The original old Minute Book "B" is at the Polk County Historical Library in Bartow. These abstracts were taken from it. The records begin on page 25.

Page 25: December 2, 1861 at R. R. BLOUNT'S old store. Petition of ELIZABETH MAGUIRE AND STREATY PARKER to apply for letters of administration on the estate of SHERRARD B. MAGUIRE who died intestate on 18th November 1861. L. W. CORNELIUS, Judge of Probate.

Page 26: 2 December 1861. NATHAN S. BLOUNT, JOHN DAVIDSON & W. B. VARN are appraisers on estate of SHERARD B. MCGUIRE.

Page 27: Inventory of THOMAS W. HILL, late of Hillsborough County, taken by FRANCIS M. DURRANCE, admr. 2 December 1857.

Page 30: List of goods, chattels and effects of SAM'L BAXLEY, decd., as taken by JOHN W. WADE, JOSIAH VARN, JACOB J. BLOUNT, appraisers. R. R. BLOUNT, admr. 7 August 1861.

Page 36: List of goods, chattels and effects of SHERRARD B. McGUIRE, decd. 12 December 1861

Page 39: List of sales of the estate of SHERRARD B. McGUIRE. 13 January 1862.

Page 42: Estate of SILAS L. McCLELLAND. J. SUMMERLIN, READDING BLOUNT, W. D. K. POLLARD appointed appraisers 5 September 1862. S. E. E. McCLELLAND and JAMES HAMBLETON, admrs. J. J. BLOUNT, Clerk CCC of Polk.

Page 44: Estate of WRIGHT ADAMS. Inventory by STREATY PARKER and ELI ENGLISH, appraisers, 3 November 1862. R. R. BLOUNT, admr.

Page 46: Estate of JOHN GREEN. ELI ENGLISH, admr. Inventory by appraisers JOHN McAULEY & LEVI PEARCE. 13 June 1863.

Page 48: List of the appraisement and property of JOHN I. HOOKER taken by JOHN E. FEWEL & F. M. DURRANCE with the assistance of LEWIS LANIER, admr. 10 December 1864.

Page 50: Dower to SPICEY WHIDDON wife of BENNETT WHIDDON, decd, comrising 1/3 of personal estate. 4 June 1866. County Commissioners A. P WEEKS, R. R. BLOUNT, CAREY P. WEEKS, W. D. K. POLLARD.

Page 52: Pursuant to an order from the hon. Judge of Probate of and for said county, I have sold by public auction a remanent of the perishable property belonging to estate of JOHN I. HOOKER. LEWIS LANIER, admr. Buyers: WILLIAM ROLLERSON, J. T. WILSON, WILLIAM ALLEN, J. ROCKNER. 13 January 1866.

Page 57: Estate of BENNETT WHIDDON. List of goods & chattels, money & effects inventoried by S. M. CHANDLER, D. S. GARNER, WILLIAM UNDERHILL, admr. 1 March 1864.

Page 58: Inventory of the estate of JACOB E. DRIGGERS, decd. by S. M. CHANDLER, D. S. LANIER appraisers with the assistance of WILLIAM H. WILLINGHAM, admr. 1 March 1864.

Page 59: Selling a part of the perishable property belonging to the estate of TOM UNDERHILL by W. UNDERHILL, admr. 15 May 1865.

Page 60: Selling a part of the perishable property belonging to the estate of SIMON P. SMITH, decd. ROBERT A. WILKISON, admr. CLARRISSA SMITH, admx. 10 February 1866.

Page 64: Sold at public auction the entire goods & chattels of JACOB E. DRIGGERS, decd. W. H. WILLINGHAM, admr. 10 June 1864.

Page 65: Sale of property of the estate of BENNETT WHIDDON. WILLIAM UNDERHILL, admr. 15 March 1866. Buyers: SOLOMON GODWIN, WILLIAM ALLEN, J. M. PEARCE, J. ROCKNER, J. R. DURRANCE, J. DAVIDSON.

Page 66: We, the undersigned commissioners appointed by the probate court to give a true division of the property of JOHN I. HOOKER, laid off to Mrs. ROCKNER, wife of said deceased, as her dower, 1/3 of whole estate. 5 January 1865. Commissioners: W. H. DURRANCE, W. R. HOLLINGSWORTH, READDING BLOUNT, A. P. WEEKS, R. R. BLOUNT.

