Polk County, Florida
Schools and Colleges
Lakeland, Florida

Faculty and Officers of the College.

Dr. R. H. Alderman
President of College

Mr. Carl S. Cox
Dean of College, Professor of Mathematics and Physics

Mrs. N. V. Booker
Dean of Women

  • Mr. F. T. Long
    Professor of English
  • Miss Blanche Hanner
    Professor of Latin
  • Mr. C. A. Haskew
    Professor of Chemistry
  • Mr. George F. Scott
    Professor of History and Economics
  • Dr. Olin Boggess
    Professor of Bible
  • Miss Elizabeth D. Clark
    Professor Romance Languages
  • Mr. A. G. Vredenberg
    Head of Music Department, Violin
  • Mr. W. O. Ropp
    Head of Business Department
  • Miss Caroline Broadwell
    Head of Expression Department
  • Mr. W. W. Alderman
    Athletic Director
  • Mr. L. M. Thomas, Jr.
    Professor of HIstory and Philosophy
  • Mr. C. A. Halter
    Professor of Biology
  • Mrs. Mary M. Morehouse
    Professor Religious Education
  • Miss Margaret Beale
    Professor of Psychology and Education
  • Miss Lucile Sherman
    Assistant Professor of English
  • Miss Inez Fridy
    Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Spanish
  • Miss Willesse Wise
    Head of Home Economics Department
  • Mr. Walter Collins
    Head of Art Department
  • Mr. Louis Alberti
    Head of Voice Department
  • Miss Lucile Clark
    Music Department, Piano
  • Miss Catherine Young
    Assistant Music Department
  • Miss Thelma Hall
    Assistant Home Economics Department
  • Miss Anna Green
    Assistant Business Department
  • Miss Emma Glenn Alexander

Mrs. R. H. Alderman
Superintendent Home Life

Miss F. M. Conibear

Mrs. Julia Sims
Superintendent of Hall for Women

Miss Sallie Byrne

Miss Annie Winstead
Secretary to President




Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '21; Southern Staff, '22-'23; '23-'24; Vice-President Class, '22-'23; President Tennis Club, '22-'23; Vice-President Sigma Delta Literary Society, '23; President of Class, '23-'24; Assistant Art Editor on Interlaken, '24.


Rather quiet and demure. The name that heads the honor roll every month. Steady in her ways, a lovable disposition and a good worker. She has capably and admirably led the Class of '24 to success in every one of it many endeavors. Without such leadership what could have been accomplished? May her name, no matter what fortune should chance to make it, continue to appear on honor rolls.



Sergeant-at-Arms Sigma Delta Literary Society, '19, '20; Secretary of Sigma Delta Literary Society, '20; Chaplain of Sigma Delta Literary Society, '20, 21; Vice-President of Sigma Delta Literary Society, '21; Treasurer, '21, '22, '23; President Sigma Delta Literary Society, '23; Secretary of Senior Class, '23-'24; President Basketball Club, '23-'24; Reporter for Life Service Band, '23-'24; Assistant Business Manager of Interlaken, '24.


Amazing industry which has not taken away a single spark of spontaneity and jolliness. A teacher when a teacher, a student when a student, a public speaker when a public speaker, a musician when a musician, and a happy disposition always. The definition of an all-around, sweet girl.

"When maidens such as Hester died
Their place ye may not well supply,
Though ye among a thousand try
With vain endeavor."



President Phi Sigma Literary Society, '22; Phi Sigma Orator, '22, '23; President Epworth League, '22-'23; President Junior Class, '22-'23; Vice-President Phi Sigma Literary Society, '22-'23; Phi Sigma Declaimer, '23-'24; Assistant Business Manager of Interlaken, '24.


Ronk is not the kind of fellow who advertises his own merits. If we left it up to him, he'd be likely to say that he was "an inoffensive sort of chap with no outstanding traits." As a matter of face, however, those who know him speak of his brilliance and his capability with admiration. He is an exceptionally gifted orator and a talented actor, also a friend who is always willing to prove himself one.



