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Columbia County, Georgia History

Columbia County Marriages
(1806 to 1812)

James Tinsley and Lucy Richards.
Jonathan Gammon and Winifred Monk.
Henry Slaughter and Betsy Blackwell.
Jonathan Brooks and Nancy Monk.
Israel Blades and Elizabeth McDonald.
Nathaniel Cobbs and Flora Fee.
Joel Woolly and Patsy Leeth.
Solomon Ward and Jane Donnally.
John F. Bacon and Mary Lamar.
John Hannon and Elizabeth Wright.
Joseph Cobb and Nancy Reynolds.
James McCord and Nancy Neal.
Josiah Harris ami Elizabeth D'Antignac.
George W. Dent and Nancy Hucheson.
Gabriel Williams and Sarah Williams.
Absalom Castles and Rebecca Jones.
James Williams and Nancy Hill.
Maurice Ronie and Nancy Flynn.
Daniel McDonald and Jane Fuller.
Richard Jelks and Mrs. Hannah Germany.
Willis Gammon and Rebecca Willis.
John Sutherland and Hannah Martin.
Wm. Retts and Mary Cosby.
James Amos and Sarah Reese.
Edmund Cates and Nancy Cobb.
Willoby Slaton and Elizabeth Low.
John Smith and Leveny Payne.
David Wilcox and Anny Drane.
Robert Shaw, Jr., and Nancy McDonald.
Charles Lisles and Betsy Chisholm.
Wm. Griffin and Rarbary Taylor.
Samuel Fuller and Eleanor Kendrick.
John Collins and Nancy Stuart.
John Farrcr and Nancy Baker.
Samuel Linky and Philopena Jones.
Edmund Rowdre and Martha Hicks.
George Burbedge and Folly Sommers.
John Inglet and Winifred Moran.
Wm. A. Fuller and Polly Hoge.
Wm. Hansford and Peggy Rogers.
Robert Jones and Susanna Allen.
Solomon Simons and Sally Ware.
Jacob Miller, Jr.. and Martha Newsom.
Wm. Adams and Delilah Lisles.
Jesse Albritton and Patsy Zachry.
David Thomas and Mary Sims.
Thomas Reall and Mary M. Maddox.
Wm. Scott and Sarah Wilson.
Jesse Waller and Patience Collins.
Daniel Killingsworth and Mary Greene.
John Prcscot and Margaret Millican.
Wm. Bryan and Catherine Griffin.
John Colvard and Sally Gibson.
Thornton Gibson and Martha Jones.
Pleasant Benning and Milinda L. White.
Thomas Yarborough and Polly Walton.
Robert Martin and Fanny Collins.
James Shaffer and Sarah Chamblcss.
Thomas Burton and Charity Wright.
John McDonald and Susan Jones.
Solomon Hoge and Nancy Sutherland.
Thomas Yarborough and Jane Warren.
Lawrence Richardson and Nancy Glover.
Thomas Turner and Elizabeth Worshing.
George McKenzie and Mary Lacy.
Burrell Richards and Ann Linn.
Hendley Boswell and Polly Collins.
Wm. Lovelace and Jane Hunt.
Walter Gray and Nancy Carr.
Booker Sutton and Nancy Stapler.
Isaac Russell and Ann Youngblood.
John Watson, Jr., and Cassandra Hoge.
John Murray and Elizabeth Watson.
Taylor Wiley and Verlinda Finney.
Thomas Dooly and Palstin Jones.
Lewis Powell and Elizabeth Chcnnault.
Benjamin Johnson and Ann Allen.
John Dunn and Patsy Simms.
Wm. Reynolds and Serena Fuller.
Peter H. Collins and Jane Stuart.
Thomas Johnson and Elizabeth Jones.
Grecnberry Templeton and Betsy Matthews.
Zenas Parker and Elizabeth Burnsides.
Jesse Morris and Jane McCorkle.
George Roberts and Catherine Shields.
Reuben Eubanks and Polly Sturges.
John Mitchell and Rebecca Crabb.
James Roussou and Lavina Few.
Amos Mitchell and Jane Taylor.
Wm. Sullivan and Betsy Burnsides.
Herod Roberts and Sinder Beall.
Joseph Day, Jr., and Jincy Dunn.
David Walker, Jr., and Polly Crawford.
Dawson Cash and Rebecca Miles.
James McClcary and Caty Edmondson.
