridgdill 29 May 1884 J. A. Fortner
George A. K. Stevens Miss Beulah R. Wintz 12 August 1884 A. A. Robinson
Samuel P. Smith Mary E. Johnson 25 August 1884 F. F. Hendry, JP
J. F. Sowells Mrs. N. J. Tison 5 October 1884 Rev. G. G. Jackson
Andrew H. Sloan Miss Iona Ballard 7 December 1884 R. E. Windham, JP
J. B. Tillis Miss Mary Hicks 9 June 1884 A. A. Keith
J. B. Thomas Miss Florida A. Johnson 14 September 1884 F. F. Hendry, JP
John F. Trowell Virginia E. Walker 20 November 1884 Jonas Trowell, MG
James R. Tyler Armindie Johnson 27 November 1884 V. L. Tillis, JP
James D. Tillis Miss H. Powell 31 December 1884 J. R. Sharpe
C. W. Turner Mamie H. Dunklin 24 December 1884 P. R. McCrary, MG
Francis M. Tillis Jennie Durrance 14 December 1884 A. A. Robinson
J. H. Williams Maria C. Mann 27 April 1884 J. A. Fortner
John Williamson Miss Susannah Roberts 16 February 1884 J. M. Hayman, MG
Thomas Waldon Lizzie Moore 10 May 1884 W. H. Johnson
Thomas J. Waters Matilda Smith 1 May 1884 F. F. Hendry
Dr. F. M. Wilson Miss Adelaide V. Hendry 17 December 1884 A. A. Robinson
James P. Allbritton R. Katie Cowart 26 March 1885 D. C. Lancaster
Francis S. Brooks Hattie F. Green 22 January 1885 W. M. Boswell, MG
Henry P. Bailey Ellen V. Shannan 22 January 1885 J. M. Keen, OMG
James E. Ballard Miss Josephine Williams 7 May 1885 R. E. Windham
David R. Bryant Sarah C. Mizell 9 August 1885 J. W. Tucker, JP
Amos Brown Nora Williams 29 August 1885 J. H. Humphries
Thomas Bryant Sarah A. Jones 8 November 1885 J. W. Tucker, NP
Clarence H. Billings Mary L. McMullen 14 December 1885 (License only)
John M. Cumbee Anna J. Griffin 26 August 1885 J. H. Humphries, NP
Jno. M. Collins Gertrude Hancock 27 September 1885 Jas. T. Hancock, NP
J. A. Catlett Elizabeth Sloan 16 September 1885 A. A. Keith
James H. Cumbee Narcissa M. Griffin 23 December 1885 H. F. Fortner, OMG
Frank Currier Elizabeth Miller 24 December 1885 Milton Waldo, MG
W. E. Cumbee M. S. Holoway 31 December 1885 R. E. Windham, JP
Albert Currey Anna McDowell 1 November 1885 Epps Tucker
J. M. Dill Hannah C. Boatwright 24 March 1885 Frank Clark, JP
J. Harney Durrance Miss Carrie S. Durrance 7 January 1885 John W. Carlton
Evan Davis Eliza Washington 3 May 1885 Eppes Tucker
L. W. Drewry Sallie O. Edmiston 24 December 1885 W. E. Shive
J. H. Edwards Charlotte Dossey 10 December 1885 S. B. Carson
Allen J. Fertick Sarah J. Wilson 20 October 1885 W. S. Atkins, JP
William B. Gardner Ann G. Carson 22 February 1885 S. B. Carson
Columbus C. Gresham Mary A. Hewett 15 March 1885 S. B. Carson
E. E. Gladwell A. J. Hallam 10 September 1885 J. R. Sharpe
Charles Gordon Catherine Curry 11 December 1885 B. W. Wiley
Lewis Godwin Josie Motesdoca 1 November 1885 J. P. Simmons
Mathew Jones Mattie J. Lamb 11 August 1885 J. A. Fortner
W. H. B. Johnson L. M. Cox 24 December 1885 J. A. Fortner
William H. Hancock Annie F. Nicks 15 January 1885 R. E. Windham
Henry S. Hurst Alace Wade 15 February 1885 W. J. Atkins
J. D. Harris Lula A. Snyder 24 March 1885 J. R. Sharpe
Levy Holden Arianna Holloman 15 May 1885 Frank Clark
H. J. Hancock Anna L. Bryant 20 August 1885 W. W. Bostick
Walter M. High Miss Mollie Pollock 1 November 1885 Elias Turner
W. R. Lee Rowan Neale 27 May 1885 Frank Clark
George W. Land Eula E. Durrance 10 June 1885 J. R. Sharpe
Pipkin Linkcon Mary Raymon 6 December 1885 B. W. Wiley
Thomas A. Lewis Nettie Durrance 23 December 1885 J. R. Sharpe
Hugh Moore Virginia Cochran 1 January 1885 R. N. Pylant
Malcom McLean Amanda Morgan 17 February 1885 T. J. Sparkman
H. F. McLean Sarah Weaver 8 June 1885 W. M. Boswell
James H. Monroe Laura J. Howell 17 May 1885 V. L. Tillis
J. P. Moore Jane Murray 20 August 1885 R. H. Barnett
Wm. Megette Tempie Roberts 24 August 1885 J. H. Humphries
Joseph C. Overmyre Ella E. Whitfield 25 January 1885 W. C. Jordan
Judson B. Pylant Mary McAulay 4 January 1885 V. L. Tillis
James J. Peeples Miss Ann America Altman 15 February 1885 T. J. Sparkman
Irvin Parrish Ellen Angeline Prine 19 February 1885 V. L. Tillis
E. M. Prevat Elizabeth Tillis 22 March 1885 V. L. Tillis
Jno. C. Preston Minnie L. Perry 16 June 1885 C. E. Jones
E. T. Pell Miss S. E. Sater 27 December 1885 J. M. Hayman
S. W. Robinson M. E. Hughes 14 August 1885 George G. Jackson
John W. Ridgdill, Jr. Miss Millie B. Marshall 13 December 1885 George S. Durrance