Page 67: List of goods, chattels, money & effects of WILLIAM CARNEY, decd. J. M. PEARCE, admr. A. E. CARNEY, admx. 8 March 1866. F. A. HENDRY, SOLOMON GODWIN, J. C. ROCKNER, appraisers.

Page 68: Division of estate of THOMAS UNDERHILL. 1/7 or child's part to widow, ELIZABETH UNDERHILL as her dower. Commissioners: N. S. BLOUNT, W. B. VARN, A. P. WEEKS, W. R. HOLLINGSWORTH. 22 January 1866.

Page 69: JULIUS C. ROCKNER & CUTHBERT W. ROCKNER, guardians of LOUIS W. HOOKER, MARY ELLEN HOOKER & JOHN JACKSON HOOKER, infant children of JOHN I. HOOKER maker return to probate court. 1 July 1867.

Page 70: E. A. CARNEY wife of WILLIAM CARNEY, decd., given dower of 1/3 of estate. ROBERT WILKISON, sheriff. Commissioners: CAREY P. WEEKS, ASHLEY P. WEEKS, W. H. DURRANCE, JEHU J. BLOUNT. 8 June 1867.

Page 71: Sale of property of estate of WILLIAM CARNEY. J. M. PEARCE, admr. 29 June 1867. Buyers: WILLIAM H. PEARCE, ELIZ. CARNEY, J. M. PEARCE, LEVI PEARCE, TOM C. PEARCE, CHRISTOPHER PEARCE.

Page 72: List of property of estate of JOSEPH VARN, decd., taken by N. S. BLOUNT, J. M. HAYMAN under supervision of G. W. HENDRY, admr. 6 October 1866.

Page 74: Property of estate of JOSIAH (also shown as JOSEPH) VARN sold at public outcry 15 December 1866. G. W. HENDRY, admr. V. M. VARN, admx. Buyers: R. WILKISON, J. T. WILSON, R. N. PILANT, JOHN DAVIDSON, F. S. SEWARD, N. S. BLOUNT, G. W. HENDRY, W. B. VARN, T. C. PEARCE, J. B. CRUM. J. M. HAYMAN, Z. G. SEWARD, WILLIAM HARRIS.

Page 75: At a commission to set off the dower or child's part of the estate of JOSEPH VARN, decd. September 21, 1867. Commissioners: JOHN McAULEY, J. T. WILSON, J. M. HAYMAN, DANL STANFORD, Y. L. McKINNEY.

Page 76: List of the appraisement of the goods and chattels of JAMES L. FLATCHER, decd. as taken by J. HAMILTON, G. W. GANDY, & W. M. BOWEN with the assistance of THOMAS E. WILLIAMS, admr. November 25, 1867.

Page 77: Public auction of goods and chattels belonging to estate of JAMES L. FLATCHER. December 16, 1867. Buyers: JAMES GIBBONS, JOHN DAVIDSON, JOHN FUTCH, W. H. JOHNSON, J. W. TANNER, T. E. WILLIAMS, J. SHIRLEY, ROBERT HAYS, W. POLLARD, G. W. GANDY, C. W. DEASON.

Page 78: List of the appraisement of the goods, chattels, money and effects of JORDAN HANDCOCK late of the County of Polk as taken by JESSE H. DURRANCE, JAMES L. WHIDDEN and under the supervision of JAMES T. HANDCOCK, admr. December 18, 1867.

Page 79: To JESSE H. DURRANCE, JAMES L. WHITTON & IRWIN DAVIS, you are hereby authorized to set apart for MARTHA J. HANDCOCK, widow of the late JORDAN HANDCOCK, her dower consisting of 1/3 of the real and personal property of the estate. December 16, 1867. ROBERT WILKISON, sheriff. JOHN DAVIDSON, Judge of Probate.

Page 80: Sales of JORDAN HANDCOCK'S estate by public auction on January 4, 1868. Buyers: U. R. DURRANCE, J. M. MANLEY, HENRY HANCOCK, J. M. McAULY, IRWIN DAVIS, J. HANCOCK.

Page 81: List of the appraisement of the goods, chattels, money and effects of WILLIAM P. RODGERS as taken by THOMAS L. McKENNEY and JAMES I. LEWIS under the supervision of W. R. HOLLINGSWORTH, admr. December 21, 1867.

