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Bryan County, GA
Jury List

Bryan County, formed in 1793, was at one time the home of many wealthy planters. In it was the Town of Hardwick, which was chosen by Governor Reynolds for the Seat of Government, but never used as such. Clyde, the county Seat, is so inconvenient to get to, the Clerk and Ordinary are allowed to have their offices at home.

All the records of the Ordinary's office were destroyed by fire in 1866, and now the land records are in a small wooden building, in which is a safe that will not hold one fifth of the books, so the clerk naturally keeps the latest in the safe and the old ones are in constant danger from the fires of adjoining woods and turpentine farms. All the deeds are indexed, but several of the oldest Volumes are in bad condition and should be copied. There are also nearly a dozen old books of Minutes of the Inferior Court that ought to be preserved.

Venable Bond and James McGilvery, Justices of Inferior Court which met at Hardwick, 1795.
(Luke Mann. Samuel McGilvery, Venable Bond, James McGilvery and Robert Holmes,  Justices of Inferior Court which met at Struthyall, Saturday, August 2, 1794.)

John Campbell George Crim Sherwood McCall
William Jones Robert Scot James Chaney
David Gould Benjamin Jones Robert Partin
Samuel Sligh John Piget Bryan Maret
John Owen John Rolls Jacob Wills
James Martin John Waldron Henry Ham
John Cook Israel Bird John Lastinger, Jr.
Andrew Bird James Cook John Thompson
William Wright Samuel Harvey John Lastinger, Sr.
Alexander Dix James Simms James Bird
Joseph Jackson Robert Oswald Robert Mullady
Thomas Thompson Stephen Mills James Purvis

A. Danial Cuthbert Benjamin Ward David Gould
Nathaniel Hawthorne James Middleton John Becket
John Bandy John McIver Isaac Willoughby
Richard Harvey William Harn Henry Harn
Simons Maxwell George Grim John Wright
Bryan Morel Michael B. Stanaland Charles Clanton
Henry H. Harn William Cubbedge Scaly Thomas
Henry Wells James Simons Henry Austin
James Cook Alexander Bird William Winn
Harden White James Scott Stephen Maxwell
Solomon Thompson John Towls Henry Shuman
Hardy Lanier Jacob Wells Philip O. Daniel

(John Pray and Edward Hardin, Justices.)

Thomas Day Stephen Maxwell Richard Bennett
John Van Brackell David Vass Isaac Cuthbert
George Wolf Richard Davis Alexander Stephens
Emanuel Harvey Henry Manley John Beckett
Abraham Gindrat Joseph Martin Simons Maxwell
Thomas Thompson Thomas P. Stafford John Britton
Jacob Douglas John Hawthorne Shadrack Butler
Nathaniel Hawthorne Edward Davis Michael B. Starnaland
James Bennett Robert Partin Williams Osteon
William Cubbedge John Matthews Zachariah Wells
John Harvry Benjamin Ward Paraclete Few
Sep Lanier Thomas Blackwell Isaac Wells
William Rogers Jonathan Robinson John Dickes
Robert McCutchen William Right Samuel Wilkins
John Waldron Georgo Martin Samuel Manley
Joseph Douglas Bryan Moerel

Source : Habersham History

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