John Raulerson Elizabeth J. Rimer 27 December 1885 H. E. Padgett
Isaac Simmons Sarah Thomas 22 March 1885 S. B. Carson
David Smith Addie Jackson 19 April 1885 J. W. Bowen
John D. Smith Mary Albritton 25 May 1885 V. L. Tillis
J. H. Shackelford Mary Boyd 18 July 1885 George S. Fitzhufh
Daniel A. Smith Nancy M. Chesser 16 August 1885 J. A. Fortner
J. E. Simmons Zoar L. Milton 26 November 1885 H. F. Fortner
J. C. Tison Mattie J. Browning 27 May 1885 W. L. Patterson
James T. Tice Julia A. Hewett 3 October 1885 R. H. Barnett
William Williams Sarah J. Deson 10 May 1885 E. Z. Hull
Thomas B. Watkins Rachel Beaton 10 August 1885 D. A. Duckworth
C. L. Wilson A. E. Mitchell 29 September 1885 W. C. Jordan
J. H. Watson Miss Paul H. Allen 3 December 1885 E. S. Tyner
J. L. Wilcox Sarah Perry 17 December 1885 V. . . . . . . . . . .
J. L. Albritton Mary Smith 21 October 1886 D. C. Lancaster
Nathan Atkins Sarah J. Moore 23 December 1886 G. W. McClendon
H. C. Bridgewater Mattie A. Carlton 31 January 1886 J. Tucker
G. L. Bryant Miss Mell L. Roberson 12 February 1886 G. G. Jackson
Ed Burney Hattie Curley 25 March 1886 Eppes Tucker
W. N. Brown Miss Mary C. Pearce 30 April 1886 G. S. Durrance
Isaiah Byrd, Jr. Virginia Ridgeway 15 July 1886 K. Ferguson
George H. Blount Miss Mary S. Gardiner 8 September 1886 W. B. Dye
Henry Burk Charlotte Goldsmith 27 October 1886 S. H. Bell
J. E. Bowen Rebecca J. Anderson 1 August 1886 George S.Durrance
Julius Burnett Carey Hicks 24 October 1886 David S. Stover
H. G. Browning Rebecca J. Ritter 26 December 1886 George W. Gaffney
James M. Crumpton Phebe J. Walbert 1 February 1886 Wm. Thompson
James D. Close Miss Nellie M. Ruhl 5 March 1886 W. C. Jordan
William W. Carlton Louisa V. Durrance 23 September 1886 G. W. Mitchell
Charles Collins Maria Lundbery 7 October 1886 G. S. Durrance
Erasmus R. Childers Miss Lula Marsh 29 December 1886 W. C. Jordan
F. J. R. English S. J. Drawdy 21 January 1886 T. S. Evers
D. E. Freeman Lily B. Moore 18 August 1886 C. E. Jones
J. W. Forbes Ellen Prine 30 December 1886 Ivy Register
Henry C. Griffin Abbie G. Griffin 8 April 1886 W. L. Patterson
M. G. Gordon Belle Brown 20 July 1886 C. E. Jones
George Goodson Lucinda Glover 16 October 1886 G. W. McClendon
Jefferson Gaskins Annie L. Sloan 4 November 1886 W. A. Dewitt
G. W. Ingersoll Laura A. Randall 26 September 1886 T. J. McMullen
J. L. Jones Frances A. Mizell 21 April 1886 W. W. Bostick
Bartow Hamilton A. A. Ayers 18 January 1886 G. S. Durrance
Wiley Hobbs Ida Hoover 26 February 1886 Thomas Washington
W. H. Hitt S. C. Wright 20 January 1886 Caleb E. Jones
Solomon Holland Rachel Lamb 1 August 1886 D. C. Lancaster
Henry Hicks M. M. Rutledg 21 November 1886 Elias Turner
E. G. Hovey Elizabeth M. Walker 22 November 1886 Milton Waldo
Mark M. Hamm Fannie B. O'Neal 22 December 1886 J. G. McCasken
John M. Kilpatrick Villie D. Whidden 16 September 1886 James T. Hancock, Jr.
John Lipsey Addie Barnes 19 April 1886 G. W. McClendon
F. L. Luckey Victoria Graham 22 December 1886 Samuel G. Hair
G. D. McCalpin Minnie E. Toney 11 February 1886 P. R. McCrary
James M. Manley Mary B. Hilliard 11 July 1886 V. P. Simmons
James S. McClelland Charity Walker 3 October 1886 Elias Turner
A. G. Malone Laura M. Carter 7 October 1886 S. J. C. Bell
Aaron J. Morgan Mary Hamilton 26 December 1886 T. J. Phillips
Wm. A. Proctor Mary Hill 2 January 1886 (License issued January 2, 1886. Return by S. B. Carson dated December 3, 1886.)