Page 82: Sale of the real estate belonging to the estate of SIMON P. SMITH, decd. Buyers: P. O. KEEN, W. D. K. POLLARD, W. H. DURRANCE. ROBERT WILKISON, admr. January 21, 1867.

Page 83: Inventory and appraisement of the goods & chattels, rights & credits of Z. G. SEWARD, decd. Apprs: R. N. PYLAND, A. P. WEEKS, B. F. BLOUNT. January 31, 1868.

Page 85: Inventory of the goods, chattels, money and accounts of the estate of AMERICUS V. MANN, decd as taken under the supervision of GEORGIA E. MANN, executrix. August 10, 1869. Apprs: ROBERT WILKISON, R. R. BLOUNT, J. F. GRANGER, B. F. BLOUNT.

Page 86: List of the goods, chattels, money and effects of JAMES M. ROBERTS, decd as taken by J. H. THOMAS, J. L. FORTNER & IRWIN DAVIS, appraisers, under the supervision of JAMES A. FORTNER, executor. August 26, 1869.

Page 87: List of the goods & chattels, money & effects of ISHAM CREWS, decd, as taken by ROBERT WILKINSON, DANL STANFORD & J. M. SWEAT appraisers under the supervision of JAMES HAMBLETON, executor. October 14, 1870

Page 88: List of the appraisement of STEPHEN HOLLINGSWORTH, late of the county of Polk, decd, as taken by W. H. WHEELER, H. L. LANAIR and NOAH WHEELER under the supervision of W. R. HOLLINGSWORTH, admr. April 8, 1871. T. F. GRANGER, Judge of County Court. JOHN DAVIDSON, Clerk of Probate Court.

Page 89: JOHN FUTCH, decd. List of the goods and chattels of said deceased as taken by JESSE KEEN, JOHN B. ROLLERSON & W. H. WHEELER, appraisers, under the supervision of C. W. DEESON, executor. April 28, 1871.

Page 90: Estate of JOHN A. ANDERSON, decd. GARRETT MURPHY, WILLIAM PEARCE, GEORGE T. DURRANCE, HOMER SURRENCY, MILTON SURRENCY, appraisers. True and perfect list of all the property appraised and set aside as dower of CORNELIA ANDERSON, widow of JOHN A. ANDERSON. June 15, 1876. J. ASHLEY FORTNER, County Judge.

Page 92: Inventory and appraisement of the estate of JOHN A. ANDERSON, SR. January 10, 1876. Appraisers: JAMES M. KEEN, GEORGE T. DURRANCE, IRA LUNN, GARRETT MURPHY.

Page 93: Inventory of the property appraised and set aside for the use of widow and orphans of John A. ANDERSON late of Polk County, dec'd. Appraisers: James M. KEEN, George T. DURRANCE, Ira LUNN, Garrett MURPHY, Cornelia ANDERSON, admx. 10 January 1876.

Page 94: List of property sold at admx's sale on 19 June 1876 on estate of John A. ANDERSON.

Page 95: Inventory of Isaiah J. BYRD, Sr.'s property exempt from forced sale under any process of law. Appraisers: G. W. McCLELLAND, Isam WALKER, J. W. RIDGDILE. 18 November 1875.

Page 96: Inventory of the estate of Dr. G. Y. T. SMITH, decd. 15 February 1876. Appraisers: James H. JOHNSON, Irwin DAVIS, Seborn A. SMITH. G. F. SMITH, admr.

Page 97: Estate of Dr. Daniel STANFORD - Inventory and appraisement of real and personal property belonging to estate of Dr. Daniel STANFORD late of Polk County, decd. (no date). Appraisers: W. B. VARN, P. 0. KEEN, J. J. BUNCH. W. T. CARPENTER, adm.

Page 99: Inventory of the estate of J. F. BROWN decd. Apprs: J. H. THOMAS, John ARNOLD, Rachael BROWN, admx. Admitted to probate 5 June 1878. J. A. FORTNER, County Judge.

Page 99: List of property: household & kitchen, furniture, provisions, clothing, etc. set aside for the use and benefit of the widow and orphans of J. F. BROWN, decd. (no date).

Page 101: Ft. Meade, Fla. 28 Aug 1877. Inventory of the estate of J. C. ROCKNER, decd.

