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The following Bible record was copied from the Albritton Family file at the Polk County Historical Library in Bartow, Florida. It was copied December 14, 1961 by Mrs. G. L. Waring and the original old Bible was in the possession of Mrs. Roberta Oglesby at that time.


Thomas H. Albritton and Frances Waldron July 11, 1838
Nelson Locklair and Lydda Ann Albritton February 21, 1861
William H. Hooker and Charlotte Albritton February 21st, 1861
Wright Carlton and Charlotte Albritton Hooker March 3, 1866
George W. Albritton and Lenora E. Garner October 3rd, 1867
James A. Albritton and Mary F. Ivey February 9th, 1871
Oliver A. Albritton and Caroline E. Ivey February 9th, 1871
Jesse B. Mizell and Frances M. Albritton October 3rd, 1872
Thomas O. Albritton and Georgia A. Coker April 15th, 1875


Thomas H. Albritton 6th of April, 1818
Frances Albritton March 25th, 1821
Lydda Ann Albritton November 18th, 1840
Charlotte Albritton September 30th, 1842
George W. Albritton October 9th, 1844
James A. Albritton July 15th, 1846
Catherine Albritton October 11th, 1848
Oliver A. Albritton December 2nd, 1849
Frances M. Albritton January 6th, 1852
Thomas G. Albritton April 6th, 1854
Mary E. Albritton February 19th, 1856
Ann A. Albritton April 15th, 1859
Arcada M. Albritton March 6th, 1861
Oregon C. Albritton November 19th, 1864
William C. Albritton June 17th, 1877


Frances Albritton September 15th, 1879
Thomas H. Albritton February 19th, 1907


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