W. F. Prince E. J. Smith 7 January 1886 Milton Waldo
R. B. Pollard B. F. Gunter 17 June 1886 J. C. Longwell
A. C. Pelham Sarah E. Blount 3 October 1886 W. F. Norris, MG
Harvey N. Powell Annie Elmore 28 November 1886 K. Ferguson, MG
Jess M. Pollock Emma Hock 17 November 1886 A. A. Keith, Minister
Rev. W. H. Parker Mary A. Jones 30 December 1886 Eppes Tucker
(Eppes Tucker was Elder in the Congregational Methodist Church)
T. C. Roquemore Ernie M. Boss 24 May 1886 J. G. McCaskey, MG
Joseph Richardson Lucy Mumford 27 July 1886 Samuel G. Hair
(Samuel G. Hair was Pastor of 1st Presb. Church of Bartow, Florida)
Irving Raulerson Mary E. Fraser 11 September 1886 W. W. Bostick, MG
George M. Ritter Martha E. Black 5 December 1886 W. A. Dewitt, JP
Max Reif Josie C. Lightsey 8 December 1886 Wm. Thompson
Rollie Roebuck F. V. Watson 13 October 1886 (License only
D. H. Sloan Ruby E. Wilder 14 March 1886 W. W. Bostick, MG
A. Z. Surrencey Elizabeth Douglas 13 June 1886 J. Longwell, JP
Joseph Sessions Miss Irane Hancock 21 August 1886 Saml G. Hair
John W. Strickland Victoria F. Bell 18 November 1886 Milton Waldo
Rufin Smith Emma Johnson 16 December 1886 Rev. G. W. McClendon
J. W. Touchstone Miss Mary Rushing 4 March 1886 W. H. Parker
James A. Thomas Fannie R. Walker 17 June 1886 Rev. G. G. Jackson
Tal Welch Rebecca Ward 28 March 1886 G. W. McClendon
Charles White Emma Hendry 1 April 1886 G. W. McClendon
G. W. White Nannie J. Fix 15 April 1886 W. B. Dye
Albert V. Watson Mary J. Harrelson 16 April 1886 A. A. Keith
William C. Young Fannie Greene 28 September 1886 W. S. Atkins, NP
J. R. Yeomans Sarah F. Albritton 24 October 1886 D. C. Lancaster
John Boustick Henrietta Kemp 5 January 1887 W. H. Parker
Thomas Bryan Martha A. Carlton 5 May 1887 A. Kilby Ferguson
J. T. Collins Ida D. Britt 13 February 1887 Saml G. Hair
Geo. McC. Craig Miss M. E. Johnson 3 April 1887 Milton Waldo, MG
J. S. Camac Florence L. Stafford 24 April 1887 Jos. Tucker, NP
L. V. Creel Reelieann Tucker 19 May 1887 George G. Jackson
(George G. Jackson was Minister of M. E. African S.)
