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Cemeteries in Effingham County, Georgia

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude
Cedar Grove Cemetery 322815N 0811704W
Downs Cemetery 321248N 0812335W
Elam Cemetery 322631N 0812831W
Elkins Cemetery 321813N 0812514W
Ferguson Cemetery 322021N 0812401W
Gnann Cemetery 322138N 0811446W
Green Cemetery 321730N 0811116W
Jerusalem Lutheran Church Cemetery 32.37343 -81.18307
Jones Cemetery 321752N 0811122W
Kieffer Cemetery 322242N 0811845W
Meldrim Cemetery 320905N 0812203W
Old Providence Cemetery 322011N 0812531W
Pisgah Cemetery 322942N 0811453W
Porter Cemetery 322906N 0811318W
Rahn Cemetery 321845N 0811446W
Rincon Cemetery 321857N 0811407W
Sand Hill Cemetery 321425N 0812417W
Stillwell Cemetery 322236N 0811446W
Union Spring Cemetery 322547N 0811347W
Willowpeg Cemetery 321603N 0811325W
Coursey Cemetery 323344N 0812434W
Dugger Cemetery 323251N 0812411W
Hester Cemetery 321136N 0812016W
Metzger Cemetery 322914N 0811625W
Morgan Cemetery 323154N 0811637W
Newton Cemetery 322128N 0812642W
Old Hill Cemetery 320823N 0812223W
Ryal Cemetery 323025N 0811753W
Silas Morton Cemetery 322723N 0813046W
Wheeler Cemetery 322835N 0811822W

Source: GNIS
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