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This progressive and thriving headquarters of enterprising Englishmen owes its existence to the energy of Piers Elliot Warburton, Esq., who formerly held the honorable rank of Lieutenant in the English navy. Mr. R. W. Hanbury, an Englishman of large estates and income, is the largest property owner. This is to be an English headquarters. Here is located the Florida Mortgage and Investment Company, limited, Mr. Warburton, being the manager, that has unlimited amounts to loan on security, at reasonable rates of interest.

Acton is located on the South Florida Railroad, half way between Kissimmee and Tampa, and one mile east of Lakeland. The town site is quite level, extending between Lakes Bonnie and Parker, two very attractive sheets of water. The streets run from east to west and are crossed by avenues from north to south. Here are very complete saw and planing mills, a hotel and several boarding houses, general merchandise stores, a $2,500 school-house, a post-office and depot, a real estate agency, Mr. Warburton's loan office, and quite a number of pleasant and attractive dwellings, and contracts made for a number of other elegant and substantial structures, the terms offered being very favorable.

C. H. ALLEYNE & CO. (limited) have a very fine new office opposite the depot, do a very extensive real estate business, and furnish and desired information respecting Acton and other parts of South Florida.

[Source: Homeland; a description of the climate, productions, resources, topography, soil, opportunities, attractions, advantages, development and general characteristics of Polk County, Florida. By Sherman Adams, 1885.; Tigner, Tatum & Company, Bartow, Florida. Transcribed by Sheila Pitts Massie, Coordinator.]

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