John I. Creighton Miss Eva R. Cooper 25 December 1887 W. M. Boswell, MG
James R. Davis Lessie V. Jordan 16 March 1887 T. J. Nixon
George Fertick D. V. Harris 17 February 1887 R. E. Windham, JP
Frank R. Fuller Ida M. Pinckney 2 May 1887 Rev. I. Ryder
W. E. Gunter A. L. Pollard 6 January 1887 V. P. Simmons
George Gill Rebecca J. Allbritton 17 March 1887 H. E. Padgett, MG
John E. Godwin Elizabeth Sullivant 3 April 1887 V. P. Simmons
Isaac Glover Helen Brewster 6 April 1887 --------------, MG
George Harris Maggie Miller 24 February 1887 Wm. M. Boswell
E. T. Hill E. A. Lee 24 March 1887 John W. Carlton
William H. Hogans Emma A. M. Carlton 20 April 1887 J. R. Taylor, Minister
William Johnson Mary A. Rimer 5 December 1887 H. E. Padgett, JP
William Jones
Lizzie Arnold 20 February 1887 G. W. McClendon
J. C. Hobson Mrs. Sallie Cattle 6 January 1887 J. G. McCaskey
John H. Johnson Josephine Hughes 28 April 1887 -------------, MG
J. M. Levins Martha J. Jordan 12 June 1887 Elias Turner, DD
A. T. Mann Lura E. Tigner 5 January 1887 T. J. Nixon, Pastor
A. I. Mann M. E. Surrency 18 January D. C. Lancaster
Henry McDonald Mary Weeks 20 January 1887 H. E. Padgett, JP
T. L. Marquis Julia C. Parker 2 February 1887 Saml G. Hair
J. F. McGuire O. R. Rivers 13 February 1887 H. F. Fortner, OMG
W. J. Miley Annie Grimes 10 March 1887 Elias Turner, DD.
George McCan Margaret Johnson 7 April 1887 George S. Durrance, JP
Jesse D. McLeod Ida Gresham 2 June 1887 J. G. McCaskey, MG
Emory B. Oneal Lula V. Robinson 20 March 1887 J. G. McCaskey, MG
Fred W. Oren Mabel Hyres 13 June 1887 Wm. Thompson, JP
O. S. Price H. E. Bishop 2 March 1887 Elder Alba Bellows
S. W. Pritchard Ruth A. Richards 7 March 1887 Eppes Tucker
Griffin F. Park Leana E. Billings 17 May 1887 J. G. McCaskey, MG
John Patterson, Jr. Annie B. Tandy 9 June 1887 Milton Waldo, MG
Charles E. Reed Florence C. Wilson 1 February 1887 W. C. Jordan, MG
J. D. Riggs S. M. Byrd 3 March 1887 E. Z. Hull, MG
P. R. Read Annie Ward 7 April 1887 A. J. Greenawalt
Silas Robinson Mary Roberts 26 May 1887 ------------,MG
R. M. Sauls Miss Nannie King 8 April 1887 Eppes Tucker
C. S. Suber Susan Powers 28 April 1887 J. R. Taylor, Minister
John Stuart Margaret A. Bowen 1 May 1887 (license only)
Amos Scott Ellen Hall 31 May 1887 J. W. McClendon, MG
Louis M. Tyre Amelia F. Durrance 9 January 1887 J. R. Taylor, MG
Leander Underhill Arcadia Benton 30 March 1887 Duncan McLeod, JP
Jesse Williams Mrs. Mary Orchard 14 January 1887 W. L. Patterson, JP
T. J. Weaver Mrs. Mary F. Hill 21 February 1887 W. B. Dye
J. W. Wilkes Lillie S. Redbrook 30 March 1887 A. E. Householder, MG
J. W. Watkins M. S. Ripley 19 April 1887 J. M. Hayman, MG
Thomas Walden Louise Wingate 1 June 1887 V. P. Simmons, MG & JP
Amos D. Young Ellen Kersey 12 June 1887 Rev. A. J. Freenawalt
MARRIAGE RECORD #1 (1887 - 1893) This record #1 carried the marriages from about the middle of 1887 into September of 1902, and this take-off is made in two sections (1887-1893) and (1894-1902). All marriages, both white and colored are shown.
James Alexander Ann Roberts 6 November 1887 Milton Waldo, MG
Felix W. Bright Ina D. Waite 27 July 1887 ---------------
G. L. Bryant Miss Almer Hancock 7 August 1887 G. W. Gaffney, JP
Simeon T. Brown Sallie C. Carpenter 9 August 1887 J. A. Fortner
County Judge
L. C. Bowyer Ida M. Hebb 2 November 1887 J. G. McCaskey, MG
James G. Carter Dora L. Rockner 7 September 1887 T. J. Nixon
Paster Methodist Church
F. E. Cooper Miss M. J. Smith 6 November 1887 A. E. Householder
D. A. Cole Miss Annie Wilkison 28 December 1887 W. C. Jordan, MG
Hilliard Dickson Mattie Bell 27 August 1887 Rev. John Thomas
J. A. Elerbee Miss W. L. Murray 28 July 1887 W. M. Boswell, MG
John W. Gill E. V. Padgett 6 July 1887 W. F. Norris, MG
B. R. Green Miss M. E. McClure 29 June 1887 J. A. Fortner
Stephen Goss Amanda ORiley 16 November 1887 E. C. Johnson, NP
Joseph R. Guy Miss Lula Hicks 1 December 1887 John W. Carlton, MG
W. B. Hicks Miss Bettie Peters 23 June 1887 D. S. Stover, OMG
Thomas B. Hill Miss L. L. Lamb 28 July 1887 John W. Carlton
James J. Hutchison Miss Caroline Roberts 16 October 1887 E. Y. Hull, MG
Joseph Humphries Miss Emma C. Blount 17 November 1887 W. B. Dye
C. E. Jordan Miss Jennie Harkness 2 August 1887 T. J. Nixon
Henry Justice Polesta Scott 31 October 1887 E. Y. Hull, MG
Wm. H. Lewis Sarah J. Singletary 17 November 1887 Wm. Johnson, JP
