Polk County, Florida


1820 - 1897

Archibald Hendry, a son of John and Catherine (McFail) Hendry, was born in Liberty County, Georgia, February 18, 1820. In 1827 he moved with his parents to Lowndes (now Brooks) County, Georgia.

By 1852 Archibald had moved to Hamilton County, Florida, for on March 27th of that year he purchased 40.04 acres of land from the U. S. government, located as follows: the NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Section 17, Township 2 North, Range 14 East for $50.05.

On April 10, 1853, in Hamilton County, he was married to Mary Ann Clardy, daughter of Thomas T. and Anner (Gore) Clardy. She was born March 8, 1835. Archibald and Mary Ann (Clardy) Hendry had the following children:

1. George E. Hendry, born April 20, 1855; died 1897; never married.

2. Archibald A. Hendry, born August 18, 1857; died ____________; married Amy Ann (Cone) Hart.

3. Eloise Hendry, born February 27, 1861; died 1946; married John Frank Bell, June 9, 1878.

4. Celestia Hendry, born December 4, 1862; married James Dickey.

5. Caledonia Hendry, born March 30, 1865; married 1st, John Hugh Addison; married 2nd, Lee Morgan.

6. John Hendry, born March 1867; married twice?

7. William Argyle Hendry, born April 1869; married Bell Montgomery.

8. Annie Hendry, born April 9, 1873; married Joe Spelock.

9. Jessie Hendry, born March 27, 1875; married William Cotton.

Mary Ann Hendry purchased 85 acres located in Section 5, Township 1 North, Range 13 East on October 27, 1853 for $106.25. The patent was dated May 1, 1855.

During the mid-1850's, the Hendrys moved on to Hillsborough County, Florida. During the Third Seminole War, Archibald served in Captain Wm. H. Kendrick's Independent Company, Florida Mounted Volunteers, 5th Servicemdash;6 months, 1858. He enrolled January 12, 1858 at Fort Brooke and was mustered out May 10, 1858 at Fort Brooke. Archibald served as a Private and Farrier.

In the 1860 census for Hillsborough County, nearby neighbors of the Archibald Hendry family include William B. Moody, Mitchell Alderman, G. W. Hendry, and J. D. E. Riggs. Archibald Hendry was a resident of Polk County during the late 1860's for he served as Sheriff of that county from 1868 until 1872. During this period he also served as Collector of Revenue.

Early in January, 1872, the Archibald Hendry family left Polk County and moved across the state, on the old government trail, to Fort Pierce, in Brevard (now St. Lucie) County. The Hendrys drove their herd of cattle along with them. After arriving on the east coast, they settled on the south side of Ten Mile Creek, several miles southwest of Fort Pierce.

Brevard County records show that on January 15, 1873, Archibald Hendry transferred to his son, A. A. Hendry, 20 head of cattle branded (H inside a circle) along with a 3 year old grey horse with bridle, saddle and a yoke of oxen.

On January 18, 1873, he transferred to his eldest son, George E. Hendry, 35 head branded (J E with a line through both) also one iron grey mare, colt 8 months old and one yoke of oxen.

Also on January 18, 1873, Archibald gave his wife, Mary A. Hendry, 20 head branded (H with an arrow through), one bay horse 6 years old, one ox wagon and a yoke of oxen and all household furniture "on the place whereon the said Mary A. Hendry now resides."

Archibald Hendry applied for bounty land based upon his Indian War service in an application dated March 1, 1875. The claim was rejected because his service had been after March 3, 1855 and was not covered by the statute. On October 26, 1885 he again applied for bounty land.

Archibald Hendry and family are shown on the 1880 and 1885 censuses for Brevard County, Florida. A deed dated June 27, 1887, recorded in Brevard County, shows that Archibald Hendry received 159.55 acres from the Internal Improvement Fund of Florida. The land was located as follows: the N 1/2 of the SE 1/4, the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4, and the NE 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of Section 26, Township 35 South, Range 39 East.

On March 17, 1893, Archibald applied for an invalid pension from the U. S. Government based upon his Indian War service. He stated that he had contracted "rheumatism from hardships and exposure incident to the service." He gave his occupation as farmer and his post office address as Fort Pierce, Brevard County, Florida. His personal description was age 73 years, height 6 feet, complexion fair, hair black, eyes blue. In an affidavit dated July 27, 1893, Hendry stated that he was "loyal to the U. S. Government during the late rebellion of the Southern States. I never served in the Rebel Army. I never held any office under nor aided in any way the late Confederate Government and I did not vote for secession." U. S. Archives records show that the pension application was abandoned, probably because of Archibald's death.

Archibald Hendry died June 16, 1897 at Fort Pierce, Florida. His widow, Mary Ann, appears on the 1900 census for Brevard County living with her son, Archibald A. Hendry.

On August 5, 1902, Mary Ann Hendry applied for an Indian War widow's pension. She stated that since the death of her husband she had resided at Fort Pierce, Florida and the "last year at Cutler, Dade County, Florida." On the date of application she was residing at Fort Pierce. The pension was approved and she received payments until her death. Mary Ann (Clardy) Hendry died November 5, 1920.

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