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Mr. Joseph Calhoun, died in Dooley Co., Ga., at the age of one hundred and ten months. He was a native of Edgecomb, N. C. He saw both the beginning and the close of the revolutionary war, in which he participated. He was under the command to Gen. Gaster, at the battle of Camden, and fought under Gen. Greene at Guilford Court House. February 12, 1857.

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CORDELE, Jan. 1. -- John S. Byrom, of Byromville, a prominent planter and banker of Dooly County, died yesterday morning at 7 o'clock at the Piedmont sanitarium, in Atlanta. A few weeks ago he was stricken with an attack of paralysis, from the effects of which he never recovered. He had large financial interests in both Dooly and Crisp counties and was an important factor in the development of Byromville, where he has resided for many years. He was well and favorably known throughout the state. He is survived by two sons, W. H. and S. D. Byrom; one brother, William Byrom and a mother, Mrs. S. M. Byrom, all of Byromville. His remains will be interred at Bryomville cemetery, Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Source: Macon Telegraph, 2 Jan 1912.


Judson J. Hallman, aged 30 years, died at 9 o'clock Monday night at Unadilla after an illness of several weeks. He leaves his wife who was formerly Miss Laura Young, of Macon. He was a member of the Unadilla lodge of the I.O.O.F., and his body, which arrived in this city yesterday morning at 11 o'clock were accompanied by an escort from the lodge. The funeral cortege will leave the residence of Mr. W. A. Wilder, on the Columbus road, at 10 o'clock this morning, and the interment will be in the Shiloh cemetery about seven miles from Macon. The burial will be by the Odd Fellows ritual.

Source: Macon Telegraph, 4 Sept. 1907


UNADILLA, Ga, July 26 -- Mrs. C. C. Graham died here yesterday after being confined to her bed for three months. She was buried today, her remains being followed to the grave by and unusually large concourse of relatives and friends. She was a devout Christian lady, and the world is better by her having lived in it. She leaves a husband and daughter to mourn her death.

Source: Macon Telegraph, 27 July 1908


UNADILLA, Ga., March 8. -- Mrs. J. A. Griggs, a prominently connected young matron of this community, died early today from the effects of poison administered by her own hand. It is said despondency, brought on by continued ill health, was the cause. The husband had left her at home apparently well at 6 o'clock, came to town and within an hour he was called on the phone and requested to come home post haste and to bring a physician. While he looked about for a physician, a second message informed him it was too late. Laudanaum, carbolic acid and another equally poisonous drug was taken, either in a quantity sufficient to have produced the desired result, even if taken alone, it is said. The whole community is in a state of intense sorrow over the deplorable affair. She leaves a husband and a 3-year-old daughter and many relatives and friends. The family resides six miles from town. The burial will be at Harmony Church tomorrow.

Source: Macon Telegraph, 9 Mar. 1911


Montezuma, Ga., Oct 23. -- J. U. Bond, of Drayton, Ga., who was on a visit here to Montezuma yesterday, while under the influence of whisky, went up the railroad last night just before the passenger train came along and sat down on the track. A locomotive knocked him off, inflicting injuries from which he died this morning. He never knew anything after the accident. He was a faithful soldier during the war, and it is said by his comrades in battle that no braver soldier ever fought under the Confederate flag. He was a kind hearted man and his only fault was the fondness for stimulants. His family have the sympathy of our people.

Source: Macon Telegraph, 24 Oct. 1897


CORDELE, Ga., Feb. 10. -- George McLendon, one of the most prominent young farmers of the 14th district, of Dooly county, died at 11 o'clock yesterday morning of pneumonia at his residence eight miles south of Cordele. The funeral was held at 2 o'clock this afternoon at Zion Hope church.

Source: Macon Telegraph, 11 Feb 1905


CORDELE, Ga., Feb 10. -- The funeral of Dr. J. N. Ridley, who died night before last at Warwick, was conducted at 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon at Swift Creek cemetery, in Dooly county. The service was conducted by the Warwick lodge of Masons with Masonic honors. Rev. Shingler was the minister. A good many members of the Cordele lodge of Masons attended the funeral.

Source: Macon Telegraph, 11 Feb 1905


Mary Atkins Leary, of 4075 42nd Ave. S., died Wednesday (April 3, 1985). Born in Dooly County, Ga., she came here in 1982 from Jacksonville. She was a member of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Dooly County, where she was a deaconess; a member of OES; Grand Union Lodge; and the Knights of Moses. Survivors include six daughters, Lucille Barron of Philadelphia, Ruby Nolton and Annie West Mobley, both of Jacksonville, Berish Henderson of Atlanta, Pauline Glover of St. Petersburg and Gladys Waters of Seattle, Wash.; four sons, Ozell and Boisy of Byronville, Ga. and David and Robert Jr., both of Detroit; 32 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Creal Funeral Home is in charge.