League Cabinet, '21-'22, '22-'23, '23-'24; Secretary Missionary Society, '21-'22; President Sigma Delta Literary Society, '22, '23; Sigma Delta Reader, '22; Vice-President Y. W. C. A., '22-'23; President Dramatic Club, '22-'23, '23-'24; Secretary Class, '22-'23; Southern Staff, '22-'23; Sigma Delta Essayist, '23; President Y. W. C. A., '23-'24; Literary Editor of Interlaken, '24;


Contributor of the prettiest blush ever seen in the halls of Southern. If she has a bad temper, we have yet to discover it. A Latin shark! An eloquent reader! An actress! She has a few eccentricities. As a note of warning: Don't point your finger at Alma Brooks or speak to her about kewpies, or ask her what happened to her in Ocala, Fla., in the month of June in the summer of 1923.



Erolethean Reader, '23; May Queen, '23; Sponsor, '23-'24; President Erolethean Literary Society, '24.


A possession of the Senior Class that does not lack vitality and charm-individuality touched with a slight bit of independence-a Priscilla for some John Alden. Expressive and talented. The inspiration of these line:

"Far shone the fields of May thro' open door,
The sacred altar blossom'd white with May,
The sun of May descended on their King.
They gazed on all earth's beauty in their Queen."



President Florida Collegiate Press Association, '24; Philomathean Literary Society Orator, '22; President Ministerial Association, '22-'23, '23-'24; Philomathean Literary Society Disclaimer, '23; President Philomathean Literary Society, '23; President Y. M. C. A., '24; Editor-in-Chief of The Southern, '24; Editor-in-Chief of Interlaken, '24.


Iconolast! Aspirant to forensic eloquence! Editor! "Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man." A steady patron of Uncle Sam's mail service department. Regular attendant at meals even if compelled to be late. A most accomodating laugh. The A. C. L. from Tampa to Jacksonville, via Lakeland, will evoke from him the expression "What is so rare as a day in June?"



Vice-President Sigma Delta Literary Society, '22-'23; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '22-'23; Sigma Delta Reader, '23; Southern Staff, '23-'24; Undergraduate Representative, '23-'24; Art Editor of Interlaken, '24.


"Her eyes were deeper than the depth
Of waters stilled at even."

With a' that a hearty laugh was ever present and a ready hand for any task. If she didn't like to do a thing, you could'nt tell it. An artist! A lady of affairs! A student! Many were the things her hand could do, but never were they too busy for a goodly deed, a kindly touch. One person who forgot self.



Vice-President Y. W. C. A., '24; Photograph Editor of Interlaken, '24.


A jolly good girl who finds it rather difficult sometimes to conceal her thoughts. The fact that she is so nice to a number of folks would cause one to wonder if she were particularly nice to just one individual. The study of Domestic Art is one of her cherished avocations, but to throw a little more light on matters, ask her what she thinks of the art of Interior Decorating?



Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '21; Secretary Sigma Delta Literary Society, '22; Southern Staff, '22-'23; President Y. W. C. A., '22-'23; President Life Service Band, '22-'23; Undergraduate Representative, '22-'23; Reporter Sigma Delta Literary Society, '23; Assistant Literary Editor of Interlaken, '24.


Our eminent librarian. A business woman, if she cares to be, but on account of certain companionable traits that are more than evident, we predict that such a career will be a side issue. Rather reserved and quite modest about the many honors she has shared during her college career. She has always been glad to help out in anything that came up. Because of her cheerfulness and willing heart, she enjoys doing things that to others would be drudgeries.



Joke Editor of Interlaken, '24. CHARACTERIZATION

A most consistent student of the Class of '24. Just enough dignity and independence of spirit to assure others that she means what she says. The opinions of the world do not keep her from frowning or smiling. She loves wavy, red hair and lyric poetry. A certain person on the campus thinks that,

". . . Now her looks are coy and cold,
To mine they ne'er reply,
And yet I cease not to behold
The love-light in her eye;
Her very frowns are fairer far,
Than smiles of other maidens are."



Southern Staff, '21-'22; Vice-President Y. M. C. A., '21-'22, '22-'23; Secretary Phi Sigma Literary Society, '22-'23; Business Manager Interlaken, '23.


Philosopher! Author! Man of business affairs and literary attainments! Friendly and full of wit. Far more gifted than ambitious. Capable of preparing four lessons a day and singing heartily:

"Come fill the cup and in the fire of spring,
Your winter-garment of repentance fling;
The Bird of Time has but a little way
To flutter-and the bird is on the wing."



