English Family Bible


Cornelius W. English was borned September 5th, 1847

Mary M. English was borned April 26th, 1861.

Claudis English was borned January 11th, 1881.

James English was borned June 20th, 1882.

Abigail English was borned May 7th, 1884.

Anner English was borned August 29th, 1886.

Maggie English was borned May 5th, 1889.

Pearl English was borned November 3rd, A. D. 1891.

Washington English was borned September 13, 1893.


Cornelius W. English and Mary M. Hooker was married July 11th, 1878.

C. W. English and M. C. Bell was married September 19, 1912.


Claudius English died March 29th, 1883.

Mrs. Mary Matilda English died November 19, 1897.

Above Bible record was found at the Polk County Historical Library. Note states that the Bible was owned and now in possession of Cornelius Washington English, living near Fort Meade-Brewster Highway between Shade Hancock home place and home place of Jesse Harney Durrance in 2-32-24. Copied by Lillian Carpenter on August 8th, 1938. Bible was published in New York by American Bible Society in 1884.


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