Page 103: Inventory of estate of Robert LEWIS, decd. 13 Oct. 1877. Inventory made by Jane S. LEWIS (no title given).

Page 104: Inventory of estate of W. R. HOLLINGSWORTH. Appraised on 4 January 1881. Apprs. John McAULY, Lewis E. GREEN; John W. HOLLINGSWORTH, adm. Recorded 11 July 1881. Ben F. BLOUNT, County Judge.

Page 105: Inventory of appraisement - estate of Harmon GASKINS - Asa GASKINS, curator. Appraisement by J. W. BRYANT & John HARRIS made on 20 July 1881. Recorded 1 August 1881. Ben F. BLOUNT, County Judge.

Page 106: Inventory and appraisement of estate of Readding BLOUNT on 10 December 1880. Apprs: George R. FORTNER, M. G. FORTNER, C. E. FORTNER. Payton MERRITT and Lecy Ann MERRITT, adms. Inventory included one promissory note on Jno. M. COLLINS and Lecy Ann BLOUNT now Lecy Ann MERRITT.

Page 107: Dower to widow of W. R. HOLLINGSWORTH, decd. We the undersigned commissioners and sheriff of County of Polk and State of Florida appointed in accordance with law to set off 1/3 part of the lands, tenements and hereditaments of which W. R. HOLLINGSWORTH died ceased as a dower to be assigned to the widow and also 1/3 of personal property. 6 August 1881. Commissioners: Jno. McAULEY, R. N. PYLANT, Acholle DEVENEAU, C. C. GRESHAM, sheriff.

Page 108: Inventory of appraisement of the goods, chattles, etc. of J. H. VERDIER, deceased. 4 October 1881 Appraisers: Thomas C. PEARCE and G. F. SMITH

Page 109: C. L. MITCHELL, guardian. 5 December 1881 to William MANSFIELD minor heir of W. H. MANSFIELD, deceased Received of J. C. SHEPHARD administrator of estate of W. W. SHEPHARD

Page 110: Inventory of the estate of J. H. TYRE (no date) Appraisers: G. F. SMITH, S. H. PAGE

Page 112: Inventory of the property belonging to minor heirs of the estate of Readding BLOUNT. Payton and Lecy MERRETT appointed guardians. 27 March 1882

Page 113: Deputy sheriff, W. R. TRASK, set aside a dower for Mrs. M. A. C. BLOUNT including 1/3 of land owned by N. S. BLOUNT, deceased. 1 February 1881. Commissioners: C. C. GRESHAM, Stephen J. PEARCE, Hiram D. BALLARD, Thomas C. PEARCE. Recorded 8 May 1882.

Page 115: Dower of Nancy J. TISON 7 June 1882 1/3 of personal property and real estate of Cornelius J. TISON late of Polk County. C. C. GRESHAM, sheriff. Commissioners: John McAULY, Louis PARKER, J. F. SHERMAN, W. H. WALLACE, L. E. MOBLEY. Recorded 13 June 1882.

Page 116: Estate of J. Henry MANNS, deceased. 26 September 1882. To the honorable Court of Probate Judge J. A. FORTNER, we the appraisers appointed and sworn, present to your honor a list of the property pointed out by the administrator Hyram MANNS. Appraisers: D. W. PROCTOR, J. HATCHER, J. F. KELLY.

Page 117: Thomas W. SMITH's estate (no date) List of goods, chattles, rights and credits of his estate. Appraisers: M. G. FORTNER, J. C. COCHRAN Administrators: George W. MORGAN, Elizabeth MORGAN

Page 118: Estate of Robert McKINNY (no date) Appraisers: Jas. N. HOOKER, C. B. LIGHTSEY

Page 118: Return of appraisers of the estate of Thomas L. McKINNEY Commissioners: F. F. BEVILLE, S. H. PAGE (no date)

Page 119: Estate of Joseph SMITH (no date) Inventory and appraisement Appraisers: Jesse KEEN, John SEBENDON Administrator: Russell SMITH

Page 120: Estate of George S. DURANCE (no date) Appraisers: J. W. KEEN, John ALTON Admx.: Martha DURANCE

Page 121: Estate of William HOLLINGSWORTH Appraisement of estate 24 January 1881 Appraisers: John McAULAY, Lewis C. GREEN


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