President Missionary Society, '21-'22, '22-'23; Vice-President League, '21-'22; Secretary Life Service Band, '21-'22; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '22-'23, '23-'24; Secretary and Treasurer Dramatic Club, '22-'23; President Life Service Band, '23-'24; Chairman Tennis Club, '23-'24; Club Editor of Interlaken, '24.


"Her armour is her honest thought,
And simple truth her utmost skill!"

Guilty of wearing a constant smile and enjoying life. Happy and content, but by no means in the care-free manner that avoids responsibility. A radiant personality! An influential friend! And, an honor to her class and Alma Mater. May she "live every day of her life."



Secretary Sigma Delta Literary Society, '23; Southern Staff, '22-'23; League Cabinet, '22-'23; Religious Editor of Interlaken, '24.


"The quiet mind is richer than a crown."

Another real student who has not allowed the burdens and irksome duties of school life to rob her of the heritage of a sweet disposition. We doubt if she ever caused a teacher the slightest bit of anxiety or a classmate to wonder if she knew the lesson. Modest and unassuming. She will be successful in anything she attemps and, therefore, hers is destined to be a beautiful and successful life.


Sparkling, mischievous eyes; cordial, friendly manner; a most accomplished musician. Who can make the piano respond to all her moods, and can hypnotize the audience with such a magnetic touch as this youthful Miss Paderewski? Lonnie Mae stands out among her many friends as a girl of high ideals and generous impulses.


In demand at Lake Morton School, First Methodist Church Choir, at weddings, at Southern College choral performances, and at all times by a tall, forcible, young gentleman with business-like manners and an eloquent tongue. She is an accomplished and talented schoolmistress. There is magnetism in her personality and an attractiveness about her that is found only in those who most deservedly merit the title of "lady."


On first appearance, one might hastily think that dignity spoke loudest; but under the cloak of her stately bearing can be found a spirit that oftentimes expresses itself in flushed cheeks and hearty laughter. Her poise and easy manners are enough to convince one that, though this is her first year at Southern, she is not exactly a Freshman. A blithe spirit, a contagious laugh, and, incidentally, a most charming voice.



Bascomb Cole . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President

M. Ruth Mitchell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Vice-President

Vida Skipper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Secretary-Treasurer

Josephine Jones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Annual Staff Representative

Maymie Boring
"There is wisdom in generosity
As in everything else."

Bascomb Cole
"B. P."
"O, call it by some other name
For friendship sounds too cold."

Vida Skipper
"Trust no future, howe'er pleasant,
Let the dead past bury its dead.

Margaret Clapp
"The talent of success is nothing more than doing well
Whatever you do without a thought of fame."

Hollis Westfall
"Our happiness in this world depends on the affections we are able to inspire."

Katheryn Evans
"Give me a look, give me a face,
That makes simplicity a grace."

Ruth Mitchell
"Write me as one who loves a fellowman."

Virgil Townsend
"Of all the days that's in the week,
I dearly love but one."

Mary Leigh Palmer
"Baby," "Merrily"
"And with childlike, credulous affection,
We behold their tender thoughts expand.

Mary Mahoney
"Ma Honey"
"Care to our coffin adds a nail, no doubt,
and every grin so merry draws one out."

John J. Cade
"I will be a slave to no habit,
Therefore, farewell girls."

Esther Register
"Ourselves are to ourselves the cause of ill,
We may be independent if we will."

Dolly Trask
There is no good in arguing with the inevitable;
There came no good from arguing with the Seniors."

Delmar Rosenberry
"To be simple is to be great."

Josephine Jones
I hate anything that occupies more spance than it is worth."



