Pearce Family Bible

Thomas C. Pearce, born May 8th, 1840 - died November 27, 1885 at Bartow, Florida.

Elizabeth C. Weeks, born March 29th, 1845 - died July 1st, 1873.

Minnie M. C. Pearce, born July 15th, 1866 in Polk County, Florida.

Emory L. Pearce, born November 29, 1869 - died January 29, 1886 at Bartow, Florida.

Susan J. Richardson, born March 29th, 1844 Marshall County, Tennessee.

Thomas C. Pearce and Elizabeth C. Weeks was married February 9, 1862 in Polk County.

Thomas C. Pearce and Susan J. Richardson was married February 27, 1877 at Orlando.

Above Bible record was copied by Lillian R. Carpenter, February 14, 1937 from an old family register written by and the property of Thomas Coke Pearce and then in the possession of his daughter, Mrs. Minnie P. Brown of Bartow, Florida. Printed in Philadelphia by A. J. Holman and Co. in 1876.


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