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1885 Mortality Census Schedule
Transcribed by Andrew Staton

Name of person deceased







Place of

Place of
Father's Birth

Place of
Mother's birth


Month died

Disease or cause of death

how long resident of this county

What state disease contracted

Name of attending Physician

Holt, Daniel 60 M W   \   Ala Ga Ala Farmer Mch Heart Disease 30   none
Connor, Henry 65 M W   \   Ala Ala SC Teacher Nov/Mar Heart Disease 25   none
Jorden Catherine 30 F W   \   Fla Fla Fla   Feb Pneumonia 30   none
Carr, Davy 3 M W \     Fla Fla Fla   Mch Don't know 3   none
Garnet, Mirinda 2 F W \     Fla Ala Ala   July Worms 2   Wm. Judge
Franklin, Virginia 17 F W   \   Fla Fla Fla   May Childbirth 17   Wm. Judge
Franklin, Babe 4day F W \     Fla Fla Fla   May   4day   Wm. Judge
Forbes, S. L. 5to8 M W   \   NY NY NY   Aug Heart Disease 12   Wm. Judge
Boglish/Boglick, F. 89 M W   \   Austria Aus. Austria Seaman Nov Cancer of Stomach 40   Reashaus
Burgers, Colin 73 F W     \ NC NC NC   Oct Old age 40   C. E. McDougal
Fulens, H. J. 2 M W \     Fla Ala Ala   June Minusmus 2   C. E. McDougal
McLillan, Babe 1 M W \     Fla Scotland Scotland   Oct Different dentition 1   C. E. McDougal
Martin, W. D. 66 M W   \   Miss Ala Ala   Nov Heart Disease 6   C. E. McDougal
Albany, Chas 80 M W   \   Fla Fla Fla   Dec Jemician Fever 3   C. E. McDougal
Hannah, M. W. 76 F W     \ SC Ga Ga   Mar Pneumonia 1   C. E. McDougal
Collins, Mrs. M. 92 F W     \ SC SC SC   Aug Old age 27   none
Fleming, Mrs. J. 95 F W     \ Ga Ga Ga   Oct Old age 20   none
Grimes, Mrs. L. 77 F W     \ Tenn Va Va   Oct Old age 15   none
Nelon? Jno 11 M W \     Fla Ala Fla   May Drowned 11   none
Marbry Wm 45 M W   \   Fla Ala Ala Cook May Pernicius Fever 20   none
Munne, H. C. 26 M B   \   Fla Fla Fla Mill runner Jany Pernicius Fever 26   Wm. Judge
Steele, Rott 69 M W     \ Ala SC SC Farmer Mar Sudden     none
King, T. J. 38 M W   \   Ala Ala Ala Laborer Jany Killed by accident 10   none
Jackson, Lewis 70 M B     \ Ga Va Va Brick layer Oct Belarus Fever 40   none
Faulk, A. 75 M W     \ Ga SC Ga Farmer Nov Old age 35   none
Broy, Benj. 75 M W     \ SC SC SC Farmer May Dropsy of Chest 20   none
Abes, Virginia F. 77 F W \     Fla Ala Fla   March Pemicius Fever 17   Wm. Judge
Faulk, A. 35 M W   \   Fla Ga SC Farmer Aug Mtn description 30   Wm. Judge
Hall, Lola 24 F W   \   Fla Ala Ala   Feby Pemicius Fever 24   Wm. Judge
Edgar, Jus. 45 M W   \   Ala Ala Ala Farmer Feby Mundend 18   none
Jemigan, Jesse 2 M W \     Fla Fla Fla   Feby Teething 2   none



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