Ed Buhrman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President

Catherine Hall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Vice-President

Sarah Hendry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Secretary-Treasurer


  • Mary Louise Boulwell
  • W. Ed Buhrman
  • Rae Buterbaugh
  • Doris Campbell
  • J. Holland Crevasse
  • Janette C. Crosby
  • Eura L. Durrance
  • Hazel Durrance
  • Julia Funk
  • Catherine Hall
  • Sarah Hendry
  • Martha Howell
  • Mary Lois Kersey
  • Leslie Lemasters
  • Eunice Williams
  • Roy M. Lott
  • William R. Neblett
  • Gladys Roux
  • B. K. Sanders
  • Harris D. Sims
  • Claire Streater
  • A. Love Smith
  • Gertrude Smith
  • Lawrence Swanson
  • Ruth Swindell
  • Rubye Mae Ward



Fred Haeflinger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President

Helen Shannon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Vice-President

Annie Mae Barnes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Secretary-Treasurer

Roger Giles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Reporter


  • Onie Austin
  • Anna V. Ashby
  • Samuel A. Banks
  • Annie Mae Barnes
  • Frances W. Bell
  • Marian E. Blackburn
  • William R. Boland
  • Joseph P. Brown
  • Irene E. Burnside
  • Ralph Buterbaugh
  • Herbert N. Casebier
  • Carlton F. Cole
  • Ethel Collins
  • Audrey J. Crosby
  • Marion L. Couch
  • Thurman K. Dobbs
  • Philip Dowdell
  • Polly Fields
  • Milliard K. Forehand
  • Allen Brack Forman
  • Sybil M. Fox
  • William R. Freeman
  • Charles Fulton
  • Lewis W. Garnett
  • Harold K. Gillespie
  • Lucile F. Godman
  • Netta C. Gracey
  • Fred S. Guilford
  • Katherine Haley
  • Margaret Harris
  • Sam Howell
  • Ruth Hunter
  • Pauline Isbell
  • Edna M. Jones
  • Ronald Julian
  • Maurice Kilgore
  • Robert C. Lester
  • Eleanor Matheson
  • Frances Mayor
  • Brooks M. Mayo
  • Jess M. Miller
  • Myrtle Mitchell
  • Robert D. Mitchell
  • Maurice Monetta
  • Thelma McCall
  • Virginia McIlwaine
  • Louise McLaughlin
  • Richard M. Naylor
  • Marie Streider
  • John H. Neely
  • Mary C. Nelson
  • Florence M. Otley
  • Susie Patterson
  • Mildred Perkins
  • Carrie Lee Pierce
  • Grace E. Platt
  • Virginia Puckett
  • Mary G. Pulliam
  • Elma Robson
  • Walter N. Rozelle
  • Edith H. Scally
  • Alverda D. Selby
  • Thelma Bailey
  • Helen Shannon
  • Juanita E. Smith
  • Heleyn C. Sneed
  • J. Dewey Spooner
  • Thelma Tarrer
  • Alberta F. Thalgott
  • Evanell Townsend
  • Annie Heath Vaughan
  • Veda Watson
  • Gussie Williams
  • Virginia B. Wright
  • Fred Haeflinger
  • Roger Giles
  • Pearl Tillis



J. R. Keeling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President

Philip Dowdell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Secretary-Treasurer


  • Rhenus H. Alderman
  • Mary Evelyn Byrd
  • LaVon J. Collom
  • Edgar Allen Crowley
  • Philip Dowdell
  • May Belle Durrance
  • Louise B. Franklin
  • Kittie N. Godrey
  • Hubert C. Gordon
  • J. R. Keeling
  • Lois E. Lesley
  • Virginia M. Lesley
  • Margaret McMullen
  • Ruth Pipkin
  • Leroy Roberts
  • Mary Collins Roux
  • Lois A. Scott
  • Louise Scott
  • Ula Sheppard
  • Dorothy Simpson
  • Aline Stiles
  • Grace Teters
  • Ruth E. Terry
  • Leonard M. Thomas
  • Clarke Wilder
  • Druid A. Wilson
  • Elizabeth Yarnell


James Pargiano, Athens, Greece
Fidel Renteria, Bernia, Spain
Rafael Contreras, Habana, Cuba


Miss Willesse Wise, Director


  • Gladys Adams
  • Anna V. Ashley
  • Evelyn Byrd
  • Mary Jim Crump
  • Marian H. Dickson
  • Hazel Durrance
  • Kitty Godfrey
  • Katherine E. Haley
  • Ruth Hunter
  • Maurice Kilgore
  • Vivian Leavitt
  • Sara McClesky
  • Margaret McMullen
  • Mary Nesbit
  • Dorothy Patten
  • Helen L. Patten
  • Mildred Perkins
  • Esther Register
  • Claire Streater
  • Evanell Townsend


