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Effingham County, Georgia Marriage Records

Marriages 1815 -1850 A-H
Marriages 1815-1850 Marriages I-Z
Jerusalem Church Records Marriages

Please note: Not all marriage records are alphabetized / indexed.
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"A" Surnames "B" Surnames "C" Surnames
AEPHERS, Richard BACH, Hannah Margaret CONE, John
ALMAN, Mathias BAILE, Christopher
ASH, George A BANDLE, Barbara  
ASQUE, Sarah BRADY, Nancy  
  BRIDGES, Margaret  
  BROWN, Guy  
  BURTON, Sarah  
"D" Surnames "E" Surnames "F" Surnames
ENECKS, Elizabeth Farr FOLCKER, Anna Magdalene
  ERNEST, A. M.  
"G" Surnames "H" Surnames "I" Surnames
  HODGES, Lonnie  
GLANER, Benjamin HOWARD, Diane  
"J" Surnames "K" Surnames "L" Surnames
  KUHN, Jacob LEWIS, Emily
    LOPER, Juanita
"M" Surnames "N" Surnames "O" Surnames
MULLINS, Joey    
"P" Surnames "Q" Surnames "R" Surnames
PELT, John Robert   RAHN, Corley Shaw
PERRY, Abiel
"S" Surnames "T" Surnames "U" Surnames
SCRUGGS, Emma TOOLE, Laura Ayer  
STEPHENS, Howard    
"V" Surnames "W" Surnames "X" Surnames
"Y" Surnames "Z" Surnames  

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