James A. Mayo Hortense C. Constantine 13 July 1887 E. J. Holmes, Minister
James J. Murray Alice Smith 8 October 1887 J. C. McCaskey, MG
Anthony J. Manns Florrie E. Johnson 1 October 1887 J. A. Fortner
Richard A. Myers Miss Mamie Dunlop 14 December 1887 Saml G. Hair, MG
Anthony J. Manns Florida E. Johnson 1 October 1887 J. A. Fortner
Earley Mitchell Cornelia Dixon 29 December 1887 J. W. Brandon, MG
Ed Norris Gennie Glover 8 October 1887 J. A. Fortner
R. R. Pellam Miss M. E. Sparkman 26 November 1887 E. Y. Hull, MG
R. F. Prine Miss L. A. Segrest ? 10 December 1887 W. M. Boswell, MG
D. Quinn Mrs. Pauline Williams 17 December 1887 W. B. Dye, MG
F. B. Swearingen Miss Gertrude E. Tyre 5 October 1887 Saml G. Hair, MG
Vincent W. Stephenson Miss Annie J. Flanigan 9 October 1887 A. E. Householder
T. A. Wall Sibbie Whitledge 16 June 1887 T. J. Nixon, Pastor
James E. Weir Gennie Hatfield 28 September 1887 E. J. Holmes, Minister
Ansel Walker Susan A. Dickins 7 July 1887 E. Y. Hull, MG
A. W. Winn Berta Hall 16 November 1887 T. J. Nixon
W. J. J. Whidden Miss Lillie Wingate 4 December 1887 W. C. Jordan, MG
W. J. Young Adeline Taylor 8 December 1887 Saml. G. Hair, MG
John B. Alexander Mrs. Nancy A. Smith 7 February 1888 S. G. Hair, MG
J. R. Adams Miss May R. McMullen 24 May 1888 W. M. Boswell, MG
Sherman Arnold Celia Patterson (Col.) 12 November 1888 G. W. McClendon, MG
Geo. W. Allbritton Miss Roseannah Keen 25 December 1888 D. C. Lancaster, JP
D. H. Bryant S. J. Deeson 8 January 1888 A. T. Williams, NP
J. W. Bowen Miss Georgia A. Turner 28 March 1888 D. S. Stover, OMG
H. B. Blount Texas B. Summerlin 29 April 1888 ----------------
Wily W. Bateman Miss Sophronia Heard 20 June 1888 W. B. Dye, MG
D. W. Black Margarett C. Prine 7 June 1888 W. M. Boswell, MG
Lovern S. Brown Miss Flora E. Parrish 14 June 1888 ---------------
Miles Burleigh Miss Pink Sims 16 September 1888 Wm. Thompson, JP, NP
Gustus B. Chapman Mrs. Thealesk Sherron 16 February 1888 J. M. Hayman, MG
A. B. Canter F. M. Roberts 21 January 1888 J. R. Taylor, MG
Irwin P. Costine Mary R. E. Bryant 8 March 1888 Isaac Ryder, MG
John L. Chastine Annie Bryan 28 March 1888 W. C. Jordan, MG
Bird F. Costine Miss Virginia Gaffney 24 May 1888 A. T. Williams, NP
A. E. Carlton Miss S. C. Hollingsworth 23 December 1888 W. S. Atkins, NP
Corrie F. Carpenter Miss Carrie Walker 13 November 1888 B. K. Thrower
B. F. Drawdy M. A. Griffin 23 December 1888 A. A. Keith, MG
Toney Davis Sarah Creel 26 June 1888 G. W. Land, NP
J. D. Everett Lelia King 12 January 1888 J. H. Humphries, NP
E. W. Elmo (Col.) Emma Cooper 19 April 1888 Rev. G. W. McClendon
Wm. O. Emiston Miss M. E. Boyd 14 October 1888 J. A. Fortner
C. F. W. Fernald Caroline Helveston 21 January 1888 J. A. Fortner
John P. Fore Miss Lillian Ferrell 6 March 1888 S. G. Hair, MG
Wm. B. Felder Miss Josie Dougas 14 August 1888 W. B. Dye, MG
John F. Guess Miss Fanny Hancock 3 May 1888 R. N. Pylant, MG
T. W. Gardner Miss Flora L. Singletary 16 May 1888 E. A. Cordery
A. M. Greenfield Miss Fannie Dzialynski 23 May 1888 Wm. Thompson, JP
Finley C. Gilespee Carrie Manley 27 May 1888 Wm. Thompson
Thomas Gammon Frances Moore 27 June 1888 J. A. Fortner
A. J. Grimes Miss Sallie Bates 3 July 1888 Elias Turner
W. M. Grysby Miss Abbie O. Ballard 6 September 1888 A. A. Keith, MG
John Gibson Mrs. Ann Thomas 17 December 1888 B. K. Thrower
John W. Hall Mrs. S. S. Fields 23 January 1888 W. B. Dye, MG
J. G. Henderson Miss A. M. Ellerbe 4 April 1888 A. E. Householder
E. M. Hayman Mrs. Annie E. Bunch 12 April 1888 J. M. Hayman, MG
J. I. Harvey Miss Eliza F. Bowen 19 April 1888 Jas. W. Futch, MG
F. A. Hollingsworth Miss Rosa Malinda Peacock 6 May 1888 R. N. Pylant, MG
C. C. Harrelson Anna C. Starling 17 June 1888 L. J. Simmons, MG
Frank B. Harless Lavinia H. Hendry 24 July 1888 J. R. Taylor, Minister
James R. Harris Miss S. A. Jones 31 October 1888 N. B. Stewart, MG
J. E. Harrison Miss Olive Turner 7 August 1888 Elias Turner, DD.
H. H. Hancock Miss M. J. Sturgis 30 January 1888 Wm. Thompson, JP
Robert E. Ivey Miss Carrie A. Goode 14 March 1888 B. K. Thrower, MG
Joseph Jones Lela Benjamin 19 January 1888 W. E. Middleton, MG
John Jackson Miss Mary Bowyer 25 January 1888 J. A. Fortner
Johnnie Johns Mary Hollimm? 14 June 1888 W. B. Dye, MG
I. J. Jennings Miss Lizzie Flanigan 16 September 1888 A. E. Householder, MG