Mr. W. O. Ropp, Director


  • Thelma Louise Bailey
  • Lester E. Blain
  • Robert M. Boulware
  • Ethel L. Brabham
  • Ethel E. Collins
  • Cooper M. Cubbage
  • John G. Davis
  • Edna Feasel
  • Pierce G. Gant, Jr.
  • Roger G. Giles
  • Fred C. Haeflinger
  • Wilburn C. Hodges
  • Malcolm L. Kimble
  • Braxton W. Watkins
  • Rodney B. Lake
  • Vola Lewis
  • Florence I. Merrin
  • Lucy V. McArthur
  • Beulah E. McDonald
  • Grace S. McKay
  • Theodore Oughterson
  • Donovan Payne
  • Lorene Pelham
  • Fidel Renteria
  • Helen E. Saxton
  • Albert J. Slayton
  • Lula P. Smoak
  • Frances B. Townsend
  • Bonnie Stewart
  • L. Cal Stewart
  • Wilbur C. Stone
  • Marie F. Strieder
  • Lawrence Swanson
  • Vanira Taylor
  • George E. Terrell
  • Pearl E. Tillis
  • Warren Tompkins
  • Evanell Townsend
  • Ralph L. Upson
  • William Waldrop
  • Charles Wilson


La Von Brabham
Helen Patten
Claire Streater
Wilbur Stone
Mary Jim Crump
Theodore Oughterson
Malcolm Kimball
Lester Blain
Lorene Pelham
Marion Dickson
Catherine Fletcher
Mary Louise Crosby
Elizabeth Allen
Margaret Deavoe
Marie Streider
Jewell Floyd
Jewell Standley
Bobbye Perry


Mr. Louis Alberti, Director


  • Emma Glenn Alexander
  • Mary Louise Crosby
  • Marion Dickson
  • Margaret Deavor
  • Catherine Fletcher
  • Jewel Floyd
  • Frances Foster
  • Lula Hays
  • Frances Mayor
  • Mary G. Pulliam
  • Gladys Roux
  • Mary Collins Roux
  • Alverda Selby
  • Jessica Stout
  • Thelma Wilkinson
  • Catherine Young
  • Slaton McKillop
  • Ed Burhman
  • Miss Lucile Clark
  • Mrs. R. H. Alderman


Mr. Albert G. Vredenberg, Director


  • Lula Hays
  • Jo Riesgo
  • Delmar Rosenberry
  • Margaret Clapp
  • Rena Vredenberg
  • Catherine Young
  • Roland Julian
  • Mary Collins Roux
  • Lawrence Swanson
  • Holland Crevasse
  • Alexander Miller
  • Sarah Hendry
  • Roger Giles
  • William Neblett


Mr. Walter Collins, Director


  • Elizabeth F. Allen
  • Maude Cox
  • Lamar L. Curry
  • Catherine M. Evans
  • Frances F. Frinette
  • Edna Jones
  • Florence I. Merrin
  • Thelma McCall
  • Sara E. McLesky
  • Margaret McMullen
  • Virginia Puckett
  • Marjorie D. Shultz
  • Louise S. Smith
  • Miss Lucile Sherman
  • Mrs. Edwin Spencer

A Word of Appreciation

The Annual Staff is greatly indebted to Mr. Collins for the untiring service he rendered toward the making up of the Interlaken. His advice was asked on many occasions, and he freely gave it. Many times, no doubt, his patience was sorely tried, but he always laughed. Only those who worked under his direction know how helpful his advice was. When looking through the Interlaken, we shall always think of Mr. Collins.


