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Effingham County Church Records

Jerusalem Church Records

Births and Baptisms, July 1756 - November 1781
Burials of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church
Marriages of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church

At a meeting of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Georgia and Adjacent States held in Jacksonville, January 11-13, 1929, funds were provided for the present publication of the Ebenezer Record Book. It is regrettable that the early records of this historic church have not been preserved in their entirety, but it is evident from the many calls for information contained in the record as it stands that it is worthy of publication. Besides serving as a basis for more general historical studies, it will doubtless prove invaluable to many families in the tracing of genealogies.

The publication of the record in English has been made possible by the generosity of the Reverend A. G. Voigt, D. D., LL. D., Dean of the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Columbia, S. C, who freely gave his service in the tedious work of translating from a photo static copy of the original record, which was written for the most part in varying styles of German script and is in many instances, on account of age, so indistinct as to require close study.

The copy from which the translation was made was secured as a loan from the Georgia State Library through the kindness of Miss Ruth Blair, State Historian. A similar copy is preserved by the Ebenezer congregation in Effingham County, Ga., and the original is preserved in the Library of Congress, Washington, D. C.

Acknowledgment is due Miss Rachel Snyder, Parish Helper of the Lutheran Church of the Ascension, Savannah, Ga., for much laborious effort devoted to the indexing of this volume.

In the index it has been necessary for the sake of brevity to com-bine what appear to be different spellings of the same surname. It is left for the genealogist to determine whether the various spellings are used by the same or different families. Cross references have been given where it was deemed necessary. The names of slaves have been listed under the names of their owners or their owner's plantations where such names appear. In cases where given names appear alone, such names have been listed under "Surname Lacking". The numbers following the names refer in all cases to pages on which names occur.

C. A. LINN, Archivist. Savannah, Ga., November 1, 1929.

Source: Ebenezer Record Book, 1754-1781, Jones, George F. Ebenezer Record Book, 1754-1781:
Births, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church of Effingham, Georgia

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