F. C. Jones Miss Nancy E. Walker 18 November 1888 P. S. Crosier, MG
W. Jackson Miss Mary E. Webster 1 November 1888 G. S. Fitzhugh
(G. S. Fitzhugh was priest in the Episcopal Church)
W. F. Kampshall Marion Fidler 7 February 1888 S. G. Hair, MG
J. E. Kinard Miss M. J. Johnson 8 April 1888 Elias Turner, MG
W. H. Lewis Miss Berta Harmon 9 February 1888 Elias Turner, MG
Robert C. Langford Hattie E. Whidden 12 February 1888 W. C. Jordan, MG
Frederick R. Lewis Emma Bailey 19 March 1888 J. A. Fortner
John S. Lucas Annett Viola Smith 22 July 1888 J. A. Fortner
County Judge
Linton L. Lightsey Mary A. Bryan 19 September 1888 B. K. Thrower
E. E. Lamb Miss Belle McClelland 20 September 1888 W. S. Atkins, NP
Andrew J. Melvin Miss Emeline Roberts 14 January 1888 A. T. Williams, NP
W. T. Martin Miss Eliza J. Collins 19 February 1888 ------------
Cady R. Morse Miss Mary L. Raymond 28 March 1888 H. P. Walker, JP
John B. Manley Miss Nancy L. Lamb 24 May 1888 Rev. J. W. Carlton
Wm. I. Mason Hattie L. Payne 11 July 1888 K. Ferguson, MG
Thomas Miles Emma Lamb 22 July 1888 Rev. J. W. Carlton
Louis J. Marquis Miss Ella Ferguson 18 October 1888 A. E. Householder
Charles Nungesser Miss Mattie McKinney 3 January 1888 B. K. Thrower
John A. Nipper Miss Clara Griffin 4 September 1888 J. M. Hayman, MG
Dr. L. S. Oppenheimer Miss Berta L. Dozier 20 June 1888 J. A. Fortner
Isaac Orin Emma Wilson 11 October 1888 Jos. Doughdy, MG
J. C. Powell Miss Annie M. Williams 2 February 1888 W. C. Jordan, MG
L. M. Prine Miss Angeline Milton 26 March 1888 -----------------
T. J. Parker Miss Julia A. Hankins 27 March 1888 B. K. Thrower, MG
Charley Powell Miss Maud Meriweather 3 June 1888 K. Ferguson
J. M. Perry (col.) Emma Cook 9 August 1888 S. G. Hair
Louis H. Parker Miss S. C. Whitehead 7 August 1888 ------------------
Shelton Prine Linnie Brown 7 September 1888 W. W. Bostwick
J. C. Prine Miss A. S. Harrelson 16 September 1888 A. A. Keith, MG
William Purvis Miss Bulah Whidden 23 December 1888 J. Patterson
John Rogers Elizabeth Stokes 20 July 1888 J. R. Harris, MG
Aaron Rhoden Margaret C. Hill 21 October 1888 V. P. Simmons
John M. Reynolds Miss V. O. Parish 31 October 1888 L. M. Ballard
F. C. Stiller Miss Florida Ridgeway 14 January 1888 W. E. Middleton
A. G. Smith Miss Viola Smith 27 June 1888 W. B. Dye, MG
J. F. Sater Alice Gill 13 July 1888 W. B. Dye, MG
J. O. Stroud Jessie Kilgore 2 September 1888 E. Tucker, Minister
J. S. Stewart Adelia Jackson 25 August 1888 E. Tucker, Minister
William M. Turner Miss Lula Whidden 4 January 1888 J. Patterson, NP
Laurence Thomas Rosa Davis 22 April 1888 G. B. Hill, MG
O. D. Tison Miss Smithy Tucker 16 December 1888 K. Ferguson, MG
J. A. Williams Miss Elizabeth Lewis 4 January 1888 E. Turner, MG
E. J. Wood Missouri Clark 8 January 1888 J. M. Hayman, MG
Frederick E. Wells Mrs. Jennie M. Skinner 28 February 1888 S. G. Hair, MG
W. T. Wilder Miss Alice L. Mizell 7 May 1888 Isaac Ryder
James S. Wilson Mamie E. Jameson 3 June 1888 W. S. Atkins
Richard Webb Lucinda Johnson 15 September 1888 A. E. Householder
W. M. Winn Miss Fannie Stephenson 13 September 1888 W. H. Terrell, MG
B. W. White (Col.) Belle Goulsby 19 November 1888 N. B. Stewart
J. D. Young Mrs. S. H. Durrance 24 May 1888 A. E. Householder
G. B. Barker Miss Frances Ellen Bailey 30 January 1889 L. H.Walker, NP
B. B. Balance Isabella Blackwelder 1 February 1889 E. Tucker
William Bull Miss Euphenia C. Davis 26 January 1889 B. K. Thrower
J. C. Burleigh Miss Alice E. Kittelle 18 February 1889 S. H. Hair
Manuel A. Bryant Miss Sarah L. Wilder 27 January 1889 W. W. Bostick, MG
George L. Bryant Miss A. J. Elizabeth Gretscher 25 June 1889 J. H. Widdell, MG
John W. Booth Miss Ella E. Dougherty 5 September 1889 J. G. McCaskey
W. H. Ballard Mrs. Mary R. Jestus 10 November 1889 J. R. Davis, JP
John Bishop Miss Mary E. Kilpatrick 25 June 1889 B. K. Thrower
Wm. L. Bryant Miss Ida Norton 29 October 1889 A. A. Keith
James W. Bryant Miss Sarah J. Cumbee 22 November 1889 W. M. Boswell, MG
W. H. Costine Miss Florence L. Bryant 16 February 1889 A. A. Keith, MG
L. Conniers Eliza Davis 10 June 1889 George S. Durrance
Simon Cherry Charlotte Williams 17 June 1889 A. J. Mills, JP
J. D. Cunningham Frances M. Clark 20 June 1889 P. S. Crosier, MG
Sherman Claxton Mattie Gaines 1 July 1889 Eppes Tucker
John W. Crichton Miss Margaret Griffin 3 November 1889 P. S. Crosier, MG