J. Dorris Hurt, Editor

Ellen Chappell, Assistant Editor

Eugene Pournelle, Business Manager

Hester Douglas, Assistant Business Manager

Ronk Buhrman, Assistant Business Manager

Frances Foster, Society Editor

Minnie Thalgott, Religious Editor

Alma Brooks, Literary Editor

Kathryn Miller, Assistant Literary Editor

Bettie Kilgore, Art Editor

Gladys Adams, Assistant Art Editor

Nettie Puckett, Joke Editor

Louise Smith, Club Editor

Vivian Leavitt, Snap Editor

Josephine Jones, Junior Representative

John Cade, Junior Representative

Catherine Hall, Sophomore Representative

Roger Giles, Freshman Representative


J. Dorris Hurt, Editor-in-Chief

Richard Naylor, Assistant Editor

B. P. Cole, Assistant Editor

William Neblett, Literary Editor

Elizabeth Kilgore, Society Editor

Lois Kersey, Religious Editor

Gladys Adams, Exchange Editor

L. V. Swanson, Athletic Editor

fred Haeflinger, Joke Editor

Harris Sims, Business Manager

Leslie Lemasters, Circulation Manager

Catherine Hall, Assistant Circulation Manager


  • L. M. Thomas
  • Lucille Sherman
  • Kathryn Miller
  • Ruth Mitchell
  • Hester Douglas
  • Juanita Smith
  • Louise Smith
  • Alberta Thalgott
  • Mary Collins Roux
  • Catherine Frederick
  • Mary Nelson
  • Emma Glenn Alexander
  • Josephine Jones
  • Julia Funk
  • Mary Leigh Palmer
  • Jewell Standley
  • Loue Smith
  • LeRoy Robert
  • Delmar Rosenberry
  • Virgil Townsend
  • William Boland
  • Sam Howell
  • Rank Buhrman
  • Charles Fulton


    Fall Term
  • H. G. Sims
  • L. E. Roberts
  • L. I. Lemasters
  • A. R. Buhrman
  • W. E. Buhrman
  • L. E. Roberts
  • Hubert Gordon
  • Eugene Pournelle
  • O. A. Davenport
  • Eugene Pournelle
  • S. B. Howell
    Recording Secretary
    Corresponding Secretary
    Spring Term
  • L. E. Roberts
  • A. R. Buhrman
  • W. C. Stone
  • J. D. Spooner
  • W. E. Buhrman
  • L. W. Garnett
  • R. H. Alderman, Jr.,
    Allen Crowley
  • H. G. Sims
  • L. I. Lemasters
  • W. N. Rozelle
  • S. B. Howell


    Fall Term
  • B. P. Cole
  • D. B. Rosenberry
  • B. K. Sanders
  • R. C. Lester
  • V. L. Townsend
  • Wm. Neblett
  • S. Banks
  • R. Lott
    Spring Term
  • J. Cade
  • R. C. Lester
  • R. Mitchell
  • D. B. Rosenberry
  • V. L. Townsend
  • B. P. Cole
  • J. Pargianos
  • R. Lott


    Fall Term
  • Hester Douglas
  • Josephine Jones
  • Mary Louise Crosby
  • Julia Funk
  • Catherine Hall
  • Eura Durrance
  • Kathryn Miller
  • Evelyn Byrd
    Spring Term
  • Josephine Jones
  • Mary Collins Roux
  • Thelma Wilkinson
  • Louise McLaughlin
  • Alberta Thalgott
  • Mary Mahoney
  • Edna Jones
  • Maurice Kilgore


  • Alma Brooks
  • Vivian Leavitt
  • Vida Skipper
  • Ruth Mitchell
  • Bettie Kilgore
  • Margaret Clapp
  • Dolly Trask
  • Catherine Hall
  • Lois Kersey
  • Ellen Chappell
  • Josephine Jones
    Undergraduate Representative
    Chairman Publicity Committee
    Chairman World Fellowship Committee
    Chairman Progam Committee
    Chairman Membership Committee
    Chairman Recreation Committee
    Chairman Social Service Committee


  • Ruth Mitchell
  • Vida Skipper
  • Robert Mitchell
  • Helen Shannon
  • Dolly Trask
  • Mary Louise Crosby
  • Bill Boland
  • Ellen Chappell
  • Josephine Jones
  • Sam Howell
  • Mary Leigh Palmer
  • Julia Funk
    Corresponding Secretary
    Superintendent First Department
    Superintendent Second Department
    Superintendent Third Department
    Superintendent Fourth Department
    Treasurer Missionary Department
    Secretary Missionary Department
    Era Agent


Dr. Rosenberry, Governor

OFFICERS J. Dorris Hurt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President
Leroy Roberts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice-President
Sam Howell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secretary
Ronk Buhrman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer




L. M. Thomas
Louise Smith


Sam Banks
Hester Douglas


B. K. Sanders
Bob Lester
Polly Fields
Mary Collins Roux


Ellen Chappell


B. K. Sanders


Bob Lester


Taking into consideration the fact that the 1923 season was the second year in football at the new plant in Lakeland, and that for two seasons prior to 1922 the school was forced to abandon their athletic program, the showing made by the team during the past season was extremely gratifying.

