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In 1948, the Bartow Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution compiled an index to the first three volumes of the marriage records of Polk County. The following listing of marriages from Marriage License Book "A" came from that index which is at the Polk County History Library at Bartow, Florida.

John Allen Miss Bertha Potter 19 January 1891 T. C. Potter, MG
John A. Adams Mary J. Luke 22 January 1891 D. C. Lancaster, JP
A. J. Arnold Miss Minnie Waters 17 December 1891 W. W. Davis, MG
J. C. Ballard Miss Lola E. Proctor 29 January 1891 Elias Turner, DD
Howard Booth Miss Birdie O. Pearce 14 January 1891 B. K. Thrower
Pastor, Mecs
B. B. Blount Miss Amelia E. Kesler 6 March 1891 B. K. Thrower
Alvin Burson Alpha D. Harden 15 July 1891 George Case
Pres. Min.
Alexander J. Black Miss Mary E. Holloway 20 September 1891 T. R. Caddin, MG
Charles A. Berry Miss Forelender Brown 20 October 1891 B. K. Thrower
P. H. Blackshear (Col.) Mary F. Golden 22 November 1891 G. W. McLendon, MG
Clifford T. Bartlett Mrs. Mamie H. Turner 23 December 1891 S. T. Thompson, MG
J. W. Bennett Miss Lanie Driggers 22 December 1891 S. B. Black, MG
David T. Brown Mrs. Emily A. Brown 24 December 1891 John Patterson, NP
Artemus Cumbee Miss Emlia Lewis 14 June 1891 L. M. Ballard, JP
John Canady (Col.) Hattie Rodney 19 November 1891 Max Reif, NP
Thomas J. Clemons Miss Callie D. Altman 24 December 1891 James W. Futch, OMG
James J. Durham Miss Mary Purvis 29 March 1891 George S. Durrance
Corry Davis (Col.) Hattie J. Honors 30 July 1891 Jos. Sexton, MG
J. B. Dickey Edith Rawson 26 July 1891 R. R. Foote, JP
Felix Dixon (Col.) Judie Hollis 19 August 1891 G. W. McLendon
Paul H. Evans Louise Antone 28 January 1891 George S. Durrance
Nelson Erven (Col.) Willie McKnab 1 September 1891 J. A. Quarterman, MG
J. B. L. Fortner Miss Meddie Driggers 15 January 1891 T. J. McMullen, OMG
Joshua F. Forbes (Col.) Ida Jones 17 August 1891 W. A. Paine, Minister
Kelly Falkner Miss Lizzie Hayes 27 December 1891 John T. Waters, MG
Thomas Firman (Col.) Clara Mathias 24 December 1891 G. W. McLendon, MG
Jesse M. Griffin Miss Ella L. Whidden 1 April 1891 R. R. Foote, JP
George W. Godwin Miss Nancy Powell 14 May 1891 Elias Turner, MG
John Gustafson Josephine Bowen 18 June 1891 George S. Durrance
Perry B. Gaffney Miss Lanie A. Gandy 18 June 1891 George S. Durrance
W. H. Green Miss Annie Prine 6 September 1891 James Tucker, NP
E. L. Haggard Miss Venie Sellers 24 January 1891 W. S. Atkins, NP
Frank Hyres Miss Mary P. Davis 22 February 1891 W. S. Atkins, NP
Wm. H. Hall Miss Annie L. Deitrick 11 March 1891 George S. Durrance
J. H. Hatcher Miss Mary Dooley 25 March 1891 A. A. Keith, MG
Jerry J. Hart (Col.) Annie Alexander 8 July 1891 J. G. McCashey
W. D. Harp Miss Ollie Bryant 11 October 1891 J. W. Powell, MG
R. S. Johnson Annie Tillis 31 May 1891 Wm. Thompson