D. G. Clemons Miss Mattie Cox 8 December 1889 W. M. McDonald, MG
J. P. Durrance Belle H. Williams 16 May 1889 J. M. Sweat, MG
W. O. Drawdy Miss T. W. Trapnall 20 June 1889 W. M. McDonald, MG
W. N. Denham Pattie W. Marshall 27 November 1889 Saml. T. Wilson, MG
Richard Davis Miss Ellen Loveland 14 December 1889 J. K. Nunnelly, Minister
L. Davis (Col.) Crissie Brown 25 December 1889 R. B. Pinkney
S. A. Edwards Miss Aubrey Jackson 12 June 1889 J. M. Hayman, MG
Robert Gammons Miss Anna Allen 17 January 1889 Joseph Sexton, MG
D. W. Gaddie Miss Anna O. Gardiner 13 March 1889 J. M. Hayman, MG
George W. Gaffney Mrs. A. E. O. Carter 14 March 1889 A. T. Williams, NP
J. M. Griffin Miss A. F. Whidden 15 May 1889 P. S. Crosier, MG
E. R. Goddard Miss Ella Fields 7 July 1889 J. M. Hayman, MG
C. B. H. Glover Miss Mary E. Brewer 7 November 1889 H. F. Fortner, OMG
Henry Holmes Miss Carrie McDaniel 23 February 1889 W. M. Boswell, MG
B. F. Hard Miss Bessie Tigner 17 April 1889 B. K. Thrower
Aaron Harday (Col.) Mamie Johnson 1 June 1889 W. A. Blaine, MG
Shade Hancock Miss Isabella Whidden 27 June 1889 D. C. Lancaster, JP
John J. Hooker Miss Annie Swearingen 30 January 1889 W. C. Jordan, MG
J. W. Hill Mrs. H. C. Williams 23 November 1889 J. M. Hayman, MG
John Hays (Col.) Marge Varnes 28 December 1889 R. B. Pinkney
Raven Ivens (Col.) Estell Saddler 21 December 1889 Rev. J. S. Coleman
S. A. Lowman Miss Bessie P. Bates 2 January 1889 B. K. Thrower
John Moore Sallie Oliver 3 March 1889 S. C. Hair
Thomas Moore Miss Lula M. J. Brown 28 March 1889 W. A. Blaine
W. H. Miller Martha A. Stewart 20 March 1889 W. D. Talley, OMG
M. L. McMullen Miss Maggie Colvin 11 June 1889 A. J. Mills, JP
Murdock J. McLeod Mrs. Sallie M. Wiggins 26 June 1889 C. P. Murdock, MG
William G. McClelland Miss Julia Walker 11 August 1889 J. G. McCaskey, MG
John H. McCreight 12 November 1889 W. M. Boswell, MG
A. McFarlane Miss Lillian White 12 December 1889 B. K. Thrower
Aaron D. Osteen Miss Fannie Nesbit 28 March 1889 A. H. Zachry, NP
William Porter (Col.) Lizzie Cooper 4 October 1889 C. L. Wilson, NP
J. W. Ridgdill, Sr. Mrs. Melissa McClelland 10 January 1889 H. S. Miller, MG
James T. Reynolds Miss Adaline L. Crews 15 January 1889 A. J. Mills, JP
J. A. Rankin Miss Magdelene Conway 10 March 1889 Chas. Donovan, JP
Milton W. Rodgers Miss Emma R. Gaines 14 July 1889 J. G. McCaskey, MG
Salvatore Raimondo Miss Elisa Legler 28 November 1889 A. A. Keith, MG
Chas. N. Sutton Miss Rachael Keen 27 January 1889 W. M. Boswell, MG
G. B. Sandley Miss Ida E. Branch 10 February 1889 Saml. G. Hair, Pastor
J. D. Smith Miss M. J. Dalton 3 March 1889 Elias Turner, DD
S. T. Stewart Miss Nancy J. Hatcher 20 June 1889 D. C. Lancaster, JP
Lee Store Flora Colly 27 July 1889 Geo. S. Durrance
Elias Stephens (Col.) Callie McCray 22 August 1889 Geo. W. McClendon
George Sirmans Mary J. Hagins 21 September 1889 R. B. Pinkney
Charlie Sanders (Col.) Maggie Holloman 26 December 1889 W. E. Middleton
S. D. Simmons Miss Cornelia F. Gandy 18 December 1889 J. M. Hayman, MG
Eugene R. Tyner Georgia A. Head 13 December 1889 B. K. Thrower
G. D. Turner Miss Emma Galloway 17 June 1889 C. A. Saunders
J. L. Tison Miss N. M. King 3 November 1889 J. Patterson
Joseph I. Wilson Miss Janie McAulay 19 February 1889 W. S. Atkins
W. T. Whitledge Jessie Morrison 2 March 1889 J. M. Hayman
J. J. Wheeler Miss Mariah Rodgers 9 January 1889 W. W. Bostick
J. E. Wiggins Miss Laura F. Reed 11 June 1889 T. J. McMullen
John R. Walker Miss Hester E. Swain 1 July 1889 W. B. Dye
James O. Whidden Callie J. Branch 12 September 1889 D. C. Lancaster
Irvin Walden Miss Fannie O. Branch 19 September 1889 W. M. McDonald
C. L. Whidden Lillie O. Yeomans 13 October 1889 J. Patterson
Joseph W. Arnold Miss Azeline Mont's DeO'Ca 30 December 1890 V. P. Simmons
W. M. Boswell Mrs. F. H. Wright 2 January 1890 B. K. Thrower
D. P. Blune Miss M. E. Hicks 25 February 1890 G. S. Durrance
L. Brown (Col.) Annie Jones 24 February 1890 G. B. Hill, MG
I. W. Baker Miss Julia M. Acree 12 March 1890 W. Thompson, JP
Enoch P. Bowen Miss Lizzie Turner 12 March 1890 D. S. Stover
W. J. Bryant Miss Martha J. Knowles 24 February 1890 A. A. Keith, MG
Matt Butts (Col.) Janie Howard 19 May 1890 J. S. Coleman
Joseph D. Bryant Mary Etta Collins 21 August 1890 I. A. Vernon
Robert B. Carson Miss Julia Hyres 13 February 1890 V. P. Simmons
