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Welcome to Bacon County , Georgia Genealogy Trails. Our goal is helping you find your ancestors by placing data online for the Free use of all researchers.  We are proud to expand into Georgia providing our "experience" gained from years of researching our ancestors and website hosting.  We want to hear about you and the history of your ancestors. We need help with contributions of your data, history and stories to make this a great site for research.  Everything is helpful: Obituaries, Biographies, Photos and County History, to name a few.

As data becomes available, we put it online, including it's county's page.  Information will be posted as fast as we can find, type and/or receive it.  We welcome your feedback and comments, and of course, your data contributions.

You are welcome to browse the information here to gather the data needed in your research. Please remember that this data represents hours of painstaking research by the State Coordinator, Volunteers, and Contributors, who donate to this site. Show your respect for these efforts by not using it on other websites or publications without written permission of the host and/or Contributors nor claim as your own.


I am Tam Inman and I will be your host. My main focus is to add information to help others in researching their family history. The "Genealogy Family" has a strong bond and are the most helpful people I have ever known. Hopefully this site will give back to some of the many, many people that have given to me over the past ten years. Genealogy is truly my passion.

If you find something useful on this site, please let me know. There's nothing better than knowing you made a difference in someones family research :)



The constitutional amendment to create the county was proposed
July 7, 1914 and ratifiedNovember 3, 1914.
This county was named for US. Senator Augustus O Bacon .




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Cities and towns
Alma (county seat)




Adjacent Counties

Appling County (northeast)

Pierce County (east)

Ware County (south)

Coffee County (west)

Jeff Davis County (northwest)



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