John H. Johnson (Col.) Emma Goss 25 July 1891 G. W. McLendon
Thomas W. Kersey Miss Augustus Fortner 26 March 1891 George S. Durrance
Henry Legler M. E. Stewart 25 February 1891 A. A. Keith, MG
J. M. Lanier Miss Lula R. Williams 22 January 1891 A. A. Keith, MG
J. C. Longworth (Col.) Virginia Clyatt G. W. McLendon
Jefferson Lee Miss Mary J. Sherrouse 8 October 1891 W. M. Boswell
C. B. Lane Miss Drucilla Faircloth 16 December 1891 T. J. McMullen
Solomon McClelland Miss Alice Monts De O'Ca 4 January 1891 Wm. W. Davis, MG
J. M. Mitchell (Col.) Rosetta Stewart 23 February 1891 George S. Durrance
J. C. Munroe Miss Edna A. Hilliard 22 February 1891 J. M. Hayman
James F. McDaniel Miss Aria A. Baxley 12 March 1891 R. R. Foote, JP
James F. Mann Miss Nancy S. Holland 21 May 1891 J. G. McCaskey
Louis N. Milam Sadie K. Hatfield 9 June 1891 B. K. Thrower
R. D. Moore Miss Annie Cox 30 June 1891 A. A. Keith, MG
Hugh Orr Mary E. Walker 9 June 1891 B. K. Thrower
W. E. H. Orme Miss Pency Wiggins 28 June 1891 Elias Turner
June Porter (Col.) Mollie Tony 19 October 1891 J. G. McCaskey
Robert L. Rogers Laura E. Smith 18 June 1891 B. K. Thrower
C. A. Reynolds Mary L. Jerkins 19 November 1891 A. H. Zachry, NP
Henry M. Smith Miss Rena Phillips 19 January 1891 George S. Durrance
William Span (Col.) Fannie King 22 January 1891 A. J. Mills, JP
J. C. Sloan Miss Hattie Toney 26 February 1891 A. E. Householder
George Singletary (Col.) Nellie Johnson 4 May 1891 P. C. Jackson, MG
Joseph L. Skipper Miss Minnie E. Nunnelly 7 May 1891 B. K. Thrower
John F. Snelson "Joseph N. Redding" 27 May 1891 J. W. H. Powell
John Surrency Miss Delia Rimer 19 March 1891 H. Padgett
A. S. Stuart (Col.) Annie Curry 21 June 1891 L. M. Ballard, JP
W. B. Simpson Miss Minnie Flowers 14 July 1891 B. K. Thrower
William C. Spratt Miss Mary Monts De O'Ca 10 August 1891 W. W. Davis, MG
John F. Smith Rachael B. Douglas 23 August 1891 George S. Durrance
L. A. Shearer Miss Lula Moore 6 September 1891 Rev. W. H. Parker
John H. Smith Mrs. Fannie O'Stein 25 September 1891 George S. Durrance
Joseph Shimer Miss Lucinda Creel 15 October 1891 C. H. Nash, MG
Lewis M. Sadlette (Col.) Mary F. Wilson 5 November 1891 Wm. Thompson
M. F. Silas Miss Lula C. Yeomans 21 December 1891 George S. Durrance
Harry C. Sloan Romie McMullen 23 December 1891 S. T. Thompson
Wm. B. Taylor Miss Myra Armstrong 1 October 1891 J. R. Edwards, MG
J. M. Timberlake Miss Samantha Pipkin 25 October 1891 J. C. Boydston
J. H. Waters Miss Sallie Whidden 28 February 1891 George S. Durrance
Nathan N. Walker Martha G. Dooley 21 May 1891 Elias Turner
Harry Wiggins Miss Tabitha Harrelson 25 October 1891 A. A. Keith, MG
Joseph Wetherington Miss Hattie Bunkley 27 December 1891 E. Z. Hull, MG
Watson D. Yonally Miss Maggie M. Bryson 25 April 1891 P. S. Crosier
Lewis W. Yarnell Alice E. Young 22 August 1891 B. K. Thrower