Charles W. Coker Miss Susan Arrawood 9 March 1890 G. S. Durrance
John L Carney Miss Lula B. Godwin 25 May 1890 J. M. Hayman
Reubin Crane Mrs. Sabria J. Walker 29 May 1890 E. Turner
W. E. Cumbee Miss Emma Griffin 25 September 1890 R. R. Foote, JP
Samuel D. Cheatham Miss DeLoca Page 31 December 1890 G. Case
William P. Daugherty Miss Mittie J. Odom 26 January 1890 W. M. Boswell
H. A. Davis Lucy M. Overby 30 January 1890 B. K. Thrower
George L. Durrance Miss Ellen L. McLean 16 July 1890 J. M. Sweat
Francis M. Durrance Miss Annie McDowell 23 October 1890 J. W. Carlton
Charles W. Elict Miss Elizabeth H. Webb 19 February 1890 S. T. Wilson
Marian A. Godwin Miss Letitia Nevans 6 March 1890 R. N. Pylant, MG
Sanford M. Gardy Miss Henrietta King 3 April 1890 N. MacReynolds
John D. Gatlin Mrs. Lizzie E. Milam 30 April 1890 Nelson MacReynolds
John D. Garrett Miss Lula L. Zipperer 28 May 1890 B. K. Thrower
Daniel M. Giddains Janette Armstrong 23 December 1890 J. S. Coleman
William Holmes (Col.) Amelia Greene 29 March 1890 R. R. Frederick
Tinney Hankins Ora C. Daniel 22 March 1890 B. K. Thrower
John T. Hollis (Col.) Sophia Brooks 6 July 1890 Peter Swearinge
T. H. Hollingsworth Miss Janie E. Sikes 22 June 1890 Geo. S. Durrance
John S. Hill (Col.) Rebecca Jones 8 September 1890 James Pierpont
Calib Howell (Col.) Susan Edwards 13 September 1890 G. S. Durrance
Charles E. Jones Miss Josie E. Koon 13 February 1890 W. Thompson
B. Johnson (Col.) Maggie Lee 10 February 1890 J. S. Coleman
M. A. Justice Mrs. Matilda Lefiles 20 April 1890 W. D. Talley
Wilson L. Jewell Miss Ethel C.Kelly 10 August 1890 H. Keigwin, MG
Randall Jones (Col.) "Charlie Adams" 12 October 1890 W. M. Simmons
Richard Jones Willie Overbay 5 November 1890 B. K. Thrower
William Johnston Miss Frances Starman 7 December 1890 A. H. Thompson
A. Kreider Mary B. Shackelford 1 January 1890 B. K. Thrower
Horance Lee (Col.) Estella Graham 8 June 1890 J. S. Coleman
E. D. Livingston (Col.) Aimy Simmons 13 September 1890 C. C. Wilson
Thomas J. Mills Miss Iola R. Clayton 6 July 1890 S. T. Wilson
H. D. Mann Miss Mary V. McClelland 23 December 1890 G. S. Durrance
Silas S. Niblack Mary F. Zipprer 15 January 1890 B. K. Thrower, MG
Henry O'Neal Miss F. S. Taylor 26 January 1890 H. F. Fortner, OMG
George L. Poole Miss Lizzie Powell 7 September 1890 W. S. Atkins, NP
German Rymes Matilda Douglas 14 May 1890 Wm. Thompson, JP
Lee M. Reeves Miss Anna Lou Bryan 1 July 1890 George S. Durrance
Henry L. Rockner Miss Phoeba Hultz 3 September 1890 W. C. Jordan, MG
Walter E. Roberts Miss Ava Childs 30 November 1890 T. E. Tiller, MG
Thomas Reyle Martha A. Carlton 11 December 1890 Wm. Thompson, JP
Mannie Sylvester (Col.) Charleston Whitney 14 February 1890 B. K. Thrower
M. E. Church
W. A. Smith (Col.) Mattie Lossen 1 March 1890 G. S. Durrance
County Judge
Oliver Stewart Miss Annie Middleton 1 May 1890 Rev. J. W. Lee
Christ's Church
George W. Sparkman Miss Sarah Bunch 29 May 1890 G. S. Durrance
County Judge
Earnest C. Smith Beulah B. Wilson 7 August 1890 W. C. Jordan, Minister
Matthew Spencer (Col.) Jennie Ivans 17 July 1890 J. S. Coleman, Minister
Green Scott (Col.) Rebecca Cox 4 September 1890 A. J. Mills, JP
Wm. B. Swearingen Miss Laura V. Wilson 30 September 1890 W. C. Jordan, MG
Williams Sammons (Col.) Nettie Wills 23 October 1890 G. W. McClelland
Wesley Turner Oregon Wiggins 2 February 1890 Elias Turner, DD
Lewis Thomas Miss Spicy Underhill 27 February 1890 V. P. Simmons, MG
B. F. Thompson Miss Jennie Smithson 18 August 1890 George Case
Pres. Minister
W. L. Underhill Victoria Monts DeOca 17 April 1890 J. T. Hancock, NP
J. M. Willis Miss Eleanor Ellis 3 April 1890 Elder S. F. Cayce
John J. Whitfield Miss Elvira Sullivan 22 June 1890 V. P. Simmons MG & JP
William Wiley (Col) Julia Griffin 6 July 1890 J. S. Coleman
John Williams (Col) Phillis Picket 30 July 1890 D. Johnson, MG
Grant Williams (Col) Minnie Phelps 24 February 1890 R. W. Ballard
Newton M. Wever Gertie O. Blount 20 August 1890 J. M. Hayman, MG
A. B. Woodham Miss Susan Mann 7 September 1890 J. M. Sweat, MG
Cajah R. Walker Katie Tucker 2 October 1890 S. T. Wilson
Pres. Min.
Profit Wilkison (Col) Ida Williams 20 October 1890 J. B. Biddle, MG
Henry Wingate (Col) Ella France 8 December 1890 G. W. McClendon, MG
James R. Young Miss Josephine Johnson 19 August 1890 H. P. Bailey, NP

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