Thomas Culhreath and Catherine Hogans.
Wm. Wiley and Prisey Youngblood.
Thomas Burnsides and Elizabeth Pierce.
James Wright and Cassandra Drane.
Thomas Hunt and Sarah Miles.
David Banks and Camilly Wade.
Mordccai Johnson and Frances Cosby.
Nehcmiah Johnson and Elizabeth Wright.
Henry Wheat and Nancy Dorsey.
Frederick Robertson and Jane Crosby.
Thomas Willis and Jane Towns.
John Wooding and Elizabeth Drane.
Benjamin Crabb and Rachel Wade.
Henry Copeland and Sarah Mclntire.
Wm. Day and Nancy McDonald.
Peter Watson and Elizabeth McCormick.
Jeremiah Rose and Ann Hollyman.
Nimrod Jones and Eliza Gray.
Cash Willingham and Martha Moon.
John McDonald and Fincty Phclan.
John Walker and Lucinda Burnsides.
Eldridge Revil and Francis Lang.
Elijah Lesley and Mary Wheeler.
James Young and Sophia Sommcrs.
James Washington and Nancy Revill.
Henry Youngblood and Alvin Ray.
Clayton Revill and Martha Bennifield.
Wm. Buiion and Peggy Harden.
James Ross and Sally Harden.
Isaac Evans and Nelly Rainy.
Samuel Shelby and Verlinda Gardner.
Benjamin Maddox and Polly Franklin.
Berry Olive and Eliza Wilkins.
George Roberts and Constantia White.
Willis Roberts and Mary Bolton.
Francis Jones and Nancy Maddox.
Wm. Reese and Polly Waller.
John Reeves and Alithca Drane.
Nitley Whitcomb and Rebecca Lashley.
James Walker and Sarah Winfrey.
Peter B. Short and Margaret Short.
Nathaniel Pearre and Rebecca Offutt.
Chtirchwell Tarvin and Elizabeth Phillips.
John Ray and Mary Pate.
David Simpson and Burnette Porter.
Stephen Coleman and Winney Hunt.
Green Dozier and Constantia Hunt.
Benjamin Fuller and Rebecca Youngblood.
John Magee and Nancy Hood.
Collins H. Belcher and Rebecca Gilpin.
Henry Radford and Elizabeth Walker.
Wm. Tindal and Rachel Grimagc.
Wm. White and Concord Brown.
Joseph Maddox and Mary Vaughn.
James Thompson and Amelia Gerald.
Philip Steed and Susan Ray.
Jefferson Pitman and Rachel Harden.
John Ford and Synthia Cowan.
Isaac McCoy and Jemima Nelson.
Jesse Jones and Polly Nelson.
James Daniel and Eleanor Hunt.
Seymour Powell and Martha W. Cowling.
Edward Prather and Tabitha Smith.
Thomas Newmans and Loisa Formbey.
John Lucky and Polly McNair.
Richard Cox and Lucy Johnson.
James McNair and Martha Fudge.
Hezekiah Landaff and Eliza Spivy.
Asa Marshall and Lucy McNeil.
Josiah Magee and Judah Stanford.
Hinchey Johnson and Breed Cosby.
Sherwood Roberts and Suky Staples.
Wm. Pearre and Aggy Offutt.
James Cohorn and Nancy Ray.
Wm. Toller and Betsy Parker.
Ila Wheat and Nancy Evans.
Thomas Dosier and Catherine White.
George Washington and Sophia Fitzgerald.
Stephen Day, Jr., and Mary Hobbs.
Thomas Rousy and Polly Crosby.
Wm. Page and Mary Landers.
Cary Johnson and Rachel Young.
Washington Stone and Fetney Dorsey.
Isaac Powell and Sally Jones.
John McCIain and Elizabeth Smith.
Mark A. Candler and Lucy White.
John Hall and Elizabeth Barbaree.
Wm. Young and Rebecca Grinage.
John Cosby and Nancy Barbaree.
Sherwood Roberts and Lucinda Staples.
Archibald McNeill and Kitty Fears.
Wm. Pace and Patsy Hixon.
Henry Hunt and Lucinda Sanders.
John Reed and Elizabeth Jones.
Horatio Sims and Eliza Flint.

Source: Joseph Habersham Historical Collections.
Transcribed and contributed to Genealogy Trails By Friends For Free Genealogy

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