Joshua Browning Miss Olive Sullivan 25 February 1892 V. P. Simmons, MG
Alfred E. Bobbett Miss Ethel L. Moss 23 May 1892 Wm. Thompson, JP
Frank C. Bowyer Miss Lula I. Baldrink 30 June 1892 J. C. Shaw, MG
George W. Bennett Miss Dora Holcomb 17 July 1892 J. M. Hayman, MG
Elwood J. Browning Miss Maude A. Howard 15 September 1892 J. M. Stansfield, NP
John M. Belk Alice Leonard 21 September 1892 J. M. Hayman, MG
J. M. Boatwright Mary F. Green 22 September 1892 J. M. Hayman, MG
Carroll M. Boxley May B. Taylor 4 December 1892 J. G. McCasley
Louis W. Cowdery Miss Florence V. Barlow 17 January 1892 J. H. Weddell, MG
John W. Creel Miss Annie E. Smith 20 January 1892 George S. Durrance
James M. Carroll Miss Nancy Wammuch 11 February 1892 S. B. Black, MG
Earl W. Crawford Emma E. Chapman 17 March 1892 I. A. Vernon, MG
James R. Curley (Col.) Charlote DeLifus 20 May 1892 George S. Durrance
Harman Carrall Sarah Lewis 19 May 1892 J. G. McCaskey
Frank Cook (Col.) Laura Cooper 16 June 1892 J. A. Quarterman
Henry Cumbee Beulah Whidden 3 July 1892 A. H. Zackry, NP
W. H. Carney Exaline McClellan 11 August 1892 J. W. Carlton
Joseph Cumbee Miss Alice Acree 27 August 1892 R. R. Foote, JP
John Christian (Col.) Julia McLeod 7 September 1892 G. W. McClendon, MG
Martin V. Campbell Georgiann S. McKinney 31 December 1892 George S. Durrance
County Judge
W. C. Deeson Martha E. Reynolds 6 January 1892 D. S. Stover
Frank P. Day Libbie E. Gardiner 21 January 1892 C. H. Nash
John I. Dampier Ella L. Pollard 1 May 1892 H. F. Fortner, OMG
James Daniels (Col.) Bamma Locke 12 August 1892 C. L. Wilson, NP
Samuel J. Davis (Col.) Matilda Shavers 23 August 1892 W. C. Vesta, MG
Henry Dixon Miss Lelia Clark 22 November 1892 G. S. Durrance
Thomas Dormany Julia Testen 22 November 1892 G. S. Durrance
W. W. Ellis Mattie L. Riggins 11 September 1892 G. W. Raby, MG
Charlie C. M. Fortner Miss Nora White 14 April 1892 T. J. McMullen, OMG
Augustus R. Granger (Col.) Jane LaMotte 19 July 1892 W. C. Vesta
William F. Garner Martha C. Durrance 10 November 1892 I. A. Redd, MG
John T. Holloway Miss Doley Watson 27 January 1892 G. S. Durrance
Peter J. Hastings Mrs. Susan Bailey 4 April 1892 G. S Durrance
Gideon Hayes Mrs. Candacy Morrison 4 May 1892 G. S. Durrance
Charles L. Hobbs Jessie J. Derieux 27 December 1892 Caleb E. Jones
Richard Jenkins (Col.) Ola Wright 4 February 1892 G. W. McClendon, MG
Samuel James Mary C. Byrd 12 April 1892 Elias Turner
John Jackson (Col.) Mary Drawdy 28 April 1892 Peter Gant
Albert Jackson (Col.) Mary A. Jackson 29 September 1892 S. W. Cunningham
R. Knellinger Edith M. Fernald 24 April 1892 E. G. McKinley
Joseph T. Kennedy (Col.) Alice Dowdle 16 May 1892 Wm. Thompson, JP
Lee B. Kemp Rosetta Gill 1 July 1892 C. H. Nash, MG
William P. Link Jessie Flowers 27 January 1892 W. F. Yocum, MG
W. R. Langford Annie L. Singletary 2 March 1892 J. W. Carlton


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