[Source: The Evening Independent-April 4, 1985]Transcribed by Sheila Massie, Genealogy Trails Coordinator for Dooly, Irwin and Worth Counties, Georgia.


Ivan Lee Kirk son of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Kirk was born in Hawkinsville, Ga., March 8th 1882 and died at Vienna February 19th, 1893. This dear boy of not quite eleven summers possessed many admirable qualitites. He was thoughtful and manly beyond his years. Being bright, vivacious and courteous he had many warm friends among the older people and was a favorite with his companions. We noticed many beautiful traits of character in our little friend. His ever cheerful obedience, his self denial to make others happy, his thoughtfulness of his parents' comfort and untiring devotion to the younger memberrs of the family. He was quite intelligent and manifested fine business qualities. When he made money he had some investment in view adding to the comfort and happiness of some loved one at home. Possessing so many noble qualities we feel that our Father had a place for this jewel and has only taken him to Himself, preserving him from the temptations of the world. We will not grieve for little Ivan as those without hope, for our Father has said "suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Then He places our jewels on His bosom to attract us unto Him. The many admirable qualities of our little friend are worthy the emulation of all, and the adoption of his playmates. May our Father bless and console the grieved parents, and may they realize His love and mercy in this seeming sad dispensation. L. M.

[Source: The Vienna Progress, Feb. 28, 1893 -- Page 3.]Transcribed by Sheila Massie, Genealogy Trails Coordinator for Dooly, Irwin and Worth Counties, Georgia.


Our brother, J. N. Adkins, another land mark in Dooly has passed to the golden shore on the other side of the river of death. Born July 17th 1830, he died March 20th 1893. Brother Adkins lived 4 3/4 miles south of Vienna for 15 years. He was a member of Bethel Missionary Baptist church since 1887 and had been Clerk of the same for 4 years. His life and work was that of a conscientious christain gentleman, a good neighbor and a strong allianceman. There has been a regular weekly prayer meeting in his neighborhood for the past year, upon which he was a regular and prompt attendant, always requesting the prayers of christian people for himself and family. This prayer meeting sustains the loss of one of its most active members, he having led the first meeting, but our loss is his eternal gain. We tender our sympathy and prayers in behalf of the bereaved wife and children who have lost a loving father and a tender husband. He can come to them no more but may the Father of all love tenderly lead them to him. "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord." The Vienna Progress will please print this and send a copy to the bereaved family. By order of the prayer meeting, R. A. Smith, E. O. Turner, J. M. Spear, J. E. Turner, Rev. J. A. Wood, A. T. Turner, Committee.

[Source: The Vienna Progress, Feb. 28, 1893 -- Page 3.]Transcribed by Sheila Massie, Genealogy Trails Coordinator for Dooly, Irwin and Worth Counties, Georgia.


Mr. John E. Culpepper died at his home near Ebenezer church on Thursday night last at 10 o'clock. Mr. Culpepper was a young man in the very prime of life, hardworking, upright, liberal hearted and a christian gentleman. He was fast gaining a reputation as a successful farmer and it is said that ten days ago he had the best crop in the county. He has for several years has been a member of Ebenezer church and cheerfully and with seeming pleasure attended ever duty as such. Truly, his broken-hearted wife and two little children have lost the prop of their lives, the considerate husband and painstaking father. Our county has lost one of its best young men and his community and church a useful member. The Progress offers the bereaved family its most sincere sympathy.

[Source: The Vienna Progress, Jun. 13, 1893 -- Page 3.]Transcribed by Sheila Massie, Genealogy Trails Coordinator for Dooly, Irwin and Worth Counties, Georgia.


On Saturday the 10th inst, the spirit of Mr. Thomas F. McCormick left its tenement of clay and winged its way to the bright, beautiful beyond. For many years Mr. McCormick has lived near Pinehurst, respected by his friends, loved by his neighbors and adored by his family. A devout member of the Primitive Baptist church he lived a life in accordance with his profession. Several months ago he suffered a stroke of paralysis from which his family and friends thought he could not recover, but he rallied and though a very old man recovered sufficiently to walk a little with help and could go about in his buggy. When in old age, with a life of ripened years ready for the Master's reaping he wrapped the drapery of his couch about him and was no more upon earth. The Progress extends sympathy to the bereaved family.

[Source: The Vienna Progress, Jun. 13, 1893 -- Page 3.]Transcribed by Sheila Massie, Genealogy Trails Coordinator for Dooly, Irwin and Worth Counties, Georgia.

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