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The friends in this city of Mr. John Daffin will regret to learn of his death which occurred at Thomasville on Monday afternoon. Mr. Daffin had been living in Lakeland, Florida for several months, and about a week since became ill with fever. He was removed to Thomasville, his former home on Sunday and died on the following day. The funeral took place Tuesday. Mr. Daffin lived in this city some two years ago, being connected with the Bon Air Hotel. He is a brother of Miss Mary Daffin of this city and is well known here.

[Source: Bainbridge Search Light, Nov. 4, 1904 -- Page 1.

Transcribed and submitted by Sheila Pitts Massie


Tampa, Nov. 1—A shocking tragedy occurred here yesterday morning ??? Lyman Wing, the 12 year old son of former Mayor Frank L. Wing, met his death by the acidental (sic) discharge of a shotgun in his own hands. Young Wing rose shortly after day light and went out to the chicken yard with the gun, stating to his family that he intended killing the chicken hawk which had been hoving around the place for several days. He had mounted a box and was waiting for the hawk, having loaded the gun, when, in some unknown manner the weapon fell from his hands and was discharged, the trigger catching on the corner of the box. The load entered the boy's heart, causing instant death. The lad was a general favorite in ??? and his tragic and untimely death has caused widespread sorrow. The funeral was conducted this morning from the First Presbyterian church

Source: The Lakeland Evening Telegram, November 1, 1911, Image 1; The Lakeland Evening Telegram. (Lakeland, Fla.) 1911-1922.


Just as we go to press news was brought to the city of the death of Mr. H. McInnis, who was found dead in the woods near Pauway about 10 o'clock this morning. His death occurred some time yesterday morning, as when last seen he was going to the station to take the train for Lakeland. When found, he was lying on his face in the road, all indications pointint to the fact that he had been dead about 24 hours. The funeral will occur at Medulla tomorrow. at Mudelo tomorrow. (sic) It is not known what was the cause of Mr. McInnis' death, but it is supposed to be heart failure. He was seen in Lakeland Monday in apparent good health and his death comes as a great shock to his family and friends.

Source: The Lakeland Evening Telegram, November 1, 1911, Image 1; The Lakeland Evening Telegram. (Lakeland, Fla.) 1911-1922.


Mrs. D. A. McRae passed away at her home in this city Saturday night after an illness of several months, having come to Lakeland for her health over a year ago. Mrs. McRae was the sister of Mr. P. B. Haynes, of this city, and was a lovable Christian woman. To know her was to love her, and although confined to her home during the greater part of her residence here, she made many friends who deeply sympathize with the bereaved in their hour of sorrow. Besides her brother, Mrs. McRae is mourned by a devoted husband, three daughters and a son. The body was accompanied back to the old home at McRae, Ga. by Mr. McRae, Miss Alice McRae and Mrs. P. B. Haynes. The Angle Undertaking company were in charge of the funeral arrangements.

Source: The Lakeland Evening Telegram, November 1, 1911, Image 1; The Lakeland Evening Telegram. (Lakeland, Fla.) 1911-1922.


William Samuel, the eleven months' old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Pillans died Sundday night, after an illness of several weeks of cholera infantum. The little body was taken to Orlando where funeral services were held by the Presbyterian minister and interment made. The family have the deepest sympathy of the community in their great sorrow.

Source: The Lakeland Evening Telegram, November 1, 1911, Image 1; The Lakeland Evening Telegram. (Lakeland, Fla.) 1911-1922.


C. C. Brian, Stricken with Heart, Trouble While in Boat

While fishing Saturday afternoon on Lake Parker, C. C. Brian, of Salem, Ohio, sustained a stroke of heart failure and fell from the boat into the water, being dead when picked up about ten minutes later. It was thought at first to be a case of drowning, but Dr. Bevis, who was on the scene shortly after the accident occurred, stated that no water had entered the body and the man must, therefore, have been dead when he fell from the boat. This opinion was further substantiated by the fact that when rescuers reached the man his body was floating near the surface of the water.

F. R. Shepherd, C. H. Autrey, F. E. Moss and others were near the dock at the time, and their attention was attracted to Mr. Brian by his cry for help, the next instant his body plunging overboard. Boats were put out immediately and within ten minutes after the accident occurred his body was ashore and every means of rususcitation was used, but to no avail, as his death probably had been almost instantaneous. Salem, Ohio, and aftershrdletaoislu (evidently a typo)

Mr. Brian came to Lakeland during the summer from Salem, Ohio, and after about six weeks' stay here he went over to Cuba, and had only returned last Wednesday. He was stopping at the Matanzas hotel and when leaving there about 2 o'clock for the lake, was in high spirits and apparently in good health. The accident occurred about an hour later.

The body was taken to the undertaking establishment of L. W. Cowdery where it remained until the arrival of a brother of the deceased, who reached the city last night, and who accompanied the remains to Salem this morning. Deceased was a man about 35 years of age and was unmarried. He was of genial disposition and pleasing manners, and those who knew him here were very favorably impressed with him.

Source: The Lakeland Evening Telegram, November 1, 1911, Image 1; The Lakeland Evening Telegram. (Lakeland, Fla.) 1911-1922.


Tampa, Nov. 3, - Selye Brooks, twenty-seven years old, a poultry farmer, died at his home at Culbreath's Beach near Port Tampa at 6 o'clock yester morning from tuberculosis. The remains were shipped this morning to Lakeland by Undertakers Gooding & Smith, and funeral services and interment will be held in Lakeland this afternoon. The deceased has two sisters in Lakeland but has, so far as known, no relatives in Tampa.

Source: The Lakeland Evening Telegram, November 3, 1911, Image 1; The Lakeland Evening Telegram. (Lakeland, Fla.) 1911-1922.


Plant City, Nov. 3. —(Special)- John Aiken, a man little known herre, died at 11 o'clock tonight as the result of a severe blow administered earlier in the evening. He had been hit in the back of the head. Apparently a blunt instrument was employed in the attack.

Aiken was found at the rear of the C. M. Sparkman saloon at 8 p. m. Three hours later he died. He was unconscious when found and never regained consciousness; therefore was unable to throw any light on who assaulted him. he was attended by Drs. Young, Alsobrook and Knight. There is no clue to the identity of his assailant and apparently no motive for the crime. Aiken smelled strongly of liquor when found. He was about forty years old and had been in Plant City two days.

Source: The Lakeland Evening Telegram, November 4, 1911, Image 1; The Lakeland Evening Telegram. (Lakeland, Fla.) 1911-1922.

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