Prospects at the beginning of the training season were not encouraging. However, before the opening game the team had shown remarkable development in a practice game with St. Petersburg. Southern opened the collegiate season on October 13, surprising even their closest followers by defeating Stetson University, outplaying them at every stage of the game.

The following week, October 24, Piedmont College was defeated by a large score, but in this game Southern paid the price of the state's greatest halfback, in an injury to Cal Stewart, which forced him out of the game for the remainder of the season.

On November 3, a second game was played with Stetson, and lost to them on their own grounds. This game was a rough and tumble affair, and without their line plunging giant, Cal Stewart, the Southerners were defeated. It also exacted a heavy toll, as Norton, a stellar guard, and Tompkins, star halfback, received injuries which kept them on the sidelines for the next two games.

With a crippled team, in foreign territory, the Armistice Day game was lost to Rollins by a lone touchdown resulting from a fumble.

The game with the University of Florida was played on November 17th with four regulars witnessing the game from the sidelines. The Stewart brothers, Norton and Tompkins were all on the hospital roll, and the 'Gators, though forced to exert themselves throughout the contest, were able to pile up a decisive score.

The final game with the Citadel, November 23rd, at Allendale, S. C., was played in a sea of mud, with three of the regulars missing. During the first few minutes of play, Skipper was forced to leave the game on account of a badly sprained knee, and before the close of the first period Norton was forced out with a broken arm. Southern lost this game by a small scorre, on account of fumbles. Gillespie's field goal from the forty-seven yard line with a wet ball was the one redeeming feature of the game, and prevented another shut-out.

So the season closed with no reason why next year Southern should not have a strong, fast team. The squad of '23, strengthened by the new material expected to enter next fall, will make a combinations hard to defeat.


Spooner, End

Spooner was one of the youngest men on the squad, but more prominently one of the fastest. His work on forward passes could hardly have been surpassed, and on the defensive he showed exceptional abilities. He has three more years yet to play.

Miller, Tackle

A scribe says of the Piedmont game: "A linesman, Miller by name, was the outstanding star of the game." Miller came to us from the "Old North State," and has made a name in Southern's football history by his hard playing and his consistent training. He stayed in every game and, though handicapped in the middle of the season by an injury to his leg, he broke up more offensive plays of opponents than any other man on the team. Fortunately for Southern, Miller has another year to play.

Skipper, Guard

Big Bill Skipper played in every game and opened up many a hole in the opponent's line. He played exceptionally well on the defensive, and for a man of his size he was quite agile.

Watkins, Center

"Red," alias "Tuskegee," made himself as evident and famous on the gridiron as he did on the campus in his various other pursuits. He showed well the splendid training received at Porter Military Academy. He was the most consistent player on the team and has three more good years to keep it up.

Clarence Norton, Guard

Clarence played excellent and steady football the entire season. In the third game, he broke two ribs, but recovered in time for the Citadel game. Then, as luck would have it, he received a fractured arm in the fifth play of the game. He deserves high praise for his hard playing and his unusual spunk.

Westfall, Tackle

Westfall played some of the most spectacular football ever seen on the Southern gridiron. The local press named him the individual star of the game against Rollins; and his playing in the Florida game was equally meritorious. Westfall has one more year to play for Southern, and we predict that it will be as brilliant as any that have preceded it.

Bonnie Stewart, End

Bonnie, Cal's brother, was the fastest and most versatile player on the team. He completed more forward passes than any other player. By recovering a fumble in the Stetson game, he scored Southern's first point of the season. He always played both a consistent and a brilliant game.

Sanders, Halfback, Captain

Captain Sanders made a name for himself as a Freshman and in this, his Sophomore year, he has lived up to the reputation he established for himself. B. K. could play any position in the backfield equally well. He was a reliable ground gainer and a great asset to the team, both as a player and as captain.

