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Burke County, Georgia

Burke, one of the original eight counties, was formed in 1777 from St. George Parish.
The Court House at Waynesboro was destroyed by fire in 1870, and all the records lost, except a Will Book, 1853 to 1870, and a Deed Book

These had been taken home by the Clerk to work on at night.
The Deed book contains a number of marriage contracts of the years 1843 to 1845, scattered through it.

The following Index to Wills was taken, not because they were ancient, but because they were the oldest in the office.

WILL BOOK 1853 to 1870.
Attaway, Elijah
Attaway, David
Attaway, Harley
Attaway, Elbert
Allen, Fanny
Allen, Elisha A.
Anthony, William
Archer, Sereno
Anderson, Augustus
Anderson, James, Sr.
Anderson, Malvina P.
Barrow, Aaron
Barrow, Isiah
Brinson, Shepard
Brinson, Lucy
Brinson, Simeon
Boyd, Benjamin
Boyd, Allen
Brack, Benjamin
Berrein, Thomas M.
Bell, Dempsey
Bostwick, Floyd C.
Butler. Tarlton Brown
Byrne.Thomas A.
Brown, Benjamin
Brown. Samuel J.
Brown, Nancy E.
Brown, J. S.
Bullard, Pharaby
Bullard, Need ham
Bell, Simeon
Burke, John
Barefield, Vincent
Bell, James, Sr.
Brookings, William
Belcher, Abran P.
Belcher, Isaiah C.
Blacker, B. M.
Burton, Thomas
Boston, Green
Bell, Elias
Brook, McCurethy
Bolles, William
Barefield, Mrs. Harriet
Brooks, Anderson
Bryant, Sophie
Churchhill, Mary
Chance, Henry
Corker, Dancy
Cates, Thomas, Sr.
Cates, Thomas, Jr.
Carter, Isaiah
Catos, James
Cox, John H.
Carpenter, John
Clark, Christopher
Carter, Edward J.
Cogland, Edward
Cox, William
Chance, Jacob
Corker, Stephen F.
Cook, John B.
Cochran, Georgo L.
Carswell, John W.
Carswell, Jasper E.
Davis, Samuel
Dillard, Toliver
Dillard, Nancy
Dawson, Henry
Davis, Mrs. S. A. K.
Evans, William
Evans, Amos Loyd
Everett, Ann A.
Fulcher, Valentine
Fulcher,  John C.
Green, Jesse P.
Gilstrap, Benjamin
Godbee, Newton
Gilstrap, Benjamin
Gray, Kichard
Godbee, Benjamin P.
Gray, Minchi
Godbee, Kobcrt
Godbee, Francis G.
Godbee, Homer V.
Godbee, Simeon S.
Godbee, Mulkey
Gresham, K. B.
Gresham, Miss S. M.
Goodwin, Mrs. Nancy
Gray, M. M.
Gordon, Samuel
Golphin, Hattie
Hampton, James
Hill, Guilliam
Hodges, Elton
Holmes, William
Hurst, Georgo W.
Heath, Jordan
Hopkins, Lambeth
Heath, Isaac I.
Holton, George J.
Hines, Rachel
Hargroves, Henry
Hodgson, Margaret T.
Holmes, Jano B.
Hines, George P.
Hurst, Jeremiah
Holmnn, Luvincia
Haymand. Elisha
Herrington, Berry
Inman, Allen
Inman,  Sophia
Jones, Seaborn A.
Jones, John M
Jones, James W.
Jones, Abram
Jones, Henry P.
Jones, Seaborn H.
Jenkins, John J.
Jones, Elizabeth A.
Jones, M. D.
Jones, Seaborn N.
Jeffers, Thomas
Jenkins, John
Jones, Jnbez N.
Jones, Francis A.
Jones, P. E. H.
Johnson, Thomas Y.
Jones, Joseph B.
Jones, Wash
Key, Mrs. Mary
Key, Rachel, E.
Landing, John
Lasseter, William
Lane, Thomas
Lipsey, Barbara
Lively, Mark
Lewis, Benjamin
Lovett, Ann
Lawson, Alexander J.
Lawson, Robert It.
Loekhart, Rhoda
Lewis, Henry
Lane, Lavinia
Landing, Harriet
Latterstedt, Susan H.
Lewis, Kansom
Lewis, Mrs. S. A. M.
McNabb, Elizabeth
Murphree, William
McElmurray, James
Murphree, William
Merritt, Georgo W.
Moore, William
Murphree, Josiah
Mixon, Michael
Murphey, Leroy H.
Murphey, William R.
Miller,  Baldwin B.
McMorrill, La Fayette
McMorrill, James
Mixon, James D.
Morris, William
McMorrill, Mrs. Sarah
Nasworthy, William
Nasworthy, George
Neely, Thomas W.
Nasworthy, Sarah
Nasworthy, Uriah
Nesmith, Isaac C.
Osborne, Robert
Owens, John
Oliver, Zilpha
Perkins, Brinson L.
Perkins, David, Sr.
Perkins, Newton
Perkins, David S.
Perkins, Newton M.
Perkins, S. Mills
Perkins, Mittie A.
Penrow, William
Pemberton, Aston
Poythress, John C.
Parson, Sarah A.
Patterson, William
Prescott, Anderson
Palmer, Benjamin
Preskitt, N. Harris
Pope, Mrs. Mary
Patrick, Joshua
Red, Maria S.
Rogers, William
Randal, Elizabeth
Rallins, Samuel I.
Rogers, Thomas
Rowland,   R. A.
Royal, James H.
Robeson, Ezekiel
Rheney, John W.
Roberts, Henry
Robinson, James
Rogers, John M.
Rowse, Elizabeth P.
Robeson, Catherine
Shepard, Gothra
Sapp, Mary T.
Sapp, Everett
Saxon, William
Scarborough, Amelia
Skinner, William W.
Sapp, John
Sturgis, John R.
Spears, John
Skinner, Lockey
Sandeford, Hill
Smilie, Justina
Stuart, Robert A.
Smith, O. S.
Smith, R. F.
Shewmake, Carolino
Whitfield, Lewis
Whitehead, James
Spears, William
Tomlin, Zilpha
Tarver, Robert B.
Thomson, W. H.
Tubb, William
Thompson, John C.
Vollotton, Francis
Wallace. William
White, Daniel G.
Walker, Francis J.
Walton, Thomas
Williams, William
Whitehead, John, Sr.
Ward, Francis, Sr.
Whitehead, Amos J.
Whitehead, M. Tallulah
Ward, James
Wall, Robert
Williams, Ezekiel
Williams, Lewis
Williams, Torry
Williams, Mary Ann
Watkins, Elizabeth
Weathersbee, George W.
Walker, Moses
Walton, Hughs
Wheeler, Rebecca
Wimberly, Charlotte A.

Burke County Marriage Contracts, 1843 to 1845.
Paul Davidson and Drucilla Jackson.
Samuel P. Davis and Rebecca B. Whitehead.
James V. Jones and Mary E. Hunt.
Catherine Desahay and Randolph Ridgely.
Thomas Sorsby and Nancy Mulky.
Alexander Murphy and Margaret Jones.
James Clarke and Serena Warren.
John McKinne, Jr. and Maria E. Whitehead.
Edward Salmons and Frances Wimberly.
A. T. Turner and Nancy Marsh.
Travis Gilliam and Sarah Smith.
Josiah Moore and Mary Lester.
William Jenkins and Angelina Tindall.
James Sikes and Gathara E. Shepard.
Wiley Pope and Mary Skinner.

Source: Joseph Habersham Historical Collections

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