Vola Lewis, Quarterback

Lewis generaled the Blue and White the entire season, and did it commendably well, though it was just his first year on the varsity. He kept a cool head and a number of times successfully led the team out of some tight places. His steady work made him an indispensable man.

Gillespie, Fullback

Gillespie was a great fullback. His excellent training in high school came in to good advantage. "Gilly" did all of Southern's toe work, and proved himself quite capable of holding his own in every phase of the game.

Cal Stewart, Halfback

Cal's name should not only head the list of Southern's football stars, but also the list of every player in Florida of the 1923 season. He was Southern's greatest ground gainer and most brilliant player. When Cal was injured, the loss could not be repaired and the misfortune was keenly felt the remainder of the season.

Tompkins, Halfback

In the few chances Tompkins was given to show his mettle, he made some good gains. He always played his hardest, and to especially good advantage in the Piedmont game. This was Tompkins' first year.

Crowley, Halfback

Crowley, though rather young, was a tough customer. He is a hard tackler and a hard line plunger. His clean playing and consistent training were some of his admirable traits. This is Crowley's second year.

Lott, Quarterback, End

Lott was the lightest man on the team. He was fearless and quick as lightning. His motto was, "the bigger they come, the harder they fall." He spoiled many an opponent's bright chances. It is fortunate that he has two more years of varsity football.

Lester, Halfback

This year was Bob's second on Southern's squad and a better one than the year before. He is a wonderful broken field runner and expert backfieldsman. It is fortunate that he has some more years to play.

Mayo, Guard

"Tiny," in the capacity of guard, played an important role in a number of Southern's hotly contested games. His formidable stature caused many an opponent a strange uneasiness in facing him.

Townsend, End

Townsend's work on the defensive was particularly notable, for few end runs were successful around his position. Experience will soon make him a great linesman. Townsend has one more year on the varsity.

Cole, End

Cole was one of the pluckiest men on the squad. He always played his best and played hard. Nothing more could be required of any player. Cole is in his Junior year.

Pergianos, Guard

Big Jim was hard as a brick and could not be downed. He was most formidable on defensive plays and, regardless of how hard he was hit, the referee's whistle always found him on his feet.

Terrell, Halfback

"Cooter," though one of the lightest men on Southern's squad, was fast and a very capable backfield man. He was versatile and a skillful handler of forward passes. We are glad that "Coot" is just beginning his football career.

Neely, Guard

"Klim" played a consistent game, he was in nearly every game, and gave the enemy all he had and then some. His best work was in the Citadel game. The Miamian developed into a hard-hitter and was a strong block in Southern's "wall."


September 27th
Citadel at Charleston, S. C.

October 4th
Presbyterian College at Lakeland.

October 11th
U. S. Infantry School at Columbus, Ga.

October 18th

October 25th
Stetson University at Deland, Fla.

November 1st
University of Fla. at Gainesville, Fla.

November 11th
Rollins College at Lakeland.

November 23rd
Newberry College at Lakeland.

November 29th
University of Havana at Lakeland.

December 25th
University of Havean at Havana, Cuba.


Frances Foster-Prettiest Girl
Betty Kilgore-Most Attractive Girl
Hollis Westfall-Best Looking Boy
Roy Lott-Ladie's Man
Ellen Chappell-Sweetest Girl
Marion Blackburn-Cutest Girl
Alma Brooks-Most Popular Girl
Harris Sims-Most Popular Boy
Ruth Mitchell-Most Studious Girl


Lakeland, Florida, Nov. 13.---By Mail)---A vocational school conducted in an old box car at the shops of the Atlantic Coast LIne railroad here supported by federal and state funds and with instructors supplied by the Polk county board of education, is attracting nation-wide attention among alvocates of vocational education.

Original plans were to conduct the classes in one of the public school buildings but because of a lack of space shop mechanics and apprentices obtained permission from railroad officials to use an old box car. The workmen removed the trucks, placed the car on a firm foundation, cut windows and doors and equipped it with electric lights screens, blackboards and desks and seats for fifteen students.

Subjects selected for study include mathematics, drafting, blue print reading and the rules of the American Railway workers. The sessions begin at 4 p. m. after the day's work in the shops is ended.

[Source: Daily Times Enterprise, Nov. 20, 1922 -- Page 7.] Submitted and transcribed by Sheila Pitts Massie.

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